Hi! The newbie has arrived!

The name's flowersoul, and I will be RP this forum!!! I really started to like this forum when I first visited here as a guest. But now, please make me feel welcome and I will start creating my character.
Good morning, flowersoul. I'm Grim, the resident spriter and reaper of souls. If you have any questions about... well, anything, don't be afraid to ask anyone here.
@Grim_Reaper: Sure, do you create sprites???
Yoh, the name's Shuryou, local idiot windmill. Glad to see another new face. Hope you'll enjoy the forum and if you have any questions about our intricate and confusing systems, feel free to ask any Moderator, Official or Admin and we'll answer.
yoh there newbie. The name's darkstar, the OTHER local idiot who became a mod somehow, ask any questions that need to be asked now or there will be pain and owl's pecking your eyes out because you didn't follow the rules. All in all...welcome and...please...don't become the next Darkrai...I mean...person who thinks they can get everything their way.


Quote (flowersoul)

@Grim_Reaper: Sure, do you create sprites???

Yep, wouldn't lie to ya. You can see some of my work here.
Welcome to the boards.

If you're looking to meet more members and/or get some real-time feedback, there's a chat here: http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNe...?showtopic=4811
Heya, flower~

Hope you enjoy your time here in RERN and also hope that you don't feel too alienated by our strange...very strange personality here. For example, I'm suppose to be a Moogle, who is also suppose to be a bread at the same time. Hence, I'm always chased by forum members for I am so damn delicious~

thx everybody, by the way, go to this link. I need to RP this forum and I need someone to R&R
Hello again. Just as a friendly reminder, one of the few things we appreciate is not bumping topics too early. Our moderating staff is usually busy with other things and we try to get things done as fast as we can. We have lots of things to do, especially off the boards, and don't like to be rushed : ( As a result, we have a 1 bump every 24 hours policy. Thanks for understanding : )

Anyways, I can't approve your registration but I can tell you that your signature attack is a little off. For 50 damage, the cool down would only be 2 turns. As well, have you considered making your navi fire element to match her name? Just an idea.
Welcome -<cough><hack><cough>

<pukes in the next trashcan>

Sorry, I've been horribly sick this week. @_@

Well, welcome to RERN, hope you enjoy your stay. ^^; <wibbles off>
Hm. Well, welcome, and I'd be glad to help if you need anything (though I'm not a mod), and I'm also an ameteur spriter, my avatar an example (background credit to SpaceMonkeySteve, though), so put up a description and I might try it.
Hello! I'm new too! Perhaps we can bust together sometime? See ya around!
Welcome to our home away from home, Flower. As long as you abide by the rules, you can enjoy your time here however you please.

(^.^ )b