Life happens.

I'll be gone for a while.

I have to deal with some serious real-life issues. Very serious. I'll have to step back from RE:RN for the time being, possibly for a very long time, but not permanently, I think.

I'll log on from time to time to say "hey", but that's about it.

Eon's the only remaining Colosseum Mod until I get back, or Sky returns.

Sorry I left so much unfinished.... but, life happens.

I'll figure something out... I always do. Keep it real until I get back, alright?

Take it easy. -- Pally
I've kinda heard about what's going on from Eon, so all I can do is wish you the best.

See ya 'round.
I'm too lazy to tell you what I always tell you, but you know what I mean. >:

Anyway, good luck with whatever is troubling you. I hope things will be go better in the coming period of time. We need our fake wrestler.
Yeah, I can't think of anything inspiring or anything like that to say right now. So...yeah, good luck with it and stuff. Ye will be missed.
Well, come back when you can. No rush.

And good luck with your personal stuff.
PaladinGC will be welcome (Re: Dragged back into the spot) to take up his Moderator mantle when he returns. Take as much of a break as you require, Pally. Real Life always comes first.