Sup. This'll be fun: Guess who I am. >_>


This'll be fun: Guess who I am. >_>
...From ToNE? For god sake, it's so obvious then >____>;;

If you're not...Sorry for mis-identity and stuff~
Dark_Zero. 8D
Corrupted Child. 8D
o.o ... Are you the great I am?

oh, wait-- you're not God.

Are you? because that would be cool.

If you're God, can you invite good RPers to join?

I could be this "God". I also could be this "Satan". I could be the very best, that no one ever were. I can also be a figment of your imagination. A horrible troll I could be. An over-perverted member I could be. A saintly elite I could be.
Is that you, SGT. PORTER?

In all seriousness... your name is in the running for "most cumbersome and obnoxious username on the forum."

In even more seriousness, welcome to RERN, no matter who you are, unless you're someone who we've banned before, in which case GTFO.
Well, hi there. I'mma just call you PD. Hope you don't mind. As for your identity, I can't begin to guess... Oh, wait, I can. Imma toss my lot in with Shur; Somehow, your name kind of resonates a Dark Zero vibe. That you, DZ? : P
Hi, welcome to the foru-Oh shit! He's the FBI! Everyone scatter before we get V&!!!!


helo, i am the resedent n00b and furry, welcome, if you were at Rockman.exe:chaos network BEFORE nal shut it down in a fit of rage, tell us who you were over there, also......*hands PD a can of twi and shur repelants* one is for an admin named twi while the other is for a mod named shur.
I didn't get any shur or twi repellents!!! Oh, no! They're going to get me!!! :gonk:

*runs away*
<throws Strawwberry Pie at PD>
All I know is that is the worst member name I have ever seen.
Dark_Zero rejoined (sorta) as AzureFlameGod or something like that. It's not him.
Lol @ those who say that my name is horrible.

<__< My job is done.
Meh, I guess it was about time I show meh ugleh faise

Anyways, time to me to present a more proper introduction. Name's Necro, came from the ToNE (currently a rater mod there). Nice to meet everyone here; most of you seem like my kind of peeps. I played various games (mostly RPGs) of various series. Ava is a monster from Dragon Quest VI known as Maou Jamirus (I doubt anyone here played the game. It's one of my favourites.) Right now I'm currently playing D/P.

I see some people from the ToNE go here (lol Goroke and Link). I may like it here.
<PEERS at the accounts>
Dammit! The mod in training goggles do nothing!
Also, having two accounts is highly frowned upon, expect some form of punishment, I think....
I dunno, I might just be going crazy from sleep deprivation.
Close my previous one then. I no longer have a need for it. Unless you liked my long and eyesore-making name. >_>
You can just have the name changed. But yeah, DON'T DO IT AGAIN. *Shakes a big pointer finger at you* I'm too lazy to delete it, just don't use it again.

And RS, technically, you're right, but since he hasn't tried to register a Navi with either account yet, it's just a slap on the wirst and stuff.
A slap on the wrist? Why Steve, you wound me!

I was going to smack him around a bit with the Banhammer. (Not set to 'ban', of course)