Real World / Non-Combat FXP Tallying

Post here for all FXP tallying from threads in the real world, or non-combat on the net. Simply provide any URLS you have for consideration and they will be tallied with an FXP value for all participants given.

Note: For everyone's convenience, each thread can only be submitted for FXP tallying once. Any further interaction that you have in the thread after that will not be counted. For maximum benefit, do not post the thread here until you have done all the interaction that you plan to do in that thread. Moderators should mark the thread as tallied via a post with the value listed.

Update 12/8/19: You are now allowed to submit a thread again to tally FXP for new posts in the same thread. We ask that for courtesy, you make link to the post where the new interaction starts and clearly spell out in your submission which that is.

Seaside Relaxation
*insert obligatory comment about being first, probably with typos*

The Park, an unintended meeting in ACDC Park involving myself (Zeo), Fera (Harke), MC (Sabrina) and Goroke (Marius). As of now Marius is still there, but we're done with it.

EDIT NOTE: Harke goes "out to lunch" for a while and gets replaced by his father Reverus, so handle that however desired.
*insert obligatory comment about being second, probably with typos*

MC and I pioneer holding conversations in shop threads and chip trader threads.

Pokemon Inside the shop, CC/MC Version
Lasts to here.

3-Chip Trader Machine
MC leaves for a post in this one to ragebuy, but comes right back. Lasts to here, which is the end of the thread as of this writing.
A Meeting of Allies

Meeting of me (Harke), Char (Camillia), AR (Tsujsa), Greco (Jared) and Shur (Na'im).

Sabrina, Zeo, and Rose meet up, and take a RW Mission. Then they go to where the mission is. Fun times.
Rania and Mill's Scilab Meeting

Me (Mill) and Aim (Rania) playing them chattin' games.
Spark Cafe

Sabrina, Rose, and Zeo went to where the mission was and got it. Then they got the first item involved in the mission, with Sabrina and Zeo nearly getting slugged because of it. Luckily, both of their faces were intact when they left for SciLab afterward.

Also, I didn't make the title. Lux did. You can tell because it's not half as witty as my titles. Or since Lux made the thread. Either/or.
Inside the shop

Sabrina, Zeo, and Rose, continuing their mission, attempted to strike a deal with Suitachi to get a very old process upgrade. While everyone raged internally at some point, cooler heads prevailed, and an exchange was made. Good thing Rose is filthy rich, or else they might've been in a stalemate forever. SplashLady was most impressed by it.
Back at the park

Rose, Sabrina, and Zeo return to the park to talk to Mr. Jetto or something.
Meticulous Search Seeking Secret Menus

The trio of Sabrina, Rose, and Zeo drove across the ocean to get secret menu listings, which they succeeded in with surprisingly little difficulty. Woo.
Kat and Scarlet: Park Meeting

Some talking and busting in a science-y park or whatever.
Coffee shared between friends

Real world thread between Vincent and Sullen, with guest stars!
If the Azure and I's section of the conversation could be tallied, that would be awesome also.
Surprise Whazzapian

Just pay attention to the posts involving Camillia and Na'im. Those are what I'm asking for now. Hint: We need 1 FXP for the Cross.
Hotsprings Hotel is finished and ready for FXP tally

Also need tally for Hotspring Battles for the out of battle interactions, most particularly the ending.
Jyve Night Club (Aim/MC/Grim)

Ariel's Apartment (MC/Grim)
Rania and Na'im's Scilabs Meeting (Me and Shur)

A charming tale of rollerskating Whazzapians and the people who are interested in them.
Insert Witty Feline Title Here (Fera/Raikou)

Because we're not asking for a battle, and everything needs to be filed and sorted. Raki, Riki, and Nyan go for a swim. Some antics and a couple of races ensue.