Simurgh.SP 'Sim'

Name: Simurgh.SP (Sim)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Simurgh technically has no form, as she is a being of spiritual energy. However, when she is summoned to the material plane by Druidman, she typically takes the form a large bird with red and gold feathers, and a large, 8 foot wingspan, with a beautiful, long tail of gold feathers. However, she is in theory capable of taking the shape of different animals. (GMOs)
Personality: Simurgh is DruidMan's guardian animal spirit. She is a benevolent entity, and her purpose is to balance DruidMan's place in nature. If DruidMan becomes too violent, she will become increasingly pacifistic, and vice versa. If DruidMan becomes too lazy, she will become more driven, and so on and so forth. While she is incredibly intelligent and can understand commands, she is still an animal, and therefore cannot speak or understand complex situations.
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind

Starting Stats: HP: 40, Atk: 10, Spd: 1, Abilities: Attack, Dodge, Defend, Gust, Airstep
*DruidMan goes BeastOut*
*Sim falls asleep*

This is sooo approved.
I've got like, 100 or so frags, so I'm gonna buy some HP.

10Frags (10)
20Frags (30)
30Frags (60)
40Frags (100)

So Sim gains 4 levels, Druidman gains no levels, Sim gains 40 HP, I lose 100 Bugfrags.
I do believe I can approve! *thumbs up*
'Nother hundred, time to boost the attack.


Sim gains 4 attack, Sim gains 4 levels, Druidman gains 1 level (Sim having broken level 5) and I lose 100 frags.

I'd like to buy Planeswalking.

Sim gains 3 levels. Druidman gains 1 level. (Sim breaks level ten.) I lose 100 Frags.
The bird finally gets to fly...somewhat.

I've got 200 frags, so I'd like to complete Sim's Flight with the Fly ability. Sim gains five levels, Druidman gains one obviously.
Six years, man.