Name: Lucky.SP
Gender: Male

Appearance: The SP Core is designed to take the appearance of a dog, by the breed of Chow Chow. The dog has an open face with a long snout. While its thick fluffy coat is mostly a glossy black all over, it has minor brindle brown tones that can be seen mostly covering his chest, stomach, and all four paws. Black beady eyes peek out from either side of it's nose. A chow chow's unique purplish black tongue can often be seen draping out of his mouth. Lucky.SP on all fours stands about five feet tall. Towering that of most human world dogs.

Lucky's coat is covered with various traditional samurai styled armor pieces that consist of a no mask kabuto helmet, a sheet of armor wraps itself around the dog's back, chest, and stomach, while four small plates of armor protects the animal's shins. The armor comes in mostly olive color, combined with creamy under tones and accents to add a Fall themed touch to the design. On top of the armor covering Lucky's back, is a cream colored saddle seat, fit for a warrior such as Sparks.

Personality: Lucky usually has a calm and collected type of mood. Very easy going most of the time. Being a designed after a dog, a type of dog usually known for aggression, he can in fact show signs of agressive behavior. Very protective of and loyal to his friend Sparks. Even though he's a dog, he's still not a human dog right? So like many other programs you see floating around on the net, this dog can talk. Can be playful at times, but takes a while for anybody besides Sparks to gain his trust, even any future .SPs.

Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground
We're getting another dog to the collection of dog SPs, it seems. Approved.
I would like to buy
Speed+: V1, and Hit Point+: V1-5 please.

Speed+: V1 - 100 Bugfrags
Hit Point+: V1 - 10 Bugfrags
Hit Point+: V2 - 20 Bugfrags
Hit Point+: V3 - 30 Bugfrags
Hit Point+: V4 - 40 Bugfrags
Hit Point+: V5 - 50 Bugfrags

Total owned: 290
Total cost: 250
Remaining: 40
I would like to trade 100 Bugfrags for the preset chip, and have that chip be FireTower1.

Total owned: 124
Total cost: 100
Remaining: 24
Approved, also you can change the preset while logged out, just fyi.
I would like to purchase the flight? upgrade for Lucky.

Total: 120
Cost: 100
Remaining: 20
Approved. Be advised, this is just Planeswalking, not Fly.
I want to purchase Speed+: v2 for 200 Bugfrags please.

Total: 214
Cost: 200
Remaining: 14
All good, approved.
I would like to purchase,

Hit Point+: V6 - 60 Bugfrags
Damage+: V1 - 10 Bugfrags
Damage+: V2 - 20 Bugfrags
Damage+: V3 - 30 Bugfrags

Total Bugfrags owned: 187
Total cost: 120
Remaining: 67
I want to grab
Hit Point+: V6 - V10(400 bugfrags)
Damage+: V4-V7(220 bugfrags)
Total: 620
Remainder: 49
Looks fine to me. Approved