What's Your Best Topic?

This is an RP forum, and that means there's a lot of cool writing going on. Trouble is, and I'm not sure if this is just me, but I find that the only topics I really read are my own. And I doubt there are many who read entire battle topics other than the posters and the moderators.

Therefore, I'd like to suggest this topic: Post here a link to a busting run, real-world rp or mission that you consider one of your best, or that you'd like to share cool moments from your characters.

Fore example: This is a mission from Torrent where she gets into a dance-off in pirate-infested waters and not a single combat encounter is had.
It was from a while ago, but Mach/Aera/Vector's encounter with a flying battleship was definitely one of the highlights of their adventures.
Unfortunately I don't know what threads I have participated in would be of any value to read. But if you want, I link all my threads through my Operator's Homepage.
That's a smart idea, Azure, gives it more use than I generally do with it. And I'll read through yours Grim when I've got a moment. <3
I guess for now I'll throw down a pretty harmless Sparks and DragonierMan mission thread for the Neo-Shogunates that you can find on the homepage: Recruitment Fair
Here is the current mission that DragonierMan is on with Nightshade: Keep's Castle. As of this post it is about 18 posts long. Shouldn't take a ton of time to read.
I don't know what to say about this one. I've been moving Lyntael's story forward for a while now, and I feel like there are a lot of compelling and striking sections throughout it. I feel like some of the recuperation mini-threads just after her last sub-plot were some of the most emotively striking moments, but that is probably only really true for me personally.

I'd like to just recommend to the entire story progress, but if I had to pick a specific point, I'd probably point to the start of her last subplot thread, and recommend forward from there.

I use This Page to track the record of her story, with links out to all of the important threads from there, and the threads themselves are cross-linked and connected up for ease of following.