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Attention: For those PET users who have not had the time to install an ASCII and ANSI text translation program, you can find one here. Any correspondence by this operator, Destin Obscura, uses BASE64, and any operator without the translation program, may not be able to decode it.
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White Tower
Journal Entry #1

I have just finished moving to ACDC from Netopia. The first thing that struck me is how unruly the Netscape is here. Where are the security forces? Shouldn't the government have a lot more resources guarding such an important key to their infrastructure? Questions of that nature have been swimming through my head this first week. However, this is not my reason for being here.

Daegal 'Zanzo' Miller is here. He has been here for some time. It has been many years since we had last spoken or seen each other. Only now do I understand that it was the tainted Netscape that snuffed out any attempt at communication over the vast oceans. But now we are closer, Davis Aero and I, to reuniting with our old friend. Davis came over less than a week later, and we will meet today in ACDC Park B.
Journal Entry #1.5

This new land that I have come to inhabit has continued to astound me. It is quite possibly the most chaotic place in the world, and that is saying something. The land is rife with viruses, causing all sorts of problems on a regular basis. This was eloquently demonstrated today when Park B was almost irreparably damaged in yet another brazen attack by the rampant virus community. Apparently lead by some child-like Heelnavi (an operator-less navi).

This was also the first time I have used SINN to battle. For a relatively new navi, created through base templates, he has turned out to be capable. He is able to strategize and act on his own in combat without my instructions. But he also follows my orders without question. Whether this is because I have yet to give an order that he would not have already considered, or because he is blindly loyal due to his simplistic origin, is impossible to discern at this time.

Thankfully, SINN has taken to Blitz and Davis as his allies quite readily. Although they have yet to really communicate, SINN seems to be fanatical. Without hesitation, he throws himself into his battles in an effort to become a shield for others, sometimes becoming quite feral about it. What is even more surprising still is that SINN seems to possess the power to download battlechips from the PET's memory buffer. Why he contains such a capability is unknown to me at this time. I thought he was just an average, run-of-the-mill navi. The person who programmed SINN for me must have snuck something into SINN's coding without my knowledge. Or maybe this is a byproduct of some unseen interaction between the massive number of datastrings that run SINN.
Journal Entry #2

When Davis and I were done with our first ever bust, Daegal shows up. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't think he would have finished whatever it was he was doing so quickly. I thought he was doing some big important Net battle. I guess he has been battling for so long now that it was a piece of cake for him. However I was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Unfortunately I was not able to hang out longer. I had a few chores of my own to finish up beforehand. Finish unpacking and whatnot. So Davis went off with Daegal, while I headed back to my apartment. I'll make it up to them later.

SINNBAD (for I have renamed him) has been unusually quiet since I had got him and I finally learned why: his voice had never been used to this point. So my plan is to plug him into the ACDC Net and run him through a series of trials. I wish to learn more about him. To test and strengthen his capabilities. The first thing I have to deal with though is his voice processor application.
Journal Entry #3

SINNBAD's first solo run was a success. His capabilities were sufficient in eliminating several groups of viruses without too much strain on his processes. There was damage sustained occasionally, but never anything life threatening until the end. We also learned that as one dives deeper into the Net as one travels, they end up encountering more and stronger virii as one makes themselves known. It is possible that stronger datum signals lure stronger or more numerous virii. Perhaps because they see a better meal in a strong datum signal.

It also seems that we put to close a chapter from our last run with Davis and Blitz. We found the other half of a Metool virus that we encountered in a much weaker state in our first ever battle. It was a beast of a virus, capable of wielding many of the Metool's iconic weapon. It was also much more agile than the average virus. We had a hell of a time defeating it.

Which brings me to another observation. One that I had made earlier. SINNBAD continues to change the meaning of the word 'operator.' Several times during the end of the run he called out for particular chips. And when in critical condition, he even went so far as to forcefully download chip data. He did this similarly to the last time, in the Park ending battle, in a relative rage. It is perhaps a safety net installed to allow split second decisions in life threatening situations in order to save the program. Or maybe it is something else. Whatever the case, it needs more testing.

So I'm sending him back in for another run to see what happens. I spent a little time and money upgrading him. Let's see if I can figure out what is going on.
Journal Entry #4

SINNBAD had almost crashed. His processes were strained to the limit and he was corrupted quite thoroughly. Thankfully, I had been studying the Net quite extensively since I had arrived, trying to learn everything I could. I had learned just enough, and with the further help of some tech supporters at DenTech, I was able to purge the corrupted data and rework SINN's coding. I also had to splurge a little on a Process Upgrade in order to enact the necessary changes to SINN's programing.

In order to prevent him from corrupting again into the psychopath of the past, I have instilled in him the virtues of European Chivalry and Asian Bushido, among others. Hopefully these new codes of conduct will keep him from reverting back to his self-destructive ways. He also calls me 'My Lord' now, which is both flattering and strange. I guess I would be his 'Lord' as his operator. Nevertheless, in order to see if I was successful, I need to send him out again into the Net to battle viruses.

However, SINNBAD is not ready to face his past in the Mines of ACDC. So I am sending him to Electown Net. Maybe when he is more powerful and I am more experienced, I can send him back to ACDC in order to stop their datum mining operation for good.
Journal Entry #5

So much has happened in such a short time. My reprogramming was a success. SINN is functioning at 100%. His new knightly/samurai attitudes are winning him many friends already. His example even led an Op to modify his navi. Quite a complement.

Do to certain limitations, I have removed SINN's cannon-like Buster and replaced it with an assortment of weapons and hand-to-hand techniques. I have also came into enough cash to fortify his health. We shall be testing out these improvements shortly.

Do to the increasing news of unoperated navi' and what we should do about them, I have taken the next step. I have petitioned the GNA, the Global Network Administrators, in allowing me access to a section of the Net. I wish to build a castle town the likes of which no one has ever seen. When my vision is complete, it will be a thriving hub and safe haven for all navi. I hope I am successful in my undertaking.

To help me I have enlisted the aid of someone I met in my last major bust in Electown Net. Perhaps I can find others who will help me with this undertaking. Only time will tell.
Journal Entry #6

I have reprogrammed SINN once more. This time I have stripped him of his samurai tenancies, as he was getting a little to, what you would call, depressed. In order to accomplish this I had to push his knightly behavior into a subprogram Graphical Model Override (.GMO). This effort has had the unintended side effect of bringing to the fore a bit of his previous form.

Even though some of SINN's knightly aspects are slightly hidden in this revised form, he seems to still retain all the stabilizing elements to his personality. And for that I am thankful. I credit the revised program I used to turn him into a knight/samurai, and would like to thank that one friendly tech support person (whose name escapes me at the moment) in the sea of rudeness that helped me out and pointed me to some useful books on the subject.

This happened after I ended up after failing the mission I had been sent on. The Great Viral Purge of Netopia Net started out on the right foot; I had managed to draw together a team of young Netbattlers. We even split into two teams in order to clear the three sectors quicker and more efficiently. SINN partnered with Lucia to take on Sector A, while Blazeman and Sparks took Sector B. We would all meet in Sector C afterward to finish it with a full-strength team.

Our task was to clear 'spawn' viruses with a V-Eliminator weapon program after dispatching every other virus in a spawns' horde. If a spawn was defeated either by any other method, or had another 'normal' virus near it when it went under, it could just reproduce and flood the area again.

However, near the end of the Sector B cleanup, there was an incident. In the heat of the moment one of the 'spawn' were targeted by accident before it was time, and caused the mission to fail. We had to retreat just as we were ready to start the last sector's cleanup.

So my plans have changed. First and foremost I require a temporary base to ready SINN for another crack at the infected area of Netopia Net. The viruses there will be spawning like crazy and may start to invade nearby sectors and we need to be strong enough to hold them back until we can go back and finish the mission. In the meantime a new mission has opened up for SINN and Lucia. This mission is thankfully in Netopia and could hold the key to solve all my problems. I hope we are successful here in order to purge the dark cloud that is hanging over this whole thing.
Journal Entry #7

Another reprogramming... Ugh. When will this end.
Journal Entry #7.5

Ok. So I have decided to hold SINNBAD as a knight... For good this time.

This last line of updates has been killing my sleep schedule. I've had to purge a lot of data and rebuild. SINN's core is now uncorrupted. His frame has been redesigned and updated to include the new upgrades I have been able to purchase, to take hold.

So Lucia and her operator Vincent were very capable in our last mission. We had even managed to fight our way into and grasped a foothold in the foyer of NetCastle, operation number D-119. We set up a point of entry in the network for a later incursion, but I am not confident that we can take the rest of the castle in our current condition.

As such, I have decided to put SINN through his paces again. This time I will be moving him rapidly on a circuit of networks. We need to experience all the surrounding networks and learn about all the different types of viruses and terrain that we might see filtered in the castle. Perhaps with a full circuit, SINN might have also get enough resources to upgrade again.
Journal Entry #8

I stopped SINN from moving on after he fought through ACDC. He did surprisingly well, not taking a single point of damage in four encounters.

I had just finished coding a base of operations for us inside Internet City a few days prior and moved my chip trader there. I sent SINN there from ACDC. I was waiting for a gathering to start.

The Neo-Shogunate is an interesting organization. It has had some rough beginnings it seems, but their goals mesh with mine. I sent SINN there as my representative and he returned with a favorable report. I will have to contact the Neo-Shoguns later and formalize our alliance.
Journal Entry #9

Yesterday was a full day. Although it did not go entirely as planned. First I replied to a request by another operator to help with an SP mission. The operator's name is Mark and his navi is Trent, a Sharoan inspired knife fighter. We met in a coffee shop on Beach Street to talk and bust. Vincent was there (the operator of Lucia), but he was there busting with someone else, so I didn't bother them much.

SINNBAD and Trent then met each other in the NetSquare near a BeachNet portal. They spent most of the bust sizing each other up. Unfortunately the mission did not go so well. We failed. The bitter taste of defeat was not unknown to me, do to the loss in Netopia against the 'Spawn' viruses a few months back, but it still hurt.

So we went to SharoNet. The viruses there were tough. Though we managed to power through four battles without too many problems. The biggest problem was what happened after the fourth battle.

I have been struggling for quite some time to try to keep my navi from succumbing to viral incursion. Sadly my efforts seemed to have been a waste of time. SINNBAD is now DragonierMan. From a less-than shining knight to a savage hunter. I guess he is now a sword more than ever. Though I may need to get some other program for my Net-based social interactions, seeing as how DragonierMan would likely 'gauge the strength' of everyone he meets now.
Journal Entry #10

DragonierMan is in the last stage of recovery following a fierce battle in Yoka Net (see the end of previous Journal Entry #9 for link) and will soon be battle ready. I was concerned about damage to his coding due to being knocked into the red while a 'Jack-Out Barrier' existed, but it seems that fear was premature.

While in Yoka, we paired with an old teacher of mine and his new navi. We discussed a bit of the philosophy revolving around the personalities of navis. But otherwise the partnership was relatively uneventful, and a good time was had by all.

After he and his navi left, DragonierMan and I continued to bust. Eventually we ran into Yasu of the Neo-Shogunate needing assistance. As we had already created a relationship with the Neo-Shogunate, we assisted. In that process we ran into an organization tag-lined RoT holding a navi named Armor hostage. In attempting to free her, DragonierMan was critically injured. But as previously stated, not mortally so. I will need to learn more about RoT at a later date.

Yasu had managed to drag both DragonierMan and Armor to safety in what, I assume, was a show of martial skill. And we now have the means of officially joining the Neo-Shogunate. Which I am currently in the process of pursuing.
Journal Entry #11

Our recruitment test for the Neo-Shogunate was also a test of the navi Armor's (the one we rescued) new battle system. Apparently no one knew how to use the armor, so quite a few interesting ideas and actions were thrown about. Anyways, the test was mostly successful and DragonierMan sustained little, if any injuries. But his data was once again disrupted.

He has been accepted as a subordinate into the ranks of the Neo-Shogunate. He even got a brand new .GMO and title.

But he needs to get stronger. So I'm sending him out for more resources.
Journal Entry #12

It has been a while since my last entry. Work and Net-based activities have divided my attention as of late. After purchasing a plot of land in the outskirts of Internet City, and building a base of operations, I have continued to modify White Tower with a crystalline matrix. Data acquisition and download has become much easier with that bit of soft/hardware. I have also created a program to run my operations in the off-time. Magistrate.EXE is not so much a navi, as a facilitator AI. I have even given it a modicum of control over DragonierMan and related programs. So far it has worked out for the best.

I even sent Magistrate to help my now-allies, the Neo-Shogunate. The mission given required DragonierMan to do some reconnaissance work, which was not something that he was suited for. However, I did receive several bits of interesting intelligence from that mission that I am still mulling over.

The mission after that was for the GNA. I am still kicking myself about my prior failures working for them. Eventually I will have to make good on the previous two GNA missions I have failed and correct this oversight. Regardless, DragonierMan teamed up with a new navi, WolfMan. Searches of his name came back with mostly his recent achievements, having been absent for some time prior. WolfMan was in disguise on the initial meeting, and apparently had an SP program with him that was also in disguise. This confused my navi initially, and harsh words and threats between them became commonplace. And teamwork was clearly lacking between them. But they managed to do their mission and get the reward.

Which brings me to my reasons for undertaking those last two missions. It is clear to me that my navi requires help. Clearly I can not rely on there being a friendly navi in the area any time DragonierMan needs the assistance. And I cannot be around all the time to give advice. Thus did I stumble upon the Support Program (SP). Linked to a core you can acquire through benefactors, and born from the data of a navi, these would provide me with the help my navi needs. One would not be sufficient in my eyes, oh no. I required two.

And two I now have. DragonierMan will now have the help he needs. Though it may take some time for them to grow up to be strong enough for the task.
Journal Entry #13

Ok, quick recap during the time since Entry #12:

* I finished up the programing for the SPs, Suzume and Aya, and downloaded their data into DragonierMan.

* DragonierMan then immediately went and had a friendly bout with Trent. It was nice to see them again since the last time (failed mission). Drago won by the skin of his nose.

* Trent then helped Drago find information on the ACDC data mining operation. We had found where the data packets were being sent and reconfigured into mystery data. Though later, when Trent left, we also found a Met with a superhero complex. How a Met managed to get that strong is beyond me, easily beating DragonierMan back several times. At the end we managed to call a draw and it left us a stylish cape. I will need to figure out what to do with it later.

* So I wanted to fill out the Breath line of battlechips at that point, so I sent DragonierMan on missions for them. Both involved the Neo-Shoguns oddly enough. The first was at Dee's Sharo Home.

* Then DragonierMan performed in the Showbizz Friendy Feud with Arch and Lee, even receiving a bonus chip for being extra entertaining. From Lee, whom we had only met earlier at their recruitment drive, learned that there were other exceptional navis besides Drago in the Shoguns now. Even giving out the name of MachMan, whom I am not as familiar with beyond the fact that he went a few rounds in the NetCity Tournament and beat Djinni. I should make it a point later to bring him and DragonierMan together. Perhaps he could teach Drago a thing or two.

Soon I will send Drago over to NetVegas Net as I have been lax lately on upgrade fuel. And where else to get money than in the gambling capitol of the world?
Journal Entry #14

DragonierMan has finished the first leg of his 10K Run and has given me enough resources to upgrade his program to hold the AirShoes NaviCust. Soon he will be capable of flight. To this end I have sent him on another NS mission to acquire said program. Apparently the two female programs that were defeated during the Showbizz Friendy Feud and then recruited into the NS, Kindle and Capo, have been having a tough time assimilating to their new line of work. As such DragonierMan has been sent to help encourage them. ...This will probably have mixed results due to his mostly combat algorithms.