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From: Destin Obscura
To: Zanzo
Subject: Movement Complete
Message: Greetings Zanzo, this is Destin. I have just recently moved to ACDC, thereby completing the promise we made all those years ago. Davis is also making the trip, but I have yet to hear where he will take up residence, once he gets here. Enclosed is a program that will allow our PETs' to communicate. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hey bro! It's been a while. Just thought I'd reply to you, and I'm glad to hear Davis is going to be around too. I guess that means 3-D is back in business, eh? I'm currently engaged in battle, so I can't show off my new navi yet, but I look forward to seeing you around...

-Daegal 'Zanzo' Miller (Z2.0@ElecMail.net)

TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: ChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Re: Season's Greetings!



Your DoubleBomb has been accepted and has been exchanged for a DoubleNeedle!

#-Attached: DoubleNeedle

TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: Vincent@Sharo.net
SUBJECT: About your recent mission request.
Good day to you, my name is Vincent. I have taken an interest in your recent request on the mission boards on wishing to free a sector of the net from viral infestation.

If it is not to late, I would like to join in such an endeavor, as a free part of the network would be a great benefit to all.

Please let me know if my services may be of use to you.

TO: Destin Obscura @ D.Obscura@ACDC.net
FROM: Waltz @ CharityEvent@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: Charity Event Award

I'm not exactly sure what you hope to accomplish by voting for RedRidingHood. She's a fine new NP recruit and a storied NP champion, sure, but this is not the place for your fanboyism. I know that the contest itself is somewhat silly, but please try to take it at least as seriously as you can.

It's a little hard to decide what to give you when you provide so little information on yourself, so I'll just attach this. I don't think it's hard to see the uses of such a powerful chip.


*MegaEnergyBomb attached*
TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: RCarter@DenTech.edu
SUBJECT: I think I'm getting the hang of this.
Hey Destin, it's your old professor! Anyway, you had told me about the things you can do with Navi's before and I finally got around to doing something with mine. She's a little...broken(?) though. Or are they all kind of kooky? I figured I could show her to you and you could see her in action. Also, maybe your Navi would be able to tell whats going on with her. I'm guessing they can do things like that. This tech is a little much for me, but I've been reading more on it lately.


Dr. Russel Carter
Department of Philosophy
DenTech U.
TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: therealfutureempire@Sharofreemail.net
Subject: In Response to your Application

"We're happy to accept your application. You will, of course, have to go through a recruitment mission first if you'd like to gain admittance. Satisfactory performance will grant you soldier status in the Shogun's army."

"Yasu informed us of your referral earlier. We understand that you helped her to rescue Armor from her captors. Armor has made good on the negotiations to deliver several extremely valuable suits of battle gear to us. Some of the suits, however, have certain usage conditions that bar us from their utilization. It's a complex situation and I won't lie, it's fairly awkward. Still, if you're willing to help us out, we would be quite grateful and could assure you entry into the organization.

Please think it over and respond. We'll send you the coordiantes when you're ready. Thanks!"

-Arch, Neo-Shogun Dynasty Subordinate
TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: therealfutureempire@Sharofreemail.net
Subject: RE:RE: In Response to your Application

"Thanks for the speedy response. You can find us in Netfrica Net using the attached coordinates. Please do not share these with anyone unless they are fully trusted."

-Arch, Neo-Shogun Dynasty Subordinate

*coordinates attached*
TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: therealfutureempire@Sharofreemail.net
Subject: Welcome to the Army


We have reported the mission details to our shogun. He thinks that you would be a worthy addition to our army; complying with his decision, I grant you Subordinate status. You may now use our faction shop; it is modest, but we have a route into difficult to obtain supplies. By taking on further duties and missions, you can place yourself in good favor with the Shogun. I would encourage you to see continuing your service through missions as a duty and obligation.

Additionally, you will receive a title and official Neo-Shogun uniform. Please fill out this questionnaire; based on your responses, we will furnish you with the aforementioned items.

1) What is your favorite color? Different shades of existing colors are fine. I would recommend you to use this url as a reference if you are having a difficult time picking one; the name of the color is arbitrary but the difference in code is important. Please note that the following colors are already taken:


Red (#FF0000)
Blue (#0000FF)
Dark Blue (#000066)
Purple (#6C2DC7)
Green (#41A317)
Yellow (#FFFF00)
Gold (#FDD017)
Black (#000000)
White (#FFFFFF)

2) Under the employment of a great shogun, what sort of role would you prefer to play? Examples include: soldier, medicinal expert, ninja, etc. There are no wrong answers.

3) How comfortable are you with revealing your skin, on a scale from 1-10?

4) List some honoring adjectives or titles that you believe describe yourself well. Please include at least five. Some may be recommended for you by your mission associate as well.

We appreciate your cooperation and everything you have devoted to us thus far.

-First General Yasu
TO: M.Patrovski@PSAOM.org
FROM: therealfutureempire@Sharofreemail.net
Subject: RE: RE: Welcome to the Army


1) "Gray" is thereby your color.

2-3) I'd like to make use of your impressive physique. Just as my uniform is somewhat more revealing than my those of my fellow officers to show the results of my own training, so shall yours be. I hope that you will be grateful to share some of the same adornment and design on your own armor that I bear upon mine.

4) As a subordinate in our army, your title shall be: "The Ardant, Dauntless Knight, Vigilant Partisan DragonierMan.EXE"; I'd you to use this name often, at least when you're representing us.

I trust all of this is agreeable to you. Please keep the well-being of our Shogun's army in mind with all that you do.

-First General Yasu

*NS_Uniform.GMO attached*

Quote ()

NS_Uniform.GMO features gray armor, consisting of a lower-body codpiece and tasset, along with long, clawed boots and gauntlets somewhat like Yasu's own. A black leather belt goes across both shoulders with an asymmetrical band continuing across his chest and back, stretched across one side. The belt holds rounded armor at the navi's left shoulder, along with a plate bearing the Neo-Shogun's horned demon flag emblem at the center of his chest. His own emblem is still worn at the tasset belt. The space covered by the leather of the codpiece and tasset armor is large enough for some degree of modesty in regular movement.

((You are free to add the .GMO in to your profile right away, or run it through registration if you must make any changes))
Greetings again Destin,

This is Mark Kerf, the operator of the Navi Trent.EXE. Trent is just about done with the training I wanted him to go through, and soon he will be seeking out our chance for fortune and fame. I was wondering if before this happened you would like to meet back up with Trent. I would like to have a duel between our two navi's. Your navi is the only one I know who Trent has any experience with and who might be willing to have a friendly fight. Trent needs the experience fighting against a real opponent again, not just a group of viruses. Interested? Trent is currently fighting, but afterwards I could send the location over to you and we could meet up. I have in my possession a special dueling barrier which will give a permanent one health to the losing navi. Think of it like an extended undershirt. Nothing would be on the line here, just a duel for bragging rights and practice. I would prefer to keep betting or any type of gain out of this, but I am willing to change that if you want to put a chip on the line or something.

If you are interested respond back shortly, Trent should be done with this curent batch of viruses rather quickly.

-Mark Kerf

TRENT.EXE is currently Fighting
Sasha.sp is currently Fighting

P.S. Oh. By the way. Sasha will NOT be fighting along side Trent. This will just be a one on one.
Good good. Glad Dragonierman will be up or the fight. Bring your A game to this, Trent needs a good practice match. Here is the location that we are, within the Sharo network.

Trent Location

See you soon.

-Mark Kerf
TO: DragonierMan and Destin Obscura: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: CharityEvent2@sharofreemail.net
SUBJECT: This Chip's For You!

Thanks for donating! Please accept the attached chip as a match for your own donation.[color=green][/color]

*SideGun attached*
To: CharityEvent2@sharofreemail.net
From: Mini Rini! (teddiecookies@netopia.net)
Subject: Re: (No Subject)

Greetings. We would like to first thank you for your offer of trade for our FireBomb2 battle chip. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to meet your request and wish to retain ownership over the subject matter.

We hope to seek your apology for any inconveniences caused.

Best regards,
On behalf of Rini Merck
TO: ??? (D.Obscura@ACDC.Net)
FROM: NeoChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your new chip!


ATTACHMENT: SonicBlade1 BattleChip data
TO: Destin Obscura and DragonMan.EXE - D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: 2NeoChipTrader2@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Happy Giveaway!
Enjoy your new chip!


ATTACHMENT: TripleBomb BattleChip data
TO: ??? (D.Obscura@ACDC.Net)
FROM: NeoChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Your New Chip!
Enjoy your new chip, and come to Soryu's for all of your chip needs!


ATTACHMENT: CrackerBomb BattleChip data
TO: D.Obscura@ACDC.Net
FROM: therealfutureempire@Sharofreemail.net
Subject: Costume Exchange

Hello, DragonierMan. I've taken the liberty of assembling everyone's responses here, since they all came to our shared e-mail... I didn't look at the others, of course. As for your gift to me, it seems really perverse. I guess I'm kind of flattered... in a way... but I'm not wearing this for you. Sorry.



DragonierMan, I'm not in the mood. If this is your idea of a joke, the two of us need to have a stern talk. To think that not only would you degrade me with a silly costume, but you'd use one that means to make me subservient is an obscene insult befitting your gender. Don't think that just because I'm proud of my body, I'm happy to wear whatever frilly, transparent slip you put together! Next time we meet, I hope you have something far more productive to show me for our time apart.

-First General Yasu


Ha ha ha! Only you would think to make something like this for a charity event! Did you make one for Vee too? I bet I can make her wear it for you the next time we work together! Count on it! I see it as a challenge!

I'd make you something too but I'm not real good with my hands. Or my brain, whatever goes into GMOs. I'm more into armor than fashion! Anyway, thanks for remembering me.



DragonierMan, thank you for sending me a gift. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It seems a bit like my standard gear, though perhaps a bit tighter and all-covering? But the bandages are a bit more tattered as well, so it's not altogether an upgrade. Perhaps you could explain this to me when we see each other next? I may just be behind the times.



Drago, it's embarrassing when you send me gifts! All of these went to our shared e-mail address, what if somebody else knew you were sending me something? I hope you're not making fun of me again.

That said, it's not a bad outfit for a costume party. Clearly not particularly well suited for actually swimming, but that's fine. I like the colors. If, and it's a big if, we find some sort of costume party or somewhere it makes sense to go in costume, I'll show you how it looks. But I'm not going to wear it for you just to model for you!

Let's keep it professional!



I thought you might be partial to maids! Arch looked so cute in her apron, you just had to get me one too, didn't you? The bathtowel wasn't enough? Well, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep on seeing me in everything! I'd be happy to wear it for you next time we meet... privately~

Now, I'm not one for one-sided giving! So if I'm going to wear an apron for you later, I'll want you to return the favor! Here's something for you to try on and get comfortable with before next time we hook up. Ciao for now!


*GMO attached*

Quote (SexyButler.GMO)

The Dee-designed costume looks like a butler's uniform at first glance, including a long-tailed black coat, black slacks, white undershirt, gloves, and close-toed shoes. The hair is worn slick and styled to give a stately appearance. Of course, Dee isn't actually overly interested in a real butler, so the trick of the suit is that it's pull-away: the jacket, shirt, and pants all have a hidden seem down the side, allowing it to be pulled off in stripper-esque fashion, leaving the bowtie, gloves, shoes, and black socks unless the wearer removes them individually.

The underneath portion includes a pair of glittery black trunks, tight-fitting with a zipper down the front. The band is white with a black bow. The fit of the pants makes it hard to hide very much and it's honestly not particularly comfortable to wear... but then, neither is a thong, and the purpose is about the same.
TO: DragonierMan, Suzume, & Aya (D.Obscura@ACDC.Net)
FROM: Mazer, Mach, Aera, & Vector(M.Patrovski@PSAOM.org), Care of ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (Roc.EXE)
Thanks for the Halloween .GMOs, Aera especially liked her costume, and we enjoy how silly Vector looks in the TinMan outfit though we briefly had trouble keeping the funnel stuck to his head. To return the favor, we have a trio of .GMOs for you all as well. Enjoy!


Quote (Mad_Scientist.GMO)

DragonierMan's plating and chainmail are replaced with a white buttoned up collared shirt with a red tie, along with a pair of black slacks. The costume also includes a long, white lab coat, black rubber knee boots and matching safety gloves. While he would normally look professional in such an outfit, but the myriad of electrical burn marks and ugly stains covering the majority of his attire tell a different story. His circular goggles and disheveled gray hair along with the suspicious stains and burns put the proverbial "cherry on top" of his eccentric/insane look.

The inner lining of his lab coat has a significant assortment of pockets, and nearly all of them are holding a wide variety of different tools and dangerous-looking compounds. They include fluid-filled syringes and capped test tubes, scissors, shears, scalpels, clamps, and even something that looked like a set of jumper cables. These tools can be used in place of his normal weaponry, while the compounds in the test tubes can be drunk and later spat out in place of his normal breath attacks.

Quote (Mad_Creation.GMO (Suzume & Aya))

With these .GMOs active, both Aya and Suzume look very similar with a few slight differences to tell them apart. Their attire consists almost entirely of white medical gowns and bandaging tape, both stained and burnt to a slightly lower degree than DragonierMan's clothing. The gowns fit loosely and certainly don't provide the protection their normal armor provides, but thankfully they wrap entirely around their bodies (as opposed to having open backs). They have very short sleeves and the gown only extends just above their knees, but wrapped tape on their thighs and upper arms suggest there's an additional layer of material beneath the gown.

Their skin is lined with dark stitches and medical staples, outlining various limbs and variable-sized patches of skin, each with slightly different hues as if they were assembled from a myriad of different bodies. Even their eyes are different colors, Aya has one red and one hazel eye, while Suzume has one blue and one purple eye. Their golden hair looks mostly uniform, but Aya has a long diagonal line of stitches across her face from the left side to her chin up to the right side of her forehead, so the eyebrow over her crimson eye is black instead of gold.

Suzume has a pair of tarnished silver bolts with oversized hex heads screwed through her medical gown and into the midpoints of her collarbones, while Aya has a pair of identical bolts screwed diagonally into the sides of her shoulders. Said bolts are firmly secured, incapable of spinning or rocking; that's probably a good thing for Aya and Suzume's sakes.

((You have been gifted this costume as part of the Thrills and Chills charity costume event! Enjoy your new outfit!))
FROM: Lucia.EXE (Vincent@Sharo.net), Care of ThrillsChills&FancyDress@roaming.cld
SUBJECT: Costume Exchange (DragonierMan.EXE)
Hey Sinny! It's been ages! I hope you've been well! So like, I know how you like the idea of being a dragon knight awhile back, so I was thinking about costumes for you, and I was like 'Hey! I bet he'd like to be the king of dragons!' But then I decided that no, you need to move away from armor and all that and relax, so what's the opposite of a knight, a mage! Enjoy!


Quote (Ancient Wizard.GMO)

Standing just shy of 6 feet tall, this wizened, bald headed man stands, wearing a green robe with white cloak atop it, donning roman styled sandals. Though in truth, most of what he wears is hidden behind a great, white beard that seems to have grown down to his ankles, perhaps beyond. His only accessory is a mighty staff, ornate with small sphere gemstones and sinister looking bladed top.


P.S. Weird, when I looked you up, it had a different name, what's with that?

((You have been gifted this costume as part of the Thrills and Chills charity costume event! Enjoy your new outfit!))