Recruitment Fair

DragonierMan and Sparks would arrive to find the recruitment fair well underway, which sort of begged the question of how Yasu was so certain DragonierMan was going to be taking a mission at that exact moment. Did she just put out a feeler every time a random task came up, thinking he might respond? Whatever the case, this was thankfully a situation where the two of them could easily see where to go, since the Neo-Shogun Empire's recruitment area was clearly identified with their banners. The whole area was decorated almost like a parade, but not in motion: every attendant wore an interesting costume and each of the booths were custom designed. The Neo-Shogun stand, where Lee and Vee were waiting in their uniforms, had been decorated with the tile roof and golden adornments of a shogunate castle. DragonierMan wouldn't recall a time where he'd ever seen such an ornately decorated building in the actual Shogun camp. It had always seemed like they favored tents or wooden structures, either out of preference for a rustic aesthetic or out of thrift.

The stand was flanked by two others. On the left, a tank was stationed, decorated with a gold-colored skull on its hatch. Two fairly giant (in the sense of height and muscle) women were standing on either side of the stand, wearing military looking uniforms decorated with skulls. Neither looked terribly animated. In the center was a much more lively girl with long, blond hair and wearing a uniform jacket with wide-legged pants. The cap on her head, adorned with a badge, indicated her status as a commander. She was busy directing people towards the booth by rapidly pointing and snapping a riding crop. The banner hung across their tank read "TERROR GIRLS."

On the other side, a line of red-robed navis stood, carrying long, steel torches. The stand itself looked rather like a hangman's station, with a woman standing on the stage in front of a noose. Muscley women seemed to be the order of the day; she wasn't exactly built like the military ones on the other side, but she was still distractingly built. Her clothes were full black, including a unitard and dominatrix cap (very similar to the other woman's military cap). She even used a whip, making very similar motions to the one on the other side. Her black hair was unkempt and extraordinarily long, reaching almost to her feet; it swirled behind her like a cape as she paced the stage. A banner held upon two wooden pillars read "ROT." Interestingly, this stand and the next other were entirely lacking in chairs, which seemed highly inconvenient for what would undoubtedly be a long period of standing.

The look of these two stands really made one wonder if only blacklisted factions that had committed crimes too serious to advertise anywhere else were invited. Looking around, he saw some more ordinary ones, like a rock band and a cooking group, so it wasn't all bad... the NS just had bad luck in placement, apparently.

Lee would wave energetically to call the two over as soon as they appeared. There didn't appear to be anyone browsing the stand, at the moment.
[NS_Uniform.GMO Activated]

DragonierMan and the twins, Aya and Suzume, appeared in a triangle of light. Drago was wearing his Neo-Shogun uniform, and showing a lot of skin. It just made sense to him to come in uniform for a NS mission. The twins wore their usual getup, with NS soldier headband, also showing a lot of skin. Although this time the twins' clothes were dyed canary yellow, like the average NS soldier.

Suzume immediately spotted the Generals. "Oh look there are Generals Lee and Vee," she said, noticing that their wardrobes never changed. "Yes, there they are. Let's go be booth babes," Aya remarked, semi-dryly. She was like DragonierMan, she craved the life of conflict and steel. And unlike her more social elder sister, she was growing discontent with all the brown-nosing.

DragonierMan, meanwhile, had noticed the ROT banner. "You!" he growled. His eyes narrowed as rage darkened his heart.

[NS_Uniform.GMO Deactivated, Core.GMO Activated]

Immediately his uniform wafted away in wisps of smoke. Moments later, his clouded form burst into searing flames. The scaled, draconian armor flared into being around him, cooling quickly to form an iron skin. He marched right up to the hangman's station, glaring angrily at all of the red and black clothed individuals. "You!" he bellowed again, pointing a clawed metallic finger at the woman on stage, whom he supposed was in charge. "I am going to rip out your heart and eat it over the corpses of your soldiers!"

As he raged in front of the stage, his fingers glowed and extended from his gauntlet, forming pointed and sharp talons. As he threatened the ROT crew he also drew out an equally sharp and jagged-toothed sword with the other hand. "I hope your entire organization is prepared to be gutted. Because payback is coming now... with a vengeance!"
Sparks was walking with Dragoierman and company, looking around, getting a good glance at the surrounding booths. Only being involved in one Neo Shogunate mission so far, the only person that he recognized outside the group he was walking with was General Vee. "This should be quite awkward." Sparks muttered, as last time she was to believe he was the Neo Shogun himself.

As they walked, seemingly out of nowhere, Dragonierman became enraged, and shifted from peaceful to a cutthroat mentality threatening one of the opposing booths, The samurai not knowing much of the situation acted quickly, quickly moving to his companion so that their backs were touching, while his hand rested on the katana handle at his side, in full preparation for some sort of battle to take place. "My apologies, but Drago, is this really the time to be raising this commotion?"
Vee and Lee started to greet DragonierMan and the others, before the site of the group that had attacked him before he joined the Empire sent DragonierMan into a violent rage. The girls drew their own weapons and entered a ready stance, but hesitated to attack, given the circumstances. "Alright! I'm ready for a good fight," Lee cheered, sharing the sentiment even if she didn't understand the hostility.

The woman on stage laughed, wrapping the fingers of her leather glove around the head of her whip. She curled it unconsciously around her fist as she spoke up in a deep and sultry voice, marred by a thick accent. "Listen to your friend! These are GNA's neutral grounds, yah? Snipers are posted everywhere to keep us in line and only the truly foolish would violate the rules here," she snickered with an uncaring shrug of her broad shoulders, which brought to mind those of Yasu, especially when coupled with her affinity for swimsuit-coverage armor. "And on the contrary, our organization is prepared for quite an expansion! Why do you think we're here?"

The other booths were watching DragonierMan now, but only for a while before returning to their efforts. After all, there were already two (debatably three) terrorist organizations advertising in a confined space, so it was hardly surprising if they decided to fight each other.

"You seem to have had a bad run-in with us in the past. You're obviously not weak, so I don't see why we should have treated you poorly... Perhaps it was Guillotine and her contemptible concern for those with a bestial appearance? Well, you'll be happy to know that fool is no longer under our employ... so long as you are strong, you have a place with the Right of Operations Templar," the woman assured DragonierMan, although she appeared to be incapable of any expression other than the smile of an amused sadist. "I'm a very open-minded person. Why, before settling in with the ROT, I was NetPolice officer... a male NetPolice officer. It's been quite a career change, I'll tell you," she guffawed.

"Nobody asked!" Lee pitched in. "Ignore those guys, Drago. It's not like we have anything to worry about from them... They're too chicken to fight and nobody wants to join up with a bunch of gross net racists anyways!"

Vee was now staring at Sparks suspiciously, squinting her already somewhat narrow eyes. "Do I know you from somewhere? Your voice sounds vaguely familiar... Have I met your friend, DragonierMan?" the little ninja asked, turning the question to DragonierMan.

"Don't think so. I don't recognize him," Lee responded instead. "Who is he?"

The ROT woman had gotten back to her sloganeering, seeming to deem it impossible that DragonierMan or his company would attack with the threat of GNA intervention hanging over their heads. The robed men were still watching him with the lights of their (wholely unnecessary) torches playing at the shadows that hid their eyes. "The Net is our world! A food chain is natural in any world! The strong feed upon the weak, in any world! The strong cull those without a purpose, in any world! Why should our net be unnatural? Cull the weak, feed the strong! Devote yourself to the Right of Operations Templar and guide our world to its proper course! Let not the strong give pause for the weak! Let not those doomed to failure drag those who would succeed down to their level. We are strong! We are ROT!" the woman's voice boomed through her megaphone.

"... It's been pretty hard to advertise, with blowhards on both sides driving away anyone interested," Vee sighed, keeping her voice down (which made her pretty hard to hear over the others).
As Sparks went back-to-back with DragonierMan and asked what was going on, Drago hissed. "An early mission went sour due to these guys. I have been awaiting the day when I slaughtered the lot of them for that insolence." His hand gripped his jagged blade tighter and crouched down a little as he spoke, ready to spring. But before he could rush the stage, Lee and Vee showed up with Suzume and Aya. They all got into a fighting stance, Lee in particular ready to fight whomever, but then all of them were halted by the woman on the stage. For she told them about GNA policy and that it would be foolish to fight here. And that the GNA had a lot of snipers.

Drago and the twins scanned skyward and noticed all the snipers on the rooftops that were spoken of, leering down on them. Drago huffed and batted at his coat as it was lit up by a few red dots. Slumping his shoulders a bit, he conceded with a defeated wave to the snipers. "Ok, ok, I won't cause any trouble." He then turned and finished listening to the woman before he pointed at her. "We'll settle up later then." And at that, he was dragged away to the Neo-Shogunate booth.

Safetly back at the booth, the sister-generals asked Drago about Sparks. Drago patted Sparks on the shoulder. "This here is one of my good friends and comrade-in-arms, Sir. Sparks," he said with a wide grin, using the formal title Drago gave him when he was SINNBAD. "Say hello to Generals Lee and Vee, Sparks." At that he gave Sparks a push forward. "Don't be shy."

"Yeah, no need to be shy around us," Suzume said with a wink as she latched onto Spark's arm again. "Did we mention they are sisters?" Aya cleared her throat, ignoring her catty sibling, and spoke directly to Vee. "Perhaps you can get us up to speed on what you want us to do here."
The samurai let out a sigh of relief, now that the potential confrontation had been stopped, or postponed at the least. He would give the opposing booths a periodic scan for trouble. Being pulled back to the main group Sparks bowed towards the generals as Drago Introduced him. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you."

"Gladly, mein friend. It will be truly regrettable if I do not have a chance to domesticate you sooner or later," the dominatrix laughed, saying something very stereotypically dominatrix-y.

Vee nodded, seeming to accept that Sparks was a newcomer and obviously not wanting to make herself look stupid by saying she recognized him from a dream she'd had once. "It's good to meet you, Sparks. By the way... I'm Vee and she's Lee... It's easy to get the two names mixed up," the little ninja continued, clarifying DragonierMan's introduction. "We are indeed sisters." Their faces looked similarly as well as their hairstyles and skin, but their bodies were pretty far apart, both in height and in the degree to which they were filled out. "Well, we were designed that way, anyways. We don't have anything like a shared biological mother or anything."

"Don't be so cold!" Lee laughed, hugging her sister tightly so that the ninja's face was buried in her bosom. "We're closer than any biological sisters! We're as sisterly as sisters get!"

Vee shrugged her shoulders and slipped effortlessly out of her sister's arms, causing Lee to stumble forward and nearly fall over the booth's front. Lee recovered quickly, then pointed at Aya with a grin. "I had a dream about you, you know! Not that kind of dream, but you know, a weird dream! I remember I was doing laundry or something... and I fell through an open door, and then Drago was there, and he and some others pushed me back inside..." she rambled, closing her eyes as she struggled to put the image back together.

"Enough! Aya has the right idea. As you can see, our current surroundings are making it very difficult to pull any sort of interest and we are far from meeting our advertising goals here. Therefore, I'd like to assign each of you tasks, if you are willing to accept them. While we take care of the booth, I would like one of you men to stay with us. As the mission briefing explained, there are many who do not understand that we have men of some rank and status within our group... Your presence here will ensure men that they are also wanted within our army," Vee explained. "It may be best if DragonierMan stays here, seeing as he is an actual Subordinate rank. But I will leave that up to you."

The other sister laughed, then covered one eye up with her palm. "I think there's some other people who make it hard for us to recruit guys as well! Some people that really hate guys!" she guffawed.

"Yes, well, the First General is not here, so let's make the best of the opportunity," Vee coughed, looking impatient. "I would like another team of three to scout out the other booths. Ascertain the threat level: how closely does the organization's function rival our own? For instance, another military organization with net-wide goals and rigorous schedules would be the highest threat level, while a celebrity fan club or musical band would be the lowest. If they do pose a significant threat and also appear to be drawing members, we should try to distract them, if the opportunity presents itself. Additionally, rather than distractions, you may wish to try offering a partnership... simply direct anyone who might fit the bill to speak with Lee and myself. Examples might include someone who is particularly friendly... or someone who is easily manipulated, bored-"

"Or likes to hang around women in bikini armor!" Lee offered, pulling on her breastplate slightly to emphasize her point.

"Or yes, that," Vee murmured. "I've drawn you up a map that you can use... I believe there are 15 booths total, three on each side of the square and a line of three more in the center. Over here, in the south, there is our own booth, as well as the Right of Operation Templar and the Terror Girls. We haven't charted out the others, so feel free to start wherever you like," she recommended, showing them a simple map consisting of fifteen squares, only three of them filled in with any writing. "Do you understand? Or are there other questions before we get started?"
Everyone listened to Vee's plan. Aya got real close to the map for a minute, eyes scrolling across the surface rapidly, scanning every which way and storing that info in her mind. Finally satisfied she memorized the layout, she looked up. "I'll take a look around myself, I work better alone," she finished as she backed up from the booth some more and faded into the crowd.

DragonierMan and Suzume watched as Aya disappeared from view. "There she goes again," Suzume sighed. "Always the lone wolf."

They turned back to the rest. Suzume wrapped herself around Sparks and grabbed Lee and pulled them together. "So guess that makes us three scout-buddies!" she giggled. Drago nodded. "Though it would be nice to walk and talk with Sparks, having you three out and about would be the best choice. I'll stay here with Vee and hold down the fort."
Sparks wasn't exactly following the situation, but he felt like it was better to keep his mouth shut and just go with the flow of things. Ever since the slight confrontation earlier he had been itchin to draw his blade. "Know worries Drago I'll keep these ladies with everything I have. " Sparks bowed to the group and spoke with a calm, cool, and collected demenor. "Shall we get started? "

"I was born ready!" Suzume grinned. "So where do you want to bring your two girls, daddy?" she giggled and clung to Sparks. Then began dragging him away from the booth.

DragonierMan turned to Vee as he sat down at the booth. "They'll be awhile. Now would be a good time to catch up. I have seen and been with a few of the Neo-Shogun Generals but I have barely seen or talked to you before."
Vee watched Aya go, then turned her face to DragonierMan and raised one eyebrow skeptically. "Your SP is a lone wolf type? That must be pretty troublesome," she murmured, sounding worried. "Then again, she probably won't have any issue with this mission, even if she's alone. The threat of the snipers is likely to prevent any violence from breaking out. Although, constant surveillance by snipers actually makes me even more on edge than usual..."

"I'm going too?" Lee asked, as Suzume brought Sparks and her into a tight huddle. Sparks didn't seem particularly affected. "This is a cool guy! I'm sure we're all going to get along great," Lee exclaimed, causing her sister to hold her hand to her face in embarrassment. "Er, you're asking Sparky to lead, but it feels like you're the one dragging us around! Where should we go, anyways? We have to give your sister her space..."

The little ninja was left alone with DragonierMan; she watched him warily, then narrowed her eyes as he attempted to make small talk. "That sounds about right... I hear you've 'been with' quite a few of the other generals and subordinates," she replied, focusing her eyes back on the crowd. "Our paths probably don't cross because we're not fit for the same type of work. A dragon isn't likely to be much use on missions involving infiltration. And I'm not the type to appear on a talk show or anything either," she further remarked. She closed her eyes and sighed. "But then, neither are you, right? I'd say neither of us get a lot of work suited to our talents. If that's the case, then I'd say it's just a coincidence that our paths haven't crossed before this point."

It didn't take long for DragonierMan to realize that nobody was making it to their booth. The causes seemed to be twofold:

1) As people came from their left, they were repelled by the ominous leering of the robed men and the authoritative barks of the dominatrix.
2) As people came from their right, the girl with the officer's hat was quick to beckon them forward personally and try to sell them on the Terror Girls. A lot of people were keeping their distance otherwise, since there was clearly a giant tank with a skull on it there.

Vee hadn't spoken up, but she was clearly thinking hard about what measures would be necessary to draw any attention to their stand.

Aya's group would need to decide where to start their investigation, as would that of Sparks. None of the other booths had a giant skull tank visible from a distance, at least, so it was pretty much just up to their preference of direction.
DragonierMan waved away the 'been with' comment. And the thing about Aya. "You're right though. Ever since I joined the Neo-Shoguns, I have been mostly rusting on the sidelines doing face-work. Every now and then I get a glimpse of a good fight, just to have it end before it gets interesting. I expected more military maneuvers, such as taking ground from viruses and solidifying holdings. Just like My Lord did before he joined the Shoguns. I am not cut out for this peace-time work."

He pouted a little and sunk into his chair as he vented his frustrations to Vee. Although after a few minutes he noticed the lack of activity at their booth. Looking up he took in the sights and noticed why. There were two loud and obnoxious groups hedging them in and keeping away the potentials. He pointed them out to Vee, who could clearly see them already. "If I could have my way, I would wipe both of them out right now. But those GNA guys would put a stop to it and punish the Shoguns. I'm not much of a diplomat. What should we do to get them away from here?"


Meanwhile, Suzume waited on Sparks' arm for Sparks to pick a destination.


Meanwhile, meanwhile, Aya was walking about in the crowd. Just following it around to each of the booths and not staying in one place for too long.
Sparks found it a little weird being called daddy, however he continued to carry himself in a smooth and collected manner. As Suzume pulled Sparks away he looked around scanning other booths and crowds. "Yet another mission were Drago and I won't see the front lines of battle... I don't believe either of us are suited for this type of work." The samurai complained, not really sure of where to go first. "How about we center ourselves between a few booths and begin by recommending the shogun's booth too passer-by?" He suggested to the girls accompaning him.
Suzume looked around for a good spot for the group to stand. "Hmmm..." she vocalized as her eyes scanned for the largest nearby crowd. "What should we say to them when we recommend the Neo-Shogunate over the rest of these groups?" She released Sparks arm and struck a pose that showed off her assets. "Perhaps we should go for the whole 'eye candy' angle." With another shift of her pose, she drew attention to her hip-hugging leather skirt, toned midriff, and long bare legs. "What do you think?" She said before straightening out again. A dagger appeared in her hand, twirling around her fingers. "Or should we focus more on our combat prowess? Or perhaps something else."
Vee rested her chin on the backs of her hands and stared forward. "Taking public territory is a dead end. We initially tried to invade and occupy public areas, to start policing them, expanding our territory little by little. We knew we couldn't conquer the net that way, but, you know, small steps... It's impossible though. Viruses are endless... now compound that with navis hired by the GNA to stop us from taking control of an area, as well as regular foot-traffic, and you have an endless number of those to face as well. No, I believe now that the only way one could realistically 'conquer' even a small portion of the public territory is to have the people of the net hand over the keys to it. Unless you're talking about clearing out viruses from old, unused areas... but those virus infestations would be so high it's barely worth doing. Besides that, claiming territory in and of itself is not a big victory. Expanding is easy... what we seek is recognition as the single, undisputed authority and power on the net. I see now that slow steps towards the goal through violent behavior are actually never going to be steps forward. We're only going to get there by cooperating with the people. So perhaps we should both be more ready to embrace a peaceful way of life." But, unlike Yasu, she didn't sound particularly motivated... perhaps that was just her character, or perhaps she really didn't think that the vision was any more realizable through current means. "Of course, we'll meet opponents from all sides doing this too, most likely including the current majority factions. So that's some inevitable violence to look forward to."

She kept silent and closed her eyes as DragonierMan let her know that he'd basically leave the thinking to her. "Going back to what I originally talked about, I'd prefer if there was a way to peacefully encourage them to tone down their advertisements. But I doubt either side is going to agree to that. I do have an idea... In the case of the those girls over there, the Terror Girls, the leader seems to be passionate about explaining her cause to anyone who will listen. I imagine she'd be receptive to questions as well. She's also the one who's stealing the traffic away from us as they come over... the other girls must just be guards or something. If you can engage her and pretend to be interested in her cause, I believe you could stop her from snatching by others, while I work at getting them over to this stand," she offered. It sounded like she was dumping most of the work on him, but then again, she seemed to be the soft-spoken type... it was probably going to be a challenge for her to advertise by herself as well. "Another idea... If I was walking around here, what I'd want more than anything is a snack," she spoke, sounding silly, but DragonierMan realized as she continued that she wasn't joking. "If we had food, I bet people would come over here. But I don't know where we'd get any. Still, your operator might want to have your SPs keep their eyes open for any opportunities to get snacks over here."


Sparks' gang found a very large crowd gathered in front of the stalls to the right and decided to head over there to start with. The stands on the right side included, from back to front: a mildly popular volleyball team holding recruitment, a less popular looking stand that was harder to figure out (something to do with radios?), and a very popular stand playing rock music (which was very heavy and screamy, so it was likely that devoted fans had assembled to hear them rather than newcomers showing up just to investigate). In the center of the square, the group spotted two different stands hosted by Netpolice recruiters (they seemed to be recruiting for specific teams, one for the "Brass Guard" and the other for financial investors) and another for a group called the Blessers, which was speaking very loudly but didn't seem to have a ton of traffic.

So the opportune spots were either to put themselves between the rock band and the radio stand, and try to siphon some of the crowd of groupies, or to go try between the two NP groups, which both had decent-sized crowds. "So many people... I wonder if we can get them all to join the Neo-Shogun Empire?" Lee asked, gawking at the crowd. She turned her eyes to Suzume, then gave a big smile. "Ha ha! We could do both! We'll make sexy poses with our weapons, and then everyone will want to join us! Although, that's not too different from what the Neo-Shogun Empire always does," the samurai laughed.


Aya, heading around the left side, saw the same center booths (two NP stands, the Blessers), and also got a look at the stands on the left. It looked like one was recruiting for 'The Voice,' a name which might sound vaguely familar to her. It didn't look to have a lot of attendance. Another was an unnamed stand run by an old man with a moustache, a monacle, and a book on his head, which had even less people interested... The last was run by a woman in a green cape and hood, who'd fallen asleep at her desk and was thus not being approached by anyone. It was also unnamed. There didn't seem to be much competition on this side, in general. Aya saw large crowds assembled at the three stands lined up in the back, furthest away from their own stand, but she'd have to walk a little further to reach them.

Before she could get any further, the man running the first stand hopped up and ran to her. "Hey, hold on!" he asked, since she was moving rather quickly. From his long, blond hair and movie star tan, she recognized him as VoiceMan, the man that DragonierMan had competed against during the Showbizz Feud gameshow. He was dressed in the same red suit he'd entered that show wearing. "You're with DragonierMan, right? I'm hearing a lot about you Neo-Shoguns lately, and I gotta say, it's just great to have gotten to meet some of you in person. You guys are like celebrities now!" he laughed, then extended his hand for a shake. "My name's VoiceMan, I'm not sure we met at the time. I don't think you were one of the participants," he introduced himself. "So, what are you doing here? Ah, you know... it's awkard, but... while I've got your attention, there's something I've been meaning to ask you guys about. You know those aaaah... those coworkers of mine, who ended up working with your faction as part of the exchange during that show we were on? You remember them, Kindle and Capo? Well, I haven't been in contact with them for a while and, you know, I... I can't remember exactly, but I sort of feel like that contract period was about to come to an end soon. To be honest, I thought it had already passed!" he chuckled in as pleasant a way as possible while broaching onto an uncomfortable subject. "How are they? Do you know if they're planning to come back to work for me soon?"
DragonierMan nodded along as Vee talked about the relative futility of Net-Imperialism by force. "There is a spot in Netopia where we tried to set up a forward base into the more untamed parts of My Lord's home Net, but were relatively unsuccessful. We found a partially abandoned castle. But the surrounding territory was held by 'spawn' viruses and our efforts, supported by the GNA to wipe them out with a toy of theirs that removed the virus' duplication ability, was ultimately a failure."

He relayed to Vee before she explained one of her plans. He stood up and started walking away from the booth. "I'll see what I can do. Just make sure to speak up so the crowd can hear you," he said as he walked over to the Terror Girls booth.

[Core.GMO Deactivated, Warrior.GMO Activated]

His armor shimmered away and Drago took on a more casual tone to his outfit as he came right up to the counter and leaned against it. The vest was unbuttoned and showed off his tanned and sculpted abs. He ran a hand through his wavy hair and put on his best charming smile as he looked at the leader with his piercing gray eyes. "Hello there," he began. "I noticed you from across the way and just wanted to come over and hear what you got to say.~"


Suzume chuckled a little at Lee's idea as she absently twirled her dagger on one delicate finger. Holding it by a loop built into the hilt. "Perhaps we can do one better and give them a little show. A martial arts demonstration so to speak,~" she cooed. "I heard from Aya that you almost gave her a run for her money while she was in your dreams. That is saying a lot."

As Lee was probably dumbstruck by the reveal, Suzume continued. "Yes, that's right. Your dream was real. We were hired to help with your little dream therapy. I went into Dee's dream and had a little chat while Aya snuck into yours."

She backed a few paces away from Spark and Lee and then brought out another dagger and took a fighting stance. "We are out in the middle of the square right now. The perfect stage for a little mock-battle. Care to test yourself against the older sibling?" She gave a little wink. "Just be sure to make it sexy. We got to draw the crowd's attention."


Aya was taking in everything around her, making mental notes about each group she came across. The major lines at the end of the square drew her attention the most though. But as she was about to head over there, VoiceMan of all Navis came up to her. She listened passively for a moment as he asked his questions. She nodded and answered, "Yes, I was in the audience when the gameshow happened and have met the two of them while they were on a job. They seemed fine when I saw them last. But no, I haven't seen any contract or know of any terms of service they are under. If you need any help contacting them, you can go to the Neo-Shogun booth and ask them." Aya pointed over in the direction of the Neo-Shogun booth where she came from.

"Now if you'll excuse me," she said as she stepped around him. "I am busy. But if you really want them back, you should help the Neo-Shogunate recruit some more members. That way we have people to fill in for the vacant spots. Or come work for us yourself. We could use a broadcaster and publicist."
Suzume didn't hesitate to spill the beans about the dream therapy mission, which completely left Sparks dumbfounded, and left him short for words, but before the electric samurai had time to butt in and give his two cents, Drago's was ready to have a little sparring match right in the middle of the crowd.

Pondering on what he should do the Navi turned to his operator. "What should be done master?"

Quickly analyzing the situation, Joe replied "What could it hurt? Get the crowd riled up."

So Sparks turned his attention towards the surrounding navis, and spoke with a deep bellowing voice in an attempt to gain their attention. "WELL HERE WE GO GUYS, AND GALS , ANY AND ALL NAVIS TURN YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS AREA RIGHT HERE AS THE NEO SHOGUNATE SHOWS OFF NOT ONLY IT'S POWER, BUT IT'S BEAUTY ALIKE!"

Suzume didn't state anything about Sparks being involved in their mission, but it could be inferred from his nervous reaction.


Suzume stood up straight as Sparks broadcasted their match to the surrounding crowds. Posing for a few eye-catching shots of her toned body clad in tight leather halter top and short skirt, winking and blowing kisses to the crowd. After a few moments, she twirled her daggers around her fingers. The loops on the hilts grew in size as she twirled them, eventually they were as big around as her wrists, then her waist.

Like hula hoops, the daggers twirled down her body as she shimmied and swayed to some unheard music, showing off all her curves. As the daggers twirled lower, she stepped forward and bent at her waist and planted her hands on the ground. She kicked off the ground into a handstand just as the daggers had reached her feet.

She twirled the daggers around her feet as the loops shrunk back down. She took a few steps forward on her hands before flicking her feet forward, launching the daggers toward Lee. But they weren't aimed at the General, they were aimed at the ground before Lee's feet. After they struck the ground, they evaporated into twisting black smoke.

As Suzume touched ground with her feet, righting herself again, the twisting smoke turned into two more of her. The real Suzume ran forward just as the two clones had finished forming. The clones placed their hands together to form a springboard for her to leap over Lee in a showy spinning flip.

When Suzume landed she spun around to face Lee. Now Lee was surrounded by three girls with daggers again, just like how Aya fought her in her dream.
"I didn't realize the GNA had taken a shot at it themselves with unique technology... It sounds like there may be more interest towards the reclamation of unpopulated areas and structures than I thought," Vee conceded. DragonierMan left her to take care of business at the next table.

Another navi, a large man with an elongated neck and a scaly, green dragon's head, framed by long, white hair, was listening to her talk and apparently debating as well. "It's an interesting thought, Ma'am-" he offered in a rumbling, elderly voice, but the talkative girl cut him off.

"Please, call me Prez," she requested, then continued. "It's what the net yearns for, the only way the net progresses forward! Total net disarmament!" It was a weird thing to ask for, considering one of the large girls who were standing by her like bodyguards appeared to have airship weaponry strapped onto the arms of her armor. "Weapons on the net only create wars and violence. They're vestiges of a bygone era, popularized by Officials and propagated by the warring factions. They're built into the very learning institutions that educate our children!"

"... An interesting thought, BUT, you forget the very simple issue of virus infestation on the net. The marginal interference of viruses in the daily lives of navis and netops in our current era has only been achieved by this culture you denounce," the dragon-headed man rebutted. "If we drop arms and allow the viruses to do as they please, quality of life will suffer, at minimum. We can't simply request that the viruses reciprocate good will."

"That's why we need research! You there-!" Prez began again, pointing her crop towards another passerby. Before she could beckon him over, DragonierMan interrupted her, interjecting as though he was a pickup artist. That was apparently what the dragon-headed man perceived as well. Another thunderous rumbling noise came from his throat as he snorted, then moved on. Vee successfully managed to call him over to their stand, which was a good start, by any reasoning. "Hmmmmm," the girl murmured, tapping her elbow with the crop as she considered the question. This was clearly the first time someone has asked her rather than the other way around. Up close, she looked rather child-like, as she was fairly short and had large, cute blue eyes that didn't match her dangerous-looking outfit.

At either side, the imposing women slowly turned their heads to glare directly at DragonierMan. One of the woman was dressed in blue with armored gauntlets and boots over her uniform. She wore thick, black aviator shades and had slick orange hair, swept behind her head so that it formed a point out of the back of her cap. The other was a darker-skinned woman, probably Whazzapian, dressed in a green uniform and a silver skull mask; her black hair was cut very evenly but barely combed, forming a bowl around her head. Both of them had thicker biceps than one would typically see on a girl, bringing to mind both Yasu and the other dominatrix girl. DragonierMan just seemed to have a trick for running into buff women.

"I'd be happy to tell you about the message of the Terror Girls," Prez decided, smiling in a way that didn't fit the ominous looks of her two allies. "We Terror Girls are on a mission for net disarmament. What better stage than here at the GNA recruitment fair to see the kind of damage that the faction wars have brought to the net at large? We all remember the great net war, a direct result of the organizational attempts to pit navis against each others. Since times long past, the Officials promoted net battling and virus busting, making them civil duties for all navis and operators, then furthered their agenda with the growth of the GNA. They've ingrained violence so far into our culture that it is no longer just the soldiers who fight: civilians, as young as preschoolers, now take up arms on a daily basis, waging battle through their navis. War is all we reap! For a truly peaceful net, we must destroy all weapons, even if that means controlling weapons in the process," she finished, looking resolutely into his eyes. She paused here, as if awaiting questions.


"Ha! Well, your sister's not bad, but I was totally about to beat her before she ran away from me! Tell her I'll take her on any time, any place!" Lee laughed, then thought back over what Suzume had said and pursed her lips. "Wow! None of you went into Vee's, then? That's a real shame... I'd like to know what she dreams about. Also, thank God none of you went into Yasu's dream, huh? I'll bet if Drago went in there, he'd never make it out alive! She probably dreams about ripping him apart like a tissue or something!" the samurai guffawed, unaware of the irony. "Hehehe... Yeah, let's fight! I don't think we'll have to try too hard. When I battle, it's always intense and sexy!" she announced, raising her large spear into the air. Sparks took on the role of announcer and the two set into action.

She started pouting when Suzume began to dance, though, and began murmuring in a grumpy voice. "No fair! I can't dance," she hissed, then brandished her weapon. It wasn't necessarily sexy, but she matched the energy with DragonierMan's ninja SP by spinning her weapon first over her head, to both sides, around her back, then finished by pointing it forward. "Aaaaaah!" the roared with an unabashed battle cry. Suzume led with an attack, flinging both weapons, which Lee was ready to repel. There was no need to do so, however, as the ninja hadn't aimed for her; she was going for the same cloning technique her sister had. "I've already seen that technique! It won't work against me again!"

Lee moved both hands to just beneath the head of her spear, roared, and lifted it, preparing to drive the spike into the ground (perhaps to create a shockwave, perhaps a point of leverage). Neither of them would get a chance to find out what would happen, however, as the butt of the spear that Lee had thrown outwards collided with the face of a member of the crowd who'd been approaching Lee from behind. "Awoooo!" the girl cried out, clutching at the helmet covering her face. The helmet looked a bit like the oversized head of a lion. Her body was covered in a trailing, fluffy yellow cape that hid most of her form and her hands were similarly clad in over-sized yellow gloves, with the digits of human hands, but fat and cartoony. "Roooo! What are the two of you doing?! Don't you know that this area is under GNA sniper watch? Absolutely no violence is permitted inside the Netsquare! Take it outside!"

"Wait, wait, we weren't fighting! It's an exhibition!" Lee defended, although, she looked more offensive than defensive as she brandished her weapon for another attack.

"You're exhibitionists alright! Lucky I don't crack down on that too! Aroo, aroo!" the goofy dressed woman further complained, placing her hands on her hips. It seemed she was a GNA officer, although she surely didn't look it. "That's the one rule, guys! No fighting here!"


"I see, I see. Thank you, I'll go ask at the booth," VoiceMan agreed, seeming at once amiable and annoyingly persistent in his intention to question somebody. He looked at first surprised, then amused at the suggestion that he should join the Neo-Shogun Empire. "Would you write me a referral if I wanted to?" he joked, wiking at Aya. "But no, I don't have anything to offer an army. Frankly, I think the girls are probably best suited for the studio life as well, not the soldier business. I can't imagine Kindle's getting on too well in there, sensitive as she is." Seeing that Aya wasn't hoping for any further conversation, he made his way to the Neo-Shogun booth.

Free from the interruption, Aya managed to make her way to the back. There, she found three separate food stands, which probably explained why they were so crowded; they weren't recruiting anyone, they were just handing out food. It looked like there was a gourmet tea tasting table, another with gelato and shaved ice, and another with carnival foods like cotton candy and funnel cakes (as three separate booths, they were likely good, but none of them complimented one another). Again, none of them seemed to be recruiting anyone. All three stands were well populated.
"I guess this is as good a chance as any," Aya sighed as she saw that the lines were only food vendors. She took a moment to summon a quill and parchment and draw up an idea for a Neo-Shogunate pamphlet. Taking the time to put down the current peaceful ideals of the Neo-Shogunate's want to make a stable NET. Liberally pasting in pictures of the Neo-Shogunate women in their bikini armour. Splicing them with captions about empowerment of the body, mind, and spirit... and becoming fit, and all that. Then she saved the file and copy/pasted it until she had a stack of pamphlets.

Then she went around the three lines handing it out and talking to who will listen about the benefits of Neo-Shogunate membership as described in the pamphlet. As drawn up from what Aya had heard the Generals talk about in the many, many missions Aya had been on. Though she stressed heavily the need for a diverse member base that wasn't all about warriors. They needed administrators and PR people and all sorts of contractors and the like. And that the employment was stable.