Navi Net-Shop

The network-side Navi Shop was about as spartan as its real world counterpart, though the concept of a "store" was a bit loose in that regard. The store itself was a hemispherical building, with many entrances into a vast circular area. Numerous floating holo-displays over a dark blue-tiled background created a tessellated grid of advertisements, each depicting a different upgrade product. Information terminals were placed at regular spacing throughout the area, providing more data on their products as well as ordering information.

Amongst the crowd, there were also some Navis that were racing about, carrying some upgrades with them and carting them off to places unknown--couriers for the shop's many overseas orders. Strangely enough, the couriers seemed to vanish into thin air before they even exited through the entryways, suggesting some form of cloaker being used--which was understandable, as they were carrying valuable goods, and would be notorious targets for ambush. Of course, even if they were to be jumped for the upgrades that they were carrying, it would be difficult for anyone except for the intended recipient to decrypt them. The encryption did have its drawbacks, however--it was impossible to decrypt during battle. Sending orders also required broadcasting a beacon signal for couriers to locate, and while this signal was secure, it needed to use the same channels as the ones required for Battlechip transfer, and would also attract any nearby viruses or hostile forces.

Many of the couriers blended well enough with the clientele, with different appearances that they were almost indistinguishable, save for the shop's logo emblazoned on their chests. More prominent were the Navi shop attendants, assisting any that wished to consult them to purchase any upgrades. One of the most popular attendants was TempoMan, who was the real world shopkeeper, Suitachi's Navi. Chances were that if someone walked in, he would be the first to attend to them.

[Purchases can be done in-person or by courier order. Courier orders can be done while battling, but must also carry out the same penalties as shopping regularly.]
[Upgrades and NCPs in stock can be found here.]
Current Zenny: 15400z.

Magistrate.SP walked into the Navi Net-Shop and placed an order slip on the front counter. "I wish to purchase the following items," she said as she also laid a credit chip on the counter.

Process Upgrade v36: 3600z
Process Upgrade v37: 3700z
Process Upgrade v38: 3800z
Process Upgrade v39: 3900z

Total: 15000z

Total Zenny After: 15400z --> 400z.
Anathema hovered into the shop, taking a moment to admire it. "Upgrades from the comfort of your own home. Neat, but isn't that just encouraging the shut ins of the world?" She shrugged, and went up to the counter. If she even noticed Magistrate, she didn't give any signs of it. "Okay, let's see...I could probably use some better innate moves. I'll take...three Process Upgrades. Oh, and a PowerUP! Nothing wrong with showing the buster a little love, too!" It'd be her entire paycheck from showgirling, but giving her dark magic a boost never hurt.

[Order of Purchase:
Process Upgrade #4 - 400z
Process Upgrade #5 - 500z
Process Upgrade #6 - 600z
PowerUP #1 - 1000z
Total - 2500z

Money Before Purchase - 2500z
Money After Purchase - 0z]
As two customers ended up in the shop, TempoMan appeared in front of the two, his face decorated with a brightly shining smile. "Yes, welcome! I'll serve you in a moment," he said, taking Magistrate's order slip. Reading the contents of the slip, he nodded, and spread out his arms, bringing up two different floating terminals in front of his fingers, which began tapping quickly. The terminals beeped in confirmation, and vanished promptly, in exchange for the requested upgrades that both of them had purchased. "There we go! Thank you for your business. Come again!" he said.

Magistrate GET: Process Upgrade x4
Magistrate LOSE: 15000z

Anathema GET: Process Upgrade x3, PowerUP x1
Anathema LOSE: 2500z
Anathema reached out and grabbed the upgrades, and took a moment to look at them. "It feels kinda weird to just reach out and grab them like this...oh well, it should be even easier to install this way! Thanks!" Not wanting to waste any time applying them, she jacked out in a beam of gray light.
Magistrate, also ignoring Anathema, took her purchases and walked out the door.
Lyntael found herself stopping a short way inside the door of the net-side store front, and hesitating a few steps off to the side of the main entrance. For an outlet that had only opened up recently, it seemed surprisingly busy and she felt unaccustomed to being surrounded by quite so many other navigators in close proximity. It took her a few more seconds to collect herself and she went over Rogan's list one more time to gather her thoughts. Eventually she moved forward to merge with the flow of customers coming and going until she reached a counter.

"Hello, ah, good morning. I've got a list here. I need to pick up a version four power up, customiser expansions one through nine, and then processor updates eleven through twenty, if I could please." She grinned as she greeted whoever happened to be at the counter she'd arrived at, accompanied by a small, hesitant wave of familiarity if it was the same TempoMan she'd seen reprimanding his operator the last time she'd been out while Rogan shopped. Along with the request, she drew a slim string of data from the centre of her emblem, then coalesced it into a small crystal to hand over as payment.



Buster UP 4: 4000z
NC Expansion 1-9: 18000z
PU 11-20: 15500z

Total: 37500z
Funds Remaining: 3885z
"Good morning! Sure, I'll take that list," said TempoMan, who, while friendly, didn't seem to act like he remembered her much. The blue shopkeeper Navi hummed a little tune while he put up a terminal, keying in Lyntael's requested purchase. The terminal beeped in confirmation, and the terminal disappeared. Not a moment had passed before a large box appeared out of nowhere from high above, landing with a thump on the counter. TempoMan hefted it over the counter for Lyntael to receive, before dusting off his hands.

"Pretty big purchase! There you go. Thanks for your business, and have a nice day!" he said cheerfully.

Lyntael GET: PowerUP x1, NaviCust Expansion x9, Process Upgrade x10
Lyntael LOSE: 37500z
Current Zenny: 12600z.

DragonierMan, Magistrate, Suzume, and Aya walked into the Net-Shop together. They spread out to look around a bit, before Drago came to the front counter. "Hey I need a v40 Process Upgrade and a v5 PowerUP."

Process Upgrade v40: 4000z
PowerUP v5: 5000z

Total: 9000z

Total Zenny After: 12600z --> 3600z.
"Sure, I'll get on that right away," said one of the shop attendants, turning around to input some things into a terminal. The console beeped in affirmation, and the Navi pulled out some upgrades out of thin air and placed them on the counter. "That'll be nine thousand zenny. Thank you very much, and come again soon," the attendant Navi said, bowing deeply afterwards.

DragonierMan GET: Process Upgrade x1, PowerUP x1
DragonierMan LOSE: 9000z
DragonierMan paid the man and stored the upgrades in a sack he brought with him. The four browsed a little more and then headed out.
Daybreak appeared on the net, carrying her familiar close under the crook of one arm. "Hm hm hm... Either the vampires are very foolish to let me into an area housing so many of the weapons of their own kind, or I've found a small bastion protected from the vampire's forces... The truth will reveal itself to me soon enough," she murmured to herself, reading over the various displays with all of the curiosity of one who hadn't visited any store in decades and thus found all product offerings exciting. "Mm hm... Yes... I know what I need, Marian! We must first supplement my swiftness so that my motor functions can keep up with my keen senses. Next, we will augment my demon-hunting tools to their maximum potential!"

"Three upgrades is your maximum potential?" she asked, raising an eyebrow and watching her PET from the couch.

"Maximum only for the moment," Daybreak smiled back, tilting her chin up and looking mostly unfazed. "TempoMan! If you are still an ally of humanity, I request your presence. I require first my level one speed upgrade, then three process upgrades! I will pay you in the tender. Money of the hellspawn; however, it is their economy for now, and we all must bend the knee until circumstances improve," she babbled nonsensically, holding up three red, metallic, prosthetic fingers to match the number of process upgrades she expected.

"Well, he did ask me to have her check out the store," Marian mused, wondering if he'd be off-put or enjoy the intrigue of interacting with a crazy, half-naked navi. Then again, perhaps such types weren't as rare on the net as one would expect.

((Paying 5600 zenny for one speed upgrade and three process upgrades

5000 + 100 + 200 + 300 = 5600 paid

5600-5600 = 0 zenny remaining))
With Daybreak's odd exclamation as well as mode of dress, her entry caused quite a few of the attendants' heads to turn her way, proprietor included. TempoMan was not one to be fazed, however, and trailed her subtly, with a polite smile on his face and his hands drawn behind his back. The sudden summons with which Daybreak called on him caused him to jump a little, trying to parse the eccentric Navi's order. Thankfully, a small screen in his periphery popped up, interpreting the self-proclaimed vampire hunter's orders accordingly, after which TempoMan himself bowed in affirmation. "A-Ah, of course! I'll bring you your upgrades shortly, please wait," he said, scurrying off to pick up the ones requested.

He returned shortly with them, and Marian's account would find itself automatically deducted, while he bowed deeply once again. "Thank you for your patronage. Please come again."

Daybreak GET: Speed Upgrade, Process Upgrade x3
Daybreak LOSE: 5600z
"Perfect! Aren't you polite? And so sweet... I'll try to come back often and improve my stock," Daybreak chuckled, unable to stop herself from flirting with the nervous shopkeep. "Hm hm hm... Saving the world is such a bleak task. It's nice to be appreciated."

"Alright, alright. Move it along," Marian sighed, resting her head on her hand. "Dru, remember," she instructed her stepson, holding one finger up to get his attention, "If Daybreak is wasting time or being annoying, be sure to tell her to focus. That's one of the operator's most important tasks... Especially when you're operating Daybreak."

"Yes, Ms. Marian," Alexandru responded. "Daybreak, hurry up! I wanna see you shoot fire."

"I don't 'shoot fire,' young one! I hone the beams of God's holy radiance; although they are just glimmers of His light from within the crevices of my holy items-!"

"Hurry up..." the boy repeated, looking at Marian who nodded with satisfaction.

Grunting, Daybreak stopped hassling TempoMan and left. "Very well! But I pick the net where we'll start our voyage..." she insisted.

((Heading to Yoka Net))
((From NetopiaNet))

HangMan briefly checked himself over for a few moments; he'd refreshed his exterior program so he would at least look presentable after his embarrassingly tough battle, then walked into the store. His eyes, obscured by his opaque and heavily mirrored glasses, looked around as he casually walked through the store, noting the displays and the oddly disappearing couriers as they left the store. His toothy grin remained plastered on his face as he took a draw of his freshly-repaired cigar, then slowly exhaled, leaving wispy white trails of smoke behind him.

Once he approached the counter, he carefully placed a zenny chit down on the table with two fingers, like a dealer at a blackjack table. "Hello sah, I'd like to make a couple purchases. One Speed Upgrade, and foah Process Upgrades, if ya please."

Speed Upgrade v1: 5000z
Process Upgrade v1-4: 1000z
Total: 6000z

Funds remaining: 830z
As HangMan approached with his cigar blowing smoke everywhere, TempoMan seemed a little conflicted as to whether to comment on it or otherwise, as some of the other customers seemed to be visibly distancing themselves from him. Thankfully, the customer didn't seem to be much trouble, as the order HangMan gave was fairly straightforward. "Alright, just a moment, sir," he said, turning to tap on a small console to his side, before a few data shims appeared atop the counter in place of the zenny chit HangMan had placed on it earlier. "There you go, sir. Thank you for coming, have a nice day," said TempoMan, making a small bow.

HangMan GET: Speed Upgrade, Process Upgrade x4
HangMan LOSE: 6000z
"Thank ya kindly, sah. Pleasure doin' business with you." HangMan replied, returning TempoMan's politeness in kind. Since this was the only shop in town, getting on bad terms with the proprietor wasn't the best idea. He picked up the data shims with his gloved hand, then seemed to slide them into a pocket in his vest, though they simply disappeared as they were downloaded to the PET.

HangMan then turned on his heel and casually walked off, occasionally glancing at some of the advertisements and displays, still smoking along contently. To the other customers' delight, he didn't loiter, and made his way out the door before logging out with an inky, black "beam" of data.

((Logged Out))
((From Neo Shogunate HQ))
After nearly an hour of high-altitude cruising, MachMan had made it all the way from the NS HQ, through SharoNet, and then appeared in the skies above the Internet City. He still hadn't quite figured out the problem in his mind, but the peace and quiet of his trip did an admirable job at calming the Navi down.

As he flew deeper into Internet City Airspace, he saw a few advertisements for the recently opened network branches of the Navi and Chip shops. A brief glance at their zenny count made it obvious they had plenty to spend, so Mach gently banked to steer himself towards the commercial area. Mazer was only occasionally checking up on the Navi, but happened to notice his change in heading. ["Find something interesting?"] he asked. Mach started to descend as he replied, "Some new shops opened up, I'll get some upgrades since it's on the way." Mazer raised his eyebrows and briefly thought about it, then replied ["Fair enough, I'll be here if you need anything."]

Mach angled himself to approach the Navi Shop, careful to avoid the myriad of log-out beams from Navis leaving the shop. While most looked pretty standard, there were a few that appeared to have been customized, including one inky black animation that looked more like a streak of ink or smoke than a beam. He cut his engines just as his skid-like feet touched down, causing the Navi to briefly slide to a stop. His arms unfolded from the undersides of his engine nacelles and assumed a normal walking stride as he made his way inside.

It didn't take long to find the main counter, which was still plenty of time for the Navi to finalize his "shopping list." He approached TempoMan and produced a zenny chip before placing it on the counter. "Hello, I'd like 3 PowerUPs and NC Expansions, 2 Process Upgrades, and a Shield NCP please."

NC Expansion 15-17: (6250 + 6500 + 6750) 19,500z
PowerUP 6-8: (6000 + 7000 + 8000) 21,000z
Process Upgrade 48, 49: (4800 + 4900) 9,700z ((Mach's level: 43 -> 49 with above upgrades))
Shield NCP: 3000z

Total: 53200z
Funds Remaining: 6705z
"Welcome! Just a moment, sir, we'll analyze your current upgrades," said TempoMan cheerfully, as his hand reached for a small keypad next to him, while the other tapped onto the zenny chip laid onto the counter. There was a subtle change over the attendant Navi's expression, before it turned back to his former "customer service" face. In front of MachMan, a host of data orbs materialized, before decrypting themselves to form the upgrade packages that he had requested.

"All right, that should be all of it, sir. Thank you for coming," said TempoMan, deeply bowing to MachMan as he did so.

MachMan GET: NC Expansion x3, PowerUP x3, Process Upgrade x2, Shield NCP
MachMan LOSE: 53200z
Mach's eye watched the Navi through his opaque aircraft canopy-style helmet, mostly out of interest rather than suspicion. This was admittedly his first time ever shopping "in person," and he very briefly wondered if this was anything like the dozens of trips Mazer's made over the years. He picked up the data packets, which quickly fragmented and disappeared as they were downloaded to the PET. "Thanks, have a good one," he said plainly before he turned around and started to make his way out of the store.

((To Chip Shop))