Advance or A8scond!!!!!!!!

A familiar blue flash emanated into the area as Sylk returned to the nets of Net Vegas. Once again it was time to test her abilities against the unknown, as she itched for a battle. Her upgrades installed, new chips to be used, and some stress to release now that she was back in her original form. The spider was raring to go.

Let's have some fun, shall we? She called to no one in particular as she looked around the area for an opponent. Anything would do really, if the enemy was weak she would just move on to another fight. It was a simple logic, but it would help her unwind after the incidents of her last mission.

"Everything seems to be in working order. You're good to go, Sylk. Lets show em what you're made of."

The spider grinned as she heard the words of her operator, the two in agreement for once. It was time to bust.

[[8attle 1, ready!!!!!!!!]]
Apparently, as Sylk ported into the NetVegas network, she had stumbled upon some ice rink's network; the entirety of her vision was that of white snow. There was a small circle in the middle of the snow, where some DarkMech's were trying out a few skating moves. With all of their spinning around, and Sylk's stark contrast with the white background, it wasn't long before they noticed her, and demanded a fight!

DarkMech A: 120 HP (Ice)
DarkMech B: 120 HP (Ice)
DarkMech C: 120 HP (Ice)

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP (Snow)

100% Random (Currently 25% Ice, 75% Snow)

Well, this should be interesting. I've fought these things before, so it shouldn't be too hard. Sylk commented, sizing up her opponents. The chill of the snow bothered her quite a bit, unfortunately. She was determined however to endure the cold and focus just on eliminating the virii. She wouldn't waste her lovely web on such small fry.

Ugh, this is the second time in a row that I'm stuck in some kind of water here. At least this time its all frozen over Sylk's upper right arm began to lift up from against her body, her eyes locking on to the three darkmechs before her. She planned not to use her full web, but that didn't mean she couldn't give them a taste for what could of been in store. Such was her thoughts as her palm came down upon the snow around her. Hoping to trap the enemies, the spider summoned hundreds of silken threads all around the group aiming to bind them to the ice. The threads weaved between each other as they grew in size, persistent in their attempt to grab hold of Sylks targets.

Slowly Sylk raised up a second of her many arms into the air before her. Her fingers seemed to trail a circle, a dark light following the movements as the gesture came to a full 360. as the two ends of light connected, Sylk snapped her fingers as she called forth a loyal minion to her aid.

You should do better this time around, right~? She leaned forward to pat the coon, trying to encourage the little guy before he made his journey into the enemy territory. The bandcoon nodded repeatedly, before scurrying across the snow, and onto the ice. Sliding over to the Darkmechs, it tried to swipe a chunk of data from one of them, before disappearing into a hole.

Watching for her "pet" to clear out of the way, Sylk raised up a third arm as an electrical current began to crackle. A fourth arm followed suit as she place the electrified middle arms together. The energy jumped back and forth as she pointed towards the group of virii, sparks jumping from her body, the current creating a high pitched sound as it surged. You're on thin ice, picking a fight with me. Now you're going to pay~ She chimed as two bolts light lightning hurtled forward, one from each arm. She expected that this would be enough normally to finish her prey off, but there was no reason she couldn't go for some overkill.

Data began to swirl around an unused fifth arm, as Sylk prepared some heavier artillery to deal with the darkmechs. No doubt this large cannon could be considered overkill just on its own, but after her previous assault it was all just too much. The barrel raised up as Sylk took aim, a whirring could be heard from the guns inner works as it prepared itself to fire. Her finger pressed lightly against the trigger as she lined up the massive gun with her designated target, and with no remorse squeezed hard to let loose a tremendous blast upon her foes.

Not letting up for even a moment, her sixth and final arm had already ignited in flames as she quickly drew it before her. The fire danced upon her arm as it grew in size, Only to take flight a moment later. The crimson phoenix-like blaze homed in on anything that may have remained of the virii, reassuring the spider of the Darkmechs demised. She licked her lips at the sheer destructive display as she watched everything from a distance. Mmm, that was fun~


Passive: 20 hp casing

1) WhiteWeb1 - 40 + Snare x 3 targets - Accuracy: C @ Darkmech A,B,C

2) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B @ Darkmech B

3) ElecReel1 - 80 elec (x2 terrain), Spread 3 (sides and behind) - Accuracy: B @ Darkmech A,B,C

4) DollThunder1 - 80 elec(x2 terrain) + Line-Attack5 - Accuracy: B @ Darkmech A,B,C

5) TankCannon2 - 120 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C @ Darkmech A,B,C

6) Phoenixshot1 - 70 + 10 fire + Wide Attack - Accuracy: A @ Darkmech A,B,C

Sylk launched a terrible volley of death at the little ice skaters. The spider surprisingly failed in properly using her web, though it ended up making little difference.

The DarkMech's were zapped, fried, bombed, and grilled. They didn't really stand a chance. Poor dears.

The explosive display scared the poor little bandcoon, though, and he was so surprised that he didn't manage to even find the targets, let alone steal anything. He just scampered off in fear.


RewardData: 630 zenny
Sylk collected the left behind zenny, a little dissapointed. Not only were the enemies too easy, even her little pet hadn't managed to retreive anything for her. Looks like we'll just have to try this again. She sighed.

On the plus side, she was thoroughly enjoying her original appearance now. She didn't have nearly as much to worry about as when she was all dolled up for the misison. Sylk began to have a new appreciation for her appearance. As she stretched out her many limbs, she gazed around the area. Well, the warm-up is over. Lets move on to the next fight!

[[battle 2, ready]]
With the warm-up over, Sylk moved on, and exited the area. She came upon a dimly-lit area, with rows upon rows of what seemed to be slot machines. However, it didn't seem to be operational at the time, with all of the machines' screens darkened. One had its screen on, however, blinking green every so often. The light drew a few viruses to examine it, among them a Brushman, two BigHats, and a pair of Twins. They noticed Sylk's presence, and turned to her in hostility!

Brushman: 100 HP
BigHat A: 100 HP
BigHat B: 100 HP
Twins A: 100 HP
Twins B: 100 HP

Rows of Slot Machines, each with 100 HP.

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP

100% Random (Deactivated; currently 100% Normal)

Heh. This should be interesting. Let's see what they can do~ Maybe these once will be a bit better.

Sylk said, staring down the competition with an anxious grin. Now, what to do, what to do... The spider pondered her course of action, though she was tempted to launch a full out assault just as she had last time.; It was so much fun for her to see the virii burn. It brought such a large smile to her face just thinking about it, revealing her sharp predatory fangs. First and foremost though, she had to make sure her little Bandcoon pet tried to pull his weight again. She was a little disappointed in his last few attempts, so giving it a chance to redeem himself was due. Raising a hand and snapping her fingers swiftly, the cute little creature made his appearance next to his master. He looked up at the spider curiously awaiting her orders. A clawed finger extended towards the group, singling out the Brushman. The bandcoon let out a somewhat yelp of a response, before taking off to do its job. With that out of the way, Sylk prepared to do her own work.

She tried to size up the opponents, taking into account the amount, the distance from each other, and the layout of the battlefield. She came to the conclusion she would just blow them all up. It was the perfect strategy.

A large barreled gun began to materialize between two of Sylks hands. She pointed it in the general direction of the enemy group, as flames began to generate and be fed into the gun. The fires filled up multiple chambers of the gun, a clicking sound as each was filled to capacity. She lined the barrel up with one of the big hats first, pulling the trigger of the gun. The hammer shifted back before crashing back down with a loud bang. A strong blaze of fire took off towards her target. Sylk took aim yet again after the recoil, looking towards the second big hat. With a click, shift of the ammo cylinder, another shot rang out as the bullet flew. For a third time the spider takes aim, targeting the brushman this time as yet again a fiery burst is let lose on the virii. If all went as planned, only two would remain left. She had just the thing for them.

The Revolver faded away as Sylk pointed two arms toward what she had hoped would be the two remaining enemies. Slowly but surely two more firearms appeared within the arachnids grasp, these looking closet to a shotgun than the previous magnum. She smiled delightfully as she squeezed the triggers , sending out two more clouds of fire in the direction of the two twin virii. She looked on from her position, waiting to see if anything had survived her attacks.


Passive: 20hp casing

1) Pickpocket (0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B ) @ Brushman

2&3&4) Magnum2 (160 fire + Break + Panel Break + 1 Target per charge (max 2 charges)) - Accuracy: A @ Bighat A, B, Brushman

5&6) Heat-V - (80 fire + Spread 2) - Accuracy: A @ Twin A, B

Sylk sent the thieving raccoon to do its work, the furry animal scurrying toward the enemy Brushman. The virus was ready for it, dodging away from the raccoon and toward its allies. As it moved past one of the BigHats, the virus crafted a series of holy panels for protection.

Sylk charged up her revolver, loading flames into three of its chambers. She took aim and fired, the trio of shots smashing into the Brushman and both BigHats. The BigHat on the holy panels was the only survivor of the searing flames. Sylk then unleashed twin shotgun blasts. The flames washed over one of the Twins, but the other managed to dodge away. The second shot caught both Twins, deleting one, and smashed into the remaining BigHat. Unfortunately, since one of the viruses had survived, the other Twin was revived.

Brushman: DELETED
Twins A: 20 HP
Twins B: 100 HP

Rows of Slot Machines, each with 100 HP.

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP [20hp Casing]

100% Random (Deactivated; currently 100% Normal)
Oh, A slightly more interesting pair. At least there's something that wont die so easily. Sylk mused as she watched the twin return to the field after being swiftly dealt with. She didn't know what had caused this to occur, but it wasn't going to stop her from unloading everything she had on them yet again to see what happened.

Hmmm... now how should I deal with you this time?

As the spider's eyes scanned the battlefield, she decided it was just a little to bland. She knew just how to fix it up to help with her little pest problem, too. Sylk raised a hand, snapping her fingers suddenly. As if on command her webbing began to spread across the area from the panel which she stood. The threads intertwined and weaved into each other as a massive web coated the floor in its entirety. She smiled as she raised another arm towards the enemies.

A burning flame ignited, as it began to swirl before the spiders palm. As the orb accumulated more power, strands of fire began to extend and engulf her arm. First to the wrist, then the elbow, soon the whole limb was ablaze as she drew it across her body. With a swift motion, she swung the arm as though slashing the air before her. The crimson fire leaped from her body as it hurtled towards its target, it's shape that of an arced blade.

Hrrm... I would hope that's enough to finish you off. You don't seem that big a threat, well aside from the whole regeneration thing. Sylk unimpressed with this particular enemy. While she admired it's survivability, she figured that was probably the best trick it had.

[Sylk, i would suggest just making sure it's dead this time.] Rei added his two cents to the pile, causing the spider to let out a sigh of boredom. Fiiiiiiiine. I suppose I can manage that. Her retort half-hearted as she looked onward toward the enemies. Just send me whatever. I'll make sure they're not coming back this time i guess.

As Rei slotted in the next few chips, Sylk moved into action. Her lowest set of arms moved to the soft and silky web beneath her feet as she lowered her body closer to the ground. Each of the two palms began to glow a light green, which flowed out into the strands of the web towards her targets. Around the twins, the webbing began to extend and rise up from the ground, grabbing at each of the two virii to hold them in place and squeeze the life from them had they survived.

The middle set of arms of course were up to their own task, as they motioned to the side of her body. Pieces of data began to take form in each, as she summoned up the twin fang battlechip. As she slowly took aim, Sylk's hands ignited as she passed on her element to the chip.She drew her arms back, before launching the two spiked fangs at her targets, now covered in a layer of flame.

The last of her attacks rested with her upper arms, as she now held up a large boomerang. Her body slowly stood back up as she planted her feet, preparing to throw the heavy weapon with all her might. Sylk shifted her upper body as she drew back the chip, a small grin on her face as she tightened her grip. She swung the blade forward with all her might, as her footing shifted to add her body's weight into the throw sending it barreling down towards her two enemies. Unless she was suffering from a touch of bad luck, she was certain her enemies were dead by now.

Hrrmm... I could keep going, but why bother? I could probably spend my time better. I'm bored of these enemies. Sylk muttered, as she took a break. Instead she just decided to watch as the virii were torn apart and destroyed by her attacks, as she relaxed from a safe distance.


1) Spider's Web: Grass stage, 3TCD

2) Phoenixshot1 - 70 fire x2 panel bonus + Wide Attack - Accuracy: A @ Twin A, B

3) WhiteWeb1 - 40 wood (x2 panel bonus?) + Snare x 3 targets - Accuracy: C @ Twin A, B

4) TwinFang1 - 70 (x2 panel bonus?) x 2 targets - Accuracy: A + passive: fiery personality - fire imbue @ Twin A, B

5) Boomerang1 - 60 wood (x2 panel bonus?) + group attack (arc) - Accuracy: B @ Twin A, B

6) Stop caring about enemies, and take a break.

As Sylk went on throwing her attacks one by one against the Twins, all the virus could do was helplessly take down the navi's casing. The two viruses went off simultaneously in a blue explosion, sprinkling down zennies and other datas for Sylk's loot.

Brushman: DELETED

Rows of Slot Machines, each with 100 HP.

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP

100% Random (Deactivated; currently 100% Normal)

The spider yawned as the virii met their demise. She looked around slowly, and became somewhat dissapointed that there was nothing left to entertain her in this area. You know, we havn't really found anythign for that business of yours in a while. Nor have we made any more sales since that first rush. You sure we need to still bother with that? Sylk mused, as she began to wander off in a random direction. I know you wan't something for us to do, but isn't this another excuse for us to fight? I thought you said that we needed to get away from that, hmmmm? To her it was no different than what they always did, not that she was complaining. It was a life style she was used to.

Rei just cleared his throught, trying tot hink of a good way to get him out of this conversation, because he honestly couldn't think of an appropriate response. [Look, just give a try a little longer ok? You shouldn't be complaining anyways. It got you a few shiny new upgrades, didn't it? Why not try them out a bit more.] His only hope was diverting his navi's attention to the potential prospect of another battle.

She knew of course what was going on, but she played along. She wasn't exactly strapped for time, nor did she have any prior engagements. She could use the destraction. Very well. Just don't think thats a satisfactory answer, my dear~ Sylk remarked with a mischivious smile, as she continued on to find new pray.

((battle 3 ready))
Sylk braved the ever so spontaneous NetVegas, marching forward with no viruses on sight. However, all the bright advertisements and neon lights surrounding the navi suddenly blacked out, leaving Sylk in darkness. When things didn't get any creepier, the Sylk began to hear an eerie noise that came just ahead of her and the floors began to feel...slimy.

The lights came back and, to Sylk's surprise, a group of viruses was standing before her. A group of Slimys stood in the front while a group of Mettfires and a MuteAnt stood from behind! Now, as things didn't stop happening already, the entire floor began to roll like a slot machine, changing the terrains into three random segments!

MuteAnt: 90 HP
MettfireA: 100 HP
MettfireB: 100 HP

SlimyA: 90 HP
SlimyB: 90 HP
SlimyC: 90 HP

Terrain: 33% Normal / 33% Sea / 33% Soil [Slot Machine/Random]

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP (Normal)

As sylk scanned the battlefield, she licked her lips at the easy prey placed together in 2 nice little groups. She didn't expect them to last very long given the circumstances, and keeping her arsenal of fire power in mind. [Sylk, we should get rid of that musical one first. The last time we met one of those, it was troublesome.] Rei was already loading in a few chips to deal with the virus as he spoke, trying to give sylk the opportunity to attack before being attacked.

Sylk just shrugged, going along with the idea half-hearted as her webs slowly began to wrap around her body to protect her from any attacks headed her way. As the attacks loaded up, Sylk raised one of her upper arms above her head.

The large boomerang was perfect for cutting down a group of enemies, but she had to wodner if her line of sight would be good enough to connect. As she pulled her arm back to gather strength for the throw, She crouched down low to the ground. Using all the strength she could, the arachnid leapt high into the air.

She swung the boomerang forward, using the weight of the blade to twist her body as she was suspended above the ground. As her body came back around, she let the bladed weapon loose with the momentum of her turn. As the weapon hurtled towards the group, Sylk was summoning up yet another weapon within her grasp. The large barrel came into sight first, Gripping the cannon with her lower 4 arms as she tried to take aim.

The TankCannon let off a light glow as it charged up its power, before firing off a strong blast. The recoil of the gun mid air shot sylk back as she fell quick to the ground. She dematerialized the gun and tried to shift herself into a better position, using her many limbs to aid her landing. Her claws scrapped the ground as she skid across the surface of the panels.

As Sylk came to a halt, a single hand ran through her hair as she raised her head to face the 3 slimy atop the water. Her hand returned to the ground, as her body spread out into a more feral stance. All eight limbs gripped the ground with their nails, as her multiple crimson eyes never left her new target. A golden light eminated from Sylk like an aura, as she prepared for the next attack. A crackling could be heard as her hands began to glow brighter. The light began to fade as it concentrated itself into the ground, only to be followed by 6 crackling strands of light. The electrical threads chased after the enemies sitting over the water, the lightning joining together into one intertwined attack. As the attack reached the middle Slimy, the lightning exploaded into a shocking web traveling out in each other direction, aiming to strike all three enemies.

Sylk gripped the ground hard once more, but this time leaning back slightly. This time, she pulled herself forward to build a little speed, before leaping into the air once more, aiming to angle herself for a better shot. Bringing all six of her hands infront of her stomach, a sudden flash could be seen before a golden bolt rang out towards the enemies, followed by a thunderous roar.

Returning to the hard ground once more, she looked onward towards her enemies, wondering just what was still standing after her onslaught.


Passive: 20 hp casing

1) Move action - leap into air for better shot

2) Boomerang - 60 wood(x2 terrain) + group attack (arc) - Accuracy: B @ Mute Ant, MettfireA, B

3) TankCannon2 - 120 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C @ Mute Ant, MettfireA, B

4) ElecReel1 - 80 elec (x2 terrain) Spread 3 (sides and behind) - Accuracy: B @ Slimey A, B, C

5) Move action - leap to a better angle

6) DollThunder1 - 80 elec (x2 terrain) + Line-Attack5 - Accuracy: B @ SlimeyA, B, C
Sylk's boomerang shot pass the Slimys while she was in mid air, successfully cutting down the MuteAnt and the Mettfire. However, it seemed like she was simply testing the patience of the troublesome rule called "physics" as she began to fall down before she was able to get a good aim with her TankCannon, unable to hit the Mettfire and finish off the far-sided virus group.

The Elecreel that was fired next...hit absolutely nothing as the Slimy simply chillaxed on their comfortable sea terrain, mocking the navi in front of her face. Karma, as they say, has a way of coming around, and it was proven with two of the Slimy being zapped alive with the Dollthunder.

After Sylk has expended all of her attacks, it was time for the viruses' counterattack. The Mettfire conjured its meteor down onto Sylk as one of the fiery rock crashed against the navi's webbed defense. It did, however, open a chance for the Slimy to tackle the navi, leaving behind a...slimy residue on her body.

-Mud (Far)-
MettfireA: 100 HP
MettfireB: DELETED

-Mud (Middle)-
SlimyB: 90 HP

Terrain: 33% Glass / 33% Mud / 33% Mud [Slot Machine/Random]

Sylk.EXE: 125 HP (Normal) [Casing DESTROYED]
Sylk glared at the slimy, as she wiped off the residue with disgust. Who gave you permission to touch me hmm? you disgusting little blob. You're going to pay for that. Sylk growled, as she plotted the best way to deal with the thing. First, she had another idea that needed attention.

The spider raised up a hand, and with a snap of her fingers, a loyal yet slightly useless minion appeared by her side. The bandicoon stared up at his master happily, awaiting its new orders. Alright you, time to get serious. You're going to get me something from that virus over there! Failure is not an option! Sylk commanded, as she pointed toward the mettfire stuck in the mud. The bandcoon let out a "herp", giving a sort of salute with one of its paws, before chasing off after its target. Sylk was less than impressed, but hoped that maybe the mettfire wouldnt feel threatened and let its guard down.

Sylks singed armor finished repairing itself, reattaching the burnt strands of thread with newly created ones. Ready for battle once more, She returned her attention to the slimey before her. With another snap of her fingers, she summoned another minion, or a group in this case. A swarm of skeeter viruses slowly made their way over towards the enemy, ready to serve their master by stealing its energy and returning it to her.

Sylk chuckled to herself, as she extended four of her handsto the sides of her body. Both viruses were kept in her feild of vision, as she wrapped her hands around some newly forming fang-like weapons. Her arms drew back, taking aim at the two remaining enemies before slinging the pierceing fangs toward her foes with a toothy grin.

This may have been enough already, but taking her luck into consideration she had to give them one final assault to make sure of their demise. She collected herself, standing straight up as she ran a hand through her hair. Lets end this, shall we~? She remarked, as she snapped her fingers one final time. It didn't take long for the two turret like weapons to build themselves from the ground up. The whirring of the gun could be heard as the two fired up, locking on to the targets ramaining. It didnt take long before the bullets flew from the barrel.

That, should be enough.


Passive: 20 hp casing.

1) pickpocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B @ mettfireA

2) drain1 - 50 drain + slow moving - Accuracy: C @ slimey

3) twin fang - 70 x 2 targets - Accuracy: A @ slimeyB, mettfireA

4) twin fang - 70 x 2 targets - Accuracy: A @ slimeyB, mettfireA

5) markcannon1 - 70 + Seeking + Lockon - Accuracy: A @ slimeyB

6) markcannon1 - 70 + Seeking + Lockon - Accuracy: A @ MettfireA

Stuff got killed with some TwinFang action. The cannon turrets just sorta blasted around some virus leftovers. Also, pickpocket loot!

-Mud (Far)-
MettfireA: DELETED
MettfireB: DELETED

-Mud (Middle)-

Terrain: 33% Glass / 33% Mud / 33% Mud [Slot Machine/Random]

Sylk.EXE: 125 HP (Normal)

-- BATTLE 03, VICTORY!! --


[Silence] Battlechip, 750z
PickPocket: 500z
Sylk was pleased with the little bandcoons success, patting it on the head as she took her reward. It let out a "derp", with as good a salute as the virus could muster, before vanishing. She got a nice return from this fight, enough so that she was tempted to go on once more.

Her luck seemed to be getting better, and she wasn't going to let that go to waste.

Looks like we're going to keep going for a bit. You're fine with that, right? Sylk didn't wait for Rei's response, as she began to walk further into the net. She knew she could always talk him into it if needed.

Rei just let out a small sigh, the spiders assumption being right. [I guess... Let's get it over with then.]

(( ready for battle 4 ))
Our arachnid hero continued deeper into the network, which wasn't exactly easy with the seemingly random terrain changes around her... Sometimes the terrain would tilt sharply in places, or change height randomly. She could only watch as the terrain changed again, and the white normal panels started to wrap around her as they rose like elastic walls. They finally stopped, leaving Sylk in the base of what appeared to be a massive bowl, easily 100 feet in diameter, but only around 20-30 feet tall.

What happened next was pretty strange, she felt something warm beneath her feet before the floor nearly gave way, giving her just enough warning to step to the side to keep from falling in. Her multiple sets of eyes watched as what started out as a single pit of lava started to snake outwards in sharp, jagged angles, as if the bowl was riddled with cracks, originating from a strike to just below where she was standing. The lava somehow remained affixed to the walls of the bowl, and did not drain to the bottom.

Though she could likely get herself out without a problem, what made the situation... difficult were the viruses perched on the rim of the bowl. A squat, lumbering Volcano virus lurched towards one of the glowing red "cracks" in the bowl, while a quartet of Quakers peered down at Sylk like striped vultures. There was a Skarab virus as well, but it appeared to be in distress as it teetered on the apparently curved rim of the bowl, flailing its bony body about. Unfortunately for the virus, its flailing was useless; the virus canted over the edge and started to tumble down, its body fragmenting into a pile of bits and pieces and slid towards Sylk's feet, mostly avoiding the lava cracks on the way down.

Viruses Identified!

QuakerA: 80HP [Normal]
QuakerB: 80HP [Normal]
QuakerC: 80HP [Normal]
QuakerD: 80HP [Normal]
Volcano EX: 130HP [Normal] [moving towards nearby lava]
Skarab: 120HP [fragmented] [incoming]

Terrain: 60% Normal [bowl shape] 40% Lava [cracks in bowl]

Sylk: 125HP [Normal] [Bottom of the bowl]

-(Battle #4: Spicy Spider Soup! Ready, Fight!)-
Sylk looked over the battle field, a little curious at the design as she saw the viruses surround her from multiple sides. She chuckled to herself lightly, wondering if they thought they stood a chance by doing so. She was confident the results wouldnt be any different.

Quite the set up, hmmm? She mused, trying to figure out just how to handle it.

[Why is there a bowl in Net Vegas?] Rei couldn't quite figure it out, though Net Vegas was pretty random. Anything could happen. [Whatever. Not important I guess.]

As Rei pondered to herself, Sylkw as already taking action, summoning up a recurring minion that she was getting quite used to seeing. She was wondering if the fuzzy little creature would end up as a mascot for their net shop. Alright you! you did good last time, but don't be satisfied with just that! get out there and get me something better! hehehe~ Patting the Bandcoon on it's head, she sent it away towards the volcano EX to pillage and plunder it's data for the spiders benefit.

[ Um, Sylk you should probably take care of the one falling towards you.] Rei interrupted, getting back to the battle mentally as he fiddled with the Magnum2 chip in his possession. [Just use this.]

The spider brandished the gun with ease between two of her hands, as she dragged the crosshairs of the barrel towards the tumbling scarab heading toward her at a increasing speed. She flicked the Ammo cylinder out, chambers lacking the necessary object to deal with the virus in a timely fashion. Extending her two free right hands Sylk was forced to gather flames within her palms. The fires flicked back and forth as they slowly shrank and compressed in size. The result of her concentration was two crimson bullets of a substantial temperature.

Her eyes focused on the scarab, as well as the lone volcano ex virus which was within her gaze. The ammunition slid easily into the chamber, and once loaded a flick of her wrists were followed by a click; Revolver armed and ready to deal with the enemy. Sylks tongue ran slowly along her lips as her finger squeezed the trigger with a sense of delight filling her body. The blast from the barrel sent a shiver up her spine as the shot burst forth at the target. Moving with the Recoil of the gun, the magnum now faced the volcano ready to take it's life. One more bullet rang out from the chamber, as the spiders finger gripped the trigger hard.

Out of power, Sylk tossed the revolver to the side only to watch it disappear into nothingness as it served it's fulfilled it's use. The arachnids only issue now was dealing with the three quaker viruses around the dome. Hmmm, I guess I'll give you all something a little special. It's been a while since I've used this~

She looked on mischievously as she raised up four of her arms as she took careful watch over the field and her targets. Between her fingers were small but sharp needles forming from her hardened silk, coated in a lovely poison produced in her body. What harm could they cause her if they were too paralyzed to move. With one swift action she tossed the needles each at their designated target with precision only capable by her vision eight-fold.

How's that, hmmm? hehehe~

[you really have to much fun with this...]


passive: 20 hp casing

1) Pickpocket @ volcano EX

2) Take aim

3) Magnum 2 - 150 + 10 fire + Break + Panel Break + 1 Target per charge (max 2 charges) - Accuracy: A @ Skarab

4) Magnum 2 - 150 + 10 fire + Break + Panel Break + 1 Target per charge (max 2 charges) - Accuracy: A @ Volcano EX

5) Take aim

6) Spider's Venom: Multi-target shot type - 4x Stun +self slow - 3 TCD @ QuakerA,B,C,D

Sending a Bandcoon out to forage, Sylk made sure that it was well on its way, then pulled out her intimidating-looking Magnum2, and blasted a couple of viruses down. Well, that is, if there was anything to shoot at. Blasting at the Skarab was futile, since all it did was scatter some bones around. The Volcano EX was pretty dead, though. Oh, but not before the Bandcoon brought back something nice. Anyway, the Skarab rolled down to the bottom and sat there like a useless pile of bones for a couple of seconds. Then, it started to rebuild itself. After that, the Quakers all jumped up into the air, ready to crack down on some spiders. Of course, Sylk wasn't about to let that happen, and shot down three of them with her venomous needles. They fell down into the bowl without much fanfare, being damaged slightly in the process.

QuakerA: 70HP [Normal] [Stunned!]
QuakerB: 70HP [Normal] [Stunned!]
QuakerC: 70HP [Normal] [Stunned!]
QuakerD: 80HP [Normal] [High Altitude]
Skarab: 120HP [Normal]

Terrain: 60% Normal [bowl shape] 40% Lava [cracks in bowl]

Sylk: 125HP [Normal] [Bottom of the bowl] [20 HP Casing] [Self-Slow] -- Pickpocket: LavaCannon1!