Netfrica Research (EVENT!)

Large bonfires and lava flows are scattered all about the area. The excessive heat makes processing speeds low. Evidence of strong viral activity are apparent, chunks of half-molten rock litter the area.
Landing on the ground in a flash, she flung her hands to the sides and shouted, "BOOM BABY!" Remaining quiet after that, she looked around and muttered softly at Area, "I'm the first one here..." "What!? Were we hurrying for nothing!?" shouted Area as she was lifting the dumbbells once again. Divinity merely nodded while putting her hands back to her sides and looked around at the supposed devastation of the land. "This doesn't seem good... And Druidman is in our team," muttered Divinity as she took a few steps around. "We'll have to be defensive," replied Area, "Oh, and I want to try this out. Execute Rhythm.GMO."

[Rhythm.GMO Activated.]

"Wha...?" muttered Divinity softly as she saw her entire body shining in a bright light. Before she knew it, she had a different outfit and her wings had dislodged from her back and transformed into floating speakers. Looking down at her new outfit, she blinked a few times before she started to speak. "Now this isn't something I--AAH!" she shouted and shrieked this as her voice came enhanced from the four speakers circling around her. "I have to get used to this," she whispered and looked at the speakers. "I'll live with the clothing, but... Wait..." she muttered and looked at her clothing another time, "Where's my bodysuit...?" "I had that... Removed to let... The outfit become better... In fashion..." said Area as she continued to exercise. Divinity just signed and looked at the rest of her outfit, first her chest and legs and then her arms but then realized she lacked a visor. Guiding a speaker shield to her face, she looked at the backside to see if she could see her reflection in it. "Oh right..." she sighed, "Can't see my reflection..."

"Just wait for the others to arrive, Divinity..." said Area as she took a small break, "They'll be here soon."
A gust of wind blows across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... Druidman.

Druidman stood tall, and looked around the area, and let out a low whistle. "Man. This place is a mess." Casting a nervous look at all of the lava flows, Druidman caught the eye of Navi that looked somewhat familiar. Walking up to her, he cast a somewhat questioning look at her. "Divinity, is that you, dudette?"
Light swirling about in rings and spirals became the form of Seraphim, who looked around, first spotting... a bard! Then... a druid! It was an optional party for him, to- to... to--- guide him through a level! They would probably never be seen again except for cameos, but later on, he might be able to aqquire them when high leveled! As they were only making a single appearance in the low levels, that meant they were unbalanced and hugely powerful, usually having upgrades far beyond their levels!

"So it'll be... a powerful boss quest! Or a collection quest! Nice to meet you, optional party members who later become either important NPCs, or more optional party members! " The navi finished, snapping his fingers with a grin, apparently back to normal from his cross.

He gestured from side to side, then pointed at the two navis, one after the other.

"Well, onward and forward! Let us investigate this plot device for tutorials!" He announced, striding onward.
The skies above the landscape begins to grow dark as a black cloud appears out of nowhere and floats above the small group of navis. In a flash of light a blue lightning bolt streaks across the sky and crashes into the earth, leaving a giant smoldering crater in its wake. A scrawny navi crawls out of the wreckage coughing and covered in soot. He stands up and dusts himself off then opens up a comm link.

"Must we always go through these shenanigans every time I make an entrance? Seriously, would it kill you to alter it a little?"

"I could, I would, I should... but I wont. Its just too fun to see you crash and burn."

Kenji stood up and looked at his bleak surroundings. He removed his cloak from his shoulders, revealing a curvy and efeminate looking torso. Hunched over, he tosses his cloak to the side, panting heavily as it disappears in a blue flame.

"Jeezey Creezey, why is it so freaken warm out here? I'm sweating so much it could cool off your ego..."

"Watch it lil' missy or i'll alter your data into something a little more pink if you know what I mean."

" Oh come on, you make that threat every time i see you, I doubt you'll even pick up a navi manual you lazy bum."

"That's it, I don't think it's possible, but i'm gonna make you even more girly than you already are."

As the argueing continued, Kenji glanced around and noticed the three navis standing beside him watching him talk to himself. Kenji raised an eyebrow and walked towards the small gathering.

"Say, don't I Know you from somewhere?" Kenji stood there a moment with his hand under his chin thinking. "Now I remember! You're that hippie who I fought with during that sunshine chip thingy! Howya doing?" Kenji turned to the left and saw the second navi staring at him. "Don't think i've seen you before, but if i've just met you, you need an insulting nickname... how about yomi! Since you remind me of that really bad karaoke singer from azumanga!" Finally turning to the last person behind him, Kenji cocked his head to the side thinking for a second. "I got it! Your new name is Yaoi fodder! You and that gunblade of yours mr. squall wanabee!"

Keito's eye began to twitch as he glared a burning hole through his laptop screen.

"God damnit Kenji!!! Do you have to insult every person you see? For crying out loud! It's a wonder you aren't dead yet!"

"Oh come on, if it weren't for my smartass attitude, we would have never met zanzo."

"...Crap, you got me there."

"Good, now shuuuuudup! Allrighty then, we got a bard, a druid, a ninja and a black mage! Lets rock!"
Almost out of instincts Divinity grabbed the back of Seraphim's collar to keep him from going anywhere on his own. "Hold on, pretty boy," she muttered and then turned her head towards the other two Navis. "Good to sense you again, Druidman. Yes, it is me. And... You must be..." Still trying to stop Seraphim by holding his collar, she looked at Kenji and kept her empty eyes closed for a half to sense his looks a bit better. "I guess you're Capuchin... I suggest you refrain from giving me any insulting nicknames. I'm sure my Operator would hate to hear those... And she's one to be feared," Divinity said as Area softly groaned at the comments and at the exercising tasks she had gotten from Marco the fitness instructor. "Oh, and..." She glared at Seraphim and grinned a bit before speaking to him again, "Call me optional again and I'll do unpleasant things. I have a name and you shall call me by it, got it? My name is Divinity.EXE. It might be useful to give me your name as well..."

She then looked back at Druidman and Kenji, still not knowing Kenji's true identity, and spoke to them again. "The little one here is right about one thing... Does anyone what we're exactly going to fight? Or what we are here for?" Divinity's speaker shields floated around, making sure everyone could hear her voice as if she was some kind of leader amongst the others. She didn't really care if they did see her as leader, but she somehow thought the one she was holding was already determined to take the head of the group. "Why must I be stuck with these two idiots," she thought as she glared at Kenji first and then at Seraphim, "I hope Kenji is a bit more normal..."
Kenji sat there cross legged thinking hard. He scratched his head, pondering. In a very cartoony fashion one of his hitodama popped over his head like a light bulb. He hopped up onto his feet in excitement and pointed his finger at divinity.

"AHA!!! Ok, I was stretching it there with the Azumanga reference, but I finally found a name for you! Your new name is Tayuya!"

"...Tayuya uses a flute, not speakers."

"HEY! you come up with a name for our bard! It ain't easy!"

Keito let out a deep sigh of embarrassment as Kenji gloated over his realization.
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((Using Internet City's Netsquare, you can go to any net from any area.))
A beam flew from the sky and quickly faded revealing a navi. The navi, still a ways up, did a flip in the air and prepared for a landing......on Seraphims back. The navi, once closer to the ground revealed to be more like a monkey than anything else and she gave a happy cheep as she collided with the other navi.

"EEP EEP! That was soooooo much fun!" She laughed joyfully, "I should really try that again sometime.....without hitting people so much."
From a pool of lava emerges a group of virii, but something's wrong. Besides the oddness of them having crawled out of what would probably delete most Navis, they were from the wrong area, and furthermore, they all seemed to be followed by a thin mist of orange firelight, as if being cast directionally by their bodies.

Three resemble SeedBats, but with wings of flame and bodies of concentrated plasma.

Two are Spikeys with flames dancing around their bodies like moths.

The last is a Misty, with a body that's bright yellow, with angry green eyes glowing in its head.

FireBatA: 90
FireBatB: 90
FireBatC: 90
InfernoSpikeyA: 140
InfernoSpikeyB: 140
FlameMistyA: 300
Kenji quickly turned his head away from the new arrival and towards the virus horde. Doing a double-take his mouth hung low to the floor and his eyes grew huge into a comedic anime-style.

"...Well crap. I haven't seen so many flaming people since-"

"No! Stop! I can tell where this joke is going! Just stop right there."

"You never let me be intolerant."

"And for good reason too!"

With a great sigh, Keito reached into his backpack and slid out three battle chips. Twirling them on his fingers in a very showoffy fashion, he slid them into his laptop with a "Click"

Kenji's arm glowed for a bit, then morphed into a large gatling gun. He draped the sash of bullets across his shoulder and took his aim. "Heavy Machinegun!" Shells of bullets poured out of the barrel one by one, creating a deafening roar across the plains. As the rounds began do cease firing, Kenji's arm began to glow red hot.

"SON OF A!!! Jeeze that hurts! Why is it whenever I use this gun, it overheats?"

"God hates you, thats why. Now be quiet and kill some innocent lives!"

As Kenji's arm cooled off, A small boomerang materialized above his head and landed in his outstretched palm. Reeling back, he took aim and a cluster of virii hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone... boomerang. As the weapon released from his hand, a large energy shield stretched out in front of him, glowing a protective shield.

1. Vulcan2-15x5dmg-FirebatA
2. Boomerang1-60dmg-FirebatB
3. Gaurd
"He's a support unit, at least. He can't even take out one." Seraphim nodded as he pulled himself up off the ground painfully. There were two females in the party, which meant that one of them was annoying and just thrown in for fanservice but everyone ended up hating her, while the other one had fans chasing after her... Or... Maybe it was a choosable game, where you could end up with anyone depending on what you did and didn't do? That must be it, otherwise there wouldn't be so many unique characters... Yes, yes. The navi stood straight, more than a couple cricks in his back as he winced and turned from side to side, cracking his back. That had hurt him. Stupid little monkey-girl. Seraphim breathed a sigh of relief as his back finally responded, releasing a string of cracks as he turned it one way, then another. He raised the gun-mesh sword and slid it away, releasing a burst of light as he did so from whatever dimension it slid into, reaching up at his shoulder and drawing a giant blade, which seemed like it would be heavier than Seraphim himself as he brought it down, slamming into the ground, and then up as he charged at the two firebats, bringing the blade back and making a giant swipe at the two of them, making the giant roar of: "RAG ECLAW!" as he brought the blade around, then spun, dragging the blade around in a circle along the ground again and again before bringing it to bear, speeding up the blade and jumping into the air with a silly grin on his face as he slowly tilted himself to the side in midair, then fell... With the sword directly onto the Flaming spikey,as he looked at his target with a whisper and a grin... "Caught you."

"Give me strength, lightning! Mag... Bolt!" he yelled as the heavens seemed to crash down on his blade as it buzzed and flared with lightning, the edges crackling and seeming to become what looked like chainsaw as lightning leaped along the length of the blade before blasting what it was connected with with a continual arc of energy, looping around and around as it blasted the foe, again and again. Seraphim held it there for a couple more moments before the energy finally left the blade, and he panted as he lifted the blade and hefted it above his head for a second before bringing it to bear, holding it in a defensive position and looking around. Erin was looking down at him, nodding appreciatively at his little attacks, his allies... he didn't know what they were doing, probably attacking, he hoped they could take down the final monsters this round, though... It was fire...

"Firey monsters are weak to water!" He exclaimed, his mind having found a startling conclusion as he perked up, the conclusion rolling some disconnected wheels in the navi's head. Seraphim thought about it for a moment, then hesitated to speak, fearing it'd lose him his actions, but his operator sighed and spoke, "Seraphim, Speaking is a free action." She said, tilting her head sideways, her hair falling across her eyes for a second before she hurriedly brushed it away, not wanting to miss a second of the battle. The navi, noticing this and taking stock of it, struggled to connect the junctions in the wheels.
"Take out the other two monsters with watery-type attacks! Preferably in the next minute or two... " The navi trailed off as his mind ground to a halt as he finally let go of the blade with a clang, bringing it down with a thud before him with a roar of "Aegis! And get behind me when you're done, party!"

1] [Draw "Omega Blade"] [Activate job extension]
2] Rageclaw [FirebatA, FirebatB] [30 each]
3] Rageclaw [InfernospikeyA] [60]
4] Magbolt [InfernospikeyA] [90]
5] Aegis [3 1 hit "barriers"]
Druidman was startled by the strange viruses. In more ways than one. Not only was he supremely vunerable in this area against these opponents, but these viruses weren't following any typical behavior patterns that he was aware of. Perhaps the most chilling factor that Druidman could discern from these virii was the way they channeled the fire through them, particularly the Misty. Using different elements was his specialty. In fact, he already heard one of his companions yelling franticly about water attacks. Druidman looked at his palms, he knew he had that power, but he currently lacked the skill to use it properly.

Gazing at that strange mish-mash of water and fire, Druidman began to hum. A brimming hum that was full of vigor, yet flexible and airy, it had a certain upbeat tone to it. A small gust of wind whipped past, stirring up a few leaves. Suddenly, Druidman's eyes flashed several shades of purple, and he roared to the heavens, "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" Suddenly, that gust was churned up into a frantic gale of swirling winds, the fluttering leaves became deadly, razor-sharp blades, twirling the central mass of wind. The tornado, leaves and all, swirled towards the Misty virus, almost lazily...

Steve, seeing his Navi's obvious misgivings, but knowing full well that Druidman would never admit to his own weakness, did the only thing he could do in this situation. He operated. Grabbing for the most obvious choice of chip, he slotted in the green Boomerang1, and quickly told Druidman that it was available.

Druidman, of course, wasted no time to unsheathe his scimitar. With a grunt and a mighty heave, his weapon let out a low moan as it was bent into a more appropriate shape. From the bend, a green patch expanded outwards, almost as if it was growing across it's surface. Taking a supreme step forward, he skipped a beat and hurled the twirling blade-a-rang at the giant watery, (or was it fiery? Druidman couldn't decide.) virus, flanked by the two feral Spikeys.

Finishing the attack, Druidman, while no coward, knew full and well that one well placed shot would probably destroy him. And seeing one of his companions generate several defensive fields, then gesturing for people to take cover behind them, made a quick dash to get behind the Navi. "Have you ever seen viruses like that before, dude?" he asked incredulously.

In the back of Druidman's mind, he began to take in what had happened, as it was so sudden. He knew Kenji from the Netsquare, and Divinity as well, but the Navi he was taking cover with and the small monkey he didn't know at all, but whether he knew them or not, that didn't stop them from hoping that they were all alright. Privately, he cursed himself for his weakness to this situation.

1.)Razor Tornado Force to FlameMisty. (30Wood, 30Wind)
2.)Untapped Potential: Boomerang1 Battlechip to FlameMisty/InfernoSpikeyA/B. (68Wood/68Wood/68Wood)
3.)Dodge/Get Behind Seraphim/Aegis
Capuchin got ready in her offensive stance and gave a smile. "Looks like everyone's prepared for this fight."

" certainly have de-dealt a ton of damage." Aida stuttered.

"Lets do our part too Aida!" Capuchin cried, "Send me a chip!"

"R-right." Aida slotted in quickly one energybomb wich Caqpuchin grasped happily in her left palm.

"Enie....meanie....miney....." She then slowly moved her hand and aimed it at the flamemisty, "MOE!" She then thrusted it at it and as the explosion rang out, she charged on all fours towards it. "Aida, send me one more chip!" She announced as she zigzagged about attempting to dodge any attacks. Once in close range, she leaped into the air adn straight towards the virus with her right hand outstretched. A second later, he hand reformed into a sword which attempted to slash the flamemisty's side as Capuchin rushed away.

"W-we need to be cautious too." Aida informed as she slotted in a guard.

1.energybomb (40) FlameMistyA
3.sword (80) FlameMistyA
Slowly shifting her feet into a defensive position, she made the speaker shields float around her as they circled around her with great speed. Just as she was about to ask Area about their strategy, she suddenly heard voices from the PET and figured something was going on. "Do you want my foot in your face, Marco!?" shouted Area's voice which was followed by a loud bang which could've been Area's foot hitting something. "You may be strong, missy, but others may pass you if you keep slacking like that," replied a male voice which was Marco or some other unknown man. Divinity couldn't see anything and softly whimpered at the idea of being in a battle with an Operator who had different ideas of what to do. Soft whispering was heard as Divinity's PET was laying on a bench away from Area's current position, but Divinity just shouted at her companions which had already gone into full attacks, "I'll be there in a minute!"

After a few seconds, appeared Area's face on screen who was panting slightly and spoke at Divinity. "I'm gonna bust him up one day..." she muttered while glaring at Marco, her fitness instructor, and then looked back at Divinity. "How are we doing?" Area asked, but got a direct answer from Divinity who glared at her. "WE aren't doing anything. The others are. How about some instructions and maybe some chips? It could help, you know..." said Divinity while whispering the last part. Area stared at Divinity disgruntled and then sighed at her sarcastic comment. She then took two chips between her slightly sweaty fingers and slotted them carefully in the PET to avoid short-circuiting the entire thing.

In the Net World, Divinity was about the last one to strike after her Operator's problems. The shields still floating around her, she shifted her feet slowly to stand on one leg while she held the foot of the other leg against it. She slowly moved one hand to the front, while she held the other to the back in an offensive pose that would originally be seen with martial artists. In a sudden wave of wind passing the battlefield, she snatched a shield from the four circling. While moving her hand so to throw the shield with great power, she imbued it with the power of the Shotgun which would burst out of the shield to generate the splash effect of the chip. Throwing it with great speed at a flying enemy, she jumped into the air while attaching one of the shields to her right sash. Making the remaining two shields float under het feet, she flew out towards the same target and lashed out with her sash causing the shield to pass the enemy with the intention of ripping it apart. As the shields kept on floating forwards, she jumped down from them with a flip backwards. Falling down to the ground she flung her sash out towards the Misty enemy, as if it were a yoyo, as the shield made a buzzing sound from the energy that was circling around it. Flinging it back towards herself, she made it float in the air again while the other three shields had returned to their mistress as well. Floating behind her, two left and two right, she took a few steps backwards to see if anything was left.

1. Shotgun [50, Splash] @ FireBatC
*Gust: Flying Time.
2. Sword [80] @ FireBatC
3. Sword [80] @ FlameMisty
Kenji's shouting attracts the attention of an InfernoSpikey, and before he even knows what's happening, Kenji is struck-full force by a wave of heat, and then tackled to the ground by the imposing virus.

Seraphim tears through both FireBats, then turns on the Spikey. His strike misses, but the Magbolt locks the Spikey in its magnetic field. Unfortunately for Eon, the large Spikey is able to steady itself as it is drawn in, and hits Eon with a fireball before getting deleted.

As he unleashes his Cyclone power on the flaming virii before him, a FireBat, recovering from getitng hit by Seraphim, slings its two flaming wings at him. Before he can react, the two projectiles break against Druidman's body, bathing him in flame. Fortunately for Eon, Druidman recovers in time to sling a Boomerang that is dodged by the Misty and flies wide of the first Spikey, but deletes the Spikey about to maul Eon.

Capuchin is suddenly gripped by a fever, and her Minibomb goes wide. As she charges into the fray, she screams in pain as she finds that a blazing hand of mist is clutching her around the waist!

Divinity tears through the FireBats, then lands a solid cut on the Misty as it's distracted with Capuchin. The remains of the deleted FireBats behind her dissolve and are reclaimed by the semi-molten Net surface underfoot.

FireBatA: 60
FireBatB: Deleted
FireBatC: Deleted
InfernoSpikeyA: Deleted
InfernoSpikeyB: 140
FlameMisty: 140

Kenji: 65, Guard lost
Seraphim: 140 [one barrier remains]
Druidman: 160
Divinity: 110
Capuchin: 70
Note: Capuchin's Guard has not been lost.
"Aaah~!" shrieked Divinity softly as she ducked away, but then looked around slightly confused. Checking inner programs, she noticed she had lost exactly 10 points of health data but couldn't remember anything hitting her. "What the... Could it be the temperature?" she asked when she looked upwards at Area. A mere shrug of Area was the only answer she received as she didn't know much of Netfrica Net to start with. But she did know which strategy was next on the list to execute and to practice. "Time to get gymnastic, Divinity. Net style," said Area as she slotted in three chips. All shields came close to Divinity again as they swirled around her. Standing on her toes, lifting her body slightly, she spinned herself around as the shields spinned around as well.

Grasping the sashes hanging from her wrists, she flung them at a shield each as they attached themselves to the back sides of the shields. Divinity lifted one foot, spinning slightly on the other foot and eventually came to a steady position. The shields that were now attached to the sashes weren't stopping on the other hand as she twirled her hands in small circles to keep them moving. Now standing on the ground, facing the enemies, she ran out towards the enemies again while twirling the shields around. Floating slightly in the air, she waited until she reached a good point to strike. The sashes started to glow with a light as data got transmitted from her body towards the shields which in time started to glow as well. The other shields remaining floated close to Divinity's feet as she knew what her plan was to strike.

Slightly altering the position of her body, she rolled towards the right side in the air while flinging the shield that was brought to the bottom in this motion towards the enemy she had ran at before. The energy of the Cannon chip radiating from it, increased the speed of the throw similar to the blast of an actual Cannon. While Divinity kept turning to the right side in the air, she flung the other shield at the same enemy with a speed that was the same as the previous shield. Eventually she stopped spinning and her chest was downwards again while her back was towards the sky. The remaining shields floated below her and smashed their backs to each other to become one object to strike with. Divinity snatched the two fused shields out of the air between her feet and transmitted the energy of a Firehit chip towards it to make the last strike of her flying escapades. Bending forwards, she made a flip in the air while bringing her feet down with a fierce force behind it to throw the shields towards the enemy below her. Seeing the blazing trail going behind her, she continued to float through the air while looking downwards at the result of her attacks. A few seconds she noticed the shields floating above her again, loyal as a group of dogs following their mistress.

1. Cannon [40] @ FlameMisty
2. Cannon [40] @ FlameMisty
3. Firehit1 [60, Fire] @ FlameMisty
Druidman was supremely thankful that there was protection from the fire viruses assault. He wasn't entirely sure that'd he'd still be standing otherwise, judging from the collateral damage. He had to stop kidding himself. Weakness is an excuse for failing, and he was no failure. Standing up from behind the other Navi, at his full, intimidating height, Druidman glared at the strange mish-mash of elements that was the Misty.

"You don't scare me, dude! It's time to fight fire with fire!" Druidman continued his speech, but the language shifted into something no one else could understand. as he speech became more and more fervent, his eyes began to give off a pale reddish glow. He wasn't giving a speech, he was chanting. "ENTANGLING HEAT FORCE!" Druidman bellows, drawing a scimitar, fully alight, from it's sheath. Almost defying all logic, vines begin to grow in the smoldering soil, seeming to tap on the nutrient-rich ash. As the vines closed in, so did their master, swinging the burning blade over his head in a perfect arc...

Taking a curving run away from the action, Druidman called up to his operator. "I need some help, Steve-dude!" Steve, on the other hand, was already picking the chip he needed out, and had it half slotted in when his Navi made the request. "No problem, Druidman! No virus can scare us! Energybomb!"

Continuing his retreat, Druidman reached automatically into his belt pouch to produce the data he had just received from the real world, and felt the familiar, knobby surface of the detonator, and, knowing that such a device would be very unstable in this heat, twirled about quickly, flicking the bomb at whichever virus he saw first, which happened to be the Spikey.

Still running in a circle around the action, Druidman kept a close eye on the viruses, ready to stop, slide, slight, or otherwise sidestep any oncoming attacks.

1.)Entangling Heat Force to FlameMisty. (30Wood, 40Fire)
2.)Untapped Potential: Energybomb Battlechip to InfernoSpikeyB. (43Normx3)
3.)Reserved for Dodging.