Killing Time

Majinman appeared in Yumland's netspace, having just been redirected through the Net Square. He looked around the area, "Yeah... as I thought. This place is pretty green... it'll burn nicely."

"Careful what you say. I don't really need any environmentalists on my case," Wes commented.

"Yeah, right. You're being paranoid. They can repair the net's foilage a lot easier than your world's. Whatever I do should be fine. Now then... let's go!" Majinman cried, dashing out into the net.

((Battle 1))
Quickly proceeding off into the net, Majinman stumbled upon a small training area, filled to bursting with stuffed bamboo targets. Steel could be heard slicing through some of the targets, revealed to be Zemon viruses, practicing their swordplay on the targets. They spotted Majinman from under their straw hats, and stood at the ready with their katanas. Two of them leapt onto the bamboo structures and drew their swords in a crouching position, while the other stood guard at the bottom.

ZemonA: 100HP [Bamboo]
ZemonB: 100HP [Bamboo]
ZemonC: 100HP [Soil]

Terrain: 70% Soil, 30% Bamboo (treat as tall, 6ft Grass terrain that you can stand on, scattered)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP [Soil]

"Three normal types, eh? Well this makes things slightly more difficult... not much, though," Majinman commented, "Okay, let's try hitting them with the Phoenixshot, then hit each of them with single target attacks with enough power to take them out even at full power. After that... Markcannon, in case any are still clinging to life."

"Okay. I'd summon your Wisps while the chips are being sent. See how serene these bushido viruses can be with spirits floating around," Wes said.

"Heh. Good call," Majinman smirked, Hey, Hex, Vex, come on out," with those words, two blue, flaming spheres appeared on either side of him, floating a few feet above the ground. Majinman stared at the group of Zemons, flicking his head as a signal for the two wisps. The pair dashed off, getting in the viruses' faces and trying to spook them out of their pompous posturing, "Hmph. Stupid viruses. Your samurai mimicry's laughable. Raw power will win this fight," Hearing a beep as the chip data reached his frame, Majinman pulled back his arms. They burst into flames, forming what looked like wings. He swung them forward, sending the fire out in a wave at his opponents, "Okay, that should at least put a good dent in their HP. Now let's pick them off."

Majinman first concentrated on the Zemon that had been standing in the dirt. With it, he wouldn't have the advantage of double damage with his fire attacks unless it jumped back into the bamboo, so he would hit it with the one Aqua attack he was given. He looked to see where the Zemon had moved to, or if it was still stationary, and picked a panel next to it. Directed the chip data, he caused a watery hand to rise up out of it and take a swing at the virus. He then turned his attention back to the ones on the bamboo. This would be tricky if they used the foilage for coverage. If they did that... he'd just have to burn it all down. With that in mind, Majinman ignited his fist and pulled back. He then punched the air, sending a fireball from his hand at one of the Zemon, hoping to finish it off. After that, he clasped both hands together, tranforming them into one rocky clump with a single hole at the end. He spewed lava from the exit, aiming to delete his target or at the very least, get rid of the majority of their coverage.

With his first salvo done, Majinman decided it was now time for some evasion. He began quickly backing up, figuring his best bet at avoiding the enemies' blades would be to put some distance between himself and them.

((*Will O'Wisp Entourage, Decoy x2
1.) Phoenixshot1, 70+15 Fire, ZemonA/B/C
2.) MistConv, 100 Aqua, ZemonC
3.) Firehit1, 60+25 Fire, ZemonA
4.) LavaCannon1, 90+25 Fire, ZemonB
5.) Markcannon1, 70 w/lock on, anything left
6.) Dodge))
The initial PhoenixShot was only able to peg the Zemon in the center as the rest of the virus was too spread apart for the flame wing to reach. As they watched their comrade burn alive, they were quickly picked off one by one by MajinMan's relentless assault!


Terrain: 70% Soil, 30% Bamboo (treat as tall, 6ft Grass terrain that you can stand on, scattered)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP [Soil]

"So much for the samurai," Majinman said.

"Yeah... had they been smarter and hid in the bamboo, rather than on top of it, they could have probably at least stayed alive a bit longer," Wes commented.

"...Until I burned it all down, you mean. Anyway, I'm moving further in," Majinman said, heading off into the net.

((Battle 2))
Majinman walked across the Yumlandian networks, until he stopped in his tracks for a bit. In front of him was what seemed to be a Spikey gathering. Five of them clustered around a point, breathing fire around their surroundings to burn up grass, perhaps in a display of power. He could see the places where the grass burnt, as well as some well-hidden snare traps in the tall grass as well. In any case, whatever they were doing, the Spikeys weren't happy with the intrusion and turned towards Majinman in a hostile manner!

SpikeyA: 90HP
SpikeyB: 90HP
SpikeyC: 90HP
SpikeyD: 90HP
SpikeyE: 90HP

- 70% Grass (mostly everywhere)
- 20% Soil (in patches scattered around)
- 10% Snare (also in patches)

"What are they trying to do? See whose is bigger?" Majinman commented sarcasically, finding the viruses' displays of 'strength' rediculous.

"First off, I'm pretty sure that viruses don't have genitalia," Wes said with a sigh, "And second, I'm pretty sure that its more like they're trying to determine who's the alpha male or something like that."

"Alpha male... THAT'S BRILLIENT!" Majinman shouted. He started to laugh, "Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha... AH HA HA HA! All right! Listen up, all you Spikeys. We're all fire types here, so we shouldn't fight... we should work together to burn as much down as possible. As for this 'Alpha Male' business... BEHOLD!" Majinman leapt into the air and peered down at the spot in the middle of the spikeys, one that still had grass left. He then fired two red-hot beams from his eyes at the spot, incinerating a good portion of the grass and sending out a heat-wave with the aftermath of the blast. He then continued floating in the air, smirking self assuredly, "Oh yeah, that was way more powerful than anything they could do... hell, even if they conbined all their power into one attack, it still couldn't produce such a powerful fire attack."

Wes sighed, "And now who's getting involved in the pathetic, 'whose is bigger contest'?"

"Eh, quiet. Even if I was, I'm still growing," Majinman shot back.

"I... I didn't mean that literally..." Wes stammerred. His navi's sense of shame, or lack of, continued to surprise him.

"Whatever. And besides, if viruses have no gentalia, and therefore no gender, how can there be an Alpha Male?" Majinman asked with a smirk.

"Its just an expression. You know what I mean," Wes sighed again. Did his navi really need to be such a smartass?

Majinman continued smiling, figuring he was the winner of this conversation. He then prepared to dodge, in case the spikeys didn't listen to reason and decided to try taking him on.

((1.) Take flight
2.) Majin Eye Beams, 300 Fire, random patch of grass
3.) Dodge
4.) Dodge
5.) Dodge
6.) Dodge))
Majinman's display of sheer raw power with his EYEBEEEEEEAMS of fire scared away most of the competition, but two remained on the field, growling as they did so. Seems these two aren't going down without a fight, the idiots.

SpikeyA: FLED
SpikeyB: 90HP
SpikeyC: FLED
SpikeyD: FLED
SpikeyE: 90HP

- 60% Grass (mostly everywhere)
- 30% Soil (in patches scattered around)
- 10% Snare (also in patches)
"Wow. That wasn't my intent at all. I wanted them to join me in my crusade against Aqua types or at the very least allow me to pass out of respect," Majinman said, "Instead they run away like little bi-"

"Weenies, Majinman, weenies. Seriously, you look like a kid so act like it a bit more," Wes interjected.

"Geez, what is up with you and swearing? You curse too sometimes, don't you?" Majinman asked.

"Yeah, I do but I don't look like that. Regardless of how old you really are, I just think that little kids shouldn't swear. Is it so wrong for me to want children to behave?" Wes rambled.

"It is if you won't behave yourself," Majinman shot back.

"Fine... fine... then I won't swear either, until you've grown a bit more... not that I had any plans to," Wes replied. Then he blinked. Wait a second, weren't they supposed to be doing something, "Anyway, the Spikeys."

"Yeah, them. I've been waiting for you to drop your whole little rant so we could take care of them but you just kept going on and on about it," Majinman had been keeping his eyes on the Spikeys the whole conversation so that he wouldn't get attacked unaware but he was really in the mood for offense, "Now, if you please, Areagrab to get close and Aquasword to take them down. I'll make it clear why they should have joined with me to take down the Aqua bas-... bad guys."

"Very well..."

As soon as Majinman recieved the chip data, he was off accross the field, disappearing from his starting location and popping back up behind the pair of Spikeys. His arm transformed into a long, blue blade and he took a wide swing, hoping to catch both viruses in his sudden strike. He moved slightly to the side and this time stabbed at the enemies, hoping to skewer one and have to tip of the sword come out the enemy's side to kill its ally as well. Then, just for good measure, Majinman swung the sword one more time, hoping to finish off anything he had missed. After that, he tried to put some distance between himself and the enemy forces to give him a better chance to evade any attacks they might throw at him.

((1.) Dodge
2.) Areagrab close behind Spikeys
3.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+slashing, SpikeyB/E
4.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+slashing, SpikeyE/B
5.) Aquasword, 80 Aqua+slashing, anything left
6.) Dodge))
The Spikeys die of slice and dice.

SpikeyA: FLED
SpikeyB: DED
SpikeyC: FLED
SpikeyD: FLED
SpikeyE: DED

- 60% Grass (mostly everywhere)
- 30% Soil (in patches scattered around)
- 10% Snare (also in patches)


- [HeatShot] Battlechip
- 200z
"Hmph. Well I sure showed them," Majinman grumbled. The fools should have simply joined him in creating a Fire-type empire and ruling over all other classes... even though he would need other types to have a full array of Crosses. Could one get a cross from someone they ruled over with an iron fist? He detected a flaw in his plan. Perhaps it was good his plan failed.

"You got a Heatshot. We really need to either start unloading some of these small chips and try that chip trader thing," Wes said.

"Yeah... we can decide on that later, though," Majinman replied, taking off again.

((Battle 3))
Majinman traveled the network's space, in search of more viruses to kill. It didn't take him that long to discover a small gathering of viruses, only this was almost twice as large as the previous one. A large patch of grass stood in the middle, surrounded by a moat of mud, followed by sparse soil everywhere else. A couple of varieties of burnable material stood on the grassy patch. One of them was the Mushy, the other a KillPlant. And, wait, those enemies looked familiar... yes! The Spikeys from his last battle had decided that they weren't good enough on their own, and decided to band together with Wood-types! Despicable!

MushyA: 80HP [Grass]
MushyB: 80HP [Grass]
MushyC: 80HP [Grass]
KillPlantA: 100HP [Grass]
KillPlantB: 100HP [Grass]
KillPlantC: 100HP [Grass]
SpikeyA: 90HP [Soil]
SpikeyB: 90HP [Soil]
SpikeyC: 90HP [Soil]

Terrain: 40% Grass (Large patch in middle), 10% Mud (Surrounding patch), 50% Soil (Everywhere else)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP [Soil]

"Seriously? They brought Wood viruses for back-up? Have they no pride? Okay, Wes, send the chips. I'll take them all out in one go," Majinman declared. He leapt up into the air, getting high enough up that he could easily see all the enemies. He pointed at the ones in the central ring of grass, "Our first targets our the Wood elements in the middle. I'll need Flameline, Phoenixshot, and Firehit, for good measure. For the Spikeys, send whatever."

Wes selected the chips requested and placed them in the PET, "It seems like we keep using the same chips over and over again. I'm beginning to feel uncreative."

"Hey, you go with what works. Besides, virus busting isn't about creating, it's about destroying. We do manage that just fine," Majinman shot back. He then glared back down at his opponents. The Killplants were rooted to the ground, so he wasn't too worried about them scattering and making them harder to hit. However, the Mushies seemed skittish and would probably start scrambling to get out of the way as soon as he made a move. To get all three of them at once, he'd have to catch them completely by surprise, which is why the Flameline was his first choice. Majinman narrowed his eyes on the ground beneath the Mushies, causing a wall of flame to suddenly leap up. If he was lucky, it would the Mushies wouldn't notice the attack until after they'd already been deleted and all three would be caught up in the flames. Now for the Killplants. Majinman stretched out his arms as he normally did for the Phoenixshot and both appendages burst into flames. He then flapped his arms forward, throwing the flames at the three ground based opponents. After that, he pulled back his right arm and formed a fist. He punched towards the grass once more, sending a fiery apparition in the shape of his hand flying towards the green circle, in an attempt to clear out any wood virus that he might have missed.

"And now for the traitors," Majinman sneered at the Spikeys, "You'll regret trying to take me down, especially with such low level allies. Now then, the last chip my deadly... Damn! Wideshot? I have to use an Aqua chip two battles in a row?"

"Like you said earlier, you go with what works. This chip is the best suited for taking all three out at this distance," Wes explained.

"I... guess that's true," Majinman agreed. Of course, that didn't make him any happier about having to handle a substanced that was like poison to him, "Well then... here goes... to teach them a lesson..." His enthusiasm now gone, Majinman simply placed his hands out in front of him, generated a long, blue wave a safe distance away from him, and launched it at the three Spikeys without another word. He then looked behind him and flicked his head forward, summoning his two spirit companions which took the front lines in an attempt to serve as a distraction. He himself was then left to dodge any enemies that could look past his decoys.

"I thought you said you were going to take them all out at once. Why focus on defense?" Wes asked.

"I... just don't trust the aqua chip to do its job, so I'm not going to be overconfident this round. Those Wood guys are dead, though. For sure," the navi replied.

"Right... you do realize why they probably brought wood back to help, though, don't you? First off, this is Yumland. Most of the viruses here are wood, so they'd be the quickest and easiest to find. Second, if wood's weak to fire, then it's probably really easy for Spikeys to boss wood viruses around. Understand?" Wes explained.

"Hmmm... didn't think about it like that. So the Spikeys were exploiting their superiority, were they? Maybe they weren't so pathetic afterall," Majinman grinned, his mood reverting back to the overconfident brat.

Wes sighed. Superiority? It was more just luck of the draw that they were created Fire element in a highly wood populated area. And weren't? Wasn't his navi just saying that he was sure if they were dead or not? So why speak in past tense? His haughty attitude really screwed up his logic at times. Oh well, as long as he could get the job done, it really didn't matter.

((1.) Take flight to get better vantage point
2.) Flameline1, 70+15 Fire, MushyA/B/C
3.) Phoenixshot1, 70+15 Fire, KillplantA/B/C
4.) Firehit1, 60+25 Fire, any wood virus remaining
5.) Wideshot, 60 Aqua, SpikeyA/B/C
*Will O'Wisp Entourage, Decoy x2 for cover
6.) Dodge))
MajinMan, after taking advantage of the fact he could fly, he commenced his attempts to burn down the Wood viruses. Unfortunately for him, one of each type managed to avoid the attacks in their own way: a Mushy noticed the increase in heat and scurried away in the nick of time, and a KillPlant bent over to duck to avoid the fiery bird projectile. The mushroom, however, had its luck run out as a fiery fist smacked it from the side into oblivion.

The Spikey, seeing this display of flame, prepared for an onslaught of their own element...instead, a wave of water sailed towards them. However, deciding that one survivor was better than potentially zero, each end fire dog rushed forward, taking the entire attack, but also allowing one of the kind to remain. Each virus then attempted to counter the Navi's repeated strikes, but only managed to destroy his copies with fire and wood.

KillPlantA: 100HP [Grass]
SpikeyB: 90HP [Soil]

Terrain: 10% Grass (Former large patch in middle), 30% Normal (Current large patch in middle), 10% Mud (Surrounding patch), 50% Soil (Everywhere else)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP [Soil; in the air]
"Wait... what?" Majinman said, floating in the air with a dumbfounded expression on his face, "One of the ones that can't dodge dodged... and the Spikeys sacrificed themselves to save a comrade? What is this, some sappy anime self-sacrifice scene?" Majinman held both of his hands in front of them, mock-puppet style.

"'Oh no, the Omega-Majin warrior has cornered. Who could have guessed that his power would be so great.''

"'We are most certainly doomed. There is no way we can win. My only regret is not being about to see my wife and child one more time before I am thoroughly killed by this super cool but evil villian guy'

"'I am so very sorry for dragging you into this, my own personal battle fight, Mr. Extra-kun.'

"'Do not apologize, MainCharacter-san. I joined this battle fight of my own free volition. Now it is time for me to make my pointless death have a point,'" Majinman moved his left hand forward, "'Yaaaaaaahhhhh! Boom! Ugh,'" he let his hand fall.

"'Nooo! Mr. Extra-kun! You have died so that I wouldn't! I won't let your death be in vain! I'll get angry and randomly in the process defeat the evil Omega Majin villian guy! Roar!'" Majinman replaced his hands at his sides, "Is that what they're trying to do? Cause it won't work, even if I do do the cliche villian thing and reveal all my evil plans right before carrying them out."

Now it was Wes's turn to be dumbfounded, "And you... wait, what? What was that? The dialogue was horrible. And with all that talking they really did have enough time to power up... or escape to train and then come back later all powered up. And do you even have any evil plans? What the hell is wrong with you?" Wes demanded.

"There's a lot of old animes with bad dialogue... especially when they're translated. After all, sometimes one line sounds cool in one language but lame when said in another. And I personally don't have any evil plans at the moment, but I could pretend to to stay in character. Speaking of which... let them run away to come back more powerful than ever, huh? Great idea. Send the Lavacannon, the Energybomb, and the CyberRoar! Let's have some fun," Majinman declared.

"You've.... got to be kidding me. Really? You're going to take it this far?" Wes sighed, "Fine, I'll humor you, but you owe me a favor at some point."

"Fine by me," Majinman smiled. He pointed at the last Killplant, his hand getting rocky and red. He spewed lava from the tip of his outstretched finger at the virus and, to top it all off, materialized a bomb in his free hand, which he chucked at Killplant before his intial attack even finished. He then started laughing, "Ah hahaha! You foolish Spikeys, thinking you could oppose me with these meager forces! Your friends are dead, your homes ravaged! You have nothing left to live for! Right now you're not even worth killing! Now, go! Begone from my sight and you may yet perhaps live!" Majinman crossed his arms and raised his view so that he was sneering down at the spikey. He wore a wide, toothy smile and his Will O'Wisp allies danced about at his feet. This was probably the most villianous pose he could think to make.

Wes sighed again. For someone who claimed to have an advanced mind, he really did act like a kid a lot. And his threats would sound really lame if he hadn't managed to take out that last Killplant.

((1.) Hand puppet show
2.) Lavacannon1, 90+25 Fire, KillplantA
3.) Energybomb, 40x3, KillplantA
4.) Cyberroar, scares away or stuns up to two enemies
5.) Pose
Will O'Wisp Entourage, Decoy x2
6.) Pose))
The viruses were temporarily confused by Majinman's impromptu puppet show, but decided the show was retarded a few seconds into it. They responded by launching topics of rage on how the show was retarded through violence. Unfortunately, Majinman played the badass villain too well, eventually winning the battle with monstrous amounts of fire and intimidation.

That didn't happen too often, now did it?

SpikeyB: FLED

Terrain: 40% Normal (Current large patch in middle), 10% Mud (Surrounding patch), 50% Soil (Everywhere else)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP [Soil; in the air]


- 1350z
"Yes! I win, because I am the Final Boss!" Majinman declared, clenching his fist in a sign of victory, "And now, sometime in the future, he will come back, powered up, and we will have our final confrentation, which I shall win and recieve a mondo-cool chip from!"

"Somehow... I kind of doubt that," Wes said.

((Battle 3))
Majinman continued his trek across Yumland Net, unhindered by the viruses he deemed weaklings. Before he knew it, he had worked himself into a valley, thick walls of panels surrounding him on two sides. The valley tapered into a small opening, just big enough for, say, 2 people. Peering inside, he could see a few bear viruses, pounding each other in a sparring match while a couple of Boomers watched. With how he was positioned, he could just stroll in and announce himself like a man, or he could get a sneak attack in.

TeddyA: 100HP
TeddyB: 100HP
TeddyC: 100HP
BoomerA: 60HP
BoomerB: 60HP

- 70% Soil (Ring)
- 2% Normal (Entrance)
- 31% Normal (Tall cliffs surrounding ring, 20ft up)
- 2% Normal (Exit, other side of ring)

MajinMan.EXE: 200HP (Entrance)