Back in yoka.

Nikko stepped out onto the yoka net, little tussles of fur still sticking up here and there.

"Timmy......this place...."
"I know. the fight we had here, big time pain."
"I just hope it never happens again."

Nikko walked around, expecting some viruses to pop up to take her mind off of things.

(battle one, full HP, having bad fur day)
In a split second, viruses materialize before Nikko out of nothing and stare at her angry. A battle has begun.

MetoolEXA: 70HP
MetoolEXB: 70HP
Cannondumb2A: 90HP
Cannondumb2B: 90HP

Nikko: 140HP

"Heh, just some metools and cannons? too easy."
"They are upgrades of the ACDC viruses Nikko, be careful. Cannon, guard1 battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a large green cannon appeared on Nikko's right paw. Nikko dashed to the side and aimed at Cannondumb2A, fireing as it was in her seights, hopeing to hit an immobile target. Then she stoped and skidded a little as she raised a large yellow sheild in front of her, rurning enough so that she could get it aimed at MetoolEXA, hopeing to be attacked so that she could reflect an attack at the enemy. Then she jumped out from behind the guard, and ran at Cannondumb2B, jumping every couple of steps and then she pounced upon it, and dug her claws into it, then jumping back and ran around the viruses, hopeing to avoid being hit.

Cannon---->Cannondumb2A (40)
Guard1---->turn enough to let the reflect hit MetoolEXA (60, blocks and reflects 1 attack)
Cat attack----->Cannondumb2B (50+stun, dodge for rest of turn)\
(bump once again)
The Cannodumb and Met were both stunned at the thought of being attacked by their own weapons, but the damage they suffered was actually rather small compared to what they'd been prepared for. The second Cannodumb is put off its rocker by Nikko's feline movements, and is unable to establish a lock. One enterprising Metool launched off a streaming attack to back up its partner, but the shockwave missed, unlike its partner's that had been reflected.

MetoolEXA: 60HP
MetoolEXB: 70HP
Cannondumb2A: 50HP
Cannondumb2B: 40HP

Nikko: 140HP
"Heh, looks like we have a good thing going here."
"Yes we do. Shotgun, magbomb1, markcannon1, rageclaw, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy sent Nikko the chip data a small, matalic bomb appeared in Nikko's right paw while a small yellow gun appeared on her left. Nikko then took quick aim at Cannondumb2A and fired her shotgun off quickly, hopeing that the splash catches the other cannondumb and deletes both of them at the same time. Nikko then threw the magbomb at MetoolEXA, hopeing that it doesn't try to block the attack. Then a large green cannon with a small cursor appeared on her left paw, she then took aim at MetoolEXB and fired a quick burst of energy twords the poor metool, hopefuly she deletes it as well. Then a large bear claw came over the cannon she had just fired as she rushed up to MetoolEXA and slashed down once, hopefuly she was able to delete the metool and end the battle.

Shotgun---->Cannondumb2A, splash directed twords Cannondumb2B (50, null, splash)
Magbomb1----->MetoolEXA (30, elec, chance to stun)
Markcannon1----->MetoolEXB (70, high chance to hit)
Rageclaw---->MetoolEXA (40)
((I'm not a Yoka mod... But I did stay at a Holiday Onn Express last night!))

Despite the cannodumbs attempts to get a good shot off, the viruses are stunned (more literally in some cases than others) and promptly disposed of. Nikko can pat herself on the back for another job completed.

Cannondumb2A: DELETED!
Cannondumb2B: DELETED!

Nikko: 140HP


*Receive Guard1 and 300 zenny*

"Ok nikko, we got a mission."
"What the heck are we doing this time?"
"There is some sort of event going on here, i have what you need to enter."
"Yes, here you go."

Timmy then gives Nikko the backstage pass, which becomes tied around her neck with a black string.

"Ok then......i'm off."

Nikko then wonders off, looking for the event in yoka that she needs to enter.

(Internet police mission)
(bump for the mission to start)
(bump, will no one take the mission?)
"YOU'RE LATE!" shouted a Navi from afar while walking up to Nikko, "WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, MISSY. BEEN BUSY WITH VIRUSES, RIGHT!?" The Navi looked like every other standard Navi, but seemed to be wearing a wig that was taken from a 80s movie. "The other girls are already done. Come on! Don't just stand there!" he said as he walked away again. Opening a panel out of thin air, he created a fitting room after tapping some buttons. "Your costume is in there. Put it on and by heaven's sake..." he said after he turned back to Nikko, "Do something about that tail. I'll explain what is happening after you get dressed."

In the fitting room was a blue spandex armor waiting with a fitting helmet in the same style as Dimensionman. A fake silver bazooka was resting against a wall of the fitting room, waiting to be carried along.

(( I'll be doing your mission, Dark. With 'guidance' of Aim. ))
"Geez, bossy isn't he?"
"Yep. anyways, you have to do this Nikko."
"Naya......i wish that i didn't have to do this...."
"*sigh* your tail is a little bit of a problem, i think i can make it shorter, but that's about it...."
"I guess we have no choice...."

Timmy then started doing a little bit of pressing the buttons on his PET, he was able to shrink down Nikko's tail by about half, but that was it and all it was is a temporary fix.

"Ok, time to get dressed."

Nikko then started geting dressed in the blue spandex suit, her ass hurt because of her tail, but she could live with it, she finaly finished geting dressed up and then put on the helmet, picking up the bazooka as well and slinging it over her sholder.

"Ok, I'm ready." Nikko shouted so that the navi could explain to her what was going on.
"Well then, step out of it!" he shouted again and dragged Nikko out of it. Walking around her, he checked the costume and eventually stood in front of her again. "Aye aye, mucho grande! This will do," he said and made her follow him as he walked away again. "You are a showgirl for the great Dimensionman! Technically a Dimensiongirl. I, the great J05H, have been asked to operate this fair. You will walk behind Dimensionman and wave at people with a smile on your face."

After saying the last words, he stopped walking and turned around to almost press his face against that of Nikko. "You CAN smile, can't you?" he said with one eyebrow raised higher than the other.

After this he turned around again and made her follow again. "This promotional stunt is to get more people to work for the NetPolice. How I do not know, but it's a plan of the Dimensionman so he'll know what he is doing. There are three other Dimensiongirls that are not really Dimensiongirls, but the orange one is the real deal," J05H said as he waved his hand out towards the three Navi girls in their costumes. One was wearing a white spandex outfit with a helmet that had a metal visor in front of her eyes. An other, who was polishing her bazooka slightly, was wearing a green outfit that seemed to be larger than her body itself. The last, with a yellow spandex outfit and a skirt to show off the legs, seemed to be talking to someone. "Must be a boyfriend," said J05H in a strange French accent.

"Girls, girls, girls! This is Nikko. She is the blue Dimensiongirl," J05H said excitedly and with the strange French accent again. The girls remained in their positions as they all took a glance at Nikko, except for the yellow one. "Now... We must wait for Dimensionman," said J05H and turned to Nikko, "Maybe you want to talk to one of the girls before it all happens."
"i knew it....." thought nikko. "a stunt to get people to join them...."

Nikko then walked up to the navi in the yelow suit.

"Umm....helo." Said nikko to the navi.
"I have to check up some things, girls!" shouted J05H as he scattered off into a direction. The main man DimensionMan was nowhere in sight yet, which was probably why J05H ran off temporarily. Once he was out of sight, the three girls looked at Nikko at the same time.

"And who are you supposed to be?" said the yellow DimensionGirl after seemingly close a chat window with someone. "Oh, right. You're that girl of the boards," she said afterwards and nodded. "Hey girls, come meet the new one," she shouted at the others and they came slowly but surely. The green DimensionGirl had her bazooka placed on her shoulder, dangerously pointed at Nikko, and muttered at her, "Fun." The white one grinned, her eyes not visible, and merely nodded. "Now we wait for DimensionMan... And then the plan is set on wheels... Right, girl?" the yellow DimensionGirl said with a smile, while nudging Nikko's shoulder.

"what do you mean?" Nikko said out loud.
"i get the feeling this WON'T end very well." thought timmy.