SINNBAD - A Knight Takes on the Town.

A Knight Takes on the Town

"Log-in system initiated."

A flash and a thunderclap lit up the digital world, signaling the arrival of yet another being to the populous Electown Net. The illumination held by the beam of light blinded all whom looked upon it as the portal between the Real World and the Electown System connected. The armored form of SINNBAD, the warrior navi, appeared in full form as the light faded. The beam that initially took the navi here died down and disappeared, leaving him alone for the moment in Electown Net. SINN raised its right arm up across its chest, slightly away from its body, and looked down at his forearm Buster as the navi cleared the portal, bringing up the view-window of his operator, Destin Obscura.

"System checks all green."

Destin said as he looked through his PET at SINN's face. SINN's features had softened a little. He still had the spirit of a warrior in his features, but his personality had been altered. Destin was concerned for SINN's well being. SINN had gone slowly insane over the past two weeks since Destin had gotten him. As such SINN's data had corrupted itself and almost became unsalvageable. Destin went back to the drawing board. Using a few tricks he had learned from reading Net processes, he managed to clear SINN's corrupted coding and reconstruct the navi. Now SINNBAD was a white knight, ready to defend the Net from evil.

"Then let us purge these lands of evil, My Lord."

SINNBAD's voice came through strong, though still slightly emotionless, as if stating a fact. However, there was a gleam of intensity in SINN's features that showed he was quite taken with his new duty. SINN flexed the fingers of his right hand for a moment, before he clenched them in a fist of determination. His body rose into the air until he was about a foot off the ground. His legs bent slightly before he pushed off an invisible barrier. His armored form didn't seem to slow him down as he launched himself forward, half-flying, toward some indeterminable location.

HP: 100/100
FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.

[Requesting Battle 1.]
Flyi- er, floating through the network landscape, SINNBAD explored the new and wondrous world of Electown. His feet hovered over the metallic tiles of the network, then stopped abruptly, the interruption caused by an unwelcome encounter. Three shock-haired yellow viruses, their hands charging balls of electrical shock, were standing at the ready, prepared for a battle.

BillyA: 50HP
BillyB: 50HP
BillyC: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

SINNBAD.EXE: 100HP [Floatshoes]


SINNBAD opened the skirmish with a rousing call to battle. The dust kicked up around him as he lifted a little higher, bending his knees as he prepared to charge. He pointed at one of the viruses with his right hand, deeming it the leader with his gesture. He kicked off the invisible wall again and was sent sailing at his foe. His right hand retracted into his Buster as he pointed it at the virus.


SINN roared as he sped across the battlefield, his right arm extended. His face showed a determination to slay his enemy that had hardened his features. He darted from side to side as he charged. Skating this way and that. He had made himself as hard a target to pin down as he could.

The challenge SINN had yelled out felt more than just a simple threat, it actually had some sort of pull. The virus could feel the call. It was like SINN was drawing the virus toward him with an invisible lasso of raw personal magnetism. Drawing the virus right into SINN's Sword. Not a nice proposition, but a powerful lure none the less.

As SINN launched himself across the field, he had equipped himself with a razor-sharp, twin-edged blade. His Buster glowed like a torch as it projected the sabre from its barrel, appearing in a twinkling of coalescing light. The knight swung his Sword at the virus, cutting through the air in a deadly arc. The Sword sang its own song of war as it swished through the aether with fatal precision. If SINN struck the virus, he would cleave through a hefty chunk of the Billy's torso, spilling warm datum all over the shiny metal floor.

SINN then turned toward the remaining viruses, certain of his enemy defeat at the hands of his mighty blade. He roared again, like a lion, potentially unnerving his foes with his display of strength and combat prowess. His eyes gleamed with a hunter's glare. SINN noted with predatory eyes which one of the viruses didn't back down. He raised his Sword above his chest, his gaze set on his next opponent.

SINN charged again. This time there was little room to stop his advance as he sprinted at the one virus whom held its ground. SINN had no time to move fancily, he needed to be swiftly, to cross the short distance between them in order to keep the tempo of the battle in his favor. He brought his Sword down upon the virus hard. The brutal slash against the virus carved a gaping wound through the zephyr, and most likely, the body of his enemy.

In the same fluid motion, SINN's Sword vanished as he spun to face the remaining, cowed virus. In that moment, a crack of energy left the barrel of his Buster. The white-hot bolt crossed the distance to strike at the Billy almost instantly, fracturing with the almost certain impact against the virus' form. The slug splintered into many jagged shards, lodging their tiny selves in every crevice, continuing to rend the target long after the initial collision was felt. A decisive blow.

SINN's Sword returned to its former glory after SINN's Buster delivered the lightning-quick strike, projecting out of the Buster once more. It shined in the gloom of Electown Net. It continued to hold its strong presence, ready to purify with its brilliance. Destin was impressed at the new SINN. The work Destin put into his navi did not seem a wasted effort.

1: SINNBAD charges the enemy, darting from side to side in order to dodge the viral attacks.
*Knight's Challenge [Signature]: One instance of Pull to BillyA.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to BillyA. [5/6 uses remaining.]
*Knight's Repulse [Signature]: One instance of Knockback to BillyC.
3: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to BillyB. [4/6 uses remaining.]
*Flash Shot [Signature]: 10 Null Damage + Slashing [Shot Type] to BillyC.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 4 uses remaining.
Valiantly chivalrous, SINN charged up to his enemies, darting from side to side as he brought one of the viruses forward. The virus tried to squeeze off an attack, but too quick was the knight's blade, and the viral data disintegrated moments later. Its companion wasn't so lucky either, as it was unceremoniously pushed forward to be executed in a ruthless manner. The last Billy, now frozen to its feet, barely managed to let off an attack, which was its requisite ball of electricity. The ball homed in on SINN's position, shocking him for a not-inconsequential amount of damage, as well as stunning him. (15)

BillyB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

SINNBAD.EXE: 85HP [Floatshoes] (Stun, -1 Action)
SINNBAD twitched and spasmed as the electric currents of the virus' attack flowed throughout his body. The fingers on his left hand contorted into brambly branches, twisting in the wind, as he raised the digits at the last opponent. His mouth curved and knotted as he tried to force words through the misshapen orifice. His voice was gnarled and strained, his voice coming through in a rasp. But SINN's brief utterance held an unusual stalwart and unyielding power.

"I... Challenge... You..."

Each word was punctuated by tenacious, fervent tugs. The virus was being drawn toward the knight by an invisible force. It was as if SINN's shaking, crippled fist had clamped onto the virus' whole body, and was pulling it towards the navi. Such willpower and determination was relatively unheard of, here in the Net. Most were that way simply to survive. SINNBAD seemed that way for a much grandeur purpose. A purpose that most elude to, but never with the same fervor, and practically impossible. To eradicate every virus in existence or die trying.

With a rattling arm, SINNBAD brandished his Sword. His shaky feet grew strong and capable as the hold on him faded. He advanced on his adversary as the virus drew closer to SINN. The virus would most likely try to shy away from such dauntless conviction. But both SINN's movements, and the constant tug of his vigorous summons, would prevent the virus from retreating too far.

They met face to face. With only a few feet between them there was no chance to run, one could only stay and fight till the end. SINN's icy glare pierced the veil of his helmet, drawn over his face like a mask, chilling whomever looked at it to the bone. The dragon warrior raised his blade on high, the sabre's luster radiance dazzling to behold, before it flashed downward anew. The sharp edge bit the air and cut to the bone, such was the stroke that would devour the creature.

When the bandit fell before the soldier, SINN dismissed his weapon. His Buster returned to its cannon form, the barrel extending once more. Even as his foe virtually lay dying, SINN aimed his arm at the fallen.

A crack of thunder echoed across the landscape as his blaster discharged a bolt into the virus' form. The white-hot bullet had almost no room to travel before it would strike the prone virus. The slug would implicitly end what little of an existence the beast had left. The virus would probably not feel the splintering effect of SINN's shot before it died, assuming it was still conscious. A chilling reminder to all the Electown denizens of what was unleashed against them.

Turning from the rapidly decaying corpses of datum, SINN's right hand returned. He flexed the joints of his fingers a bit in their stuffy, datum-stained gloves. He did the same with his other hand. They were stiff and slightly unresponsive. Perhaps the virus' attack did more damage than was first thought.

He walked away from the battle, his left arm moving across his chest. A mighty shield slowly formed, secured to his arm by rapidly-developing straps. The shield held the symbol of a straight-sword, long and with a cross hilt, point down, lodged into the earth. From either side of the sword, leathery wings stretched out, like those of a dragon. All silvery in the glitz of Electown.

The same glittering followed from the shield, washing over SINN's body like a hail of sparks. SINN's wounds began to close up, as if he had not been in a fight. Clearly the game had been changed since his rebirth.

A knight had taken to the town.

1: Stunned.
*Knight's Challenge [Signature]: One instance of Pull to BillyB.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to BillyB. [3/6 uses remaining.]
*Flash Shot [Signature]: 10 Null Damage + Slashing [Shot Type] to BillyB.
3: Soothing Aegis [Signature]: (1-Hit Shield) + (One instance of Heal 30) to SINNBAD.

Signature Cool Downs:
1: Soothing Aegis: 2 Turns.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: Soothing Aegis [Signature]: 1-Hit Shield.
A successful kill of Billy Mays has been executed. Good job, knight.


Terrain: 100% Metal

SINNBAD.EXE: 100HP [Floatshoes]


Rewards: 420z
[Am I allowed to keep the shield between battles?]

After collecting the reward data, the knight marched with confidence toward the great unknown of Electown Net. He was now following in the footsteps of all the warriors who took the trek through the glamor. Destin watched on silently. Always watching.

HP: 100/100

[Requesting Battle 2.]
SINNBAD found himself surrounded by a very strange terrain; A greenish glass that was constantly flowing with a gentle current of electricity. Though the navi was hovering just over the ground, it didn't look like it was going to do any harm to him at any point.

Just as when SINNBAD was about to continue, he caught a glimpse of viruses just ahead of him! A handful of Magneakers was simply resting on the solar panels, enjoying the tingling sensation of the electric current, and a pair of Momogra who wasn't enjoying it so much. The viruses themselves found SINNBAD and prepared for battle!

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
MagneakerC: 70 HP
MomograA: 60 HP [Hidden]
MomograB: 60 HP [Hidden]

Terrain: 100% Solar

SINNBAD.EXE: 100 HP [Floatshoes]

SINNBAD floated above the serene grasslands. A sun had appeared above, parting the digital clouds, and blanketing the area with light. A faint wind blew through, ruffling the meadow. SINN noted that tiny sparks and electric currents were flowing along with the sway. The emerald sea gleamed and sparkled. It was quite enchanting.

However, there were viruses here. Basking in the radiant light and brisk air. SINNBAD would not be able to admire such a view in peace when it was tainted by these unholy creatures. Why must they always pollute such beauty? His right hand slid back into his Buster, and his shield arm was brought into a protective stance, as he readied himself for battle. He was to reap the field.

There were so many viruses here that in order for the navi to survive SINN would need to take drastic actions. He prayed for forgiveness inside himself as he readied his Buster. He leveled it silently at the viruses visible, ready for battle. There were some viruses hiding in the ground, their forms shallow and hard to see. But they were not the target. Those that were basking were.

The field looked like it was made of grass. Grass burned. Though it pained SINN to destroy such beauty, it was better than let the viruses hold it for their own. A crackling whisper spoke up, quietly of an impending flame. The barrel of the knight's weapon began to glow red and orange, hot to the touch. The air wavered. A mirage wafted with a hint of dark smoke.

A loud snap and a harsh hiss bellowed forth from the cannon, breaking the tranquility. The zephyr parted forcefully as a wave of heat followed. SINN's Buster suddenly belched forth a great gout of fire, a raging inferno. The temperature intensified, higher and higher it rose. A blazing wall of conflagration rushed forward across the field of grass, scorching the leaves, the blades of green, as it advanced upon the virus horde.

Who knows how if the land withstood such devastation? It was hard to see until it was all over. And even then, there were clouds of dust and embers, obscuring all for moments on end. A pitch that lightened over time. Revealing all and nothing.

SINNBAD did not move from his spot. He instead braced himself. A shield forming a wall for his protection. It gleamed with a golden radiance as his Guard strengthened his own resolve. Peeking over the rim of the bulwark, he watched for signs of movement.

1: HeatShot [Battlechip]: 40 Fire Damage + Spread1 to MagneakerB and MagneakerA.
2: HeatShot [Battlechip]: 40 Fire Damage + Spread1 to MagneakerB and MagneakerC.
3: Guard1 [Battlechip]: (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack).

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
Explosives were the order of the day as SINNBAD fired off the first couple of shots, deleting a Magneaker and seriously wounding one of its comrades. The Magneakers retaliated with a couple of bomb attacks, but one fell too far ahead and exploded harmlessly, while the other's blast was caught by the Guard in time, reflecting the damage at the attacker. The two Momogra sneaked up to SINN while he wasn't looking, and unleashed a tag-team whack fest, damaging SINN's armor surprisingly well with their shovels. (15x2)

MagneakerA: 10 HP
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: 70 HP
MomograA: 60 HP [Behind]
MomograB: 60 HP [Behind]

Terrain: 100% Solar

SINNBAD.EXE: 70 HP [Floatshoes]
The grass was unscathed. The scorching blaze SINNBAD had unleashed had washed over the land, to no effect beyond the deletion and heavy wounding of the virus troop. Perhaps the electrical current that coursed through the field created some sort of shield against the flames. It was quite astounding. Perhaps SINNBAD would become some sort of ecologist, fascinated at the resilience of the world against the shadows.

Breaking his thoughts, and other parts of him, the knightly navi was assailed by several hard shovels. One of his legs became sprained as a shovel caved in the armor plates around it, cutting off circulation and drawing datum. The grayish datum seeped through the seems of his suit and dripped slowly on the solar-infused ground below SINN's floating form. SINN grunted with the quick pain of the biting strike and the dull throbbing that followed. Thankfully he didn't need the use of his leg to fight back.

SINNBAD spun on his good leg and aimed his Buster straight at the face of one of the mole-creatures. The virus could see the head of the loaded shell at the back of the Cannon. There was almost no time wasted though, as another thundering roar echoed from the Cannon. The virus would be blasted in the face with the heavy slug it had just seen. The shell casing thunked on the grassland in front of the Momogra, as the force of the shot propelled SINN away.

SINNBAD shot across the field, straight at the Magneakers. SINN rolled in the air as he approached the duo remaining. Now facing them, he pointed his Buster at the heavily wounded virus. As he flew he let off a quick blast. A white-hot bolt of energy lanced across the battlefield, striking the virus lines. When it struck, it would fracture, causing dozens of tiny, slashing cuts across the target.

The warrior navi was about to collide with the remaining virus, assuming he had just slayed the wounded one. His extended Buster arm began to glow after his last shot. A blade extended from the barrel, catching the gleam of the sunlight radiating on the grass below. The Sword shone brilliantly as SINN tried to find his footing. Twisting his form once more to the side, his left hand came down and grasped the field.

SINNBAD pulled hard. His body swung around his arm in a large arc, almost dislocating his left shoulder. But he managed to kick out his legs and stop himself from fully rotating, catching his feet on an invisible wall. He looked like a circus pole-dancer, his left arm extended to the ground, the rest of his body perpendicular. He did a front flip, using his left arm to give him the spring he needed, and gracefully landed on the air, an inch or so above the grass.

Now standing, a few feet from the last bomb wielder, the wind ruffling the space between them, he had little need to advance too far, hoping to save his leg the pain. He swung his Sword in a graceful arc when he moved into melee with the virus. The twin edges sliding through the ether as if a hot knife through butter. If the weapon bit, it would slice the grasshopper virus cleanly in two. The life of another virus forfeited to the Net gods.

He spun around again, certain of the virus' defeat at his hands. A shield formed around his left arm, coalescing from light and sparkles, as if drawn from the very grass he floated over. As it flowed over his arm like water, hardening like ice, his leg began to feel better. The pain had fled, or was numbed, it was hard to tell. However, closer inspection would reveal the plates of his armor unbending, extracting themselves from the wound. The datum dried up. The caked, sticky mess dissipated into the wind. His armor shone once more, as if he wasn't almost beaten to death by digging tools.

1: Cannon [Battlechip]: 40 Null Damage + Knockback to MomograA. Knocks SINNBAD back instead.
*Flash Shot [Signature]: 10 Null Damage + Slashing [Shot Type] to MagneakerA.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to MagneakerC. [5/6 uses remaining.]
3: Soothing Aegis [Signature]: (1-Hit Shield) + (One instance of Heal 30) to SINNBAD.

Signature Cool Downs:
1: Soothing Aegis: 2 Turns.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 5 uses remaining.
3: Soothing Aegis [Signature]: 1-Hit Shield.
SINNBAD quickly reacted against the surprise attack from the Momogra with his Cannon, wounding one of the virus and kicking himself away from them. The navi turned towards the Magneaker that was nearly dying and fired a single piercing shot with his buster...but that wasn't enough to finish the virus off! To his surprise, the terrain was slowly mending the viruses' wound and made it so that it would barely survive the attack.

Despite the bitter fact that the virus wasn't finished off, SINNBAD managed to get his body straight up on the ground and lay a swift swing against the other Magneaker to delete it. The Momogras dug into the ground while the last Magneaker was a little reluctant to fight when it was almost dying.

MagneakerA: 5 HP
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
MomograA: 20 HP [Hidden]
MomograB: 60 HP [Hidden]

Terrain: 100% Solar

SINNBAD.EXE: 100 HP [Floatshoes] [1-hit Shield] [Sword: 5/6]
SINNBAD turned to the heavily wounded virus, his eyes like carved obsidian, betraying nothing in its stony glare. It was clear that SINN could see the hesitation, the fear. The warrior navi pointed his great blade at the virus. He spoke to it, his voice strong and commanding. However, his message was shocking to hear.

"Leave now and your life will be spared. Continue to resist..."

SINN left the rest unsaid. Though it was relatively clear, staring up at the knight's Sword, as to the alternative. This was an odd move to Destin. SINNBAD was programmed to eliminate viruses, not spare their datum. Perhaps the codes of Chivalry and Bushido necessitated a surrendering condition.

SINNBAD watched the virus closely, trying to discern the virus' next action before the virus took it. If the virus did not retreat from the holy field of battle with its shame, and decided to press the fight, the warrior navi would end its life honorably. SINN did not move or indicate his decisions. The space between them was microscopic, only a flick of his wrist was needed to sever the head from the grasshopper's body.

1: Offer a chance for the Magneaker to surrender. If it doesn't retreat: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to MagneakerA. [4/6 uses remaining.]
-Turn Splice-
The Magneaker was about to throw another one of its bombs, when it saw the sword SINN had brought out. Looking at its glow, it reconsidered the offer and chose to not die skewered. Some Momogra asshole jumped up to the knight while he was distracted and whacked him at the back of the head.

Asshole. (15)

MagneakerA: FLED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
MomograA: 20 HP [Hidden]
MomograB: 60 HP [Hidden]

Terrain: 100% Solar

SINNBAD.EXE: 85 HP [Floatshoes] [1-hit Shield] [Sword: 5/6]
The virus retreated. Scampering away into the distance. Leaving the battle was a smart move. Destin thought. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. SINNBAD seemed to scowl a bit. Even though the knight let the virus go, held by his code, the warrior couldn't help but feel somewhat disgusted at letting an evil one roam free.

The top of SINNBAD's helmet fell over his eyes immediately after the exchange. SINN's head ached. The navi had been struck from behind by a shovel. Such a cowardly act was unforgivable. The knight seethed as his left hand came up to lift his helmet back into place.

SINNBAD twirled around and saw... nothing. No virus was currently visible as the Magneaker disappeared in the distance. Holes littered the ground in some places, potting the grasslands. The mole-like creatures were in there somewhere, waiting for the chance to attack in the same gutless way. Surprise attacks were all they were good for, what defined them. SINN would've spat, if it wasn't for his helmet's full obscurity of his face.

He brought his shield arm up. His cold stare returned, filled with the outrage of the dishonor of the attack. He slowly shifted his weight. He was almost turning again, but it was not so. He was waiting for the moles to appear. He waited for the chance to bring them to their knees. His Sword arm was swift and true. If the viruses fought on, they might loose more than their heads.

All SINNBAD could do was shout at the empty field. His words echoed loud and true. The same attractive force interwove itself in the words. The force tried to pull at those in the ground, trying to bring them to the surface. Trying to fulfill the command that was shouted.


*Knight's Challenge [Signature]: One instance of Pull to Momogra?.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to Momogra?. [4/6 uses remaining.]
3: Sword [Battlechip]: 80 Null Damage + Slashing to Momogra?. [3/6 uses remaining.]

Signature Cool Downs:
1: Soothing Aegis: 1 Turn.

Other Effects:
1: Float Shoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: Sword [Battlechip]: 3 uses remaining.
3: Soothing Aegis [Signature]: 1-Hit Shield.
A cowardly Momogra stood up to SINN, only to be stabbed in the face for doing so. The other didn't want any part of it, but was sucked up anyway by his challenge, and was equally punctured in a most humiliating manner.

MagneakerA: FLED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Solar

SINNBAD.EXE: 85 HP [Floatshoes] [1-hit Shield] [Sword: 3/6]


- [Mole1] Battlechip
- 560z
SINN's shield and sword faded away as the battle ended. The navi's right hand had also returned. The knight stretched and rotated his right arm, then his left, soothing the strain on his muscles. After the warm up, he began to check over his armor, readjusting the damaged bits to fit better. Then SINN reached down to pick up the rewards data.

SINN muttered curses under his breath. The battlechip he had just picked up was another reminder of the virus' cowardice. Using such a chip would be an insult to his pride as a warrior. He grudgingly uploaded the info to Destin's PET. But it was clear that SINN would never use that chip, even if Destin gave it to him in battle. Destin was all to aware of that, so he immediately turned and put the chip on the auction block of his newly designed chip shop, for his spare chips.

SINNBAD was about to head off again when Destin stopped the navi. They now had enough zenny to buy an upgrade he had wanted to get. Destin wanted to come back to this after he paid a visit to the navi shop, so he told SINN to place a marker. SINN reached to his waist and took what looked like a small stick from his belt. The knight pressed an invisible button on the cigar sized object.

The tool extended in both directions, forming a strong, yet slender pole. A flag unfurled from the top of the staff as SINN drove the bottom spike into the grass. SINNBAD's dark gray navi symbol displayed itself proudly on the silvery cloth of the banner, blowing majestically in the calming breeze. The steel stave became cemented in the earth, unmoving. SINN vanished in a beam of sunlight.


The standard began giving off a signal...
Coming from here

"Well just wait there for a while, it must be giving off a signal for some reason, right?" Joseph frowned. "I hate waiting..."

"Then why are we going to wait?" Sparks questioned.

"Because I'm interested in finding out what this thingy is." Joseph responded. "Just wait for a while."
The grasslands began to sway to one side as the wind picked up. A crack of thunder echoed in the distance. Dark clouds began to drift quickly in from the west. A few minutes later they had formed together overhead, blocking out the bright sunshine. It looked like it was going to rain.

A bolt of what looked like lightning struck the ground within a meter of the standard bearer. When the flash of illumination ebbed, an armored navi remained. He was wearing what appeared to be a full suit of silvery plate armor. His helmet was decorated with two steel dragon wings, becoming the helmet's ears. His visor was up, showing his dark gray eyes and the palish skin of his face. The flag's symbol was emblazoned on the left side of his chest like a badge.

The navi blinked. He probably didn't expect another navi to be here. He approached the electric swordsman. He raised his right hand in greetings. His eyes were curious and his voice was loud and non-threatening, as if he was greeting a potential friend.


Another roar of thunder almost drowned out his greeting. The clouds flashed overhead in some places, showing hints of lightning. A drip of water fell from above and dabbed the grass between them. In a few minutes there would be a light, non-threatening rain. Woe be to the armored navi though, for he would be bogged down by soaked-heavy metal and leather.

[I will be purchasing Signature Upgrades. Please let Ktbandit post first before the moderation forces us into a battle. SINNBAD will be without an operator for two turns in the battle.]
Sparks examined the navi that appeared before him, and smiled at the polite greeting, not hesitating to return one of his home. "Yo. Are you the one who left this pole thingy here?"

Joseph sent Sparks a text only message. "Of course it was him, why else would he have appeared right beside it?"

Sparks sent a reply, "Well... um... it couldve been a virus or something else like that."

"I doubt that very much." Joseph added. "Whats your plan, you think he's friendly or an enemy?"

"I don't know yet? I'll find out." Sparks sent one last message, before observing the navi some more.