Save the Hospital EVENT OOC

Just talk about the happenings in the event here, talk out strategies, etc ^^ Go nuts!

This post had too much chance of spoilers, so I will just say this.

What to you think is prettier, Pink or Blue, I have enought extra money to buy two dresses, I've pick one already, but what is better or the second? I think the blue one is nice.
Now now, let's expose our theories in game. That way, things are more interesting. And no metagaming, that's just no fun in itself. What is it you're always speaking of? Logic, I believe? Yes, use your logic and it alone and see what answers you find. Just don't place them here. That ruins all the fun of things!

...And on a side note, I'm still speaking in bratty English mode. Dang. Seriously though, good luck everyone.

EDIT: And I can't post a new topic in NetSquare. Weird. Ah well, just means I get to direct link to ElecTown! I'll just Rp a little jump there until that little error gets fixed... And still in Charles mode. Argh!

EDITx2: Let me apologize in advance to my teammates. I just want it to be known that I am fully aware that you guys are out there. It's just that, well, Granny never mentioned us working together. Crush and Charles are running off of that information... And running off with the information. Ah well, I'm sure you guys will catch him before he gets too far.

...Oh please, let this not screw me over too badly. Or you guys, for that matter. Damn you, 'In Character!'
Good point, I will not say what I think yet, but till then. Anyways back to what I edited in my post, blue or pink? Dresses, I think I have enough money to buy lots of dresses, but I'm saving for anything that pops up like a sale or something.'re supposed to stay there...I'm gonna ask you to edit it, and I'm gonna edit the topics

Seeing all these pinned topics in Electown makes me laugh really, really hard.

XD Why EN? {Is fearing for DNR's life as he meets Crushman}

Quote (English Ninja)


Seeing all these pinned topics in Electown makes me laugh really, really hard.


Truly my friends, indeed electown has become Pin City.
Ah, so the thread has been altered to include the fact that we're working with others, I see. Well, I'll mod my little post then. Just have to delete a few lines, nothing to it.

EDIT: Or add a few, heh.
And it begins!
LOL I agree EN.
Wait, so... the packages are locked so we can't carry them somehow? O_o I would think we could carry the packages in our arms, even if we couldn't get the data inside, but the latest mod-post implies that they're lying immovable on the ground...
They are time locked so not just anyone can get at them, for now. So at this time, they're unmovable.

Threads modded, have at!
I wish we'd known that before we all picked them up and moved around with them... >>;

Well, no big deal. Time for me to figure out what to do... D: Go, go, Teethman fluff-powers! Activate!

*fingers spin and release steam as they lock into typing position*
eehee, sorry ^^; I had said they had a time lock on them, but I didn't specify as to which kind.
So they were locked to the ground! Okay... Well, means I'll have to edit my posts then. Hmm... Righto.
Stratagy for our group!:

Everyone equips a guard while retreating to surround the boxes, then, a sudden assault defence explosion! Then the next turn, Rui uses speed to attack from the back of the group, while Crush and DNI launch a full scale from the front, a clean sweep attack.
Hmm, sorry, no can do. No guards. Besides, I'm a strict RPer. I'm gonna play my character the way he's built. Luckily, that happens to mostly coincide with your strategy. Step one, Navi Meat Shield to protect the packages. Step 2, All out offense. Simple and easy for my brat operator, heh. Hey, that fits your strategy almost dead on, huh?

EDIT: Finished modding my posts to fit with the whole, packages locked down, thing. Also added post. Hope I didn't take too much liberty with that Fe...Albel. Heh, some habits die hard, eh?
Out of curiosity, is there a reason that we have not been modded, and by we I mean any of the hospital groups for days.
we are trying to make the groups move in unison, but seing how krakatoa had not posted in days, we were waiting for him, pick up the pace, boya ^^