Support Mission Request

I would like to request a mission for a support program. While we can handle anything, due to recent events we would prefer scenarios that allow us to use as much firepower as wanted without consequences.
To anyone reading this mission, my Navi Djinni.EXE has requested the company of 'fun' allies. And personally I'm looking for some versatility in the people joining me to cover the areas we're worse at. Please respond to this message if interested.


((OOC: PaladinGC, Fera and Chardes only.))
To whom it may concern,

I have read this postal message and I would like to offer the services of myself and my Navigator to aid you in your mission. I presume that a Support Program would be a good reward for us as well.

[[Attached link: Rhea.EXE ]]

I hope to hear from you soon on.

-Camillia Ranbard
Well, well, well. Firepower, my Navi has quite a bit of, as well as the mentioned 'fun' of which your Djinni demands (if a bit too much for my liking). Versatility, Eternalis can provide in the form of extreme durability, as well as healing properties.

Also, hey Camillia, Rhea. >_o

- Harke Ezarith, operator of Eternalis.EXE
I have spoken with you, Harke, and I'm glad you've shown interest.

I see my young companion knows of you, Camillia, and your Navi looks interesting. We have no experience using sword attacks, so we would gladly have you with us.

Heya, Na'im. I think our Navis worked well together in the past, so I'll offer to have Broadside join you for this mission if you and Djinni are okay with it. However, I am currently in Sharo finishing another request at the moment, so if the request you're going to take is immediate, you may want to count me out. Your call.

-- J.T.
Of course I remember you, J.T. I am glad to hear you're still around. I would be happy to have you with us again. Knowing your companion and your use of 'finishing', I presume we wouldn't have to wait long.

I'd rather not have too many people for this, so we'll stick with this. If the officials could present us with a mission and a location, please.

This is Tsujsa Reise, cousin of Camillia Ranbard, and operator of Validus.exe, a marksman Navi. Firepower from my Navi is no problem, and we are also able to pinpoint our barrages.

Besides, I also need to keep an eye on the company my cousin is with.

-Tsujsa Reise
You are a relative of Camillia? Then I understand the want to join us. I have not expected to receive another person to join us, but regarding the situation I am willing to accept.

So at this point the team is Djinni.EXE, Eternalis.EXE, Broadside.EXE, Rhea.EXE and Validus.EXE. I would like to keep it with these people, unless we have more concerned relatives amongst us? This team is prepared for a mission, with as reward an SP, now. Note that some are still busy, so if you have something with less urgency we will appreciate it.

Ah, good. We have a situation that's going to require a whole lot of manpower to get through.

We have reports of what seems to be a virtual army of navis causing chaos in Yoka Net. Surprisingly the NP hasn't acted against them yet; perhaps they're too tied up with recent events. Regardless, many have put out requests for the removal of the menace. We would be willing to distribute 5 SP bases for the elimination of this threat.

Note that the threat level here is high. Do not accept the mission if you are fearful of your navi's ability to survive a combat situation. Should you choose to accept, the coordinates are already attached.

-Global Network Administration

*Mission coordinates attached*
I have a suggestion, if you'd all agree to it. If we're going to have five people in congregation for a mission of this scale, it would be prudent to have more than comlinks through the network, and meet up physically at a determined area. Since the mission is to be held in Yoka Net, I propose that we all meet at the Yoka Inn.

- Harke Ezarith

(PS: If we could have lunch too, it would be awesome. Just saying. ;D)
Reporting in... Eternalis, Rhea, Validus, and Broadside repelled an army of thousands of Navis, and defeated the four Generals of the Neo-Shogunate. We didn't encounter their leader, whoever that may be. Unfortunately, Djinni was defeated during the battle. Last we heard, she is recovering. I am frankly amazed that any of our Navis survived this mission at all.

I would normally attach video files and such as proof of our victory, however in this case the file size exceeds 9,000 TB. That should at least give you an idea about the conditions of the battle....

-- J.T.
We understand that it was a difficult mission for you. It would have been for any group of civilian navis, no doubt, regardless of size. The victory of your group is deserving of large rewards and we will provide those to each of you.

Four SP templates are being issued, one for each of you that survived the mission. I'm sorry to say that our policies do not allow us to distribute one to your ejected friend. The templates are on supply short enough that we can only use them as incentive for our most deserving clients. Our apologies to her.

We understand as well that you must have a lot of questions as to why that army of navis assembled in Yoka. Unfortunately, we're just as much in the dark as you in regards to that matter. If you have anything that might help us to ascertain their identity, feel free to attach it and we will look into the matter with our available research resources.

-Global Network Administration

*4 SP templates attached*