The Karate Kid, Part III

In a swirl of golden light, Musou slammed to the ground, sparks and trails of energy flying everywhere as he took form. That was always a rush. He glanced around at the network, partially glad they were in the familiar ADCD net, and partially disappointed. Part of the fun of exploring the net wasn't just seeing how far one place went, it was seeing the different nets, like different worlds. But this time he had a brand new partner to break in so it was alright.

"Ok, I think I have to-" Musou executed a command, to bring out his SP and held his hand towards the ground next to him. A surge of golden energy built up in his body and coursed down his arm, almost alive. It flew out and hit the ground, taking the shape and settling down into a wolf, it's shoulder standing just above his waist. Electricity occasionally jumped from one part of his body or another, even when he was standing still.

The wolf looked around and tilted his head back. Musou expected a howl but instead the SP just gave a yawn. It smacked it lips, like it had just woken up and looked up at the martial artist. Musou bowed at the wolf and said "Hello. I'm Musou, Kenji's navi. I hope we will work well together"

The wolf looked him up and down and just turned away. He stifled another yawn and mumbled something, not even looking to the navi, that sounded like 'Arteru'. Musou blinked and said "Er, I'm sorry, what was that?" The SP turned back to him, apparently annoyed and said "Arteru. That's my name. And what do you want? Can't beat a few lousy metools on your own?" The wolf sniffed around, tasting the air and getting used to the smells of this place.

Musou blinked again, at a loss of words. He glanced behind him, to Kenji and said "Uh a little help here, Sensei?" Kenji looked at the wolf, not really sure what to say. He had pretty much been told he owned Musou. Any discussions of freedom and rights aside, they had a friendship and mutual understanding. But did he have any control over a SP? "So... Arteru? Won't you help Musou fight?", the boy asked.

The wolf snorted and apparently ignored the voice of the operator. Several awkward moments later, he said in a snarling growl "Let's get one thing clear. I'm not your property. I'm here to help him-" He motioned his snout to Musou "And that's it. You don't like it? Pay to have me reset or something" Musou and Kenji didn't really know what to say, they just looked at Arteru and let more awkward silence fill the air. Finally, the wolf says with an annoyed edge to his gruff voice "Are we doing something here or can I just go? You woke me up from a nice nap"

Musou quickly said "Y-yeah, lets get going. We are out to get money, make you stronger and practice our teamwork. Also? We have seen a bunch of viruses that have been really smart and not exactly up to any wrong. Explorers, ones just having fun. We would prefer not to fight if it can be avoided. Unless they are destroying the net, or are mindless, you know"

Arteru shrugged and mumbled something low that sounded like 'whatever' as they began to move, finally.

[Requesting Battle 1]
The sound of rumbling in the distance could be heard as Musou and Arteru walked down a paved suburb street. A moment later a line of tanks turned off a main thoroughfare and headed straight for them!

KabutankA: 90HP
KabutankB: 90HP
KabutankC: 90HP
KabutankD: 90HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP
Arteru.SP: 40HP

-Battle 1: Start!!-
Musou sighed, he hadn't even gotten into a battle with his SP yet and it already wasn't quite what he thought it would be. Kenji had mentioned, appearances aside, they started off pretty frail, like having a Metool at your side. Not that he would refer to Arteru as a Metool, but he would feel more secure if the wolf had a super defensive helmet..

His thoughts interrupted as a group of Kabutanks roll right on up, he hesitates. Are these friendly viruses? Not by the looks of it. Can he afford to sit and do nothing while his SP is in danger? No, but that was a real lame excuse to attack everything he bumped into. He would settle for getting his bearings in the fight, knowing at the least that if they did attack, they were going to fire explosives.

"What are you waiting for, an invitation?" The electrical wolf snaps at Musou.

"N-no, but we are trying to make friends with as many viruses as we can. Not assume they are all evil and stuff" Although that composure was hard to maintain when a unit of tanks was about to roll him over.

"Oh for the love of.. What freakin' friendly tanks just plow down the road at you in formation? Let me decide for you!" Musou gave a half-hearted objection, but it was pretty hard to figure out who wanted you dead and who didn't. Until they started firing that is, and it might be too late by that time.

The wolf snarls at the tanks and charges them, off to the side. It's more of a distracting maneuver really, as he is finding himself unable to move nearly as quickly as he would like at this starting point in his career. At any rate, it settles Musou's movements, as he has to get in there fast or the tanks are going to eat his SP alive.

The martial artist focuses quickly, pulling ambient data into himself, mixing with his own and forming a protective barrier around his body. Yeah, it's gotten a bit predictable but honestly, it's his best defense and the only way he is going to make it in this net for very long.

"Sensei, send me the-", Musou starts, but Kenji is one step ahead of him.

"Those things look tough, be careful Musou", the boy says as he quickly slides in a battle chip.

Finding himself attuning easily to his foes data, finally the payout for all his training (or at least upgrades), Musou lines up the viruses as best he can, without hitting Arteru, and flies at them! A leap in the air followed by blazing blue energy briefly forming wings at his back, it takes only one strong beat to send him tearing across the battlefield in a blur.

1 - Dodge
Arteru - Move Closer

2 - Activate Sig: Data Shield [4-Hit Shield; 2 TCD]
[Passive Sig: Attunement (Take Aim), Line up Kabutanks]

3 - Use Battlechip: DashAttack1 (90+Impact+LineAttack5)+Bash @ KabutankA

[Battlechips Used: DashAttack1]
[Sig Data Shield cooldown 2]
[Passive Sig Attunement active: Post Action 2]
[Bash: ACTIVE, Action 3]
The Kabutanks didn't take very long to stop charging, as they were never ramming implements to begin with. Rather, they stopped in a neat firing line, and began to bombard the duo with small explosives. The coverage of the attack was quite impressive, as it managed to scrape a little meat off of the wolf (-10), while Musou deflected a couple of them with his defense. (-2 shield) The martial artist then proceeded to take out two of them in retaliation, easily melting through their ranks with his DashAttack.

KabutankA: 90HP
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: 90HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP (2-hit shield)
Arteru.SP: 30HP
Standing amid the remains of a couple of the tanks, Musou quickly looks around to get his bearings. "Ugh dammit, that wasn't supposed to happen t-thought they were gonna run us over" Arteru juked back from the blast, trying to make himself a harder target. Unfortunately it was hard to time dodging things when you had no practical combat experience...

"Arteru! Stay back, let me handle them!" Musou called out as he began to build energy within his body, pulling from the surroundings and the defeated viruses to enhance himself. Golden energy began to leap and crackle across his torso and to his hands moments later. "Sensei, pass something quick", the navi said as he brimmed with power and a need to finish this fight fast.

"Er.. Something, right. Something. How about-" Kenji went silent as he quickly inserted one of Musou's favorite, and hopefully accurate, chips. "Light them up, Musou!", the boy called out to his navi. Something told the boy one might not be enough, and just in case, he passed another chip along.

Chip data filling his mind, the martial artist nodded as his fists lit aflame. The golden energy that had built up in excess coursed down his arms and into each hand, lacing the flames with power as he unleashed a flaming punch toward one of the tanks. As he locked his senses onto the other Kabutank, he got the feeling that they were tougher then he originally gave credit for. He had just started off with his biggest single chip.

Musou raised his other hand, and instead of throwing the second flaming attack as he usually does, the navi opened his palm towards the virus, tucked in his thumb, and gave a shout as energy from the second chip coursed into his body. It mixed with what little was left of his built-up energy from earlier, and flew in a hailstorm of energy blasts at his opponent.

Arteru - Dodge
1 - Activate Sig: Inner Might [Strengthen 40; 1TCD]

2 - Use Battlechip: FireHit1 (60+Impact+Double Attack, Elem:Fire, 2nd hit requires xtra action) + 30 Strengthen @ KabutankA

[Passive Sig: Attunement (Take Aim)]
3 - Use Battlechip: MachineGun1 (30 x 9 Shots + Spray Fire) + 10 Strengthen @ KabutankD

[Battlechips Used: DashAttack1, FireHit1, MachineGun1]
[Sig Data Shield cooldown 1]
[Sig Inner Might coldown 1]
[Passive Sig Attunement active: Pre-Action 3]
[Bash: UNUSED]
With some quick charged up fisticuffs and a spray of scattered bullets, the remaining tanks were easily destroyed, victory!

KabutankA: Deleted
KabutankB: Deleted
KabutankC: Deleted
KabutankD: Deleted

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP (2-hit shield)
Arteru.SP: 30HP

—Battle 1, Victory!—
Musou: 18 BugFrags, 270z, DoubleBomb

Quote ()

Damage: 30 + Blast 2 x 2 Bombs
Accuracy: D
Description: Throws two bombs with a wide range blast at an enemy.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
As the dust and stray energy settles, Musou pauses, feeling out for his opponents but all he can detect are himself, Arteru, and the data remains from the tanks. The navi breathes deeply and calms himself, taking a horse stance and visualizing all his extra battle energy and aggression gathering and being either grounded or returned to him as he exhales and lowers his arms. The navi goes about finding his center while the wolf comes back, interrupting him. The animal seems to have sated it's appetite on some part of the virus's remains, that Musou only ever detected as 'noise', or garbage data before.

"What the hell are you doing?" The wolf seemed baffled by Musou's actions, even as he licked his lips from consuming some of the remains of the tanks. He spits a glob of data on the ground, that takes form as a small, green data along with a separate pile of cash.

Musou opened his eyes, blinking as he looked down at Arteru. He paused a moment, looking over the data and zenni before scratching the back of his head "Um, did you just cough up a hairball?"

The wolf snorted and walked away, tail in the air. He grumbled something about 'Don't even care I got injured' and a few obscenities to accompany the thought.

Musou blinked again, something that was becoming a habit it seemed. He didn't really know what to say or do, so he just picked up the remnants that his SP left behind. Kenji slid a blank chip into his PET, barely paying attention as he seemed distracted. The martial arts navi decided finally that it was his responsibility to ensure a healthy working relationship between himself and Arteru, and he headed over to where the wolf went. "H-hey, I'm sorry. Are you alright? I saw you get caught in one of those blasts and just tried to finish things off fast.." He didn't really know why he was saying that, it certainly wasn't any kind of apology, just stating the obvious.

Arteru grumbled "Whatever.. I don't care. Fight's over, I got a meal. Lets just move on" Musou had to admire the wolf's laid-back nature a bit, and added "S-so, yeah.. Speaking of that. What did you eat?"

The wolf stopped and glared at Musou, pride still a bit wounded "Virus bungholes. Tank balls? Does it matter? It will make me stronger and it's not something you coulda used"

Musou sighs and shakes his head "Nevermind.. And you asked what I was doing? Well, I was-" But Arteru cut him off "Nope, don't care anymore. Let's move on. Net's full of food. And jerks" The navi sighed and just continued on his way down ACDC, Arteru following loosely behind.

[Requesting Battle 2]
Musou and his SP jerk Arteru continued through the suburbs of ACDC Net. Hearing a faint song on the breeze, they moved into a nearby park to investigate. Soon enough they came out of some bushes to find a Fishy perched in a nearby tree like a bird, singing along with a Melody that was sitting on a tree stump, while Bunnies danced about. The Fishy's song became a shrill yelp as it saw the intruders, and the other viruses reacted with hostility at the interruption.

Melody: 80HP
BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
Fishy: 90HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP
Arteru.SP: 30HP

-Battle 2: Start!!-
"H-hey, wait up. Arteru! C'mon buddy, we gotta work together here" Musou was trying pretty hard to make up for or at least cover up the slight his SP took offense to earlier. But the wolf, walking ahead of Musou a bit, seemed far more interested int he scenery. Or the viruses they were closing in on. Or thin air. Anything else really.

Getting distracted and tripping over entire groups of viruses seemed to be a bad habit Musou was developing. Especially for someone who had dreams of bring peace to the networks. Not to mention someone who was a trained martial artist with a freakin' sixth sense literally on all the time. But at least he heard them and was able to stop short of stepping on them. That would have been hard to be diplomatic about.

Arteru crouched low, sensing the hostility suddenly building in the air and showed his teeth to the Bunnys. Musou tried to intervene, in an effort to be diplomatic. "Calm down Arteru. They were just minding their own business when we showed up. Not like they were tearing things apart. Good viruses, right?" He gave a smile to them, trying to put them at ease.

The wolf though, wasn't buying it. "What? What kind of stupid-crazy fighting navi, loaded with the chips you have doesn't cruise through the net, picking up quick chips and cash? Not to mention the tasty frags.. Mmmh" It was a bit hard for him to not drool, thinking about it as he kept his attention locked onto who he assumed were there opponents.

Musou scratched the back of his head "H-hey. Calm down. I'd like to bring peace to the net. If these guys want to help, or just be left alone to play and enjoy life, that's fine. Everyone should be able to do that. I'd be pretty mad if someone came into my PET and just wiped me out for cash"

Arteru boggled at the idea but shrugged "Ugh. Fine, we will try it your way. Dunno how the hell you expect to get any stronger or train up by NOT fighting though" The wolf noticed none of the viruses were of the lupine variety, so his odds of being able to communicate with them were pretty slim, but hey, master wanted to see him try and make nice? He would at least try. Once. The wolf stood down, not hunching over aggressively any more, looking more like a bit golden puppy. Well, still a wolf but a nice(?) wolf. Honestly, he expected to have to avoid a volley of shots and send a few I told you so's the navi's way.

Kenji, meanwhile, stopped reading over the literal textbook that his VR goggles, headset-thingy, that he got for his birthday, came with. He started paying close attention, trying to record any kinds of chirps or noises the viruses might make in response. And hopefully not the yelps and cries of his navi and SP.

Musou raised his hands, in a passive manor, trying to show no hostility. It had worked before, why not now?

Of course, he was naive, not quite stupid. He was aware that these viruses could make short work of his SP and set his progress back a ways, but it was a risk he felt he needed to take. Someone had to be the one to offer peace. "Hey guys.. Um nice song you were singing. And the dances. Very, um, beautiful" He clapped his hands together and bowed towards the viruses.

"I'm Musou and this is my wolf, Arteru" He motions to the golden SP standing near him. "We want to make the net safe for peace. So guys like you can have fun and not be scared" Musou wasn't really sure where he was going with this, he didn't honestly know how intelligent these viruses even were, or if they would even listen to him if they were. He had no ability to sing or dance so figured he wouldn't shame himself, instead he just looked up hopefully "Uhhm lets be friends?"

1 - Try to make friends!
Arteru - Weary but willing to go with it (Dodge)...

2 - Try to make friends!

3 - Peace and love, man!
The viruses suddenly stopped their offensive posturing as the Navi and his SP made gestures of friendship and peace. They moved into a huddle and began chattering amongst themselves on what to do, glancing up at the Navi and his SP from time to time. Their chatter seemed unsure.

Musou could probably try to press friendship with the viruses, or perhaps leave without a fight... or attempt a sneak attack now that they were all huddled together.

Melody: 80HP
BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
Fishy: 90HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP
Arteru.SP: 30HP

-Battle 2: Continue??-
The navi waited a few moments, watching the viruses huddle and chat. To him, that at least meant they were intelligent enough to consider and discuss the idea. He had seen other groups of viruses do the same thing and he was becoming convinced that, among the different families of viruses, intelligence was varied. Cannons and mechanical devices seemed to be simple, stupid and set to kill. Everything else, though seemed to be smarter than that.

Musou turned to his SP and said "See, Arteru? They are talking it over. Does peace still seem like such a bad idea?"

The wolf, still mostly unconvinced, just shook his head and waited "Just wait for it.. They haven't started smiling and playing yet" The wolf snorted and watched the viruses wearily, before looking to his navi and adding "Besides, what do you hope to gain here?"

The navi scratched the back of his head and gave a sheepish grin "I'm not sure, really. It would be nice to get a start on my idea for a net militia. I could take these guys back to my homepage dojo and teach them martial arts. And Sensei could probably code up some kind of self-defense weapons and armor for them"

At that last statement, Kenji sputtered "W-what? Code weapons and armor for them?"

Musou nodded "Yeah, Sensei. How does that saying go? Something about if we talk the talk we gotta walk the walk? Actions speak louder than words? Something like that"

Kenji bit his lower lip and said in a worried tone "Musou... Look, I think it's a great idea to find the viruses who just want peace, organize them, train them in the dojo and stuff. Give them tools to help them live peaceful lives. To defend themselves and help us defend the net, if they want to. Only if they want to. Everyone has a right to just be left alone. That's what peace is all about"

Arteru boggled again, listening to the conversation and only able to come to the conclusion that Kenji was on board with all this but maybe not as far as Musou was. Navis deleted viruses. It's just how things were. Viruses tore stuff up just.. Well because they were viruses. The rewards for busting were secondary to keeping order in the net, right?

Musou said firmly "Look. Sensei. You said if I really believed in something you would help me out or at least not stand in my way. You said you wouldn't be some kind of tyrant, just pretending you were giving me free will or a choice. So here's the moment of truth. You want to bring peace across the net and train viruses to defend themselves. I want you to take it a step further and give them the tools to do just that"

"B-but Musou, it's not what I want, it's.. Uh.. Arming viruses with weapons and armor just sounds.. I mean.. They have their own tools to defend themselves already" Kenji stammers, realizing Musou's point but trying to figure out some way to not quite go that far.

"You want me to teach them karate. Kobayashi-do, your family's style. How is that any different from arming them?" Musou seemed pretty set on things.

Kenji hesitated but finally said "Karate requires discipline. Part of learning to defend yourself is learning to control yourself. To be peaceful. Weapons are just weapons. You get one, you start stabbing things.. Musou, I need time to think this over, alright?"

The navi shook his head "And your trying to tell me there are no people who learn karate and then go brutalize others? It's a tool, Sensei. A really awesome one, but it's still just a tool. I'm sure people who learn fighting styles with weapons have their traditions and discipline too.. It's up to the person, or navi, or whatever, how they use it. I promise you, if I wind up creating some kind of monster.. Some.. Students that just want to bully and destroy the net, I'll take care of them"

Seemed their conversation was over for the time being. At any rate, it was a rather long talk, in the middle of what was, or is a battle. By this time, the only member of their group still expecting any kind of action is Arteru.

After all, it's not like Musou, Kenji and Arteru were whispering or anything. If the viruses had any ability to understand human language (Electopian, to be precise), they would have heard Musou's intentions. He wanted to make friends and bring peace. But he needed soldiers. It was the viruses choice and he would respect that.

1 - Make friends!
Arteru - Think they are all nuts... (Dodge)

2 - Strengthen resolve. Peace to the net!

3 - Wait for viruses to finish up.
The viruses came to some sort of conclusion. The Fishy flew back up to perch in the tree as the Melody sat back down on the tree stump and began to sing again. The Bunnies began hopping about also. Seems as if they decided to let the Navi and his SP pass, or enjoy the singing.

Melody: 80HP
BunnyA: 50HP
BunnyB: 50HP
Fishy: 90HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP
Arteru.SP: 30HP

-Battle 2: Suspended!!-
(changing Arteru's speech to orange. Yellow is too damn hard to read)

Kenji nodded and mumbled a "Good job", before going back to reading the manual for his headset. Musou flashed Arteru a grin and sat down on the grass to listen and enjoy the singing. The wolf, still in disbelief, sat next to Musou to listen as well.

"Huh.. Your something else, Musou" Arteru yawned and bobbed his head a bit as he scratched a rear paw up at his ear. "Just sayin"

The navi shrugged "What's wrong with peace? It's what I'm fighting for after all" The navi reflected for a moment and added "This is probably as close as we can get to taking in nature. Listening to the birds and stuff"

Arteru chuckled with a toothy smile "How long can you keep this game up, eh?" Musou blinked and gave a perplexed look "Game? What do you mean?"

Arteru gave a snort "The more things you refuse to fight, the less power you are gonna have. You already want to do something.. Eh.. Difficult. You will need to be a lot stronger to stand against the world" he gives a shrug, as best a wolf can "Your gonna need chips and cash and busting just.. Well gets that. And not only that, but I can smell the bugs in these guys.. Your denying me power too. Easy power, by the looks of it" He watches the viruses, appreciating the quiet but still... Hungry.

Musou sighs "Look, I know this isn't going to be easy. But it's not like there aren't plenty of crazy viruses and bad guys out there to fight. Every fight won through peace is a different kind of victory too, ya know? Wars have been going on since.. Well since people existed. We were all made by them. Inherited their spirit. Their will. Their wars.. It wont end unless we do something drastic. Something different. I'm afraid even the Net Police have it wrong"

The navi watches the viruses play for a minute, while he and his SP reflect. Finally, he adds "I wont ever blame the people who just help. It's not their fault. But.. I mean, people think you either treat the symptoms or take out the source, right?"

Not sure where Musou is going with this, Arteru shrugs. The navi looks to the skies of ACDC and says "I don't think that's right. There are perspectives and opinions and stuff. Even if you don't count all the crazy, greedy, hateful people, navis, viruses and stuff.. There are people who have their own reasons to fight. Like, I could see navis from that orphanage going to the Mafia. They seem to help, even when the police wont. There were police there, yeah but they were expecting trouble. Some of them might not have cared about the orphans or unfortunate navis"

Arteru mumbles "Just itchin' for a fight, huh?" Musou shrugs "Well, maybe. I don't know. It wouldn't be fair to assume the worst in people. But I'm saying problems arise because they are allowed to. If the system allows people to war, maybe it's the system that needs looked at" Arteru gives a 'huh', as he ponders for a moment and says "I'm not sayin' your all wrong. I guess it's even kinda commendable, what you want to do. But.. I dunno, don't viruses appear pretty much out of thin air? And don't most of them want to just tear stuff up? Hell, some people even make viruses that cant think. Just full of hate, right?"

Musou gives a grim, sad smile and says "It's not just people that make viruses. I've been inside a warehouse on the net where a very smart metool was upgrading viruses to be bionic. Hell of a lot stronger and tougher. I tried to make peace with him but.. Well, he even had a translator capable of understanding me and we just disagreed. I was going to walk away but we got jumped by.. Well someone. Some lady named Carbunkle. She looked like she was part of the Mafia but she had official NP documents, so I wonder. She was either very good at her job or maybe even a part of the police.. Some kind of undercover swat team maybe" Arteru and he went quiet as they were both lost in thought for a while. Eventually though, it all had to come to an end. They had to get going.

Musou stands and waves to the viruses. He gives a bow in respect and says "Thanks guys, this was great. I love your singing. You look like your all having lots of fun" He hesitates a moment and continues "Uhm.. I'm trying to bring peace to our home, the net. I'll train and equip anyone who wants to help defend peace. Any of you want to join me? I need all the friends I can get in this. Plus, my homepage is safe. It's a cool, quiet dojo. But my operator is good at making stuff so if you prefer fields, playgrounds, whatever, it could happen. It's safe too, nobody will be coming to hunt you down. If you don't want to join can you at least tell all your friends about me? I'm serious here"
The Melody stopped singing for a moment to nod its head. The Bunnies waved as Musou and Arteru left them. They seemed content where they were.
Musou and Arteru head off, the navi sad that he couldn't recruit any new allies. At least he had another peaceful encounter. That was better than a battle, right?

Pondering philosophy and stuff, they head on into the net...

[Requesting Battle 3(2?)]
As the Navi and SP came back into the suburbs. Shrubs, shrubs everywhere! Glowing yellow eyes staring out of the shrubs.

ShrubbyA: 50HP
ShrubbyB: 50HP
ShrubbyC: 50HP
ShrubbyD: 50HP

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP
Arteru.SP: 30HP

-Battle 2: Start!!-
"-It looks like I can use this anywhere that Mr Prog can go safely. You already know that I can make it look like me using my webcam. I've been messing around with it, doing a couple katas in the computer's dojo. Seems to work fine, as long as I don't trip over or break anything in my room" Kenji rattled off the things he had been experimenting with while they were on their walk through ACDC.

"So.. Nothing new, then? You pretty much knew all that before" Musou figured Kenji was still excited about the simple features, but it wasn't like him to loose focus. It reminded the navi that his operator was still a kid, after all.

Kenji was excited, but with an edge of annoyance in his voice (apparently he surmised what Musou was thinking when he said it) "Yeah well, Mr Smartypants navi. I don't exactly have interfaces and stuff like you. The manuals and software packets that come with your goodies are processed a lot faster then my stuff. Trust me, if I could just plug myself into the net and learn stuff in a flash I would"

Musou chuckled "What? That sounds like cheating. Don't tell me that the king of hard work and practice wants things to be easier for him"

Suddenly, Arteru snapped at them, silencing the pair "Quiet! We're not alone" Musou stopped and looked around wildly for a moment, before opening up his senses, attuning himself to the surroundings. "Uhh I'm not sure I can make friends with these"

The wolf rolled his eyes and crouched, getting ready for battle "Not everything you see will be able to talk, let alone willing. I'm telling you, viruses willing to talk or let you go are the exception. Ones you make friends with and recruit? Yeah, if you find any you better keep em real safe"

Kenji slid the headset off and spread the battle chips in front of him on his desk, as he usually does when it's time to fight "What do you want, Musou? The DashAttack again?"

The navi shakes his head as he focuses his attention on pulling in ambient data to his body. He intermingles it with his own energy and finally holds his hands out in front of him, manifesting a barrier to protect himself.

The average navi might be confused as to which shrubs held the viruses, but as long as he wasn't in an area with a bunch of distortion or corrupt data, Musou usually had no problem pinpointing his foes. Well, invisibility notwithstanding. But that was part of the design of invisibility. Arteru, meanwhile could smell the viruses and he began to drool.

Musou noticed his companion preparing to leap into action and quickly said "Hey. Arteru, defensive! Your hurt and they are fresh. If they take you out I'm pretty much wasting my time on this run through the net" The wolf growled and sniffed the air, looking around at the shrubs and preparing to avoid any incoming attacks. Of course, he had no idea what kinds of attacks to expect, and neither did Musou.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, ass"

As Kenji got the idea of what was going on and loaded a couple chips into his navi, Musou said "It's not about confidence, it's about being practical. Besides, you might get in the way of-" The navi focuses his senses on lining up one or more of the shrubs quickly, almost instantly. He raises his hands, palm out and thumb tucked in as energy builds up in him rapidly. A moment later a hailstorm of blue energy shots flies from his hand, covering the battlefield across from him in small blasts, shots and explosions.

"-That", he finishes as he gives the smoke time to clear. The wolf snorts "And your worried about things coming at me. What would, with you showing off like that" The navi nodded, keeping his eyes on the battle "That's pretty much the idea", he said.

He kind of assumed he wouldn't get them all though, and without really waiting to find out the results, he began loading up the other chip, charging energy in his other hand. It built up into a blue ball of energy, which the navi clenched and dragged across his field of vision. It violently released along the path it was taken, sending a much less impressive, if more concentrated volley of blue energy into the shrubs.

1 - Activate Sig: Data Shield [4-Hit Shield; 2 TCD]
Arteru - Reluctantly staying back (Dodge)

- Passive Sig: Attunement [Take Aim] To line up Shrubbys
2 - Use Battlechip: MachineGun1 (30 x 9 Shots + Spray Fire) @ ShrubbyA

3 - Use Battlechip: Shotgun (50+Spread1) @ ShrubbyC

[Passive Sig Attunement: Used, pre-action2)
[Battlechips Used: MachineGun1, Shotgun]
[Sig: Data Shield cooldown: 2]
[Bash: Unused]
Musou and his wolf didn't seem to mind all the guerrilla tactics the Shrubbys were trying to do, trying to sneak around unnoticed with the shrubs hiding their presence. After all, good defense and unrelenting offense is all you need to ruin a viable plan. The shield withstood two direct hits from rolling logs and Musou was able to retaliate with barrages of energy blasts, deleting three viruses effectively. One Shrubby still stood after taking a single stray blast, but it tried to play things smart and hide deeper into the shrubs rather than taking the navi head on!

ShrubbyB: 20HP [Hidden!]

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP [2-hit Shield]
Arteru.SP: 30HP
Musou looked around as things began to settle from all his rapid blasts. He knew something was left out there, but not where exactly.. Although he did his best to lock his sixth sense onto the thing hidden in the shrubs.. He still kept his fighting stance, looking suitably frustrated and confused. Of course, it was the viruses who should have been frustrated, their opponent had been of a caliber they hadn't been prepared for. And unlike navis, viruses didn't get second chances, really.

Kenji placed the used chips in a small stack on the side of his desk. He looked over the others, thought for a moment and grabbed their fire chips. "It wants to hide in shrubs? Try these", the boy said as he dropped in a pair of chips.

Arteru sniffed the air, looking around annoyed "Grr, everything smells burnt and blasted. How am I supposed to even help?"

Musou shook his head, as chip data began to enter his mind "You let me worry about that. Stay on the defensive. This run through was all about beefing you up. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to find allies, save lives, bring peace and all but.. We had a practical goal in mind here. Stay safe"

The wolf frowned. He didn't like being babied, but there wasn't much he could do in this situation except try to not get flattened by one of those logs. "Whatever", he said simply as he tried to keep on his toes. He had been able to make out the sound of logs rustling through shrubs before so maybe if he kept his ears open and his wits about him he could keep safely out of the way.

Musou, meanwhile, raised on of his hands and data flowed through him and rose to pour out in his palm. In a moment it had formed into a long bo staff, normally reserved for martial artists fighting, but this one had a red ruby on one end. He spun it around expertly and planted one end into the ground, before releasing it and taking a step back. The staff remained upright, either because it was planted into the ground or floating on it's own power. Either way, the tip began to glow as blazing meteors began to fall down from the sky, generally locked upon their foe, or so Musou hoped. Either way the navi wasn't done yet.

The martial artist clenched his fists, the data pouring into them and mixing with his ki to light them aflame. It was like this that he paused, letting the flames burn and gathered his focus. He would simply wait for the thing to reveal it's self. If it shot a log, he would throw a flaming punch into the shrub it came from. And just in case, he had a second punch. Maybe none of it would matter and the meteors would finish the virus off.

-Passive Sig: Attunement [Take Aim] To try and guide Meteors to hidden target.
1 - Use Battlechip: Meteor9 (100hp, ObjDmg:10fire, Dmg:30fire, 3x/rd, 3random enemies, 3rd duration) @ ShrubbyB (Meteors left:9)

Arteru - Dodge!

2 - Turnsplice (Waiting for virus to appear to nail it with a FireHit1)

3 - " "

(FireHit1 (60+Impact+Double Attack, Elem:Fire, 2nd hit requires xtra action))

[Passive Sig Attunement: Used, pre-action1)
[Battlechips Used: MachineGun1, Shotgun, Meteor9]
[Sig: Data Shield cooldown: 1]
[Bash: Unused]
The meteors rained down and began setting the brush on fire. The Shrubby virus remaining leapt from its hiding spot and launched a log at the duo. Arteru evaded as it struck Musou's shield and bounced off. Musou retaliated with a fiery punch, igniting the poor Shrubby and sending it to its burning doom amidst the brush fire.

ShrubbyA: Deleted
ShrubbyB: Deleted
ShrubbyC: Deleted
ShrubbyD: Deleted

100% Normal

Musou.EXE: 210HP [1-hit Shield]
Arteru.SP: 30HP

-Battle 2: Victory!!-
Rewards: 10 Bugfrags, 360z, RollingLog1

Quote (Battlechip)

Damage: 50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2) + Double Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Rolls a log at enemies. Can hit up to two enemies at once per log.
Duration: Up to 2 uses before the end of the turn.
Element: Wood
Special: Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn.
Note: This chip used to be known as RingLog1