Beginning of Viral Destruction!

"So this is the Rogue Net."

Voulge slammed down onto the grassy ground as a pure red light and lit up few of the vegetations surrounding him. Standing tall, the navi pierced the spear onto the ground and literally burned all the grasses and trees surrounding him with the help of his lava [Vulcan Sarissa] and retracted it back, leaving nothing but burnt soil. "It'll be dangerous if the viruses would ambush me...Let's go, Ignis and Licht."

The two crystal flames materialized behind Voulge and began to fly besides his shoulder. "Hey! Is it alright for you to burn all these up? Isn't there like a park ranger that can arrest you or somethin'? If so, good luck!" Voulge sighed and swayed his head left and right, "No park ranger would come to the Rogue net and yell about us burning a small part of the forest when his life is in danger. Come, let's go on." The spearman pulled the Lancea off the ground and began to walk northwards...
In a flash of light, SplashLady arrived on the scene at NetFrica...and immediately felt that something was off. "What's that smell? ...Ahhh!!" Some other Navi was burning part of the Net...that was decidedly NOT cool. In the figurative sense as well as literal. "Hey, what's the deal?! Why'd you burn all to the ground?!" Raising her spear, she began sprinkling some water down upon the scorched cyberearth, to make sure it didn't turn into some area wide fire.
Before Voulge could leave the burnt area he created, he felt a presence behind him and momentarily stopped, "A virus so soon!" He quickly turned and had the Lancea on hand, already prepared to fight off...a navi. Surprised to see another navi in the Rogue net, and even more caught off when it was carelessly spraying water over the fires, the spearman lowered his weapon and slowly approached the navi. "I apologize about the fires...I was too cautious."
Good, at least he seemed to realize that burning a grassy area was stupid. ...Wait, what'd he say? "Wait, burning stuff counts as cautious?!...Never mind, I don't think I really want to know..."

"Hmm?" A second voice appeared from SplashLady's vicinity, with her operator finally taking a good look at her PET screen. It was soon accompanied by a window with her face on it. "Hey, weren't you in the tournament? You're, uh..." ...16 and she was already senile. She never ceased to amaze herself. "Well, anyway, in case you forgot yourself, I'm Sabrina Jetto, and this is one of my Navis, SplashLady!"

"Yep! Nice to meet you!" Actually, now that Sabrina mentioned it, one of SplashMan's memories was conveniently surfacing. "Oh, wait! I remember you now! You're Voulge, aren't you? I don't think you stayed in the lobby too long, but I'm pretty sure we met!"
After a closer inspection, Voulge began to remember who the navi was. He recalled the time when he was interacting with other navis in the tournament lobby and she was one of those navis.

"Ah, yes. SplashLady, I remember you." Giving a small bow towards the navi, he sheathed his Lancea onto his back and lowered his guard. "I apologize again about the fire. This is my first time treading into the Rogue net and didn't want anything catch me in a surprise." Next to Voulge appeared a thin holographic screen, showing Marius sitting on a computer chair, smiling. "Hahaha, isn't this a coincidence? Nice to see you again, Sabrina. What are you doing in this place?"
"Yeah, I'm surprised there's someone else all the way out here!" Okay...why they were here. Um... "Er, we wanted a challenge!" Well, she certainly couldn't say the truth. "Oh, hey! I got an awesome idea! NetFrica's full of grass, so Voulge would be really strong here, right? And if there's viruses here that could try to use that trick against us, SplashLady could just wash them away! ...And any forest fires that may or may not be accidentally caused. So, what do you say we team up?"

"Ooh, that'd be nice! Two spear wielding Navis, tearing up teams of viruses...I think we'd make a good team!" The mermaid Navi tipped her spear forward towards the fiery knight, smiling. "How about it? Wanna?"
Voulge smiled and offered his spear to SplashLady, crossing each others spears. "I'll gladly accept." After forming the pact, the two crystals hiding behind Voulge came out leisurely and began to examine SplashLady. " *Whistle* Damn Voulge, you just got some nice piece of a-- *Smack*" Voulge stopped Ignis' mouth from running amok with the flat side of his blade, "Manners, Ignis.", even though it was a small tap, it almost sent the SP flying into the forest abyss. "THEN JUST TELL ME TO SHUT UP! GAWD, IT HURTS LIKE HELL!" Smacking him away from SplashLady once more, Voulge let out sigh and began walking towards the forest.

"Don't mind him...Shall we proceed?"

The two newly acquainted Navis set off to find some hapless viruses to delete. Not long after they began walking, they came across a flat grassy area dotted with rocks. The first thing they saw was a pack of red Spikeys. The viruses immediately noticed SplashLady and Voulge and started running towards them. Two small blurs darted past the Navis and hid behind the rocks. Finally, some buzzing insects armed with magnets sped into the area after hearing the commotion. Battle time.

Spikey2A: 190HP
Spikey2B: 190HP
Spikey2C: 190HP
Genin2A: 140HP (Behind RockA)
Genin2B: 140HP (Behind RockB)
MagTec+A: 160HP
MagTec+B: 160HP

RockA: 100HP
RockB: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

SplashLady: 275HP
Voulge: 225HP
Ignis.SP: 80HP
Licht.SP: 40HP

Battle 1 Start!
And so it began. The spear wielders had encountered a group of mostly pink-red viruses, with a couple of blue ones added for good measure. So, in addition to being really tough, did that mean they were color coordinated? "Well, what's the plan, Sabrina? I can't figure out what we should go after first..."

"Okay! Hmm...well, I think it's kinda obvious. You're Aqua, Voulge isn't, and they're Fire. It makes sense!"

"Yeah, good point!" Despite knowing what was first up, SplashLady didn't do a thing to adjust towards the Spikey2. After all, tipping the viruses off was bad enough to begin with. To do so with second version would be stupid. "Okay, Voulge! Here's the plan! I'll work on the Spikey2, and you take care of the MagTec+s! Then we can both handle the Ninky!"

Hmm...they WERE called Ninky, weren't they? Yeesh, some of these virus names..." Shrugging it off, Sabrina whipped out a pair of chips, and wasted approximately zero time in sending them over to her Navi. "Let's try and take them out in one shot! Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, Blizzard! Double slot in!"

With a twirl of her spear, the mermaid Navi disappeared from her location, warping over to behind the backs of the fiery dogs, and reformed with her weapon pointing downward, and charged with ice energy. She sliced in front of her with all her might...which, while it did absolutely nothing in terms of damage, did begin to freeze the air, which spread over a short distance. Even the grass below it turned into a winter wonderland as it was touched by the icy gale.

That attack alone could have ended the Spikey infestation...but just in case, it might be wise to do something else. And so, the green and blue Navi began to twirl her spear, causing two spirals of water to begin circling her, until they merged above her head. Once it had, her non-sharp weapon was stopped on a dime, pointed directly towards where she perceived one of the hellhounds to be, which caused the water to rocket forward towards its pre-set destination. "Blizzard and Water Splash oughta do it, I think! Now, what do we do about those Ninky?"

"Hang on, lemme bring up the data for them...says here that they like to hide behind obstacles, then warp forward and attack if they're targeted...doesn't say how, but I guess it's with those knives they carry."

"They're called kunai, Sabrina. They're a special kind Electopian knife!

"...Whatever. Do you wanna get sliced up by them or not?"

"Not really. So, how do you plan on having me avoiding that?"

"Well, unless they can throw the If they can't, they'll probably have to get close. And that'll be our chance!" Yet again, the girl sent over two chips simultaneously. "Battlechip, Bubbler! Battlechip, MoonBlade! Double slot in!"

"...Close enough, Sabrina..." Her operator couldn't speak Electopian to save her life...good thing she didn't need to in order to use battlechips. As she thought this, both weapons formed on SplashLady at the same time, with a Bubbler gun formed over her free left arm, and each end of her spear becoming MoonBlade's kunai. She couldn't cut up either of the ninjas from where she stood, so the ranged weapon would be the first to be utilized. Like many a distanced attack, it utilized the usual 'point and shoot' interface. So, she simply raised her arm so that it pointed towards the rock, and set forth the bubble blast towards the stone...

Which, ideally, would hit the rock, and send a Ninky forward to try and slice her in two. Hence the blades at each end of the spear, as that would allow her to slice it up first with a vicious spinning attack. And if that didn't cut it, so to speak, there was always the old-fashioned approach of running away from the virus like a total wuss.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Spikey2 group (teleports user)
2-Blizzard chip attack on Spikey2A, Spikey2B, and Spikey2C (100+15, Aqua, creates ice terrain) (Aqua Boost)
2a-Reserve Tank R sig move (passive charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L sig move (passive charge)
3-Charge Attack on leftover Spikey2 (120, Aqua)
4-Bubbler chip attack on Rock in front of Genin2A and Genin2A (50+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
5-MoonBlade1 chip attack on any attacking Genin2 (90, Slashing)
"So many viruses at once, the Rogue net is just as ferocious as I heard!"

Voulge was calm and composed, despite the Spikeys running towards him in full speed and the other viruses nearly surrounding him. He pulled the Lancea from the back, rustling the chain connected at the end, and gave it a few practice swings before assuming a combat position. "Voulge, sending in the chips right now. Get ready and be careful!" Just before he was about begin the fight, he looked to his side and saw SplashLady. It's been a while since Voulge had a companion like this and he would need to depend on her to fight this battle. After hearing what she had the suggest, he gave a single nod at his new partner, "Sounds like a plan."

Ignis and Licht flew to Voulge's side, letting out a brilliant shine within their crystal body. "Alright! Time for some beat down!" Ignis began to conjure multiple fireballs In front of him, ready to fire at any given moment. However, Voulge abruptly stopped the SP from attacking by crossing his spear ahead of the fireballs. "Maybe you didn't realize, but you need to stay put. If one of these viruses gets to you, you're finished.". Ignis was pissed, but having a closer look at the viruses, he realized how ferocious they were and knew that Voulge's words were true. He snuffed out the fire and began his usual hiding, "Che, Why'd you come to this stupid place in the first place...Hogging all the actions!"

Shining brighter than before, Licht began to revolve his two bodies around the single droplet until it was nearly a blur. A sound of a glass cracking echoed through the net as the two bodies literally catapulted away from each other and crashed against Voulge's shins, merging the armor and the SP together. The final product was two lean emerald crystals embedded on the armor, causing nearly invisible, green flames to shroud the navi's leg. After the junction was complete, Voulge stretched his palms forward and began to collect anything he could find to create his shield: dried roots and grasses, pebbles, dirts, anything. Once sufficient materials were gathered, He clasped both his hands together and sent all of it into a single point to create a tightly packed shield.

"Regret the day you crossed my...No, our spears!"

The invisible emerald flames took its shape and became much more violent than before. It nearly covered up Voulge's entire lower body and began to form around him, but it didn't even singe the grass beneath. With a gusty explosion, the green flame swallowed the navi and left behind a heat-wave after image of himself viciously holding his Lancea while Voulge slipped through the grass and arrived just behind the (hopefully) confused MagTects.

Voulge pulled out three throwing daggers from his brigandine, all reeking with the stench of dried oil, and sparked them against the Lancea's blade. The flames lit up and grew two times longer than the length of the dagger blade. Voulge reeled the dagger behind his back and threw the daggers in an expert precision, all traveling in a triangular fashion and created a wing of flame, soaring and burning everything in its path. While the Phoenixshot is a powerful chip to begin with, it wouldn't be sufficient enough to do some real damages on these rogue viruses. Fortunately, the grass field laid around the battlefield was just right with the dryness, length, and the balance, making it a great fuel source for Voulge's flame.

In a blink, the fire wing made contact with something, either the virus or the ground, and exploded in a towering inferno. This would be enough to finish the MagTecs off in one blow, but Voulge wasn't risking any chances and immediately leaped into the fire. As the heat didn't affect him what so ever, he leisurely ran towards what virus could have survived the explosion and readied his spear. Uploading the chip data through the weapon, the blade and the hilt expanded and formed into a dull, but a gigantic glaive. Though it was much heavier than before, Voulge had little to no problem handling it and rushed right into any virus that survived the attack, taking a wide, power swing in front of him.

"Don't be too reckless! Plan ahead!"

Licht took head of Marius' advise and began to rev up and spew out some more flames. "Roger." The navi leapt away from the walls of flame, and to his surprise, his speed was greatly increased thanks to Licht's junctioning abilities. Voulge was having some hard time adjusting to his new ability, but he was able to get into a safer area and continued his assault.

Voulge held the Lancea with two hands and transformed into a dull metal gunlance the second after. He locked the long hilt beneath his armpit for a secure grip and held tightly onto the trigger handle of the enormous contraption. After loading the first ammo in, the gunlance began to pump out steams from every cracks and corners possible, letting out as much heat as possible so it wouldn't be overwhelmed by the raw power of the Magnum chip. It took a few seconds before it was finally able to handle it in a stabilized temperature and Voulge took off like a dart when it was ready. Almost like a professional marksman, Voulge held the gunlance with two hands and peered through an iron sight on top of the weapon with his right, crimson eye. With the two Genins locked on through the sight, the navi rapidly pulled the trigger twice to simultaneously fire two bullets the size of an artillery shelling at the viruses. In mid-flight, the bullets ignited in flames and acted more as a rocket than a simple bullet when it blasted out into a much larger hellstorm than the Phoenixshot.

After this, no virus could've survived the attack unless they were lucky enough to dodge the attacks, but Voulge made sure that he wasn't going to leave any one of them behind. He let out the empty shell from the magnum and loading the next one, the gunlance cooled down immediately into a chilled state as the next chip was the Bubble-V chip. With whatever that was in his vision, Voulge took the shot of shotgun slug-like bubbles right towards them.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
Ignis: Dodge x2
Licht: Mobility Junction [Evasion+ for Voulge]
Licht: Pilum Force [Decoy / Movement / 1TCD] behind Magtec+ Group
1. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] (x2 Grass Panel = 170) / Wide] @ MagTec+ A/B
2. BigHammer [160 / Impact / Break / Melee] @ Surviving MagTec+
Licht: Dodge w/ Voulge [Evasion+ / [b]AFTERBURNER[/b]]
3. Charge Magnum
4. Magnum [120+[color=red]15[/color] (x2 Grass Panel = 270) / Break / Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3) / Crack Panel] @ Genin2 A/B
5. Bubble-V [80 / Spread 2] @ Surviving Virus / Surviving Virus

Pilum Force: 1 Turn
Starting off, SplashLady initiated a winter force attack, deleting the Spikey force without delay, and creating some Ice terrain under where they stood. Then, instead of hitting a Spikey, her leftover attack was aimed at a rock, smashing it and exposing the Genin hiding behind it. Voulge made for behind the Magtects, which attacked the image Voulge created uselessly. Meanwhile, SplashLady shot a Bubbler at the exposed Genin, managing to damage it and its nearby neighbor as well! Enraged, the Genin both attacked her up close, only to be sliced by her quick Moonblade maneuver. Voulge, meanwhile, shot a burning wing towards the surviving Magtec+, deleting them instantly.

Good job, team.

Spikey2A: Froze
Spikey2B: Iced
Spikey2C: Brrrr!
Genin2A: Sliced
Genin2B: Cleaved
MagTec+A: Burn
MagTec+B: Fiah

RockA: Deleted
RockB: 50HP

Terrain: 70% Grass, 20% Ice, 10% Normal

SplashLady: 275HP
Voulge: 225HP
Ignis.SP: 80HP
Licht.SP: 40HP

Battle 1 - Victory!
SplashLady: 1500z, Heat-V, 3 FXP (+1 Rogue Net) (+2 Earlier Interaction)
Voulge: 1000z, 16 Bugfrags, 3 FXP (+1 Rogue Net) (+2 Earlier Interaction)
Voulge took the rewards he could find from the Magtecs he deleted, not even touching the rest SplashLady has claimed for a righteous sake, and began preparing for the next battle. "With a comrade like your self, the Rogue net doesn't feel all that difficult. I should thank you for your help." Sheating his spear onto his back, Voulge and his two SPs began walking further into the net...

As soon as the final virus fell, two piles of data formed: one where the MagTec+ had once floated, the other where the Spikey2 had fallen. Deciding to take the one that was rightfully hers, SplashLady pointed her spear at the latter, causing it to make its way towards the PET she was connected with. "I think I sensed chip data in there, Sabrina, so get ready!"

And indeed, there was such data in there, along with the cash. ...Heat-V? Eh, maybe she could trade it for something good. "Yep, sure is! It's a Heat-V, though, so nothing for us to get too excited about."

"Dang!" Shaking her head slightly that it wasn't something the Ninky dropped, the Aqua Navi listened to her partner's praise of her. "Well, thanks! You're not too bad yourself, you know! I think we're going to be a really nice team!" Watching somewhat enviously as Voulge put his spear away, she started to move along with him. Lucky him, she had to carry hers around, no matter what...

As the ambitious spearman (and er, spearwoman?) ventured further into the Rogue Net, the grass quickly degraded somewhat to very dry ground, some of it cracked it places. There could even be some sand seen in small patches around the area. Going further in, they encountered some knights in red armor, preparing for a fight by sparring against each other. It looks as if one is guarding... ooh, a shiny green diamond! Some spectators were also cheering for their favorite Swordy, among them some candles, a few strange weights, and some smaller viruses holding gigantic masks in front of their heads.

Suddenly, one of the audience spots the two warriors, and the viruses all looked in their direction, giving hostile looks. Seems they don't like being disturbed.

-- Middle of 'Arena' --
Swordy-F2A: 160HP
Swordy-F2B: 160HP
Swordy-F2C: 160HP
Swordy-F2EX: 200HP [Guarding Mystery Data]
Green Mystery Data: 60HP

-- Left Side of Spectators --
HauntedCandle2A: 200HP
HauntedCandle2B: 200HP
HauntedCandle2C: 200HP
PoofBallA: 220HP

-- Right Side of Spectators --
HeavierA: 125HP
HeavierB: 125HP
HeavierC: 125HP
PoofBallB: 220HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Cracked (in patches scattered around), 10% Sand (also scattered)

SplashLady: 275HP
Voulge: 225HP
Ignis.SP: 80HP
Licht.SP: 40HP

"Looks like we stumbled up on a trouble..."

Quickly eyeing the Swordies and the spectator viruses, Voulge tried to make the best of the hectic situation him and SplashLady found themselves in. He saw the viruses separated into three groups, one with the Swordies, other filled with HauntedCandles, and the others with Heavies. Taking upon the elemental advantages, he gave a quick signal to his companion and began to prepare for the battle. "I'll take care of the right area; the Haunted Candles are all yours." With another analysis at the battlefield, something caught his eyes, spiked masks that screamed danger for the veteran navi. "...Make sure to take care of them as well. The Swordy can wait!"

Licht separated from its main body and locked into the leg armor, allowing a small boost of speed and a bit of levitation for Voulge so the cracked panels wouldn't prove to be an obstacle. Ignis, however, immediately saw the level of danger and placed all his efforts to stay the hell away from the battle. "Er...GOOD LUCK!". Voulge shook his head in pity, seeing how the cocky SP always needs to hide from the battle; he actually considered a large upgrade for him when the chance comes. Stretching his hands forward, holding up the Lancea in a horizontal fashion, Voulge began to gather the debris and even pieces from the cracked panels and formed a rocky shield in front of him.

Voulge lifted the Lancea's blade up into the sky and brought down a single swipe straight down, cutting through the concrete grounds and blasting up two pillars that was nearly the size of a car. Both pillars revolved around the tip of the spear's blade and caused a few limitations in Voulge's movements, but he didn't think about this disadvantage and ran straight towards the viruses on the right side. While he was running, a small screen showing Marius appeared to Voulge's side, "I've uploaded the GolemHit, anything else you need?" There wasn't an immediate response, but Voulge was analyzing the viruses once more with his sharp eyes. "Those Heaviers doesn't look as durable as I thought they would be...I think I can push myself a little more. Send me the following chips; I'll take care of the rest."

Now nearing the viruses, Lancea underwent a quick transformation to accommodate the chip. The blades shined in a dark, crimson light and expanded into something bigger, and bigger, and much bigger than its original size! With one giant leap, Voulge was just above the PoofBall and few of the Heavies and directed the enlarged blade straight down to the ground along with the two floating pillars. With two hands wrapped around the hilt, Voulge directed all of his weight and strength to the tip, hoping to create an even more devastating crash against the viruses. The Lancea and the rugged pillars slowly fell to the ground and picked up speed in a flash, even creating a small wind tunnel as the blade headed directly towards the PoofBall's steel mask and the pillars attempted to crash against the two Heaviers by the side.

Soon after coming contact with either the virus or the ground, Voulge quickly stepped away from the Poofball to avoid the risk of their infamous poison powders, but hoped that the lancea penetrated through its mask and left it wide open for the next attack. Preparing three oil-soaked daggers from his vest, he sparked it against the ground as he was stepping away to ignite the flames. The thick flame barely flickered even when Voulge quickly swung it over his back, but began to expand the moment it was thrown and detached from the navi's grip. Each one was thrown at different directions, but the main target was the (unarmed) PoofBall and the rest was thrown at the Heaviers. With this, the PoofBall would have been deleted while seriously damaging the other viruses...However...


Taking one more step backwards, the spearman stretched one of his hands out to materialize a golden brown Boomerang, glimmering with its metallic shine. With a simple flick of the wrist, the boomerang flew straight across the field but headed to the side of the navi rather than straight forward. Voulge calmly turned his back and turned his focus towards the knights in the middle. "Hey now, do you really have that much confidence?" The operator questioned the navi's actions, but Voulge simply smirked and began to walk towards the Knights. "Of course." The moment he uttered those words, the boomerang turned and made a full arc and headed towards the three Heaviers from the side. As if it was radio controlled, the projectile weaved back and forth to make sure to hit the designated target and returned back to Voulge's hand, disappearing the moment after.

Now the Lancea transformed into a gunlance once more and plunged the bayonet straight into the ground so he could load the ammunition into the arsenal. He opened his palm outwards and materialized a gigantic blue ammo, "Changing primary target." He cocked the gunlance to load the bullet into the chamber and aimed the barrels at the three swordies. With the middle one locked in Voulge's sight, the navi tried to adjust his angle and the aim so the two knights next or behind him would also get the taste of the Bubble-V. When everything was set, the trigger was pulled no later than a second and shot the watery bullet towards the viruses. In mid-flight, the bullet opened its outer shell to reveal complex machinery that was constantly flowing thick blue fluids. The bullet exploded like a cluster bomb and blasted the blue fluids into smaller droplets and began raining down onto the enemy!

"This should be good enough. Fall back and analyze the result along with SplashLady's" With a single nod, Voulge transformed the gunlance back to its original form and prepared for a responding evasion against any upcoming attacks. Thankfully, with Licht attached to his leg armor, Voulge could utilize the speed boost to further improve his chance of evading.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
Ignis: Dodge x2
Licht: Mobility Junction [Evasion+ / Float]
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
1. GolemHit [140 / Target Up to 2 Adjacent Opponents / Melee / Break / Panel Break] @ PoofBall B / Heavier B/C
2. Phoenixshot [70+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ PoofBall B (x2 Damage) / Heavier A/B
3. Boomerang [60 / 3-Targets] @ Heavier A/B/C (?)
4. Bubble-V [80 (x2 Element = 160) / Spread 2] @ Swordy-F2 A/B/C
5. Dodge [Evasion+]
Woo, lots more fiery things to take care of. Let's see...Swordy she knew well, but the others were completely knew. However, Voulge seemed to know them well enough, as he issued he own idea for a plan. "So, those are HauntedCandles, huh? Okay, sounds like a plan! C'mon Sabrina, let's get started!"

"Okay, but..." The mermaid Navi's operator couldn't stop looking over at that PoofBall thing. Something about it worried her. "But...that masked thing's, er, mask, seems pretty sturdy. I think we should try and avoid attacks it might be able to block..." Well, that took out most of their chip-related options...aside from one notable one. Yep, she'd like to see any ground virus block it..."So, the obvious thing to do is use things it can't block, like this! Battlechip, LilCloud! Slot in!"

SplashLady pointed her spear straight ahead, as though preparing to use an ordinary attack...then raised it skyward, where it began to spray a mist into the air. The vapor quickly assembled into a small gray cloud, and began to rush forward towards the candles. Upon it reaching the flaming ghouls, the condensed water did what it did best: send some of its water down from the heavens to the ground dwellers. It even began to move back and forth, to try and make sure all three were sufficiently doused. Now for the next move...whatever it was. "So...what's next?"

Hmm...there was always Flood Cannon, but that data in the distance, by the Swordy...sure, the odds weren't very good of it happening, but Sabrina did NOT want that to get hit, especially by a fluke she could easily avoid. "Uhh...well, first off, get closer, so you can attack the HauntedCandles directly!"

"Roger!" Having a fairly good idea of what was about to happen, the Aqua-element Navi started to make her way over towards the left side. Not that it was easy; she to avoid the double threat of unfriendly terrain and potential enemy attacks. Those candle things could probably whip up some kind of nasty fire, and the other one...well, it probably had something as well. Sticking to normal terrain en route would probably help, as it let her both avoid the dangerous spots on the ground, and give her a more unorthodox path that could aid in avoiding the accelerated oxidation onslaught.

After giving her battle partner some time to get to her preassigned enemies, the Netopian girl in Electopia whipped out the chip she intended to send over. "And now, their coup de grace! Battlechip, WideShot! Slot in!"

"Huh?" SplashLady seemed surprised to have her spearhead glow blue, having expected something a bit...sharper. Well, whatever. Approaching the mounds ghastly wax, she sliced the air, causing a )-shaped blast of water to come forth, and potentially close enough to ensure that it hit without any outside interference. Speaking of which, there was still that masked virus to deal with. "Ugh, just standing in the same area as this thing makes me feel like I'm about to hack up a lung..." Hmm...did she have lungs? Well, she used modern Navi designs, so it was hardly impossible.

"That mask looks tough to crack...but it also doesn't cover all of it, it looks like. So it should be weak from behind!" Too bad they didn't have any way to beat it in one shot. Or did they? "And I know we can manage it!" All right, two chips, coming up. One of which seemed an awful lot more worn than the other..."Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, NumberBall! Double slot in!"

The area seemed to suddenly lose one Navi, only for it to regain her as she reappeared directly behind her designated Poofball, which her left arm and palm fully extended. As soon as she fully reformed, she poured her own energy into the next attack, causing three balls to appear and rapidly slam into the nature attuned virus. Or at least, that was the ideal approach. Regardless, there were still things to worry about...such as the Swordy. "So, what's your defense plan, Sabrina? I think I could use something about now..."

"Yep!" Hmm...based on the virus data she'd brought up for this specific occasion, it looked like most of them attacked close up. So, if they attacked first...yep. that oughta work. Besides, being able to attack viruses with the very chips associated with them was always neat. "Just sit tight, and if anything gets too close, use this! Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

The mermaid Navi's spearhead became much longer and sharper, now able to slice and stab like a proper weapon. But one thing caught her eye as it darted around for imminent danger...the sight of her busting partner attacking with a bubble blast. And one much stronger than the one she was accustomed to..."What the...was that Bubbler's upgraded version?! How'd you wind up with that, Voulge?" Please, oh please don't say the Chip Trader, so she could get it herself...

[Order of Turn:
1-LilCloud chip attack on HauntedCandle2A, HauntedCandle2B, and HauntedCandle2C (70+15, Aqua, lasts for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
2-Head towards the left side, being cautious about terrain/attacks
3-WideShot1 chip attack on HauntedCandle2A, HauntedCandle2B, and HauntedCandle2C (60+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
4-AreaGrab to behind PoofBallA (warps user)
5-NumberBall1 chip attack on PoofBallA (??, hits 3 times, damage dependant on user's last two HP digits) (Present ball damage: 75)
6-AquaSword chip attack on attacking virus (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)]
Ignis took evasive maneuvers just as the battle began while Licht joined with Voulge to assist him. The Navi formed a shield from random debris and charged forward, launching into the air and activating the GolemHit. His spear grew several times larger as he did, and he finally brought the weapon down on several of the viruses. Not expecting the fierce attack, the targeted viruses all sustained damage. The remaining Heavier attacked Voulge, charging at him and smashing into the shield. Before it could touch the Navi, he skillfully dodged away.

Meanwhile, SplashLady ensured the HauntedCandles received a painful sprinkling of water. Being largely immobile candles, that was probably bad. She proceeded to finish them off by hitting the still immobile candles with a wave of water.

Voulge's next attack concerned burning the Heavier he hadn't attacked and finishing off the PoofBall. Both of which went well. His boomerang however, sailed past as the Heavier warped and attempted to attack Voulge again. He dodged once more. After that he rushed the Swordy line, managing to wash down two of the viruses with his Bubble-V while the third warped away. Where it warped, though...

The virus appeared directly behind SplashLady as she AreaGrabbed away and made a quick lunge at her. It barely managed a hit, striking the Navi's back and dealing heavy damage. She still managed to keep her composure and launch her NumberBall assault, though it dealt significantly less damage. An AquaSword appeared on her arm then, ready to slice anyone coming near. No one did, though. The two remaining Swordys were too concerned with the mystery data, the PoofBall was reeling from the last attack, and the Heavier wasn't looking too good.

-- Middle of 'Arena' --
Swordy-F2B: 160HP
Swordy-F2EX: 200HP [Guarding Mystery Data]
Green Mystery Data: 60HP

-- Left Side of Spectators --
HauntedCandle2A: DELETED
HauntedCandle2B: DELETED
HauntedCandle2C: DELETED
PoofBallA: 175HP

-- Right Side of Spectators --
HeavierA: 40HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Cracked (in patches scattered around), 10% Sand (also scattered)

SplashLady: 215HP (AquaSword, 3 uses)
Voulge: 225HP
Ignis.SP: 80HP
Licht.SP: 40HP
Grr...that didn't exactly work as planned, now did it? SplashLady tried to rub her back with the shaft of her spear, but stopped upon realizing it only made the burning sensation from the slash worse. And that PoofBall wasn't going to go down easy, so that made things even more annoying. "Ugh, guess I should start trimming this thing..."

"Not necessarily. We're part of a team in this battle, and wiping out a PoofBall should be right up Voulge's alley, what with his Fire type and everything! So just trade enemies, and we'll get to the Swordy next!"

"Huh...not a bad idea!" She waved her weapon towards her similarly equipped partner, trying to get his attention for a moment. "Hey, Voulge! Let's switch up! You'll be better off against this mask thing, and I can just take out your leftovers and get working on the Swordy!" Well, regardless of whether he agreed or not, that was what she, for one, was going to do. ow for said leftovers...a lone, weakened Heavier. Psh, she didn't even have to whip up any water to handle that. The mermaid Navi extended her left arm towards the dumbbell virus, as it transformed into a generic Navi gun. Yep, she was made with the latest technology, and she still just had an ordinary buster gun for regular attacks...shaking that thought out of her head to focus on the task at hand, she aimed her buster towards the reddest of the foes, and let loose a single pink shot towards it, which sailed straight and true towards where it had been positioned to sail. ...Well, when you were stuck with a regular buster, exciting wasn't the name of the game in these circumstances...

"Well, thanks for just shooting that thing without me telling you to..." That was really starting to get on her nerves. Then again, SplashMan wouldn't even move without the proper orders, so...maybe it was a thing with new model Navis? "But no harm done, I guess. Now, let's move over closer to the Swordy, namely the really powerful one that's guarding that mystery data. And be careful with that sand and stuff!"

"Roger that!" Sand, cracks, flaming swords...SplashLady attempted to avoid them all as she carefully moved over closer to the powerful knight. It was a pain, but again, she elected to take a purely normal panel path to it, seeing as how it worked well enough last time. "I'm what?"

Now what indeed. They could just attack, but if it AreaGrabbed away, that Mystery Data, that wouldn't work. If only there was some way they could draw it in or something...hmm..."Ahh! I know! AquaSword comes from another Swordy. Maybe if you use it to hurt its pride as a swordsman...not in the attacking way, either. Just taunt it or something!"

...Okay? Well, it was worth a shot, she supposed. The Aqua Navi began her assault on the most powerful of the lifting her spear up, and waving the blade of water attached to it at the Swordy. "Ha, you call that a sword? I mean, look at THIS one! I bet it could slice yours in half, easy! And I bet your skills make those HauntedCandles look graceful, too!-"

There was a dual purpose to this, however. As she attempted to stir the flames of rage in the already fiery virus, she began to edge along an arc towards the right. That way, in case she attacked and missed, there'd be no mystery data splattering. Just a little more moving and insulting..."-And you couldn't cut a dry leaf with a sword like that!" And...perfect! Now Sabrina needed to take the hint and send forth something to wash that problem away.

They had two ways to defeat a Fire virus from that distance...but she should probably go with the one that could actually hit something far away, in case all that mocking didn't work. "Now's your chance Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

In what seemed to be a continuation of the tormenting of viruses, SplashLady started waving her AquaSword once more. However, this time, the air in its vicinity began to chill, creating a three-dimensonal snowflake that began to travel just above the ground forward. If a Swordy was hit by way they withstand something of that Aqua magnitude. But just in case it missed completely, she began to prepare her sword for some actual slicing and dicing if necessary.

[Order of Turn:
1-Buster shot on HeavierA (40)
2-Dodge/move in towards Swordy-F2EX
3-Use AquaSword to taunt Swordy-F2EX
4-While taunting, focus on Swordy-F2EX, and make sure it isn't between SplashLady and Mystery Data
5-IceWave1 chip attack on Swordy-F2EX (80+25, Aqua) (Single Target Aqua Boost)
6-AquaSword chip attack on attacking virus (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)]

As soon as he saw SplashLady get struck by the heated sword of the Swordy, Voulge immediately turned his attention towards her and even tried to help her out by abandoning his position. However, the navi was much more durable than he first thought as SplashLady continued her attacks against the viruses without a momentary stop. "..." Marius appeared again as a holographic screen and had a questionable look on his face. "Voulge, you're getting really riled up for this. Focus on the battle, I'm sure Sabrina and Splash can take care of it." It was true that SplashLady was in fact stronger than Voulge and even more experienced in the dangers of Rogue net, but something inside Voulge triggered his rash behaviors, something deep within. "I apologize... ...Continuing the combat."

Voulge could easily see that the viruses' number dwindled down to a much lower level, however, that didn't mean the threat was completely gone. Seeing how SplashLady was having problems with the defending PoofBall, Voulge quickly devised a plan, "The PoofBall is too difficult for you! I'll take care of it and you get the Heavier virus beside me. After this, we'll target the remaining!" After Voulge firmly planted his feet into the ground and created another shield for protection, Licht began to act up as the shine inside its crystal body began to fire up and flicker violently. The amount of fire exerted increased from the crystal, but it was instantly swallowed up into the greave's sole in a blink of an eye. Before anyone realized, literally, Voulge left a thick heatwave around him and slipped out from the viruses' line of sight, leaving a small after image of himself within the area he created to throw the enemy off.

"So gullible."

The spearman was already in mid air, leaping right towards the Poofball on the other side of the field with the help of his super-heated greaves. Voulge landed with a fiery explosion when the sole's heat was too much for the concrete terrain and began to dash madly towards the PoofBall. Seeing how he would need to penetrate through the steel mask once more, the navi listed few chips for Marius to send via PM. "Looks like a plan...But it's slightly lacking in the damage. I'm going to add one more chip into the PET." Just when Marius pulled out another chip, Voulge sent another message, No need. We can give a certain someone some ego boost. The operator was puzzled by who his navi was referring to, but as Voulge approached closer and closer to the target, he couldn't waste his time.

After the chips were uploaded, Voulge immediately directed the first chip's power through the Lancea, letting it transform naturally into a fitting form. A disc of flame appeared at the base of the weapon and began to creep up to the blade and changed the shape as it went along. The final product was a white ivory jousting lance that was as tall as the wielder, but again, Voulge had little to no problem handling it. The tip was pointed directly at the Poofball as he was running and began to run even faster than before. "Ignis!" yelled Voulge when he was only few feet away, and Marius realized what the navi's plan was. "Get over there and do your job!"

The hiding SP appeared out of his hiding spot with a questionable expression...if he had a face. "What is it! Can't you see that I'm too busy saving my own ass!" Conveniently, Ignis' hiding spot was just between the navi and the virus, and Voulge swept the SP with his left arm and threw it up in the air like a baseball. "ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!", Not stopping nor looking up, Voulge left a small message for the flying SP. "Just fire when I give the go.", "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!". The navi only smirked in response and tightened his grip on his jousting lance while the SP prepared a gigantic fireball to be fired directly at Voulge.

At this time, the tip was nearly inches away from the PoofBall and Voulge twisted his entire body to the right to reel back the jousting lance. "NOW!" Like a hammer striking against a flint, his words echoed and the lance was immediately thrusted forward like a bullet, while Ignis subconsciously fired his fireball. Right after he felt his weapon be in contact with something, Voulge immediately backed away, leaving the Lancea where it was stuck and saw Ignis' fireball explode into a thick smoke. "Damnit! I missed!" The spearman reeled his weapon back to his hands by tugging the chain connected to the spear and transformed it from the jousting lance into a gunlance.

"One more time, Ignis. And try to make some effort this time." Ignis was pissed, and it showed when he gave a similar shine as Licht did before, but this time it was much more bright and violent. "ARGGHHH! I'M GOING TO BURN THAT FRIGGIN' SMIRK OFF YOUR FRIGGIN' FACE, AND I'LL-*bonk*" a small stone smacked against Ignis' head, a stone that Voulge kicked. "That wasn't me. That was from Licht...Now focus, the target is that knight over there." there was a small bit of silence for Ignis as the flames inside him died down, "...Fine"

Voulge firmly handled the gunlance with two hands as the main engine on the back shook and rumbled all over the place, and locked its barrel straight towards the Swordy near the Mystery Data. After cocking the bullet into the chamber of the weapon, Ignis was already besides him and began to prepare another fireball in front. The Magnum was prepared much faster than the time before when a loud click was made from inside the weapon and Voulge didn't waste any more time as he pulled the trigger. The tip of the barrel literally bended when the intense heat and pressure was let out and headed towards the knight, while Ignis quickly followed up the attack by firing its own fireball. As of now, Ignis did feel a bit better than he use to, seeing how he actually contributed into something...but this was almost getting to his head. "Hehe...Burn, you little pesky sonova-" But before he could go on a reckless rampage, Voulge swiped him off the air and began to back away from his current position in a frighteningly fast speed. "Not right now. Attacking a virus that survived the attack will be highly agitated and react to anything, including your fireball. Unless you want to die, hold back the attack."

Soon after landing on a different area, Voulge released Ignis and pulled out a discus the size of a regular shield from his brigandine...How that was possible will never be known. He flicked the disc with his wrist and a whole circle of blades popped out from the side. After a few swing, Voulge adjusted his arms for the next attack and looked towards the possible virus survivors. He threw the discus straight forward, but a nearly invisible string was between the weapon and the navi, enabling Voulge to slightly control the weapon's direction. First target was the strongest of the Swordies, making sure that it would stay dead if SplashLady failed to finish it off, and the second target was the other Swordy, who would be vulnerable for another strike when the bladed discus would give one last spin at the end of the string. "Let's go, go, go!" Ignis, who was now completely full of himself, brewed up one last fireball in front of him and fired it at any direction he could find a moving target.

[Licht: High Gear (Evasion+)]
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
Licht: Vel Drive [Haste / 1TCD] [Evasion++]
Licht: Pilum Force [Decoy / Movement / 1TCD]
* Approach the Left Area
1. BigHammer [160 / Impact / Break / Melee] @ PoofBallA
Ignis: Attack [[color=red]25[/color] (x2 Elemental = 50)] @ PoofBallA
2. Magnum [120+[color=red]25[/color] / Break / Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3) / Crack Panel] @ Swordy-F2B
Ignis: Attack [[color=red]25[/color]] @ Swordy-F2B
3. Grab Ignis
4. Dodge w/ Ignis [Evasion++]
5. Yo-Yo [40 x 3 [x2-3] / Immobile / Blocks Frontal Attacks / Read Chip Description] @ Swordy F2B [Primary (x3 Hit)] / Swordy-F2EX (x2 Hit)
Ignis: Gatling Attack [[color=red]25[/color]] @ Survivors
After their battle divisions, the mermaid and the spearman got to work as SplashLady hit the Heavier just recovering from its attack, deleting it. Voulge whacked the PoofBall's metallic face cover straight into its face, sending it reeling backwards in pain. Ignis' fireball missed the PoofBall due to his anger issues, though.

Afterwards, SplashLady began to focus on the Swordy guarding the Mystery Data like a hardened sentinel, taunting it with her sword. Obviously, the Swordy wasn't all too happy with her trash talk and began to charge at her, when it was met with her snowflake attack, deleting the poor virus.

The remaining Swordy didn't have much in terms of good luck either, as it was met by Voulge's incredibly huge Magnum attack, followed up by a much more controlled attack from Ignis. By then, the PoofBall remaining was quaking in its boots (although it probably doesn't have any) and released its poisonous cloud of miasma towards the Navis and SPs, but couldn't avoid Ignis' fired-up attack.

Now all that was left was that shiny green diamond.

-- Middle of 'Arena' --
Swordy-F2C: DELETED [Voulge Kill]
Swordy-F2EX: DELETED [Splash Kill]
Green Mystery Data: 60HP [MUST OPEN IT NAO]

-- Left Side of Spectators --
HauntedCandle2A: DELETED
HauntedCandle2B: DELETED
HauntedCandle2C: DELETED [Splash Kill]
PoofBallA: DELETED [Voulge Kill]

-- Right Side of Spectators --
HeavierA: DELETED [Splash Kill]
PoofBallB: DELETED [Voulge Kill]

Terrain: 60% Normal, 30% Cracked (in patches scattered around), 10% Sand (also scattered)

SplashLady: 205HP
Voulge: 215HP
Ignis.SP: 70HP
Licht.SP: 30HP

Total Splash Kills: 5
Total Voulge Kills: 7

Battle 2 - Victory!
SplashLady: 2400z, 6 FXP (+1 Rogue)
Voulge: 2880z, [FireSword] Battlechip, 70 Bugfrags, 6 FXP (+1 Rogue)