Venus Shop

Venus Shop

Me and VenusMan are looking for chips that improve our most important weapon, the Buster! We don't have much to offer though... But we are willing to sacrifice any chips and zenny in the journey to perfecting the Buster. So come one, come all and offer me your Buster chips!

Update 9/15/XX
Selling some of my chips! Also willing to trade for Buster-enhancing chips as always~

1x Woodtower1
1x WideShot1
1x LilCloud
MachMan here, I recently acquired a Navi +20 chip and I currently have no use for it. I'd be more than happy to part with it for 500z or so; interested?

Yes! Very much yes! I'll quickly attach the money to this post. Thanks for your help, mister!

[Attached: 500 z]
No worries, just glad to see it put to good use.
- MachMan.EXE

[Attached: Navi +20]
I... You...

VenusMan GET: Navi+20
MachMan GET: 500z

- LinkMan.EXE's functions have shut down
So...I can't help but notice you got a Navi+20 for really little. And even though I'm really jealous about it, I can forgive you...IF! If you're not using them at the moment, you loan me it and any other buster chips you have, so I can add them to my library, since I'm actually kinda lacking in buster chips. I'll trade over a super rare chip as collateral, so don't think I'm stealing or anything! [size0]And if you don't give me that chip back, I'll hunt down your operator and beat them up! [/size]

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: FullCustom BattleChip data
Library? What? Who are you? Oh, I recognize your name! You're the person I traded that 3-Way with! Sure, you seem like a friendly and harmless person! I'm not wearing my glasses now, so I can't read your text well but you want to lend my buster chips? I don't see the harm in that, so let's not beat around the bush!

[Attached: 1x BusterBomb chip; 1x Navi+20 chip]
These trades are making me green with envy. Also, welcome to the new year 20XX!

VenusMan GET: FullCustom
Sabrina GET: BusterBomb, Navi+20

- LinkMan.EXE
...I'm pretty sure it's still 20XX...anyway, alley oop!

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: BusterBomb BattleChip data, Navi+20 BattleChip data
You're a weird one.

[Attached: 1x FullCustom chip]
You're all weird.

VenusMan GET: Navi+20, BusterBomb
Sabrina GET: FullCustom

- LinkMan.EXE
Updated my list for battlechip selling! Take a look, make an offer and I'll get back to you.