Battlechip Deals -by- Sabrina & Marius

Welcome to Battlechip Deals by Sabrina and Marius!

Both of us have decided to create our own chip shop service for everyone to see, all relatively cheap since we decided that we see no use for these chips other than taking up space. Though we will not offer the same amount of flexibility as OBS, we will guarantee that rare, high tier chips will always be in stock.

All our prices are negotiable, but we will only take zennies as payments. If you see chips that is in our main folder and are not offered in the list, please use the following link to make negotiations rather than asking it here.

Sabrina Jetto's Trade Thread / Marius Eirenikos' Trade Thread

2x Pulsar2 [90 / Object Triggered Blast2] {A|B} = 2,200z

1x LavaCannon [90 / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] {B} = 2,500z

1x FireKnife [60 / 6 Uses / Slashing] {B} = 1,500z

1x RedFruit2 [Heals 140 when hit / Placed on a random spot / Object] {S} = 3,500z

1x DBLBEAM [40 Damage to all enemies /or/ 30 Heal to all allies / Random] {S} = 1,000z

1x CornShot2 [60 / Trick-Shot Spread1] {A} = 1,500z

1x LittleBoiler [100 Aqua+Damage Absorbed+Blast3 / 2 Action Delay / Object / Light] {B} = 3,500z

1x Arrow [100 / Homing] {B} = 2,000z

1x AirRaid [10x10 / 50+Impact (Tackle) / 3 Turns / 100 HP] {A} = 2,500z

1x HeatSpreader [40 / Spread8] {A} = 3,000z

1x ElecBalloon [10+Damage Absorbed / Blast 3 / 3 Turns / 200 HP / ElecBody / Special (See Description)] {A} = 3,500z [[b]NEW[/b]]

1x AquaBalloon [10+Damage Absorbed / Blast 3 / 3 Turns / 200 HP / AquaBody / Special (See Description)] {A} = 3,500z [[b]NEW[/b]]

1x Thunder2 [80 / Stun / Homing] {C} = 2,250z [[b]NEW[/b]]

1x WoodTower2 [140 / Pierce / Line-Chain / Ground] {D} = 3,250z [[b]NEW[/b]]
You know, I don't remember agreeing to this...but since it's an awesome idea, I'll go along. So yeah, whatever Marius said goes double for me. And, uh, here's my stock:

3-Way (allows buster shot to hit 3 enemies) 2000z

BambooKnife (60, Wood, B, up to 6 uses) 1500z

Binder1 (60, D, hits random enemies 4 times) 2700z

Bubble-V (80, Aqua, A, Spread 2) 3400z

DoubleJump (S, allows user to jump in midair once) 800z

DynaWave (120, C, Line Attack, Ground Attack) 4000z

ElementLeaf (40, Wood, B, Line Attack 3; +60, Infinite Line Attack, StageReset if on Wood-element terrain) 3000z

Fan (S, reduces enemy evasion for 3 turns, 100 HP object) 1500z

FireHit2 (90, Fire, A, Impact, Double Attack) 2500z

FlashBomb1 (40, Elec, A, Seeking, Stun, Blind, explodes after 2 turns, 100 HP Elec element object) 1500z

HardBody (S, halves non-Break damage for 2 turns) 3000z

IceBall1 (120, Aqua, C, Break, Ice Panel Change) 2500z

IceWave1 (80, Aqua, A, Freeze) 2000z

IronShell1 (70, C, Break, hits three enemies once and one twice, accuracy falls with each hit) 1900z

LavaSeed (Fire, A, creates Medium area Lava terrain) 1200z

MagnetSeed (Elec, A, creates Medium area Magnet terrain) 1800z

MegaEnergyBomb (60, C, Blast 1, hits 3 times) 2600z

NumberBall1 (???, C, Hits 3 times, each hit = last two HP digits) 2700z

PanelGrab (S, raises accuracy for remainder of turn) 600z

PanelReturn (S, Large area Normal terrain change around user) 1200z

Recover120 (120, S, Recovery) 8400z

RedFruit1 (S, Recover80 to first that hits it, 1 HP object) 1700z

Shake2 (110, C, Break, Wide Attack, can attack on second turn at half accuracy) 4500z

Silence (S, Silence, To-All Clause, 50 HP Object, lasts for 1 turn) 2000z

SlowGauge (S, Slows one enemy for 3 turns) 2000z

Spreader2 (60, A, Spread 8) 4500z

Team1 (10, A, Seeking, attacks whenever user is hit, 200 HP Object) 4200z

Thunder2 (80, Elec, C, Stun, Homing) 2200z

Timpani (S, Hold, To-All Clause, 50 HP Object, lasts for 1 turn) 3000z

Yo-Yo1 (x2) (40, C, hits two enemies 2 times and one 3 times, Slashing, reduces user's evasion) 2200z
Updated the first chip listing.
Quick annoucement. I'm running short on money, so I'm willing to lower the prices of few of my chips. I'll be selling the Arrow for a whooping 1,050z! That's some bargain!

-Marius Eirenikos
My navi says that that's too good of a deal to pass up, and will probably not leave me alone about it if I don't go for it, so I'll take the Arrow.

-Ellen Llewellyn

[Attached: 1050z]
I appreciate it. I'll attach the chip along with this message. Pleasure doing business.

-Marius Eirenikos


  • [Arrow1] Battlechip
Business, business.

Ellen GET: [Arrow1] Battlechip
Marius GET: 1050z

- LinkMan.EXE
I'd like the RedWave1, please.

- Scar

[Attachment - Lock until Accept: 2500z]

- Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: RedWave1 BattleChip data
Trade away.

Sabrina GET: 2500 Zenny
Scar GET: RedWave1

- LinkMan.EXE