Marius' chip trader

If you are interested in some chips in my folder other than the chips I listed below, I will think about trading them if the offer seems fair enough.

-Marius Eirenikos

Attached: MariusChipFolder.Dat

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2x Pulsar2 [90 / Object Triggered Blast2] {A|B}
1x LavaCannon [90 / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] {B}
1x Boomerang [60 / 3-Targets] {B}
1x AquaNeedle [20x3] {B}
1x FireKnife [60 / 6 Uses / Slashing] {B}
1x RedFruit2 [Heals 140 when hit / Placed on a random spot] {S}
1x DBLBEAM [40 Damage to all enemies /or/ 30 Heal to all allies / Random] {S}
1x CornShot2 [60 / Trick-Shot Spread1] {A}
1x Mole2 [Burrow or Submerge / 2 Turns] {S}
2x FireHit2 [90 / Impact / Double] {A}
1x LittleBoiler [100 Aqua+Damage Absorbed+Blast3 / 2 Action Delay / 1 HP / Light] {B}

Hm... Looking your folder over, would you be willing to trade either of your elec-type chips, being ZapRing2 and ElecKnife? If not, your aqua-type chip, Bubble-V?


[ATTACHED: ZanzoFolder.dat]
I'll be willing to trade my elecknife, but for a hefty cost. Looking through your folder, the chips that caught my attentions were the Widesword, Lilcloud, and Phoenixshot. Now, I already have in my possesion a FireSword, an I'm sure you wouldn't trade away your aqua chip since your trying to find some more.

How about this offer? Your Phoenixshot and about 500z for my ElecKnife?

-Marius Eirenikos
Looking for fire, eh? Sounds good to me.

[ATTACHED: PhoenixShot1 x1, 500z]
We have a deal then.

-Marius Eirenikos


  • [ElecKnife] Battlechip
Lots of good stuff being traded nowadays. Have fun!~

Marius GET: PhoenixShot1, 500z : Zanzo LOSE
Marius LOSE: ElecKnife : Zanzo GET

There we go!
I've been looking for a dash chip to help MeleeMan close distance. Would you be willing to trade it for my PhoenixShot1? It's a great chip that I acquired just recently, but despite the fact that I think it's really cool, my navi doesn't seem like he's going to use it...

- Rania Firebrand
For my DashAttack? I think it'll work out just fine.

-Marius Eirenikos


  • [DashAttack] Battlechip
I'm putting up my entire folder up for sale, but that doesn't mean that I'm simply giving them all away. If you want to trade a rare chip of mine, please have a sound offer or else the deal will be canceled.


-Marius Eirenikos
Thanks again, Marius.

-Rania Firebrand

*PhoenixShot1 attached*
Salutations there.

I see that you have a Sword chip in your folder. I am wondering if perhaps 1500z would be good enough an offer to trade it with.

I thank you for your attention in advance.


Attached: 1500z
Ms. Camillia,

The offer you placed sounds acceptable and I'll attach your requested chip along with this message. I hope to trade with your again in the future.

-Marius Eirenikos


  • [Sword] Battlechip
Hmmm, I have looked at your folder and the chips that catches my eye is your Boomerang1 and DBLBeam1 chips, I have several chips that I do not need, a couple being in the fire element, and if you are so inclined, I would like to trade them for the two. Please, take a look through my folder and lets see if anything catches your eye.
-Jack Magi (Magician and Puppeteer)

Attached: Folder.DAT

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Argh, it's always LinkMan, LinkMan, LinkMan! I wanna approve some stuff, too! *pushes Link away*

Rania GET: DashAttack : Marius LOSE
Rania LOSE: PhoenixShot1 : Marius GET

Camilia GET: Sword : Marius LOSE
Camilia LOSE: 1500z : Marius GET
Your request, Mr. Magi, is something I cannot fulfill completely. The DBLBEAM is too great of an asset to my Navi and my Support Programs, I cannot simply trade it with the chips you have. However, I am willing to trade my Boomerang for your Wideshot. How does a direct trade sound?

-Marius Eirenikos


  • [Boomerang] Battlechip
Well, you certainly have some high powered chips in there. They are definitely catching my eye... in particular, the Magbolt2, but I would love to get that GolemHit1 or Magnum1, as well. What are you asking for them? Zenny? Chips? A combination? Sexual favors? Because if it's that last one, you can forget it.

-Steve F.
After looking through your folder, I couldn't find any chips that would be enough to trade in either my GolemHit nor my Magnum. However, I'm willing to trade the MagBolt2 along with a handful of zennies for your Meteor12...How does that sound?

-Marius Eirenikos


    [li][MagBolt2] Battlechip
  • 1,000z
Yeah, that sounds pretty good. I don't really use the Meteor anyway, I kill stuff too fast to get all it's value out.

-Steve F.


Steve GET : MagBolt2, 1000z : Marius LOSE
Steve LOSE : Meteor12 : Marius GET
The list is updated.

-Marius Eirenikos