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Alright, I'm wanting some cash to get my navi a set up upgrades, and am willing to sell a total of around three chips. What I have here is a list of chips I am willing to sell, or trade.

Sell list
Cannon x1
Shotgun x1
RageClaw x1
Wideshot1 x1
miniboomer x4
heatshot x1
MarkCannon1 x1
firehit1 x1
Recov10 X1
guard1 X1
twinfang1 X1
Bubblestar1 X1
Marublaster1 X1

If you don't want to do outright zenny for one of these, or you want one but don't have the cash... I have other things I would like.

Wood chips: My navi is aqua, and I think it would be worth wild to have chips that elec types are weak against incase she is attacked by a number of them.

Chip+ zenny: trade a chip you don't want with some cash for a chip you do want. We keep chip amount, you get something more useful, and I get some cash.

aqua chips: Well, my navi is aqua...

And please, feel free to make an offer.

~Virgil "Montey" Junker
Heyheyhey! I'll offer a boomerang for that wideshot, and a ringlog for somethin if yer interested as well!

I'll trade you my CornShot chip plus any amount of zenny from 1 to 1000 for that MaruBlaster chip.

¤ Area Darkholme & Persephone.EXE ¤ ¤
Hmm... how about 1400 for the Heatshot and the Firehit? That should be alright for me.

Polonius Carbonum
Sigh...the WideShot1, TwinFang1, and BubbleStar1 all interest me, but I don't have any cash. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating, I've got a total of 0 zenny here. With that said, I've got plenty of chips, and I wouldn't mind dropping my own chip total for one of those (although I know an offer for WideShot's already up). Just keep in mind that a few chips are completely off limits (the pair of WideShot1, the Recover80, and especially the AquaSword).

-Sabrina Jetto
-Attachment: FolderList.txt, ExtraChips.txt
Hm? MaruBlaster1... Glitches? What a bizarre... Yet enticing chip.


Oh my! And a BubbleStar1! That would go perfectly with some chips my navi and I possess.

My apologies to those I would attempt to outbid, but I would like to offer my entire zenny balance (3150z Total) for the two chips. If that alone will not do, I can throw in one of the following two chips:


I await your response with tenacity...

@ S.R.S: I guess that trade for the boomerang is alright.

@ Area: I apologize, but that Z fellow's offer seems a bit better.

@ Polonius: That price seems alright with me.

@ Jetto: Er... Twinfang for bubbler or aquaneedle?

@ Z: If what I am understanding is correct... you are offering around 3000 zenny, and a choice of one of two chip? 2500 Zenny and that Aquaneedle is fine with me instead of all of your zenny and one of those two chips chip.

*Attaches Wideshot, Bubblestar, Marublaster1, Heatshot, and Firehit1*
Can't say I'm too keen on giving up AquaNeedle, but Bubbler works.

-Sabrina Jetto
Attachment: Bubbler Battlechip data
Alright then.

[ATTACHED: AquaNeedle1 x1, 2500z]
Excellent, here is my money.

-Polonius Carbonum
[ATTACHED: 1400Zs]
*Sneaks in*

*Attaches Twinfang1*

~Virgil "Montey" Junker
((le bump))
Great! Here yah go!

*Attached Boomerang*


Let's try this out...

S.R.S. Gets WideShot1

Polonius Gets HeatShot, FireHit1

Jetto Gets TwinFang1

Z Gets MaruBlaster1, BubbleStar1

Virgil Gets Boomerang1, Bubbler, AquaNeedle, 3900z

Whew...That sound right?
Well, I need to make a little bit more cash, so I'm wondering if anyone want to buy a boomerang for 800 zenny. Any takers?

-~Virgil "Montey" Junker
Another 800z boomerang? This must be fate. I'll take it.



[Attached: 800z]
Very well then.

*attach Boomerang*
Hello. I am interested in your MarkCannon1. Would you be willing to trade it for a TreeBomb1? I can add some zenny to the trade if you wish.

-- Destin.
((Bumping - Boomerang trade is a go!))
So many chips exchanging hands for zenny these days. I feel left out.

Virgil GET: 800z
Victor GET: Boomerang

- LinkMan.EXE