I am currently open to all sales/trades. I am particularly looking for Aqua, Elec, and/or multi-target chips, but would sooner settle for straight zenny otherwise.

Gun/Ranged Chips

Cannon: 500z

Shotgun: 600z

HeatShot: 800z

Bubbler: 1000z

Thunder1: 1200z

Wideshot1: 2500z

Sword/Melee Chips

RageClaw: 600z

AquaSword: Er, I'd rather not let go of this. 10000z

Bomb Chips

EnergyBomb: 400z

Recovery/Defense Chips

Guard: 400z

Recov30: 2000z

Effect Chips

Pickpocket1: 2000z

Other Chips

Powerbolt: 1500z


I'll gladly take the Wideshot off your hands, mainly because I have no Water-type chips at the moment.

Anyway, you want 2500 for it? Sold.

Attached file: 2500z

-Chris Lemrock of SciLabs-

Aw, poopies. I would have loved that wideshot... Oh well, Chris got there first, fair and square. So, I suppose I'll settle on the Bubbler for 1000 Zenny, because I too need some Aqua in my arsenal. I'd try for your Aquasword, but, uh, I doubt I could save up my pennies in time for that. Anyway, 1000 for your Bubbler?

Hey, Zanzo! Lessee... you have an Aquasword, so you probably fought Squalo, am I right? I think I knew everyone who survived that fight except...
You the copying guy's op? Nice to finally communicate with you.
Anyways, I've been waiting to find one of those Powerbolt chips for a while. Well, that is, find one again. I kind of... traded mine away. Heh. I've got several Elec element chips, Zaprings and a Thunder, but I also have the cash.
Say... your powerbolt for a Zapring1 and 1200z?
-Shigeru Yamada

Say Hi to the doppleganger for me!

<Attached: 1200z, Zapring1>
...WOW. An AquaSword? I understand why you don't want to give that up, but I really, REALLY want it. Especially since I got beat to the Bubbler and WideShot1. I'm feeling nice, and have plenty of cash, so I'll give you the 10000z asking price. Sound good?

-Sabrina Jetto
Chris: Deal.

Steve: Been a while, dude. Deal.

Shigeru: Yeah, Nachahmen is something else, eh? Deal.

Sabrina: Wow. Um....after some calculations, I am dreadfully close to a goal in terms of having enough zenny, only 1900z away if all my sales go through. I don't suppose I can convince you to buy the Pickpocket1 for such a price? Please?

Also, I am currently in a battle, so for now, I cannot attach any ends of my deal. We should be done shortly, and I apologize for the inconvenience.
No problem, Zanzo. So, when did you switch Navis?


Haha, well, as it would turn out, Moonlight wasn't mine. XD

I was just borrowing him while Master decrypted Nac. I have no idea why security on him was shut so tight...

P.S.: You may know Master by the name Forte Zanzo. I'm not too sure as to his celebrity status, but I've been under his wing for some time, hence my 'nickname'. XD
helo there, i am interested in your pickpocket1, i am putting most of my money into upgrades at the moment, but if you could trade me it, i'd be willing to trade a magbomb1, a varitails and.....400-600z for it, if not, that is Ok.

*Nikko.exe is currently sleeping*
Aye, sorry for not posting in a while. Anyway, here's the money for the Wideshot.


-Chris Lemrock of SciLabs-

PickPocket1 for 1900z? Sorry, but I've already got one of those, and I hardly remember I have that as is. And there's nothing I see that I really want other than AquaSword, since everything else is either already grabbed by someone else, is something I have too much of already, an element I don't like having my Navi use, just not worth it on my end, or more than one of the above.

-Sabrina Jetto
Sabrina: :/

Very well. Deal.

Timmy: Deal. 400z will do, given the rest.
alright then, here's your chip and zenny data.

*Nikko.exe is still sleeping*

Attached:magbomb1, varitails and 400z
Hey, with this deal, you won't be short on cash anytime soon, now will you? ;D

-Sabrina Jetto

Attachment: 10000z
Heh, says you. I actually have the next 23600z accounted for, in terms of expenses. Given the calculations, if these deals go through, along with my NCP deals, I'll be 1500z short...Oh well.


I'll take that cannon off of your hands for 500 zenny...


<Void is off doing... something... where did he go?>


Chris: Wideshot1 for 2500z

Steve: Bubbler for 1000z

Shigeru: Powerbolt for ZapRing1 and 1200z

Sabrina: AquaSword for 10000z

Timmy: Pickpocket1 for MagBomb1, VariTails1 and 400z

Damian: Cannon for 500z

*attaches 500 zenny*


<void is stuck waiting for upgrades>
Chris: [ATTACHED: Wideshot1]

Steve: [ATTACHED: Bubbler]

Shigeru: [ATTACHED: Powerbolt]

Sabrina: [ATTACHED: AquaSword]

Timmy: [ATTACHED: Pickpocket1]

Damien: [ATTACHED: Cannon]
Oh, great. Now I have to take care of this place, too. Maaaaan...

Chris: Wideshot1
Steve: Bubbler
Shigeru: Powerbolt
Sabrina: Aquasword
Timmy: Pickpocket1
Damian: Cannon
Zanzo: 15600z, Magbomb1, Varitails1, Zapring1

There. All finished. Not like I have anything better to do, after all. >_>