Trading Chips

I've got a spare Sword chip in hand that my Navi doesn't particularly use. He prefers electrical chips to swords. So, I'm willing to part with this Sword in exchange for a decent Elec chip.

-- Jared.
hey trade you a magbomb for your sword.

Perfect! It's a deal.

-- Jared.

[Attached: Sword]


[Attached: Magbomb1]
Well this will be fairly simple.

Jared LOSE: Sword. GET: Magbomb1.
Des LOSE: Magbomb1. GET: Sword.

Have a nice day.

I've got a few chips I'd be willing to part with in exchange for chips more suited to my Navi, Broadside. It's difficult at times, given his awkward design, but I've never really gone wrong here at the chip trade BBS, so I'm giving it another go.

Specifically, I've got a Yo-yo1, a fairly powerful chip, that my Navi has flat told me he refuses to use. I've never encountered this particular problem before, but...

Anyway, anything in the folder is up for grabs that is not Elec Element. Feel free to have a look. We are not looking for Zenny, however.

[Chip Inventory Data Attached]

Yo-Yo1 sounds pretty cool. But, uh, I'm not totally sure what to offer for it, since I can't exactly read your Navi's mind for chips he likes. So, how about looking through my stuff for something he might use? And I don't mind giving up more than one chip for it, as long as I like the offer.

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: FolderData, SpareChipData
Your chip selection is very impressive. There's quite a bit in there we'd be interested in. AreaGrab, TwinFang1, DashAttack, TankCannon1, GolemHit1, and even a powerful Magnum1.

I wouldn't expect you to part with the Magnum, but I'll accept any of the others as an even trade. Would that be fine?

-- J.T.
Magbolt1 for your Yo-Yo1, please. Electric chips is something we won't need.

I was going to offer a Zapring, but... uh, I think you'd get a better deal of NBS, really.

Darn, a Yo-yo would suit my navi perfectly. Time to look for some of those Yort thingies if I ever want one. I wonder if Soryu sells some....

Trade Yo-Yo1 for a Magbolt1? Absolutely. You have yourself a deal.

I'm still trading other chips in my folder, so feel free to peruse for anything non-elec you might want.

-- J.T.

[Attached: Yo-Yo1]
EDIT: Dang, didn't respond in time...but I just checked your folder, and I'm kinda interested in your BigHammer1. You know what I've got, so...what would you want me to give up for it? And you're right, Magnum's kinda off limits. For now, anyway.

-Sabrina Jetto
The BigHammer1 one of our staple chips. We've had great success with using it in the past, as nothing out there can really stop it once you swing it that we've seen so far. Still, a little change is good from time to time.

I'd trade it for the GolemHit1, if that's alright with you. What do you say?

-- J.T.

[Attached: BigHammer1]
Hmm...all right. Sending it over now.

-Sabrina Jetto
ATTACHMENT: GolemHit1 battlechip data
Thank you, friend. The chip is sent.


[Attached: 1x Magbolt1 chip]
Okay, let's do this.

Jared gets GolemHit1, Magbolt1, loses Bighammer1, YoYo1.
NBS gets YoYo1, loses Magbolt1.
Sabrina gets Bighammer1, loses GolemHit1.

Thank you.

I know it's odd to ask you this after you just received that chip, but would it be possible for me to obtain that GolemHit1 from you? I've been looking for new chips for MeleeMan recently and it strikes me that it would be an effective weapon that he could likely get more mileage out of and wouldn't complain about as much. I have many chips I could offer in return.

~Rania Firebrand

*Folder data attached*
Well, to be fair to Broadside, GolemHit1 is quite powerful and I just acquired it for him... I'll let him decide if he wants to give it up.

-- J.T.

After scanning through your manifest, I will propose exchanging your BubbleStar1 for the requested GolemHit1. Are these terms acceptable?

-- Broadside.EXE
Well, for better or worse, MeleeMan hates using that chip, so it's probably best to get rid of it anyways. I'll accept that trade. Also, I'd be interested in purchasing that Gutspunch from you. How much would you be willing to sell it for? Or would you not consider trading it for zenny?

~Rania Firebrand
Sure. The chip didn't work very well for us, so I'll let it go for a discount. How about 1400 Zenny? Will that work?

-- J.T.