Chip for sale

I'm willing to trade one chip for zenny....understand that not all of them are for sale.- Alexander

*puts up link to folder*
how much would you like for that firehit1?

attached:zenny balance

i have 3150z curently in chip trades right now.
I'm not sure who would get the good deal in this, but how does 900 zenny sound?
ok then, sounds good to me.

very well- Alexander
*Attaches firehit1*
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A Firehit?? I was searching for that chip for ages!! I must have it!! I'm willing to pay you 1100 Zennys with a cannon chip!!

chip that has to do with fists? buyitalphonse!!

Trade Proposal:
1100z / Cannon <===> Firehit1



POST EDIT: Dear me...I just realized that you have more than one Firehit chip...Please excuse me, but can I at least lower my proposal to 900z and a cannon. Truly sorry...

Trade Proposal:
900z / Cannon <===> Firehit1

((...Omg...I...I just realized that your avatar was Kuroyanagi...Yakitate Fan rejoice >_<!!!!))
Had to think on this some, but sure, I'll trade the second heatfist1 for the 900 zenny and cannon

*Attach heatfist1*

((All hail Kuroyanagi, the all mighty judge!!))
I truly appreciate it, Mr. Alexander. I hope you can find a good use in the money and the chip I have traded with.

AlphonseChipFolder [Cannon]
ZennyBalance [900[s]z[/s]]


((*Throws complimentary bread at j00* I haven't seen any Yakitate Fan for years TT-TT So happy~))
...How does a Firehit1 and 1000z for the wideshot sound? That or an even trade of a Rageclaw for your Heatshot.
I'm sorry, but the two chips that you want arn't for trade.-Alexander

((*Catches bread and takes a bite out of it*.......*Dies*))
Excuse me, but I think we're ready to have the trade finalized.- Alexander
I'd very much like your areagrab. Are you willing to offer less than the Chipshop's price for it? If pressed, I might add another chip to my zenny offer...


*Attatched: Chipfolder.dat, Zennybalance.dat*
I'm sorry, but that's not for sale. I might put it up for sale later, but not now.-Alexander
I belieave that we're ready to finalize the trades now, if you don't mind-Alexander
Let's see if I'm correct in this...

KoF&T receive 1x Firehit1.CHP
Little Timmy receives 1x Firehit1.CHP
Alexander receives 1x Cannon.CHP and 1800 zenny

This should do it. I won't pass my judgment on fair trades for now. I hope you all enjoy your new items.

- Persephone
thank you both.
Thanks you two for the trade-Alexander
Hahaha!! Really appreciate it, my sweet lady!!

just ignore him or else he willactully ask u for a date...

Whatcha want for that shotgun? I'll trade ya, a couple hundred zenny, plus my Rageclaw?

-Chip Folder data
-Zenny Balance