Getting rid of chips

After giving it some thought, we decided to get rid of our weaker chips. This means all the trash we have. We want to keep one sword, and maybe the recov10 and some guard chips.

Pay in Z. I doubt you'd offer anything better, although we would gladly take attack +1 NCPs and some (stronger) sword type chips too.

Also... I can't believe I'm doing this... my "companion" here has a special offer for all you battle freaks. Read on.

- Sieg

Why pay for it when you might get it for free? You want a chip, you make an offer, we meet in the Colosseum. Chiplocked fight, winner takes it all. You can even keep your lowly life if you loose, since I'm kind like that.

Deal of the century here, don't miss it!

- Valkyrie
Hmm...only keeping one Sword chip, eh? I've been thinking about getting one of about 1900z for one of your Swords and the Vulcan1?

-Sabrina Jetto
"Hmm, an Airshot. While it is a weaker chip, I've heard that it can offer some unique stratagies that other chips can't. How about I give you..."

DRUIDMAN.EXE: Whoa, dude! Give? Why, when I can beat it out of you? I haven't NetBattled in ages, it would be fun! Your Airshot versus, uh... a Heatshot? How's that sound, man?
@Sabrina: How about rounding that up to 2000?

@Steve, well, as I've said we'd rather have some raw money but...


Hah! Its a free chip for us, and I also get a good fight! Fine, we'll meet in the arena Druidman... but my operator wants to resolve his trades first.

- Valkyrie
Yeah...slight problem with that plan. See, I'd love to round it up for you, but I don't have 2000z. I have a grand total of 1975z, and that's my final offer. Take it or leave it. And if you leave it, shame on you for ruining a deal over 25z!

EDIT: Never mind that, I now have 2000z. So it's a deal.

EDIT #2: The deal changed, so I'm removing the attachment.

-Sabrina Jetto
I'll give you 1500 for the Vulcan1 and the Guard1.

-Shigeru Yamada
"Okay then, you've got yourself a match. I'll start all of the paperwork to reserve a ring for us while you square away your trades. Post in the Colosseum BBS when you're ready."

DRUIDMAN.EXE: I can hardly wait, dudes!
Sabrina@Shigeru: I'm in a dilemma here, since both of you guys want my Vulcan1, but I have only one... the offer of Shigeru looks a bit better, so I'd rather go with that for now. Sabrina, you can still have the sword for 1300 (1900- the shop price of Vulcan1), since you were the firs one on the offer.

- Sieg

Hurry it up, I can't wait!

- Valkyrie

((Steve, did you ask for a chiplocked fight?))
Well, whatever. The Sword's what I was really after anyway, so that'll work.

-Sabrina Jetto
Attachment: 1300z
And I get the new chips?


*Attatched: 1500z
Alright, and here are the chips:

For Shigeru:
Attachement: Guard1, Vulcan1

For Sabrina:
Attachement: Sword

- Sieg
(Bump, nyes?)
((bump, and couldn't you mod it yourself? Its not like you could cheat anything to your side...))
(Maybe not, but it's still against the rules. Sorry.
At least, that's what I've heard. I don't want to say anything about the rules if it isn't written somewhere...)
YOU AGAIN!? I'm gonna start charging you for Soryu's electricity bills if it continues like this... Shigeru, I'll be noting that name down. Now... For your trade.

To Shigeru: 1x Guard1 chip; 1x Vulcan chip.
To Sabrina: 1x Sword chip.
To Sieg: 2800 zenny.

And there was much rejoice. Now GTFO.
Happened to pass the topic... I've got a message to Druidman from my Navi Divinity.

"You can beat him, Druid! Get that Navi down on the ground and don't let it beg for mercy! I know you can do this! You know... You can use my power, right? I hope my heart will do any good to you. I'll be 'rooting' for you!"

I can't believe I had to transfer that message... But here's to you, Druidman. Good luck to you too, Steve.

Area Darkholme & Divinity.EXE

Oh, hell. I've made Persephone's list.
I'm screwed, aren't I?

Anyways, thanks for the chips.