Gotta sell my chips...

I'm hurting for cash, badly, so I have to sell off my chips. If you'd like to trade chips, the they must be Gun or Bomb Type and/or Elec Element. My Navi has problems when using other types.

~ Jared

Inventory : Price (Comments)

Recover 10 : 1250z (Or trade for another Chip of average utility. Price is no object.)

Rage Claw : 2000z (Negotiable. Willing to let go of this for 2 Gun Chips w/ spread damage, such as Shotguns, Bubblers, and Heatshots. Price drops accordingly from 2500 based on shop values.)

Wind : 2500z (A Rockcube with extra utility? Yeah... I really don't want to let this go as it was hard to get and has been very useful to me so far, but I have no choice.)
Boomerang... For 1000 zenny and a DBLBeam chip? It's an odd chip that or damages all enemies for 20 points of health data or heals you and your allies for 20 points of health data. Maybe you're interested. I could use a Wood chip.

- A. Darkholme -
i have a magbomb that would meet your chip requirements. how about that for your recover10 and maybe....200-300z? a magbomb is a bomb type chip that is of the electric element, it does 30 and has a chance to stun the enemy.
yo, Jared, I'll take that cannon if you really don't want it. And because you helped me out earlier, I'll throw in an extra 250 zenny. Is this fine with you?

@ A. Darkholme: You have a deal. Hope you enjoy it.

Attached: Boomerang 1

@ Timmy: Though I do want the Magbomb chip, I wont demand you trade for the Recover 10 if the Magbomb's value is greater... But money for more chips isn't an option right now, as I will need every last Zenny very shortly. You can make another offer for it, though. Fair enough?

@ Alexander: Heya, Alexander! How's Ozho? And, sure, I'll make that sale. Hope you get some use out of it. I appreciate the help.

Attached: Cannon

~ Jared

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Glad to have done business with you. This will help me a lot as I'm trying to collect large numbers of elemental chips and my annoying brother won't even help me.

- A. Darkholme -

ATTACHED: DBLBeam.CHP and 1000 Zenny
He's doing alright mentally, however he's getting beat up somewhat, but he'll pull trough. Anyhow, I'll attach the money now.

*Attach 1000 zenny*
Okay, now there's a three way going on in here, right? Let me jump in the middle here and take care of you guys.

Darkholme gets: Boomerrang1

Alexander gets: Cannon

Jared gets: DBLCBeam, 2000z

That satisfy you all?

i am sorry but i need my zenny for something. sorry. maybe we up soon?

*nikko.exe is fighting some navidolls. who creates these things!?*