Twi's Domain

The Navis appear in a dark area, unable to see anything outside a large spot of light, illuminated by a lamp hung above...

Is this the domain of this 'Twi' they've heard so much about?
"Annoying you?" Runeknight asked, flabbergasted.

There was no response except for a blinding flash of light. When the light faded, Runeknight was left in darkness. For a few seconds, he was afraid that the NetPolice Officer had blinded him. He growled in frustration until he noticed a circle light open around him. We was standing on a circle of light, trapped in a field of darkness. Where the hell was he? Was Twi here?

"Sire?" Runeknight asked.

"I'm here," Zan answered. "What happened?"

"I am not sure. I believe that the Officer has teleported me somewhere. It was a strange magic. A light flashed and then I was here."

"You think this is where we need to be?"

"I can only assume."

"Well then, let's see if we can find this Twi.ADM."

"Sire, I mistrust this darkness."

"Yeah, it is a bit unnatural. Feel free to stay in the light for now. We'll call out to Twi, if he's here."

"Yes, Sire." Runeknight stared into the darkness as he began to shout. "Twi?! Twi! I am Runeknight.Exe of the NetPolice NetCrime Division! I have been asked to find you in order to decipher a strange program I acquired in battle! Please! If you are lurking within the darkness, please step forward!"
"I've become rather accustomed to the darkness, thank you." A voice replied from somewhere vaguely in front of Runeknight's position. "After all, you don't get to see much light being locked in a giant warehouse after being replaced..." Runeknight heard what sounded like a snort. "So, what can I do for you today, detective? Decipher a 'Program', you say? Is it, perchance... one of these?"

Seemingly on cue, a second spotlight shone down in the direction of the voice, revealing another one of the orbs that Runeknight had picked up before, down to the last detail, placed upon a small pedestal.
"Yes actually," Runeknight was slightly surprised about the outcome of this mission. How had Twi known what he was after? "Yes, recently I had given battle to a strange blob-like program. The program detonated during combat, leaving a black stone covered in purple runes, much like the one you have there. I would be glad to hand it over to you, however I have to be sure that you are the person I have been sent here to find. If you would please step into the light, I shall produce the orb."
"Hmph. Figures." The spotlight over the orb shut off, and another one came on, revealing Twi.ADM.

Twi.ADM is dressed entirely, from the neck down, in purple armor. While he lacks pauldrons or shoulder armor of any kind, he makes up for the lack in appearance with his powerful, emotive speech. Twi's chestpiece is engraved with various runes; their purpose is unknown, but all of them appear to be carved out of the metal by hand. They glow with an eerie purple light. Twi.ADM also wears a purple wizard's hat. His weapon is a metal staff with five runes carved in blue near the top, which has a pair of almost pincer-like extensions extending further upward, with a blue orb hovering in between them. (Staff (Rough): ) His legs are covered in oddly flexible metal armor, engraved with purple runes just like his chestplate, that lead down to a pair of steel-toe, rounded boots.

"I am indeed the one you've been sent here for..." Twi held up his right hand, holding another one of those orbs, and chuckled. "Though I don't really need another one of those. I've got hundreds, and that's after I scattered some around the 'nets." He juggled the orb in one hand, and let out a long, drawn-out sigh. "I suppose you have questions, yes? I have answers... but I'd like to wait for those friends of yours to get here before I tell you anything else."

A viewscreen, positioned so both Twi and Runeknight could see it, materialized in the darkness. It's view showed the group that had been with Runeknight earlier, accompanied by Corny who was... well, eating corn. "I apologize for my guard's behavior earlier. He's been rather... touchy, lately. Probably has to do with being stationed at what's classed as one of the most useless spots in the Netpolice's taskforce."
"No need to apologize to me," Runeknight nodded. "Though I am certain that the young, eccentric Navi wouldn't mind one. It is always best to keep the group running smoothly, is it not?"

Runeknight examined Twi.ADM, noting the runes that covered the Navi's armor and staff. They were intricately engraved, seemingly hand carved. It was beautiful work, exquisite really. Runeknight thought he recognized some of the runes, though he could not be absolutely certain. All in all, Twi cut an impressive figure, like an ancient mystical warrior versed in sword and sorcery. Runeknight immediately felt a connection to the powerful looking being.

"Still, I think you for your gracious kindness and indeed, my Lord and I do have a number of questions. Though, yes it would be best to await the others in my party. It seems that they have almost all gathered."
"Mm." Twi nodded, and then looked at Runeknight. He was looking at... his staff? "Elder Futhark runes." he said simply, holding the top of the staff outward towards Runeknight. "They mean, from top left to bottom, Force, Protection, Knowledge, Potential, and the last one is the rune engraved on Weapons of War." Twi pulled his staff back, and turned it upright, tapping the floor lightly with it's end in the process.

He held out the orb that was in his hand. "Hm... I suppose I can tell you about this..." His staff disappeared, and he ran a hand over the black, engraved ball. "It's rather simple to activate, really." Twi moved his hand to a specific spot, and what appeared to be a holographic button appeared. Twi pressed it, and then tossed the orb outward, a spotlight following it.

The orb exploded into a small dome of blinding light, which receded shortly after it appeared, revealing a tan-furred lion. "Meet Nomad." Twi walked over to the lion, and gently stroked the back of it's neck behind it's mane. "That orb is what's called a support program... and I made it. That should explain why the Netpolice don't know anything about it, eh?" Twi chuckled, and then snapped his fingers.

A spotlight came on behind Runeknight with a loud 'click', revealing a display holding at least twenty support programs upon it. "Support Programs cannot be activated until they're coded with an appearance... I bet your operator didn't try opening the orb with a Navi Editor, hm? Once they're coded an appearance, they become bound to the navi that uses them." Twi knelt down and scratched behind both of Nomad's ears, and continued.

"In case you're wondering... they do have combat capabilities. That much should be obvious from that blob you fought. You see, I've scattered about... oh say, a hundred of these things around the various networks, and I covered each and every last one of them in junk data specifically designed to initate a fight with the first capable navi it came into contact with. If they best the junk data covering the orb, they're deemed worthy and the junk data collapses, revealing the hidden treasure inside." Twi chuckled, and then stood, facing Runeknight. "You'd be surprised what one can do with access to a slightly outdated version of the Netpolice HQ's databanks, enough time, and boredom."
"Impressive," Runeknight was slightly awed. "Most impressive. The Navi Editor you say? So, theoretically, these "Support Programs" must be able to take any form a NetOp can imagine."
"You would be correct. There's a few limits because the Support Programs can't handle things that are too big or too small, but appearance-wise it's pretty much whatever you want." Twi explained, smiling. "Either way, your friends there are still missing a few? I'm getting rather impatient about all this. If this keeps up, I'll have to just tell Corny to send the ones that are there to us..."
"While I am loathe to abandon any Navi who wishes to lend us aid," Runeknight stated. "The hour is growing short and we should continue with this as soon as possible. I am sure the rest of my comrades are turning impatient as well. However, I beg that you give the remaining Navi a bit more time to arrive. Perhaps they are having difficulties?"
"Hmm.. Alright. But... there is one person I wish to know more about." Twi held his left hand against his ear, and spoke to... someone. Runeknight couldn't hear any of it, but he could clearly see Twi's mouth moving. "Alright, I told Corny to send Crimson Royale in." Twi gave off a 'hmph', his face curled into a deep-seated frown. "I rather detest people who try to hide behind facades..."
"Hmm...." Junior suddenly appeared in the room. He looked at both navis slowly. He eyed the lion warily, "I don't suppose you sent me an Areagrab without mentioning, did you?"

"Nope. I'm ready, if things go bad." Wes replied, fingering his assoartment of chips.

"Well if the bogus mission summery before didn't set off any warning bells, this certainly does. So, I take it you two needed something?" Junior said calmly, though at the moment he was getting quite annoyed. Perhaps he should have just played hooky.
"Well met," Runeknight saluted the fanciful newcomer. "I do not believe that we have been introduced. I am called Runeknight. My liege lord, Zanallen, and I were the ones that provided this mission to the group." Runeknight gestured to the purple armored Navi. "And may I present Twi.ADM, the very object of our search. Allow me to assuage any fears you may have, as Twi merely wishes to converse with you as well. I do believe you interest him, though I have naught a clue as to why. Though, I must say that your style of dress is intriguing."
"Yes... I wish to know why you've come on this mission hiding your true identity. I can see the use of those, in my opinion useless GMOs, but hiding your identity behind a facade is something I rather dislike." Twi said, shooting a serious look at Junior. If I don't like his reason, or if he denies it... I suppose I'll have to make the truth obvious.
"Not really surprised that you can tell I'm wearing a GMO. I'd seriously worry about anyone who couldn't. If my netop isn't showing his face, then it only makes sense that my identity is being hidden as well." Junior shrugged. So this guy had beamed him here just because he hated .GMOs? That was kind of a dumb reason, but if he humoured him, maybe he could go. Bickering was one thing he wasn't in the mood for, "And its not a 'facade', its security. The way my netop sees it, a mistake was made in the past and in order to assure it doesn't happen again, GMOs are now employed. Either way, while on Requiem business, it only follows that I wear my Requiem costume and use my Requiem identity. Either way, its not like I know too much about you, so your identity is about as much a mystery to me as mine is to you."
Just as he was hoping the other navis wouldn't drag him into their conversation, Pianissimo suddenly found himself in a dark room, standing on a circle of light. He nearly fell over, since he had been leaning against the wall. His pie was also gone, but he didn't care about such things at the moment. He looked around, seeing Runeknight, Junior, and two figures a short distance away. One he didn't recognize, but the other appeared to be a lion. What the heck was a generic lion doing on the net, anyway?

Nonetheless, he glanced at Junior. Wow, you've REALLY done it this time, he said to himself, but had the common sense to not say it out loud just yet.
"Requiem?" A distant memory sparked in Runeknight's mind. "I thought..."

Runeknight gazed at the oddly dressed Navi that had been teleported into Twi's domain. The Dark Knight had heard of a group that called themselves Requiem several years ago, around the time of the Cybeast scare and during the Rogue conflict that had prompted his Lord to join the NetPolice. Back then Requiem, and a few other groups, had formed as a sort of vigilante task force, working outside the law though with similar goals of helping those in need. They had not worn masks then, did not hide their identities as though they were common criminals.

It was an odd thought for Runeknight, that someone who wanted to help others should hide his face from the world. Runeknight himself wore a visor, but it was for tactical reasons, a design his Lord had put in place, and not some attempt to mask his identity. In Runeknight's mind, the only people who intentionally hid their faces were those with secrets they did not want others to know; criminals, villains, people tasked to harm, not to help. Why would Requiem were masks...?

Vigilantes... The thought came unbidden.

Vigilantes were not sanctioned by the NetPolice and, as such worked above and beyond the law. They could get more done without having to worry about procedure and protocol, but what they were doing was illegal. Therefore the need for masks. Despite wanted to help people, these vigilantes were criminals, deleting who they saw fit without the need for a trial or a judge, without adhering to the laws that governed this world. The thought disgusted Runeknight and his gave turned steely as he continued to examine the Navi that stood before him. No wonder this "Crimson Royale" seemed nervous. He was a criminal confronted by two members of the NetPolice. Runeknight ventured to speak.

"Runeknight," Zan's voice was for his Navi's ears only. "Now is not the time."

Had his Lord followed Runeknight's line of thinking? He would have to discuss his reasoning with Zan at a later date. Zan was right, this was not the time, nor the place. He finished his earlier thought.

"I had thought Requiem to be disbanded like so many of the groups of old." He kept his voice cordial. "My Lord nor I have heard naught of them for nigh seven years."

Another figure materialized just ask Runeknight finished his statement. The dark form of Pianissimo, the de facto leader of this mission appeared as if by magic. Runeknight's fingers on his left hand twitched slightly at the sight of the Navi, but the dark knight took little notice. He still felt a slight unease when around Pianissimo, a feeling that he could not place with a reason, but it was less now than it had been when he had first met the Navi.

"Well met once more," Runeknight saluted. "Are the others soon to follow?"
"WAGH!" Red yelped, thumping to the ground as she appeared in the dark room. It seemed the other navis were here too. It looked like Crimson_Royale hadn't been unmasked yet, but that probably wouldn't be for long.
She took in her other surroundings, namely the purple guy, and the lion next to him.
"Interesting," she and Shin mused at the same time.
"Then allow me to make all clear." Twi held his hand outward towards Junior, where purple light began to gather in his palm. "I am Twi.ADM, the old version of the Netpolice's main data archive, and you..." He fired the orb of purple light at Junior, which shattered his form, the pieces flying backwards-- --only to hit Junior from behind, recompiling him and revealing Junior's true form. "You are Soulman Junior! Son of Ayumi and Soulman, and leader of Neo Requiem!"
"AHHH!!!' Nikko screamed as she hit the floor hard, hiting her face upon landing. "ouch." Nikko said as she jumped up, seeing junior and some of the other navis that were in the net square. "Crap. this can't be good." Nikko said as timmy's voice came from behind her. "What's going on?" Timmy asked, looking around the room, as his eyes came on Twi.ADM. "He must be the one we are here to see."