Well well well, looks like you guys'll be gathering your team pretty soon, mirite?

Post here when you're ready to pull a Justice Friends and... ASSEMBLE!

Do keep in mind that this mission will be a LONG one, however.
i'll be there once the virus horde is done with Nikko. hopefuly i'll be there BEFORE the mission starts.
((I'll be there to set it up and stuff once I'm done in Yumland. Should I post saying a meeting place in the other thread?))
((That would be wise. I'll come over after my battle is done and I buy stuffs.))
(well, i'll be there once i get and maybe finish a battle 6 as well as myabe buy some new stuff.)
Nobody saw him jack in, but seconds after doing so in Scilabs, Pianissimo appeared in the netsquare from the Scilab portal. Once there, he picked a wall nearby and leaned against it, waiting for the others to show up.

He didn't recognize most of the names on the BBS, save Divinity, Red, Junior's Requiem identity, and a couple names he had seen in some of Duke's history files. While he waited, he silently hoped that "Crimson Royale" wouldn't do anything stupid, and resolved to do whatever he needed to in order to keep him from inadvertently causing trouble, even if it meant forcing him to jack out.

Was he the only person in the new Requiem that was still sane?
American was beamed down into the area, the red, white, and blue beam of light hit what would be the ground. All that was left was American, his guns all arranged neatly on his back, all placed so that he wouldn't be weighed down or lean towards one side whenever he stood or fought. He unhooked the Musket from off his back and held it with his left hand, he seemed to give off a glow. His form was changing into the one of the only Battle .GMO's he had at the moment. His Commando GMO revamped his appearance and there stood a totally different American then the one that had entered.

His hair was still as long, but now held up by the red headband. His ripped tank top shirt loosely hanging off of his torso. Also his musket became an oh so familar M-16 that he missed with passion from his old battles on the net before Bo gave him this appearance change. His pants were finally changed and now were some baggy cargo pants with only one pocket for bullets.

"Time to wait and see who shows up from the sign up list."
"You're one of them, aren't you?" Pianissimo asked, still leaning against the wall. "I recognize you from one of my operator's history files. American.EXE, right?"

Pianissimo still didn't move, but a couple of brightly colored dots moved across the surface of his helmet's eyepieces. After a few seconds, he spoke again. "Weren't you involved in some incident involving the Rogue navi Drakkas?"
"I guess people always will remember your 15 minutes of fame, no escaping the past as they say. If you don't learn from the past your doomed to repeat it. Yes, I am the one and only American from that time."

American was feeling talkative, he didn't want his teammates to think he was hiding anything from them either. Also if other people were coming, more then likely they were going to ask him that exact same question. Or just assume it was him and laugh or just mock him until he was too fed up with it. This one, seemed like he might mock him for the battle, but he learned from that mistake and these people were the ones to make sure he never forgot.

"American at your service, you'll find I'm fully equipped for the battle ahead of us. Finally we seemed to pull in a haul of navi's rom the sign up."
Red jacked into the netsquare from Shin's house. It was her first time actually STAYING in it, rather than going through it from net to net. It seemed, very big, actually. She saw two distinct navis.
"Hey! Are you guys for the mission? I'm Red Riding Hood.exe, you can call me Red though," Red said, greeting Pianissimo and American.
Pianissimo gave a noncomittal wave. "Ah, Red. How've you been?" He didn't say any more, mainly since he only knew Red through Requiem.

"The name's Pianissimo," he said in his usual faint voice. "My operator pretty much organized this whole mission. That's not saying much, though."
"I've been very well, thank you very much Piano-san," Red said, bowing.
"Oh, looks like my operator's banging on your operator's door," Red commented, giggling.
"If he hasn't already realized, tell him the door's open," said Pianissimo simply. "No problems recently, I hope..."
"Oh that's so like him," Red said, flapping her hand down, ignoring protests of "Hey!" from her operator.
At Pianissimo's other statement, Red fumed up and a burning aura flared up from her. The wind navi gritted her teeth,
"Yeah! There was this problem! On this last busting spree! I faced these guys calling themselves the 'Elite Heelnavi Squad,' but they were really this navi in the form of a roach! I mean, it had THREE FORMS, like THREE! It wouldn't even die after it was shot, chopped to pieces, and smashed by it's own body! Can you believe that?" Red ranted in exasperation.
Nikko ran though a portal that spit her out on the outskirts of the meeting area where all the navis were at, she calmed herself down and walked down twords the navis, clearing her neck and asked. "Is this the meeting place for the group netpolice mission?"
((I'll be ready after I jack out from a boss battle^^))
"A roach navi? That seems a bit...odd," said Pianissimo, who couldn't help but laugh slightly at Red's rant. "Yes, this is the place," he said to Nikko, glaring slightly. More datastreams flowed across the eyepieces of his helmet. Nikko, huh? So this is the new one. I hope she doesn't screw stuff up for us, whether she intends it or not.
A cobalt bolt of lightning struck the Net floor, bringing up a layer of dust that formed a series of flashing black runes that gathered together to form a Navi. The Navi was clad from head to toe with jet black armor, accented with cobalt flourishes, and was draped in a long, cobalt cape. Runeknight, his face covered by a visor of energy that resembled cobalt glass, turned to face a gathering group of Navi off in the distance. This was the staging ground for the event and those where obviously a number of the players. Runeknight strode forward to greet his comrades.

The gathered Navi were an assortment of different themes and styles. First and foremost, Runeknight noticed a black-clad warrior that seemed the most deadly of his fellow Navi. Though the warrior seemed pleasant enough and Runeknight knew he had no cause to be concerned, he still felt an involuntary twinge of nervousness at the sight of the Navi, the fingers of his left hand twitching slightly in response. An unnoticed line of crimson energy danced between Runeknight's fingertips for a brief second before disappearing completely.

Speaking to the black-clad Navi were what appeared to be a little girl, seemingly cute and innocent, a gunman who looked to be straight from the battlefield and a creature that appeared to be half-cat. Runeknight's thoughts fell briefly to his last comrade, a scythe-wielding wolf-man named Shinokami, and wondered about this latest trend in Navi design.

Runeknight finally reached the group. He halted within a few feet and saluted them, fist to chest, before greeting them with a nod that included each Navi.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance." His voice was cordial. "I am called Runeknight, an officer of the NetPolice. My NetOp is Detective Zanallen Espial. We have the express duty of linking this group officially to the NetPolice for the duration of this mission. Which of you is Pianissimo?" Runeknight had the strangest feeling that he already knew the answer. "As you called us all together for this sortie, I am inclined to leave the burden of leadership in your hands, despite my official position."
A huge, burly navi, easily the net equivalent of 10 feet tall, approached the group of navis. He wore a simple tuxedo with the netpolice emblem embroidered on the upper left chest of it. He spoke. "Gentlemen.... behold! Corn!" He held up an ear of corn, and at the navis' questioning glares, he quickly tossed it away and spoke again. "Right, so you guys are here to see Twi? That's what they told me, anyway... get your whole group together and I'll be back to 'port you to the area he's in." The navi walked away afterwards.
"Pianissimo...that would be me," said the assassin navi to the new arrival. This one exuded an aura of...power. And competence. Quite unusual among netpolice navis from what he'd seen. Nevertheless, they couldn't all be like that, could they? "You're the one who got us this job, are you not?"
His voice was faint, somewhat dark, and had a chilling quality to it. He tapped the side of his helmet, and more red dots flitted across his eyepieces as he scanned Runeknight. "Your left hand appears to be twitching slightly, Runeknight. Nervous?" he whispered, though he didn't see the crimson energy.

Pianissimo turned and glared at the newest arrival. "I suppose we are, if that is the person Detective Espial mentioned that we were supposed to find." His voice had become considerably harder, and anyone close enough to see his eyes under the helmet would be able to tell in an instant that Pianissimo didn't like the navi at all. He continued glaring as the navi walked away, before turning back to the rest, only to see yet another new arrival, who had flung himself onto Red.

"Friend of yours, Red? Hm...bit insane, this one. I am Pianissimo."