Fighting Styles

I think the name is fairly straightforward. Discuss your fighting style with other Netbattlers. It's a fairly broad term... Ir can cover most subjects on the matter, from which chips you use to how you make use of your special abilities.

I'm a strictly offensive navi, but there's always room for tactics in anyone's battle style. Gun chips come in a wide variety of elements and effects, so I try to have a wide repertoire to choose from to fit most any situation. However, since I like to stand my ground and concentrate on hitting the enemy, I can sometimes wind up getting hit more often than other navis... All the more reason to finish them off swiftly.

<Swift and Gunner.EXE>
"I aim for high accuracy. That includes guns, but extends to other chips, like Firehits, Rageclaws, and others that have a high hit rate. I would rather have a reliable but weak chip than one that hits massively but has terrible accuracy."


"I fight under Anti's order."

Hey, all! Shigeru here! Me and Voltman's style? Multihit chips for the win! Why focus on one virus when you can focus on THREE?


And we play tag! Yaaaaaay tag!


...Uh... yeah. Tag...

It all depends on the viruses and the area we are in. if it's an area like ACDC net, use cannons and stuff like that, weak viruses there, Scilabs are not much more of a threat than ACDC, same stratagy applies there, and so on, i havn't realy been every where yet, so if it's an unknown area, we hit hard and fast and hope for the best, but i'll get some new stratagies as i fight through the areas.

*Nikko.exe is currently looking for viruses in yoka*
(( Wow, this place looks abandoned. :'D ))

My Navi and I like to work out everything before jumping in straight into action. Contingency plans are always great for those OMGWTFBBQ moments. I do know some people who work with their battles at the edge of their seat, but I'd rather not. Even if it means obsessive calculation, it's nice to blast out all possible errors, then sit back, relax and watch the fireworks.

As for fighting styles... hm. Eternalis does like to charge in, guns blazing and all that. Hit fast and hard and hope for the best. He also tends to pick single groups at a time. I'm not a fan of the reckless, but it works, since he's basically self-repairing.

- Harke
heh, I prefer to weaken my opponent's chances of succeeding rather than just blasting away randomly. Fight smart, not hard.


Yeah, you can take your time and not worry so much if you're opponent can't hit you. Although you can't pick off your opponents at random all of the time, if you can stall the heavy hitters long enough to take out the cannon fodder, you don't have to worry about being hit in the back by a large hammer or sword.

We try to analyze our opponent's strengths, weaknesses, and abilities before taking quick and decisive action. Speed is key!
-Mazer Patrovski

I try to use our wide array of elemental chips to exploit the enemy's weakness, and defend myself and Aera using speed, defensive chips, or by simply flying out of attack range. A lack of elemental chips in my tourney folder was one of the main factors in getting eliminated.
-Machman.EXE MkII

Machman and I work best as a team; he deletes the bulk of the viruses while I pick off the weaker ones, or use my electricity-based attacks to take down any aqua viruses. I'm also there to provide medical programs if either of us are damaged during battle.
I do try to analyze a lot of my enemies, but sometimes there's just the odd enemy that's just not in the database. Of course, I don't have access to the fancy souped-up database programs some Netbattlers have, but I think the basic one suffices for normal situations.

- Harke

I think I just go with the flow, really, Harke. Not charging in. I mean, how often does charging in really work? ._. Not very often. I do try to pick the ones that are exactly tuned to the damage specifications of the chips I have at the moment. I tend to like firearms a lot...

- Eternalis.EXE
All your tactics sound all well and good but what about those of us without the funds for fancy battlechips, super healing subchips or virus databases filled with weaknesses? Well me and my navi's style of hit and run tactics serves this purpose pretty well, hit them while you have the advantage with the strongest chips you got!

- Lex Ghostly

Run headlong into battle, turn invisible, stab 'em in the back, go back into hiding. Works every time.

- Phantasm.exe
Oh, that's easy. Just smack as many as you can at once, or focus on one and hit 'em as hard as you can.

Keeping your distance is usually a good idea too, gives you more time to react.
Chris Harper

Yeah, well, that, and bombs aren't usually a good idea at close range...