Era of Gourmet: Character Registration

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List of Characters:
Guaoul (Pocket)
Jerry Yuu (Fera)
Questa (Aim)
Ginger Brea (Bomber)
Diamond Sugar Ray (Bomber)
Grant Nolan (Heat)
Franc Malbec (Goroke)
Eunice/White Apron (Aim)
Amantia Phungash (Shur)
Poruni (Pocket)
Donald Grayson/Captain Carbon (RevivedSin)
Name: Guaoul

Appearance: Guaoul is dark-skinned and normally chubby (though his weight and girth can change as a result of his ability use) and only wears a pair of yellow and red flame-retardant shorts. He keeps a large supply of bandages in his shorts at all times for various uses. His body is completely hairless and shiny.

Personality: Easily excitable and a bit of a masochist as a result of eating spicy foods, Guaoul generally comes off as looking cheerful and positive. However, he is quick to be disappointed when people refuse to eat his cooking (because the foods are either too spicy or drenched in his sweat). Guaoul understands the extent of his abilities and tries not to go overboard when he fights as he prefers not to 'overcook' the animals he hunts. Having grown up in one of the hottest and most arid parts of the world, he has a high resistance (but not immunity) to heat. Since humans naturally develop a tolerance to spicy foods over time, Guaoul searches the world for foods that maintain their level of spiciness no matter how many times they are eaten.

Food Preference: Spicy and barbequed foods. Fatty foods also appeal to him to sustain his ability.

Guaoul's sweat glands can produce an abnormally abundant level of lipids that makes it highly flammable. The sweat also contains irritants that makes it possible to blind someone if it gets into their eyes. Similarly, when the sweat evaporates or is ignited, the fumes/smoke also have a minorly irritating effect on the eyes and nose, but it's not nearly as severe as being in direct contact with the sweat itself. Since Guaoul lives with this, he's not subject to the blinding effects.

Flambé Fist: Guaoul's main fighting style involves wrapping bandages around his hands and soaking them with his sweat before igniting them with any available ignition source (he can even create a spark with his teeth). The bandages are not consumed due to the constant wick effect being fueled by Guaoul's sweat. Punching something with his oily, makeshift boxing gloves leaves behind a flaming residue that continues to burn on the surface that was struck. Trying to put it out often spreads the oil (and subsequent flames) out further. Due to its oily nature, the residue is difficult to wash off with water and equally difficult to extinguish through normal means.

Pepper Dance: His alternative fighting style involves a Capoeira-like dance that spreads his sweat everywhere and keeps foes at a distance. Once he feels everything is adequately soaked, he ignites it for widespread damage.

Final Heat: Guaoul's most powerful and dangerous ability is to maximize his sweat output and ignite his entire body. The increase in temperature increases his heart rate and muscular activity, allowing him to move significantly faster and strike harder but he must close his eyes and hold his breath in order to maintain its form (limiting its duration to around 2 minutes at most). Any physical attacks made against Guaoul while this mode is active burn the attacker.

At any time, Guaoul can alter his sweat's composition to a higher water and saline content with practically no oils to stop his fire abilities and to put out existing fires he has caused.

The drawback of Guaoul's ability is that he rapidly loses weight while using any form of it as he literally burns his body's fat in order to fight.
Name: Jerry Yuu

Appearance: A stout man, aged 36, Jerry's appearance could be said to be rather jolly-looking, or, more bluntly put, "nearly obese". Light-skinned, his black hair is cut moderately short, as he hates to have them cover his squinty dark black eyes. His facial hair is carefully courted into a wiry, twirly mustache. His usual attire consists of a white T-shirt, which serves zero purpose in hiding his love handles, and some dark blue jeans that seem to be just about ready to burst out of their seams at any given time. He wears plain white flip-flops. On his back, he often hefts around a gigantic white refridgerator with some extra-strength straps.

Personality: Jerry is as jolly as he looks, and he is fun to be around. Always portraying a happy-go-lucky attitude, Jerry's rotund person lumbers around and spreads the love. He might come off as a bit weird, though, with his gelatin obsession, and his lame jokes aren't very fun to listen to, either. He dislikes pessimism, and will usually go out of his way to cheer people up.

Food Preference: Sweet things that melt in the mouth, also known as desserts. Specifically, puddings and jello are his favorite specialty, but he likes all else equally.

Ability: "Ultimate Pudding Mastery"

Jerry's pudding-making abilities have been sharpened to the most legendary of heights, to the point that he can look at anything, capture it in photographic memory, and recreate it in pudding form. While this may seem useless at first, Jerry's ability does not stop there. Additives researched throughout his life can supply many frightening effects to his pudding creations. The most common effect is hardening the pudding to the point of stone-like toughness, which he calls "Rock Jelly".

The refridgerator he carries around on his back is filled to the brim with many containers of gelatin, ready to be shaped into any form he desires. The specially-made portable refridgerator is able to transform Jerry's ingredients into finished pudding products at lightning speed, though it does need to be recharged every so often.
Name: Questa

Appearance: Questa is a woman with the looks of a western model: blond, blue-eyed, average height, and full figured. Her skin is of a very light, pink hue with an athletic muscle tone. Her clothing clashes with this western look; she dresses in a full black ninja garb, covering up all of her body with the exception of her eyes. She usually wears a light mesh garment beneath it. Her hair is poofy and glamorous, despite being short cut, but is mostly held within her ninja hood. Oddly, she wears makeup despite covering most of her face. Her age is around 21, but nobody knows her well enough to tell.

Personality: Although she is audibly a quiet girl, Questa's mind is constantly whirring with thoughts. A modern-day ninja, she devotes herself wholly to the preservation of endangered foods, treating them as her very master. Despite being born in the western world, she spent most of her life in the east; this shows in many of her mannerisms. She stays emotionally distant from most people. She feels a need to chastise herself greatly whenever she fails, but she's so efficient at what she does that there's rarely any need. Her greatest asset is her focus, while her greatest weaknesses are her inability to bond with others and lack of concern for her own welfare.

Food Preference: Despite claiming a preference for eastern food, Questa's ultimate guilty pleasure is fruit. In the east, she lived in a nation that forbid anyone but the noble from purchasing or consuming fruit. As such, Questa treats fruit as a sinful, sneaky treasure, eating it only whenever she can do so with no one else watching. To further savor them, she uses her powers to turn fruits into a fine mush before consuming them either as sauce or a smoothie. Something about her powers seems to have interfered with her ability to swallow large chunks of food, so that could be the reason. She even tends to mince any kind of meat before consuming it.

Ability: "Spinjutsu"

Questa has mastered a ninja art she calls "Spinjutsu;" the key to this power is in her gourmet cells, which allow her to freely dislocated certain bones within her body and rotate the joints on an axis, while allowing her internal organs to shift to sustainable position. Most conveniently, she can spin her hands, feet, or even her head. Besides that, however, she can even rotate areas such as her pelvis and collarbone. Her joint dislocation gives her some powerful abilities, such as spinning her hands at high speeds like drills or blenders. She can even use the spinning power to dislocate her own ankles, ensuring that no matter what the terrain her footpads always hit the ground with exact timing and planned direction. This gives her the ability, essentially, to run with inhuman speed befitting a ninja. Additionally, she can use her powers to easily relocate dislocated bones, or create a temporary fix to broken bones or torn ligaments.

As a general rule, the closer the proximity of the rotated area to the vertical center of her spinal column, the more difficult it is for her to rotate. While her hands can spin countless times in one direction before reverting, her collarbone could only do it about five or six times, and her waist only once. It is also worth noting that any spin she makes has to be undone at some point and spinning any part too much consecutively or for too long poses obvious dangers.

The spin is also very handy for getting rid of unsightly wrinkles! It's one of the secrets to her great skin.
Name: Ginger Brea

Appearance: There is beauty, and then there is Ginger Brea. A slender, but fit, 5'7" girl, her skin's tone is a bit lighter than her namesake, and has a shining gloss to it that makes anyone who sees it understand that there is no flaw in this skin. Her figure is as full as it can be in all the right places for her proportions, and her clothes make no effort to hide that fact. Specifically, Ginger wears a midriff-exposing purple and white tanktop, a pair of denim short shorts that don't even try to cover her legs, and a pair of open-toed shoes of the same color scheme as her tanktop. Ginger's eyes are that same light purple hue and are the reason why she favors the color in her clothes, and her hair is a rich, luscious chocolate brown that swirls, twirls, and curls halfway down Ginger's back.

Personality: Born and raised by Gourmet Nobles, Ginger Brea came to know luxury and excellence, and expects and demands the same out in the world. She's haughty and acts superior all the time, and unfortunately, due to her bizarre legal circumstances, many people are afraid to do anything about it. Additionally, the nature of her unique ability makes it so very few people want to do anything about it. The funny truth about it all, though, is that Ginger actually likes to find people who can resist her, because everyone she ever meets slobbering over her greatness does get quite tiresome after a while. Ironically, Ginger's strange situation has given her some valuable insight into ingredient preservation, and as a result she has developed some very strong feelings on the matter of overhunting.

Food Preference: Ginger doesn't have much in way of dislikes, as such a thing would imply that something in this world could possibly be opposed to her own sublime existence. By the same token, she doesn't have any real favorites, because that would imply something in this world could possibly be superior to her greatness. Her one rule is that she does not eat things harvested by killing. It's not so much a morally upright thing as much as a "that could be me" type of thing.

Ability: "Love Flavor"

The crux of all of Ginger's personal, social, and legal issues lies here with her ability, Love Flavor. In short, she is delicious. Every fiber of Ginger's being contains arguably the most sublime flavor known to man. Even her natural scent is infused with the aroma of an indescribably wonderful food. When Ginger started showing up as the main course in some Full Course menus, IGO quickly stepped in, and the resulting legal battle ended in her bizarre classification as an endangered human ingredient. It is illegal to hunt any part of her, be it her whole self or even just a strand of hair, and it is illegal to disrupt her actions in any way, shape, or form.

Unfortunately for IGO, giving a superior ego like Ginger's that kind of legal protection creates many, many conflicts. To their horror, Ginger has figured out how to weaponize her Love Flavor. It is not addictive, but she does have a strong sedative property that can be conveyed through taste. Taking even the smallest sample of Love Flavor creates the compulsion in the back of the mind that this taste is a necessary existence. Destroying this taste should not be done. It's not a perfect hypnosis, but it does have enough of an effect that an antagonistic creature's attacks will gradually be weakened by these thoughts as they are exposed more and more to Love Flavor. When sampled by non-antagonistic allies and creatures, Love Flavor subliminal thoughts will actually empower them when their actions are to Ginger's aid or benefit. While the strongest means of conveying Love Flavor is direct taste (and is usually crippling from a fight standpoint), the purity of Ginger's taste is so great that she can convey a lesser sense of it through plain touch. This is why she wears such light clothing, as her fighting style has developed around the goal of making as much skin to skin contact with the enemy as possible. Even before all that, Love Flavor's scent has a alluring draw to it, so Ginger is entirely capable of picking fights at any range by propagating it with a paper fan she keeps at her hip. As a result of all this, IGO usually (discretely) writes off the incidents involving Ginger, because she's usually the only one at fault.

Name: Diamond Sugar Ray

Appearance: A tall, wiry man of 6'3", Diamond Sugar Ray knows the jazz and what it's all about. The dim shade of his skin is complemented by a midnight blue dress shirt, buttoned all the way up to the collar, black slacks and dress shoes, and a gray belt with a golden buckle. His slick, neck-length dark blue hair is capped with a black fedora, and a pair of opaque midnight blue shades make his eye color an eternal mystery. Black sideburns reach down to his jawline, but remain entirely separate from a black goatee on his chin. One can guess that Diamond Sugar Ray is in his mid to late 30s, but when your style is as timeless as his, does it really matter?

Personality: Diamond Sugar Ray is one smooth customer. He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. Men know his jazz is the smoothest, chillest thing all the way to the Gourmet World. Even the most violent creatures of the world respect the smooth jazz of Diamond Sugar Ray. As a Bishokuya, he is chill and smooth even in the most intense captures, hunts, and fights, and doesn't kill or harvest ingredients any more than he needs to. Overhunting ain't smooth, man. One would think he'd be very hyper with the innate ability of his Gourmet Cells being based around sugar, but man, no. Diamond Sugar Ray is smooth.

Food Preference: Sweet, sugary things are both loved and needed by Diamond Sugar Ray for the sake of his abilities. Additionally, he also likes any of the special breed of ingredients that have a musical element to them. The only thing smoother than Diamond Sugar Ray's smooth jazz during a meal is Diamond Sugar's Ray's smooth jazz with a smooth harmony meal.

Ability: "All-Day Sweet Serenade"

Ever since an early autophagy-induced mutation of his Gourmet Cells way back when Diamond Sugar Ray's smooth jazz wasn't so smooth, Diamond Sugar Ray has had the ability to crystallize sugar to the hardness and strength of diamond. His diaphragm is able to produce air of an very unique pitch, which when played through his jazz music, causes sugar to rapidly resonate until it is forced to crystallize to the unnatural hardness that gave Diamond Sugar Ray his name.

The only confectionery sugar Diamond Sugar Ray keeps on him at all times is in a pouch on his belt, which he can crystallize with only his voice into the form of a glorious sugar crystal saxophone. It's sweet, produces a great sound, and is always oh so smooth. While that's neat and cool, the true form of the All-Day Sweet Serenade appears when Diamond Sugar Ray plays his crystal sax. Sugar is a plentiful resource, in both nature and in living things. No matter where it's hiding, it can hear Diamond Sugar Ray's smooth jazz. Crystallizing a monster's leg is an effective means to disable it, and Diamond Sugar Ray can even crystallize his own sugar-laden skin into a steadfast diamond armor. The All-Day Sweet Serenade is at maximum power against plant-based creatures, who naturally produce a high amount of sugar through photosynthesis, and is near-useless against mineral-based creatures, in whom sugar does not naturally occur.
Name: Grant Nolan

Appearance: Grant stands at an average height for a man of 26, and almost always stands straight. His complexion is completely fair, and his body is well-toned. He has dark hair which is full-bodied, but he gets hair-cuts regularly to keep it from getting shaggy. He has dark eyes and thin lips, and will always keep his face well-shaven if possible. As for clothes, he tends to wear dark custom-tailored suits. He almost always wears the jacket open and the white undershirt beneath unbuttoned, however, in an attempt to show off his body. The suit is completed by slick dark dress shoes. In addition, he keeps his hands wrapped up to the knuckles in the field, in an attempt to soften the negative effects of his fighting style on his hands. He also carries a pair of thin shades in his pocket, but he only wears them when necessary to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Personality: Grant has the best of intentions in mind for not only everyone he meets, but for all humans and animals. He treats life as precious, and thus is single-mindedly driven to protect it. That said, he has convinced himself of the righteousness of his cause and asserts it in everything he does. This causes him to seem pompous as he tries to act as everyone's unwanted benefactor. Believing that everyone else is hopelessly ignorant or stubbornly irrational in the choices they make, he is unfriendly almost by default because he refuses to overlook what he sees as faults. He likes for things to be neat and to follow logic, but he also embraces calculated risks in reaching his goals. His particular drive is to protect animals that are hunted as ingredients and to convince people to stop eating these rare creatures and instead eat only his perfectly balanced nutrition bars.

Food Preference: Grant's food preferences are more like food laws. He greatly, greatly prefers to eat his own hand-made food and drinks, finding them both the most nourishing and tasty. He will lower himself to eat vegetables and fruit or drink water, but he absolutely refuses to eat any kind of meat or any foods he deems unhealthy. Worth noting is the fact that he was born without taste buds, so the taste of food has no weight on his preference. Thus, it is no mere coincidence that most things he eat taste like garbage to others.

Ability: "Nutrition Apothecary"

Grant is a health food nut, but not just as a trend diet follower: the gourmet cells developed as he consistently ate healthy food, almost constantly, almost every day, as a child. Eventually, his gourmet cells began to affect his intellect. He gained a photographic memory when it came to telling how well foods made him feel. From then on, Grant actually researched various foods and came up with theoretical "perfect mixes" of food... basically, by consuming particular foods in incredibly precise portions, he is able to keep himself seemingly supernaturally healthy.

Grant managed to get a company on board to produce his dream foods as nutrition bars, but he is practically their sole customer: only he and a choice few absolute health nuts are able to stomach his horrible-tasting product as regularly as his schedule requires for them to be effective. Still, he buys enough of them to help keep them profitable for the company. He carries a satchel full of them at all times.

The bars grant him special feats of health. Currently, he has a few: his "Red" bar grants him heightened strength, a bit above what a very healthy human could have; his "Green" bar acts to heal his wounds if he rests; finally, his "Yellow" bar sharpens his senses, allowing him to perform incredible (but not superhuman) acrobatics and detect creatures by their noises. He has concepts for many other types of bars, but he must acquire the ingredients to make them first.

Grant is thus capable of multiple powers, but has a few limitations. Eating a second type of bar will cancel out the effects of one he ate earlier. The effects also only work when he eats them in a balanced order: thus, he must space out his eating somewhat, and he cannot eat the same type of bar twice in a row. If he regurgitates, he can defy these rules, but he'd lose the power of the bar he ate and... well, regurgitating isn't any fun, even without a sense of taste. The precarious balance also means that Grant's bars will have weakened effects if he has recently eaten anything other than his bars.

He hasn't managed to get his smoothies produced yet (even the most die-hard of crazy dieters can't keep them down), but the company has promised to endorse them if he produces results in gathering ingredients. Until then, he typically drinks plain water.
Name: Franc Malbec

Appearance: Franc looks like a man at his late 20s with lithe body build, though some may speculate that he may actually be younger than he looks. His skin tone is fairly pale and clashes with his lazy, dark red eyes. He sports a brown flat cap to match the color of his short, combed-back hair. Franc wears a black dress shirt that is tinted ever-so-vaguely in red with both his sleeves rolled up, also wearing a strange, translucent green dress vest buttoned up to his stomach, despite the clash in color. Both his creased dress pants and his military boot shares the same black with the subtle red color as his shirt.

The accessory that makes Franc stand out from any other average joe is his "utility belt." Though it's a simple leather belt, there are at least six different types of liquor always hanging from it. Whether it may be a bottle of spirits, wine, or even a six pack, Franc is never without his favorite liquors. On the back side of the belt holds utensils, such as a corkscrew, bottle opener, and even a pair of steel shot glass.

Personality: Franc is an easy-going guy, easily socializing with strangers with a smile on his face. He prefers to keep the atmosphere happy and cheerful, never dropping down to anything else like moody or emotional, no matter the situation. As Franc is such a social person, there is one thing he must do at any social gathering: drink. Fooling others that he was at an adequate age for drinking due to his aged look, Franc has loved the sweet nectar of liquor for quiet some time. Social drinking is a must if you are to be around Franc, no matter how old or how much you dislike alcohol, he will mix you up something for you to enjoy the mood.

As for his view towards his job as a Bishoku-ya, he simply sees it as a way of enjoying the life with access to good food and good thrill.

Food Preference: Liquor or anything that goes well with Liquor. Not only is it the fuel of his life, Franc can never get enough of it. There are almost times when the food he eats doesn't go down his throat too well without some alcohol to chase it down.

Ability: "Power Fermentation"
Franc is able to use up his own body's carbohydrates and sugars into ethanol and other type of gases like natural fermentation by hosting yeast-like bacteria in his body. He then burns these gases up to stimulate his muscles for a brief moment for increased physical strength. However, thanks to the gourmet cells in his body, this process is constantly active without Franc suffering major drawbacks, such as malnutrition. He is able to increase the output of the process by consuming foods or liquor, but it only allows very short burst of energy.
Name: Eunice (White Apron)

Appearance: Eunice's is a tall woman with very pale, white skin and an excellent body with unbelievable proportions. Her hair is long and dark, reaching to small of her back. Her face has lovely features, with bright green eyes and perfect symmetry, but her lips are almost always turned up in a sadistic smile. Her face is usually covered by a small, white eye-mask that ties behind the head. To assist her power along, she wears nothing but a white apron with pink, lace panties underneath. The apron ties at the back and features a pink heart on the front at the chest. Also attached to the apron's front is a small, woven sack full of fast-fixing chocolate ingredients, which she uses to fuel her abilities. A rolled black, leather whip is hidden beneath the apron and between her breasts; she is skilled with it, but not inhumanly so. Besides the undergarment, mask, and apron, she wears nothing aside from pink slippers.

Personality: Somewhere down the line, Eunice decided that her favorite thing in the world was depriving others of their greatest love. Caring not a thing for anyone but herself and her own pleasure, she became one of the Bishoku-kai and has since dedicated herself to depriving others of what they crave most. She's become a notorious celebrity for her tendency to swoop in and deprive Bishoku-ya, other Bishoku-kai, and Saisei-ya of their targets and objectives. Nobody knows her real identity, but instead the world identifies her by her fearsome persona: "White Apron."

Food Preference: Her tastes tend towards chocolate and sweets, as well as baked goods, but ultimately Eunice's greatest desire is food that others desire. The more she's aware that she's depriving someone else by eating something, the more pleasure she derives from consuming it. She keeps tabs on opportunities to deprive people of what they treasure and will only consider adding to her full course meals that were supremely treasured by other human beings.

Ability: "Loving Oven"

The gourmet cells in Eunice's body give her a most unfortunate power... unfortunate for the rest of human-kind. The heat given off by other humans or living creatures is essential to her abilities; natural heat also helps, but the heat of living creatures is exponentially more useful to her. The more heat the victim is generating, the stronger her own abilities become, thus, she uses many techniques to make their emotions swell (such as her provocative manner of dressing).

Once she's collected enough heat, Eunice will use her chocolate mix to form a small heart of chocolate, which she quickly pops into her mouth. The heat she's collected will turn her mouth into a literal oven, baking the chocolate to perfection. Once it's finished, she will consume it and be fully revitalized as if by healing powers, using all of her collected heat to supercharge every regenerative function of her body. The chocolate is necessary because she can't make her body use the regenerative function unless she's experiencing a state of ecstasy... the ecstasy of consuming a good baked in the stolen life force of another living creature.

Draining victims of heat does more than simply make them cold. As heat is lost from their body, the victim will find themselves becoming more lethargic... eventually enough energy will be lost that they find themselves forced into a state of hibernation.

Her body is abnormally heat resistant as well, but she doesn't react well to cold temperatures. She's constantly flying around the globe to make sure that she never ends up in a cold area.

Interestingly, she can also bake other things besides chocolate once enough energy is collected, just by putting them into her body. There may be occasional chances to weaponize this aspect but they're few and far between.

Eunice is an opportunist when using her powers; in a straight one on one fight, she doesn't stand much of a chance of getting her proper outcome, because she has to get body contact with her opponent and doesn't have any special defensive powers besides heat resistance. She will often stalk hunters or prey and engage them once they have already generated a lot of heat from struggling.
Name: Cordelia de Mary.

Cordelia is a short and very young looking girl, having the length of a 10 year old girl, but her build looks like that of a mature woman. Gracing her chest is a good D cup which is basically the equivalent of a C cup for a grown woman. Cordelia's face, however, still looks like a young girl's with big eyes and a cute expression. She has a dark skin color.
Cordelia's pupils are shaped like a cat's with a bright red color. Covering her eyes are large round glasses with black rims. Her hair is of a dark red and styled in a short bobcut with two cones of hair sticking upwards out of each side of her hair which look similar to drills, being spiralled. While her lips don't have any visible make-up, they are always of a red color without being too eye catching. Cordelia's fangs are shaped like a vampire's.
Covering her upper body is a tight leather corset with plenty of cleavage and leaving almost an entire half of her upper body uncovered as it was made to only cover the front. At the point where her cleavage disappears into her corset is a large red rose. Despite this she still has something covering her back as she wears a long black trenchcoat which also covers the entire length of her arms. Despite it being capable of being closed, she almost always keeps it open for dramatic effects. On Cordelia's hands are finger-less leather black gloves. Cordelia's nails are long and sharp like claws.
Cordelia's lower body are simple jeans, no leather, in a black color. They're not as tight fitting as her top is but they're not loose either. On her feet she wears a pair of high heels with the heels thicker than usual designs.
Cordelia also wields two spears, each being approximately 2/3rd of Cordelia's length. For each is the end made in a way it can be retracted into the spear's sheath. When done so, the back can be folded open to reveal a large parasol which Cordelia uses to hide from the sunlight. When folded open it cannot be used for fighting and the parasol cannot be used for defense as it's no shield.

Cordelia is a quiet and timid girl most of the times. She isn't very fond of talking to others and gets frightened easily. With her strong dislike for sunlight, she prefers to stay inside of places and otherwise demands to be in the shadow of either her parasol or someone in the area. Despite the fact that she's in her 20s, her mindset is still similar to that of a 10 year old and is seen a few times. One of her favourite things to do is sucking her thumb, while in reality she punctured her thumb slightly to suck a little bit of her own blood.
Her personality shifts when it's nighttime or when she's in a dark cave though, becoming a cheerful and happy person who loves to laugh and giggle. This is quickly visible even at the entrance of a cave or when the sun is just barely down. Her childish behavior remains or is even amplified as all her brakes are released.

Favourite Food:
Cordelia has a craving and desire for blood, especially when it's used to smother meat like a sauce. She'll drink blood without anything with it, but she prefers meat with it. She isn't too happy with seafood because the amounts of blood found with those animals isn't much. For drinking she prefers wine, keeping it as classy as possible.

Ability: "Bloody Mary"
Cordelia is practically considered a vampire, although in reality she simply has traits of a bat. This condition gives her the following traits:
- 'Superhuman Body'. Cordelia's strength, speed and reflexes are all far above the regular person. Do not be fooled though, as these improvements are viewed from a 10 year old girl's standard. She is only slightly above a decently trained Bishoku-ya.
- 'Sonar Voice'. While her eyes are fine unlike a bat's, she can use her voice to locate areas from afar and use this to navigate in the dark. She can also use it to check around corners or scout for traps. She cannot affect human ears with this sound.
- 'Gliding'. While she cannot fly, she can glide or float downwards due to having much lighter bones than others.
- 'Venom Fangs'. Cordelia has three different types of venom she can inject through her fangs after biting a living thing. One poisons, one paralyzes and one thins the blood. The poison and paralyzing venoms are rather weak and she'll need quite some time to fully inject the target with it, but the thinning venom is stronger. The paralyzing venom can, however, be used to paralyze individual parts of a body.
- 'Eternal Youth'. While others grow stronger with the food their Gourmet Cells react to, Cordelia simply maintains her youthful appearance while growing in certain places. While looking like 10 years old, she is actually 20 years old. Drinking blood also allows her to heal small to medium wounds.
Name: Poruni

Appearance: He normally wears a black helmet that looks similar to a motorcycle helmet without the visor. The rest of his clothes, including a pair of black gloves, are equally pitch black to limit the amount of skin he shows. His shirt's sleeves and his pant's leggings are removable (via velcro) in order to convert them into a t-shirt and shorts respectively. He has olive-coloured, grass-like hair and a light skin tone, but his most outstanding characteristics are random green scars and brown bark-like patches that randomly mark his body. Though his face is free of these markings, his left arm from his shoulder down is completely covered in the bark-like 'plating'.

Personality: Poruni has a deep respect for animals and genuinely sentient life (he doesn't consider plant beasts to be truly sentient). As such, he became a vegan and will not willingly eat foods that come from animals. He would not be above admitting that meat is tasty (if he accidentally consumed some) but would never regret his choice to be a vegan. His desire to protect animals led him to become a member of the Saiseiya. He is just as willing to preserve plants if on a mission, but will actively go out of his way to keep animals from being harmed. He isn't particularly talkative and is generally withdrawn when meeting new people especially since he considers everyone as a potential opponent. Poruni is ashamed of his abilities and keeps his body hidden from view. As a result of his ability, he also greatly fears hurting his head and possibly losing his humanity if his brain ever needed to regenerate.

Food Preference: Poruni doesn't have much of a food preference aside from being a vegan. He'll even eat plants that taste like meat.

Gift of Sol: Poruni's gourmet cells are infused with a very special and unique organelle that is similar to a chloroplast. This allows him to process sunlight (and water) into energy through photosynthesis. Along with his highly efficient digestive system, he is considerably stronger and more resilient than the average human. In order to control his strength to that of a normal person, he wears dark clothes to limit the amount of sunlight his body receives. He suffers no ill-effects by shading his body as long as he continues to eat and breathe like a normal person. By revealing more of his skin to the sun, he gets more powerful. By removing his shirt's sleeves or legs, he would be able to lift a car. By removing both, he would be able to bend steel girders. He has never removed all of his clothes while outdoors.

Curse of Sol: His body is able to regenerate any injury with remarkable speed. However, he cannot control this ability and his wounds do not heal as normal human flesh, but are replaced by a thick, wooden substitute. His left arm is a result of his carelessness early on in life. The regenerated wood is both flexible and sturdy, but lacks the tactile stimulation of normal skin and mostly feels numb to Poruni. The wood also adapts to the climate very quickly, matching seasons and environments. For instance, his left arm would sprout needles in arid conditions and would bloom small flowers if exposed to summer climates.

Due to his ability to recycle carbon dioxide, he can stay underwater for an indeterminate amount of time.
Name: Donald Grayson (Captain Carbon)

Appearance: As an ally of justice, Captain Carbon is tall! Really tall! Like 6 feet tall! That's really tall! He's also very fashionable! In style! That's what a hero should be like! Trenchcoats and bodysuits of various colors and patterns galore! Sometimes it's just pants and the trenchcoat, and the coat has no sleeves! Ho ho!
A Mask defines a defender of the innocent! It's usually a masquerade party-style mask that matches with whatever outfit Captain Carbon wears. His short, wavy black hair hangs just a bit over his eyes, it swoons the ladies with ease! How stylish, it almost looks like a toupee! His skin is a light tan! Maybe a rosy peach! What a mystery! But it's well shaven anyhow, what splendor and cleanliness!
And his muscles! Oh how well they are shaped! He doesn't look like a bodybuilder, but all his muscles are so very nicely toned! How mysterious! Was this due to natural causes or a special recipe!? One thing's for sure, this hero is pretty strong!

Outside of this persona, Donald tends to wear clothing easy to take off in the case of immediate need of transformation. He almost always carries a Duffel Bag with rations and his costume around wherever he goes.

Personality: Crapton Carbon-uh CAPTAIN Carbon is a true ally of justice! Protects the weak! Defends the innocent! Helps the needy! All that kind of stuff.

Donald, seemingly in contrast, is very critical of the situation and questions almost everything before deducing the truth. He's very shrewd and kind of a jerk with the way he talks, but he's a nice guy at heart.

This makes Captain Carbon by no means, reckless, in any way, shape, or form. He's the kind of hero that appears at the last minute and confronts the enemy after figuring out their plan. Though he doesn't do this all the time, and will, if the situation arises, help someone that seems deeply in trouble.

It is unknown whether Captain Carbon is simply a very helpful Bishoku-ya, or a Saisei-ya with less extreme methods. The I.G.O. appreciate his help though.

The reason as to why Donald created this other persona of his was mainly to say cheesy lines without ruining his cool demeanor look. It hasn't worked very well as he usually gets extremely embarrassed after everything's said and done.

Food Preference: Easy to eat grain products. Mainly noodles, he loves his noodles and snack food like nothing else. He's ok with anything that has a truckload of carbohydrates to supply his power at any rate.

Ability: Carbon Construction

The gourmet cells running through Captain Carbon's body allow him to manipulate the placement of carbon content in his body. This enables the ally of justice to form diamond-hard skin, which doesn't really do much other than keep him from bleeding. It's the roughest, toughest material the human body could produce naturally. Combined with his near-perfect muscle strength, Captain Carbon's physical attacks send enemies flying back with a punch as hard as... well, diamonds!
This process is mostly fueled by the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates that Donald consumes to supply enough base material to build Captain Carbon's amazing suit of armor.
On very special occasions, read: eating enough to have a person get positive on a diabetic test, Captain Carbon is able to produce diamond-hard weapons of various sorts. They don't last very long for some reason, but he's never bothered to figure out why.

Notes: Captain Carbon seems to have a long-standing rivalry with White Apron. The cause of this is unknown, but it may be the whole hero of justice vs cat-burglar thing.