Eye of the Tiger

Operator Combat System v1.0

Preface: This is the initial write up of a system to allow Operator vs. Operator combat in the way that Navis can participate in Net Battles. Of course, this system is meant to be an addon for the original system, one that overlays and works along with the Net Battle rules already in place. It should be noted that this is not intended to allow players to run amok, beating each other senseless in the streets. That'd just be silly. But, when used in conjunction with the PvP rules already in place on the forum, it will hopefully be an enjoyable addition to the RP, one that will encourage Operator interaction and provide a little more flavor to our world. Please keep in mind that this is still in the works and is subject to change as faults are found during testing.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what bloodthirsty fighters are made of. First order of business is to find out just how well you are suited to the rough and tumble lifestyle of the fighter. We don't want any cases of "I punch you in the face!" "Nuh-uh! I dodge it before you hit me and kick you in the groin!", though. That just won't do. A system to generate statistics for each character needs to be implemented to make this work. Unfortunately, no such system exists within the framework we have for Navis, and having items in increase Operator stats or a point system at character creation seems silly for something that will probably not be used by all players (Some people are lovers, not fighters. The rest are cowards, but we won't hold that against them. : D). For those who do wish to seek glory in battle, there are three stats that make up the core of the system: Stamina, Strength and Speed. So, with the introduction out of the way, let's get started!

No Guts, No Glory: Getting acquainted with your Stats. You won't last that long if you don't know how much punishment you can take. This is determined by your Stamina Score. Combatants start with full Stamina at the beginning of a series of fights, and when one Combatant's Stamina reaches 0, they lose the fight. If the situation that called for Operator vs. Operator combat is a one shot affair, than that's it and you can continue role-playing as normal. If there is another fight immediately afterwards, however, then you only recover 1/8 (one-eighth) of your maximum Stamina back at the end of the fight, rounded to the nearest whole number and at a minimum of 1.

The next step in creating your stats will be to determine how strong you are as denoted by your Strength Score. Strength is how much stamina you can remove in a single, solid hit. Additional damage, up to 1/2 your strength score (rounded down), can be added in special cases, such as a particularly well written blow. However, if an attack is poorly RP'd, or if the situation doesn't make the best sense, such as someone with no martial arts experience using Mantis Style Kung-Fu, your blows will be weaker, taking up to a -2 penalty to a minimum of 1 damage.

The final stat to generate before you're ready to break some faces is your Speed Score. Speed is the number of actions you can take in the brief moment in time represented by a post. An attack takes one action, as does a block, dodge or any elaborate action (for simplicity's sake, Counters are not allowed, as fights could quickly turn in to a series of "wait, then Counter"). Multiple Speed points can be assigned to a single action, increasing that actions effectiveness. For instance, devoting 2 actions to a dodge rather than one to a dodge and one to an attack will result in a higher chance for the dodge to be effective. Of course, those same two actions could be split into two different dodges, but neither would be as good as one with multiple points assigned to it. Multiple attacks in a turn result in a penalty to hit, since you're focusing on rapid blows rather than accurate ones. But a single hit with multiple actions assigned to it has a better chance to hit and, if the attack is well written, a higher chance to deal extra damage. If a player only has one action, they have devoted their turn to that one move and it will be the equivalent of assigning 2 points to the action.

By this point, you're probably saying "Well that's all well and good, but how do I know how many of each score I have?" Well, my friend, it's easy! When you first create your Operator Combat Scores you start out with 5 points to assign to your Stamina, Strength or Speed. Each stat starts at 1, and when spending points, you cannot have more than 5 in Stamina, 4 in Strength or 3 in Speed. Your effective Stamina, the actual amount of "health" your Operator will have during fights, is equal to 5 times your Stamina Score. Strength and Speed are equal to their Score. Before you assign these scores, please keep two things in mind: 1) You do not have to spend all of your points, and 2) Your scores should make sense for the character you're assigning them to. Little children and those with weak constitutions shouldn't be able to punch a weightlifter in the stomach and knock them out. Some characters are not fighters, and shouldn't be able to stand toe-to-toe with those who are. If a Moderator feels as though your scores do not fit the character, they have the ability to deny your scores and request a new spread until you create one that does. For those with multiple Operators assigned to their Navi, only assign points to one of them. It is unfair to have multiple fighters and you can get by with just the one.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the cases where Operators and Navis fight together, there are some special rules to keep in mind. Before the fight takes place, the chips that will be used by the Navi are slotted in beforehand and are automatically fed into the PET. This allows the Real World combatants to fight without having to worry about supporting the digital partners. Should an Operator's Stamina reach 0 or their Navi be reduced to 0 HP, the Navi is immediately EJO'd and the fight is called in favor of the team with both members still standing.

Work it Harder, Make it Better. Practice makes perfect, and through constant self improvement one can improve upon their physical attributes. To avoid an average sized person from being able to lift a car (I'd think that's a OHKO for pretty much anybody), caps for each score will be instituted. At the end of each fight, 2 experience points will be awarded to the victor, while 1 point will be awarded to the loser. After all, you can learn from defeat as well as victory. You can spend experience points according to the following chart to increase your scores. Please note that no experience can be spent until the Operator has had plenty of time to rest and reflect upon what they've learned. In other words, no mid-series fight increases; wait until you're done with Operator Combat for a while.

(Sorry if the chart is a little small. If enough people have issues reading it, I'll resize it. At the moment, though, I'm bit tired and lazy.)

Since this isn't an official rules test, I cannot promise any rewards for participation aside from my gratitude for helping to refine the system. But anyway, playtesting is open to any who want to participate. If possible, you will be paired with an opponent who is roughly balanced with you, so that the fight will last a while. And please, this is competitive fighting, so no actual weapons and no aiming for vital areas.

Just re-iterating, this system is subject to change at any time as errors are found or new concepts are introduced.
.... I WOULD have participated in a normal basis, then I realized that my NetOp's not really capable of actual combat. Unless I design some new epic battle style feat.
You mean like... Wheelchair-fu?

Because wheelchair-fu would be AWESOME.
Wheelchair Lady Style. XD
This looks interesting. I might participate, even.
Might participate. Who knows, it might help me develop some sort of story/improved character for Chris.
Might participate, if only so Duke can finally bash people with a hiking stick. Too lazy to read the WoT right now though.
I don't know, just having an Operator Combat System seems a little odd. We want Operators to be out roleplaying, not fighting random street thugs as if we were to just replace viruses with pickpockets.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort and the idea of making Operators more important.

My characters aren't fighting types, though I imagine both of them have done sports in some form, at some point in their lives. Am I expected, then, to not spend all my points?

Furthermore, the system doesn't seem balanced really. At the start you can spend 5 points however you want, but Stamina costs nearly nothing XP-wise so you might as well leave it at 1, then go challenge someone to a wrestling match and pin each other repeatedly until you both have 9 or 10 Stamina.

Last thing: Considering how low your Stamina is in this system, "doubles fights" where operators beat each other around while their Navis fight don't quite seem fair. Operators go down quickly, resulting in a very quick and frustrating EJO. Fights would turn into a game of cat-and-mouse where the weaker Operator tries to hide and the stronger Operator attempts to take down the other with a single blow.

Behold the most optimized possible starting stats.

Strength 4
Stamina 1
Speed 3

If it wasn't clear, I'd love to participate.

EDIT: And also there should probably be some system (Perhaps based on the SigAttack system?) whereby your Operator has some special, unique qualities in operator vs. operator combat.

And I know many people have asked it, but... also a way for the skills of Operators to affect the Navi's performance and vice versa. Not neccessarily Cross Fusion, though that is the most logical way.
So if I'm getting this right, Damian is a guy who relies on his speed more than his strength and he's pretty durable, so I'd say


stamina: 1 +3 =4
strength: 1 + 0 = 1
speed: 1 + 1 = 3

Fighting style: after spending most of his time growing up on the streets, Damian's fighting has become little more than surprise attacks and being able to get in and out of trouble spots quickly, with his greatest move being a sucker punch and having a next to no actual fight training, Damian depends on simply using his parkour skills to get around his opponent's punches...


I gotta say, this stamina stat makes the whole real world RP thing easier, especially since you could say that there is a human rights law that makes it so all weapons are non lethal, and that fainting simply means you fail your mission and loose a portion of your zenny as either 'bail' or 'you got robbed'.
I'd just like to note that these mechanics are extremely solvable. I mean, it all depends on the actual % of dodging and stuff, but you can just pretty much sit down and calculate what the ideal speed/stamina/str ratio that will prevail most of the time.

What I'm saying is, there are basically 2 possible outcomes based on the power of dodges:

-if a dodge has less than 100% chance to work and/or dodges dodge exactly one attack:

Just attack. There is nothing else to do since dodges can't win you the match, and trading hit's will leave you even.

- if a dodge dodges more attacks:

Dodge so that you dodge more times than the opponent can attack, and use the rest of the actions to attack.

Anyway, bottom line is, you should think about adding some kind of guessing game into it. You do NOT want a multiplayer game solvable because that makes it boring, and you should try to limit the randomness as well, because that makes it random, and that is, well, frustrating.

The shortest solution would be to add a "throw" option, and make dodging actually do something; recover some stamina, or improve the dmg of your next attack. This way it becomes a kind of RPS game (try to solve RPS. Go on, I'm waiting...), which requires a bit more involvement from the player's side.

Finally... I dunno if I'd really want this. I mean, I'd be down for Sieg suddenly learning some nifty capoeira moves, or strangle someone with the USB (or whatever they use in MMBN world) cord, but it's quite a break from the game where even the slightest real world badassery is met with "whoa!". So I dunno, a minigame that happens rarely maybe? Also... no XP system please. It's bad enough that you have to grind your navi, but having to do so with the op as well? I could see some alternate solutions (finish quest->gain stat)but even then... Even then, it doesn't really fit the premise of the game DX
Firstly, thanks to those who have shown interest. Let me know if you'd like your character to participate (mights are nice, but they also mean 'might not', which doesn't help as much as an 'I want to release my frustration! Point me at something and watch me go')

@Kazu: We've talked some in the chat, but for the sake of keeping a working record to work from, I'll post my responses in here. Let me first say that this is not an end-all-be-all solution to Operator interaction and, in fact, is not designed to be so. This is more of a, for want of a better word, minigame to be used in events and the like, not for regular use. So there's no need to worry about fighting random street thugs : D.

As far as your operators and not spending all of their points, being fairly athletic doesn't mean that they've had fighting training. If it would make more sense for the character, then yes, you are not expected to spend all of your points. As far as EXP goes, I'm going to once again say that Operator fighting will be limited to events, missions and subplots. So no grinding with your friends to gain experience. I should have been more specific in saying that the points in you're buying in Stamina is for effective Stamina, and is not multiplied by 5 like the initial score.

At the moment, a signature attack system is not in the foreseeable future, mainly because the humans in the forum (Soryu aside) are normal human beings. While you can have a particular style be your Operator's fighting style, no bonuses will be given and they will be viewed as simply fluff.

@Niax: You've got the gist of it. Though, something came to mind while reading over your stats and I'm going to rework either the Stamina or Strength, since 1 damage hits against someone with 25 health is nice for making the fight outlast the Navi fight, it does have the possibility of being slightly ridiculous. Thanks for your input : D. A note about weapons before I finish (this is simply because they are mentioned in your post and this seemed a good place to put it): They are fluff only and will supply no bonus to combat. While it's true the lead pipe is greater than the fist, it makes the world a less complicated place to just place them on even ground.

@Knight: Hmm... Well, I'd be lying if I said I've worked out all of the math for dodging as of this moment. As you can see, it was 4 in the morning by the time I finished the initial writeup, so those still need hammered out. RPS seems like and interesting idea, and I'll definitely play with it in future revisions, though "feint" would be a more likely third candidate than "throw", as not all fighting styles implement throws while most can feint.

Hopefully my response to Kazu has alleviated your concerns some, but just to hammer it home: This is not meant to be a normal occurrence. Nor is it meant to leave Operators with anything more than a sore body and a bruised ego. The main reason any work was put into this initially was because I wanted Joey's boxing experience to be more than fluff, and when I mentioned the concept, others seemed interested. For the immediate future, this will be limited to competition fighting.

As far as improving the Operator, the experience point system is grind-tastic, I know. It even gives the chance for stats to be arbitrarily increased. One suggestion from a friend of mine was to increase stats as certain milestones were met, such as an increase of Stamina after taking X amount of hits. I'm currently considering the math behind such a system, as well as revising the EXP costs. I know that real world fighting as a regular occurrence would be frowned upon by society, but fighting for sport will hopefully be received in a similar fashion as it is in our world.
I'm a little wary of keeping operator@operator fights strictly by these rules. What if I want to tackle you? Kick you in the shins instead of trying to do real damage? Tie you up? If the system can't handle it does that mean it can't be done? Real-world combat isn't mechanical (no pun intended) like Navi combat is.

I guess that's where your comment of "not an end-all solution" comes from.

As for signature attacks, I actually mean just special properties, of any kind. I don't mean ultra kung-fu super moves.

If it would be considered, I would like to base an alternative system off of this one: Not one concerning direct operator@operator boxing matches, but rather one that deals with operating a Navi under stressful conditions. I imagine a system whereby an Operator's skill at Operating is significant to the Navi's fighting performance.

Fights between operators can easily be kept to simple fluff. If someone's godmoding or acting too strong for their age/stature, ask a moderator to step in. In the case of my system, "fighting" could also take the form of trash-talking or otherwise irritating the Operator, or doing anything that would hinder them.

EDITEDIT: I guess my system wouldn't replace this one at all. This one would allow Operators to duke it out in certain circumstnaces; mine just measures how good of an Operator you are or aren't.