Syriene's Drawings

Hello all! I don't have much I can show, but I will link a few things I have done. I have more just no pictures xD. Mostly I am posting here because I am in need of some things to draw for a class, and I am working on slightly changing my style. So I figured I would draw some characters for people if they wanted it. I need to draw basically once or more evey day to get the sketchbook requirements for this class I am in xD. So please! Post them up! Also, I won't be able to start until next week. Need a new sketchbook, but post up now so I can have them in que ^^

Can you please draw Koumori and/or Kedamono? I LOVE your style.
Can I haz drawing of Virgil please?
You're drawing skills are certainly leaps and bounds better than what I could hope to draw. If you need someone to sketch, it would be cool to see a drawing of Machman and Aera together.
Those hands are really good, but I suppose the faces could use some work. the shading is really well done, too. I like them a lot. Great job, hope to see more!
As stated I will start on these as soon as I get the sketchbook for just this class. ^^ Thanks for all of the requested drawings so far.
Ok, here is my guide for how to draw hands. Someone requested this and I said OK! Can do! So here we go!

First of all we need a hand to be able to draw it. So I have provided one. TO learn to draw hands well the best way is to work from your own hand. Working from life is always better than working from a picture.

Ok. The first thing to remember when drawing hands is that they are 3-D Figures. They aren't flat, they have dimensions and thus need to be drawn in that way. You always need to draw human aspect from the inside out when you first begin. So, start out by drawing a box to represent the palm.

Once we have the palm down we can add the postions of the fingers as I have done above. Just putting down simple lines to show where the center of the finger, the bone, is located will do. I went ahead and did the outline of the thumb for a reason. The thumb is a weird and different aspect of the human hand. It had a large muscle that connects into the hand and helps shape it. Without knowing where this muscle sits you will have a hard time making your thumbs look correct.

Here I have outlined how the large muscle at the abse of the thumb lays. Whenever drawing palm shots most of this muscle will be visible.

Ok, next we need to learn the wonderful 2/3 rule of the human body. The 2/3 rule states that every part of you body is proportional in a 2/3 to something else. Also, parts of your body are proportional to a 1/1 ratio. This is very important to learn when drawing any part of the human body becuase you can find a ratio for one part of your body to compare to get the correct sizing for something else. On the hand, the 2/3 ratio is very present and noticeable.

Here I have drawn the 2/3 ratio for the fingers. The first joint is 2/3 the size of the second joint. The second joint is 2/3 the size of the final section of the finger, to the knuckle. Finally, the hand also shows a 1:1 ratio. When viewed from the back of the hand the fingers are as long as the palm. I have draw all of that in to show the ratios of the hand.

The proportions of the fingers changes slightly when viewd from underneath. This is due to the little slope we all have between our fingers. View your hand from the side to see that the back of your hand slopes upwadrs to meet with the larger section of your palm. That is the webbing between you fingers. That tiny detail changes the proportions of the finger when viewed from the palm.

Here I have drawn the hand from the view to see the different proportions. The back of the finger remains with the same 2/3 ratio, while the bottom of the finger changes slightly. The first section of the finger remains the same, with a 2/3 size ratio. But the middle section and the final section share a 1:1 ratio on this side of the hand, due to the size of the palm. Also, now, the fingers when viewed from palm side have a 2/3 size ratio. The finger is 2/3 the size of the palm when viewed from here. The following is a picture show this.

The other last thing to learn about drawing hands is the pads of the fingers. The pads of the fingers follow the ratios of the finger when viewed from the palm side. The first one has one bend in it, where as the second pad as two.

That is the basics to drawing hands! Once you get these steps and ratios down you will next need to learn how the muscles and bones sit in the hand, for they often change the shadows and highlights on the back of the hand. Now go foward and draw draw draw your hands.

*Saves post*

(^.^ )b This is epic stuff, Sy. Reminds me of a life drawing class I went to.

And you've got a lot of great stuff already. Good luck with your future projects.
You, sir, have enormous hands.
^^ Thank you Legoroy! Glad you enjoyed it.

My hands aren't that big! Are they?

I am going to start working on these today and thus I was looking over the proflies. Grim, how tall is Machman? You gave a height for the other, but not him. Is he taller or shorter than Aera?

Quote (Syriene)

Grim, how tall is Machman? You gave a height for the other, but not him. Is he taller or shorter than Aera?

Sorry about that. He's slightly taller than Aera, only by a few inches (6'4" as compared to Aera's 6'1")
Here ya go Darkstar. I drew Kormori first, I will draw the op soon enough. You gae a bit of a vague describition of your Navi, so I pulled a lot of my own influences in it. Hope you enjoy! ^^

Not a bad representation of her, I do need to make her description less vague though... - _ -;


These two are more projects from my classes. The last one is something I drew just in my sketchbook, although it reminds me of Darks Op accidently xD If Dark will accept that as his drawing of her tis cool :P.
*plants foot firmly in Syriene's ass* It's cool dood.
I are confused at why there is a foot in me now...hrm...Perplexing.

Knights GMO drawing of Valkyrie. Fire serious drawing on my tablet. It isn't finished yet but this is what I have done thus far. ^^
That's Valkyrie?

*invokes RE:RN General Rule 26*
*becomes oddly excited about possible Mach & Aera picture*

Edit: If you need inspiration, feel free to look here, or here.
Rule 26? O.o

And Thanks Grim ^^ I will be starting on some more of these acutal commisions soon, I just wanted a female swimsuit and Aims was already done xD.