Artings of a Ninja

Sigh. I caved.

Check it: (oldest to newest.)

About half a year old. Random sketch that I just started without having much of a purpose. His powers changed, but I still have the character hanging around, tied to a story idea.

Much newer. The scanner went wonky on this, and turned it into some kind of black-and-white thing instead of my usual greyscale.

Self-portrait of self. Some kind of alternate style I was fooling with. Yes, my arms can really bend like that.

Fudging around after I drew a Katamari Solaria for Shuryou. I scribbled Raiden and Anti in Katamari form, but the stupid lead smudged, and I didn't like it much anyways.

A pretty lousy rendition of one of my subplot Navis, Memory. He's short, but a total rock, so he'll kick you in the kneecaps until you die. : D

A nasty, nasty sketch of Raiden. It was just to finalize his design, and figure out approximately what kind of shrimp I was dealing with, and letting myself know that I suck at drawing lightning.

My most recent thing--done in today's Science class. It's Fuijin, Raiden's twin-unit. I was just messing with poses. That big black thing is supposed to be a hole through net-dimensions to reach the really windy one, the wind of which Fuijin manipulates to attack.

Hint: he's a guy. :'D

Yeah, friggin' awesome.
Looking at your art always reminds me of how far I have yet to go. DX
That's just amazing I LIKE it.
Holy shit your a girl.

Wooga's revalation! Startling? Not so!
What revelation?
That she's a girl.

Yes... it does look like you need to work on your lightning more.
It looks very unique, not that that's a bad thing...
Hmmm... There needs to be sparks flying everywhere... Disturbances with the electrons in the air.
Yes, that's all I can say now.
Everything else looks fine/firckin' awesome.
Nice. Drawings.

Where did you learn? Or did you come up with these masterpieces on your own? I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET REALLY GOOD MANGA DRAWING INSTRUCTIONS. I'm decent at drawing already, but not great. I want to be MAYBE as good as just below your level, and I know I'll probably never reach Lunarlion or Fenix. ;_;
OMFG! we NEED you to draw our navis! *shot* WHAT!?
Looks nice. Bad with lightning? I think your rendition of it works quite well.
Thanks everybody. :'D

Concept drawing of 326J, some kind of NPC Navi/virus fusion that showed up in my training thread.
That twin picture is just amazing! Your style is just so, uhm, <lacks word, so he makes one up> Parafastic!

I'm not good at drawing girls. D:
It's cute... XD That's not what you wanted, eh?

I think it looks really good. The arm design I like especially. The eyes might be a little off level...?
Your good at drawing in general. I can't draw girls... for pretty obvious reasons regarding my age. My hand just drops the pencil. When ever i think of drawing a girl I have no idea why.
Well, the left eye (her right, the viewer's left) looks a little far, but otherwise it's great...
And man, that's one crazy-looking gun.
It's like a machine-gun fist!
Oh wait. It's just like a normal buster, but cooler.
And... How is that not drawn well?
Yeah, I would agree that it's not fantastic, but it's pretty good.

That'll be me.
I don't draw girls, I grab em.
Watch out Wooga, this girl might set you on fire if you get close enough.
*points to lighter in EN's hand*