RERN Fighting Game

I would be happy if such a thing existed but I don't think anyone has the patience to make it happen. Instead, I just wanted to see what kind of ideas you guys had regarding your own characters in a fighting game. Just come up with Movesets and commands and descriptions or whatever you can think up.

General Terminology:
P = punch
K = kick
QCF/QCB = Quarter-Circle Forward/Back
HCF/HCB = Half-Circle Forward/Back
DP/RDP = (reverse)Dragon Punch (Forward, Down, Down-Forward)
CBF/CDU = Charge back-forward/down-up (Hold down/back for one second and then tap forward/up)
360, 720, etc = Full Circle, Two Full Circles, etc


Special Attacks
Quick Serve (QCF + P) - Serves a tennis ball in a downward angle that bounces off the floor. Strength of button pressed determines distance away from Tennisman and damage.
Netplay (HCB + K) - Creates a net in front of Tennisman that absorbs projectiles to heal him. Disappears after half a second to one and a half seconds. Strength of attack determines duration and distance away from Tennisman.
OUT! (DP + P) - A high arcing wave of his racket that knocks the opponent across the screen. Even if this attack doesn't connect, the opponent is still pushed back a short distance.
Split Step (RDP + PP/KK) - A teleporting move that warps Tennisman just in front of or just behind his opponent.

Super Attacks
Ace Serve (QCF x 2 + P) Powerfully serves four tennis balls in rapid succession
Windracket (F, HCF + P) A single powerful swing of his racket that smashes the opponent across the screen.
This is all I could think of...

QCF P = Grandis Attero: Dashing forward with his jousting lance
QCF K = IGNIS CRASH!: Throws Ignis forward [Long Range]
DP P = Vulcan Sarissa: Jumps in the air and smashes the ground with his spear, causing a small area around him to explode with lava.

QCFx2 P = Super: Forward attack, stabbing and slashing foward with each attack utilized with different polearm.
I think once upon a time, possibly on CN, someone was planning a MUGEN.
Validus Combos!

Special Attacks
QCF+Punch : Snipe (Works like invisible hadouken. Can be dodged by jumping)
QCR+Kick : Vertical Missile (Fires a missile upwards, leaves the screen and drops onto last known standing position of the enemy)
F+QCF+Punch : Laser (Fires a visible straight line beam. Deals more damage than snipe)
R+QCF+Punch : Hold shot (Fires a projectile which immobilizes target when hit)

Super Attacks
QCF+QCF+Punch : Gatling Cannon (Rotate 360 degrees to increase amount of attacks. 2 seconds on level 1, 3 seconds on level 2 and 4 seconds on level 5)
QCF+QCF+Kick : Bullet Rain (Knocks opponent down and launches self into the air. Rotate 360 degrees ANTICLOCKWISE to increase amount of attacks. Same time limit as Gatling Cannon)
When health is critical : Bullet Time (Movement speed increases; Super Attacks double in amount of hits)

Quote ()

I would be happy if such a thing existed but I don't think anyone has the patience to make it happen.

If artists could supply good sprites for characters. And if everyone was capable of using the same art style. Then it would be possible. But otherwise, no.
If art is the problem you can just start simple and work up.

Indeed, it would likely be best to have everyone create their own characters in the game. Initial characters could be fairly simple, using a vaguely MS paint-like style.

I know this is a necropost for 2 months, but I can't help it. ._.;


Special Attacks
Flame Row (QCF + P) Sends a sonic wave of shadow fire at the enemy.
Trap Fire (RCB + P) Acts like sleeping. When hit, counter attacks with a shot of a fireball.
Tempest Flame (DP + K) Sends out multiple bolts of fire lightning at the foe.
Blaze Tower (CDU + K) Fire rains down where Blazeman is.

Super Attacks
Nova Fire Drain (720 + K + P) Blazeman explodes with powerful fire, that will replenish a bit of his health.
Eruption (DP + P + P + K) Blazeman knocks the ground in front of him, blowing up the ground, making the enemy fly away from Blazeman.

Again, sorry to necropost.