The General News Thread

I was thinking that maybe there were articles and stuff that are interesting or shocking in the world that people might want to share. Thus I created this.

Now, I shouldn't just go and leave it like that, so I'll start.

Ok, so apparently there was another incident at Virginia Tech. This time someone DECAPITATED another student.
You can read about it here:

Seriously, this kind of thing should've stopped already, don't you think? Obviously there haven't been many support groups formed or something.

From what I heard/red, it seems like no-one that encountered either/both students could have possibly predicted this. It's terrible stuff, and I don't really know why this would happen.
...So basically, if you wanna get killed, CALL VTECH NOW!
Stupid people, stupid things happen as a result, etc. Virginia Tech just seems to have rather bad luck in these regards. <__<
actually, there are several things wrong here...

for one, the report says that a kitchen knife was used, meaning they would needed to get it, thus be in the kitchen. plus she didn't struggle, but no matter how quickly you could try to cut someone's head off, you couldn't get through the spine without some flailing(bone not cut well, and the person could be alive enough to at least knock some shit over)

plus I also remember reading in one article, about the shooting, that the guy who did it wrote stories/plays about death in an almost... sexual way...

this may mean that there is a couple(possibly more 'inactive') of guro-fiends, and that....

ugh, don't want to think about it....

ending thought...
Maybe there's just some nasty stuff at work at VTech. Who knows though.

In a related note, I would imagine good old Jack(ass) Thompson probably came out and said that it was due to videogames. Probably cooking mama at that. Thank God he's been disbarred...

This guy probably played way too much MGS.
Well I know the Onion isn't real news, but they are pretty funny.

Israel To Do Whatever the Fuck It Wants

SYDNEY (Corrupt, Inc.) - Israel's ambassador to Australia, Yuval Rotem, told a group of reporters and high-ranking members of Australia's government that Israel is planning to "do whatever the fuck it wants."

Responding to the dramatic silence, he said, "Superpowers like the USA and Russia have done whatever the fuck they wanted for years and ignored the dead third world children who resulted. Israel is finally dropping the bullshit pretense and getting down to the business of killing anyone we don't like, just like the USA."

"At least they're being honest for once," said Kuwait's Prime Minister Nasser Al-Mohammed, "Until now it was always 'Holocaust victim' this, and 'right to defend ourselves' that. I'm just glad it's out in the open and the Arab world can begin jihad against them in earnest." Mr. Rotem concluded the conference by issuing a dare for anyone to try and stop Israel, along with an invitation to kiss his ass.


That's a real article, ten sentences or so isn't worth a link really.
On a similar note, there was another conference (debate?) between Israel and Greece, where after about 10 minutes, the Greek dude just simply stood up and left the room, because the Israeli guy just wouldn't let him speak...

Goddamn nationalists were already strong here, now they are getting "justification" for their racist propaganda (as if they needed it). I'm really afraid to think about where this will lead to...
The funny part is that I'm Israeli and yet I still agree with you.
Oh God. What the fuck, Kazakhstan?!
Judging by the enormous amounts of UFO stuff on the site, and the fact that I'm not a UFO believer, I'll pass on my logical theories and just post me whimsical thoughts.

A UFO crash in a river. WTF KAZAKHSTAN

That is all.
Yeeeeeeeah. Weirdness abounds with this one.

I'm adding this to my team of "teenage super idiots", along with the boy who suffocated to death because he wanted to bury his head in the sand like garra the sand ninja, and the boy who apparently got so hopped up on D&D he went into the sewers to fight the alligators and got caught in the sewage treatment system...