The RERN SSBB: Tournament!

Promo Video!

Alright people! Start tuning up your skills! For we're gonna hold a Super Smash Bros Brawl Tourney! Thats right people! You get the chance to fight for the top spot!

Just register for the event (in this thread)

A few notes!

1. You must have a adiquate connection, which will be tested in a few bouts with a few of us, if we find that it isnt good enough, you will either A have to fix it so that you have a better setup (DNR can help you there) or you wont beable to join. 2 minute brawl should NEVER have to last 20 minutes *glares at Lego*

2. We'll most likely have all the matches set on small stages to lessen any effects of lagging.

3. All but the final bout's settigns will be 3-stock battles 1v1 (assuming there arent that many people otherwise we might push it up to being 1v1v1v1). The final bout will be of a 10-stock, or 10 minute bouts. This will actually be decided by the final 4 players in a 1v1v1v1 match.

4. ALL MATCHES WILL BE RECORDED BY ME! thats right! I'll be recording every match with my new TV Tuner card! This will mean that the process will be a little slow since we wont have more than one match going at one time, unless we have another person out there that can also record the matches in a clean fashion.

If this tourney turns out to be a popular thing, we'll make it be a monthly or maybe a weekly event. In which we'll have sign ups in the Spam Can with a new thread for each event. We may even have special requirements for various tourneys, like for an example, a all jigglypuff battle. A battle with nothing but smart bombs, among a bunch of other setups.

Currently, there isn't any prize for winning, but who knows, maybe if the admins/mods/officals/ect ant to, they may throw in a special chip, though its doubtful that this will be the case since I'm just now throwing the prize idea out there for them to read. (... *images SSBB related Battle Chip, then laughs*)

The fights will be recorded for various reasons, one, so that I might post them on youtube. two, to point and laugh at how people suck. oh and three, which is kinda important, to comfirm the outcome of each battle so there wont be any lieing.

The tourney will start next weekend on the 25th, we'll decide at what time to start, Probably around 3 PST or sooner depending on how things are setup.

So heres what you do to register!

Friend Code:
Prefered Hours:

I'll be posting my code later today, since currently I'm at work. Other details will be worked out. We're giving a week notice so people can get everyone added to each other and what not.

Edit: Quick Note, during the tourney, all tourney talk will be held in the backup chat for various reasons.

The list!




Preferred Time: 9 AM PST - 9 PM PST


Raptor3k (not on the forums)
Ugh. I hate Brawl Tournys. Wanna know why?

I lag like FUCK. I seriously can NOT play online without 3-4 warmup rounds. Sometimes, on player-connect, there is a 1-second delay. ONE SECOND DELAY FROM CONTROLLER TO CHARACTER. WHAT THE FUCK.

So yeah. Unless there's an agreement for warmup rounds, I ain't playing.

Quote (Sora)

DNR can help you there

We never use 'warm-up games' and the connection is bordering perfect. How about listening to others on the subject how they fixed their connection?
Heyheyhey! Don't PM me at once, for I shall provide the tips needed to reach Wii gaming bliss:

There are two methods to fix it up, and they all revolve around your Router of course

1. Which is basically Port Forwarding.

2. DMZ - Go to your browser site (should be dslrouter on the address bar or that number sequence) and you can find DMZ there.

My Connection is pretty good, I think. I only played online that one day, with Shur, and then Shur and DNR, and the Shur and DNR and Lego.

But my connection was pretty decent, I think.

And I should be available next weekend. In general, I'm at my Father's house every other weekend from Friday night to midday Sunday, including this weekend, but I'm not leaving until Saturday. I can still get online, but he doesn't have wireless, so I can't play on those weekends.

ANYWAYS, Are we signing up here? If so, I guess I'll give my information.

Friend Code: 0344-8955-5067
Preferred Time: Between 9 AM PST and at latest 9 PM PST (12 to 12 here).

Luckily those strange people in Arizona and Hawaii don't need to worry, as DST isn't in effect.

Don't worry Sora-chan, I'm sure that you'll have plenty of horrible failures to laugh at. Good chance says that unless people here play as casually and naturally poorly as I do, I may not get too far in this.

But hey, it's for fun and laughs, so nothing to stress about. One more question: Will you be required to play as the same character throughout the tournament?

Probably, so there isn't TOO much confusion. God knows that will come up.

I look forward to seeing your matches? :'D

(My Wii is at home, and STAYING there as I figured out this site and my DS are the only reasonable enjoyment methods I have)
I could probably do it. I've never had much trouble with connections, either. I know I've played DNR a few times.
Oh lawd, Smash Ball chip.

I guess I could relocate my Wii and connect it directly to the router...

The last time was because I was porting it through my unreliable USB port that halved the bandwidth of an already slow connection that uses electricity to connect to the router on the opposite side of my house.

...It'll probably be a bit laggy. Still barreling through DNR's guide. But at least it'll be up on the internet.

If you're willing to let me try... I'll drop out if you insist on it.

*Prays to the gaming gods*
I'll join when I can steal a wii...
Now I really wish I had a Wii...
I'm in.

Once... I find how to make my goddamn Wii connect to Wi-Fi through wireless adapter and cough out a friend code. So, put me on the list, just pending. Also, a suggestion...


He is the cheapest, most unbeatable character. He can barely be hit.
First of all, Kuj, shaddup about Meta Knight. I don't care what the so-called 'tier lists' say about the individual characters, Meta Knight's just as easily beatable as the rest of the characters. So he's got a whole ton of low-lag attacks, gliding, and midair jumps, so what? No strong finisher, no projectile, all four of his Special attacks put him in Helpless if he uses them for recovery... be quiet. And I hardly even use him.

Either way, I'm in. I'll go hunt down my FC tomorrow morning, but for now just keep me on the list.
I'm in.

But a suggestion, if I may; Don't include any matches that are more than 1v1, please. >_>

Yes, the spirit of Brawl shines best in a 4-man brawl. But the results also become increasingly more random...

...That, and I like 1v1 duels the best. :'D

Oh, and with a 4-man brawl, ANY lag will be increased exponentially. That's a good reason as well, yeah?

Friend Code: 5155-2580-5845
Preferred time: ??? (Lol, insomnia)


Quote (Chat)

iAmShuryou: 3007-9593-3672.

Quote (Kujajin)

I'm in.

Once... I find how to make my goddamn Wii connect to Wi-Fi through wireless adapter and cough out a friend code. So, put me on the list, just pending. Also, a suggestion...


He is the cheapest, most unbeatable character. He can barely be hit.


Some well timed attacks can do him in- he sucks at gaining height despite being a flight character, is quite light, and isn't powerful. He makes up for it in attack speed and gliding. Decently balanced.

The one character I'm against is Pit. His stupid Final Smash! ARGH.
Ok I've added a list to the first post. It contains the friend codes given. Those of you who have said you want to join, wont be put onto the list till theres a friend code to go with it.

also, theres no banning of speific characters. so either deal or shut up Kuj.

as for the matches, if there is enough people the plan was have 1v1 for the first matches and then have the final in one big brawl.

When I do this, I'll move my Wii closer to my router, so that I shouldn't lag.
Only two more days people, time to dig out the friend codes and post them.
Of note is that I tested Lego's internet yesterday.

It failed miserably. >_>

And he couldn't fix his router either. I tried walking him through it, but his browser GOOGLE SEARCHED THE IP OF HIS ROUTER.

...Yeah, it's pretty bad.

We got in one match before his internet kicked the bucket, and eh... even that one was pretty laggy. Both of the other times we tried, he disconnected when he hit 2 stock.



What are the rules for the items?

How do you plan to 'record' the matches?

Will we have to use the same character for the whole tournament, or can we freely choose on a per-match basis?

What stage will we be using? Is it a specific one, or do you have a list? "Smaller stages" is incredibly vague.

Why 3 stock instead of 5?

All items enabled

Recording will either be done by Spectate (if possible, last I checked Shur was checking out that) if that doesnt work, we'll have 1v1 matches, with a third player (me) in there to act as a observer to record the matches

you can choose any character you want any time.

Battlefield since its small, and one of the few stages i find to have the last lag

Stock 3 for the matches prior to the final match means it'll go realitivly not too fast. which will be helpful on my part since my internet apparently gets charged 10 bucks a gig, and since i'm the one uploading the videos. 30 minutes equal about a gig of video recording for me.

>.> When i get back home I'm gonna get back to work on my Promo video