New Banner Project

So, I'm doing this on my own accord. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks the Banner of this site is getting...OOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDD~~~

I'm going to make a new banner for this site, or at least, try to make one. I found this program called Bannermaker Pro 7 (If you want it, PM me and I'll give you the link.) and it looks like a decent program. The interface is simple and I think I can make a pretty good Banner with it. I'm going to make one right now and put it up pretty soon...Don't expect anything fancy.

We could have like a little contest if we like XD

Huge fail...


Oops...would you look at that window on the banner >___>

I really rushed this one, I didn't have enough time to find the pictures, so I just used what ever that was left in my comp...
If people had made sprites, then I would make a banner of all the Mods Navis fighting against eachother, viruses, or bosses in the overworld. Im good at the kind of thing. I wont add fonts or anything so you can put it where yiu want.
We should have at least one that has the NetPolice fighting the Mafia.
Hey... I'm (supposed to be?) in the NetMafia!

Quote (Shuryou)


Lunar's banner at the end of the thread there is not bad...
Well, I can't exactly finish it seeing as how I'm no longer an admin. >_>;

Some other admin (HINT HINT WINK WINK LOOKING AT YOU THREE) could and should pick it up though.
I kind of like Sora's, but the Navi's should be replaced with Navi's from the site.