As of right now, it's 3 / 21 on the electoral vote, but Obama has the popular vote!!

EDIT: After thinking that it would refresh it self...I didn't do anything till right now. Now it's 81/39. GOGO OBAMA

EDIT2 (-8:00 / 5:50): 102/54. It looks strong for Obama, but Mccain suddenly caught up with the popular votes!!
*changes the topic title to 'Erection' for lulz*
Just kidding. I'm in the Netherlands, so no votes from me.
I just wanna see the reaction if Obama loses. If police departments across the country are preparing for mass violence if a certain candidate doesn't win, you know your population is filled with retards.
*silently prays for the future of this country*

EDIT: History? WTFUX?

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*silently prays for the future of this country*

This. We're boned regardless of how the election pans out.

looks like everyone in RERN doesn't give a crap about the presidential election...

Obama won
*cries sadly*
Well, it looks like the world loves Obama. I just hope he lives up to the expectations and they hype.
<cheers silently>

<goes back to studying for midterms>
It's not that we don't care, we just had our election conversation a few days ago in the chat and worked most of the agitation out of our systems. So ha, you missed it, though I'm the one crying.

In any case, the world loves Obama? Are there some kind of foreign reports out there that I missed? Curious, not trying to be a smartass.

I believe this is the answer you're looking for, Majin.
Heheh, good going, I say. Always seemed more appealing than his opponent.

*REPOST* http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_TiQCJXpbKg

Lets hope for some good things to come.

Cheers, you 'Mericans! (^.^ )b