Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology

So Anonymous claims to be waging war on Scientology. One statement initiating this "war" sparked a fairly significant response by news stations and regular net surfers. Anonymous then released a later statement that somewhat explains their actions.

Anonymous has been around for a while and used to attack individuals and multiple websites, but this behavior of engaging a large organization is strange.

Any thoughts?

And if anyone asks; I am not completely supportive of Anonymous (because of their destructive past), but I think Scientology is a joke that should be taken behind the shed and shot.
Faith Fighter
This game is epic lulz.
Final Boss:
Truth about Scientology.

I think this is MORE than enough to merit Anonymous' actions.

Also, like you, I'm not usually a supporter of Anon. In this case, however, I wish them good luck, and god speed.

And to any Scientologists who may be reading: Fuck you.

Edit- As one enlightened blog reader put it...

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scientology must not believe in one of the cardinal rules of humanity.. do unto others as you would have done unto you. they spend their time trying to destroy people who don't agree with them, don't be surprised when those people fight back using the same tactics. sucks don't it?

spin it however you like but it will never change the truth. the whole CoS org is empowered by the secrets they keep, and by recklessly assaulting people all the time they invited that element of secrecy to be challenged.

next time they should learn how to sit down and shut up. might serve their interests better, although i'm glad their people may now be freed.
anon should have died with a few gun shot wounds to the face, then shotguned, personaly, i don't care, as long as anon finaly goes down one day, i'll be happy.
Dark, shut the hell up, and read up on actually what is happening. Anon is doing something GOOD for a change.

Or are you a scientologist?

Seriously though, I wish I was part of this XD
I'm perfectly fine where I am.

The sidelines.

Also, lol.
I always found it funny that the guy who started scientology. (Forgot his name) Flat out SAID in an interview several years before scientology was founded that 'the best way to make moeny would be to found a religion.'

I honestly fear that there are people, who LITERALLY have shit for brains.

Go Anon, Go!
He found an easy way to make money and did it. Can't really blame him for that. The people who follow scientology, though... Yeah, they are full of crap.
Just incase, that, some of us aren't... y'know, exactly up to speed with this sort of thing...

What exactly is scientology?

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What exactly is scientology?

A joke. Period.

Okay... my severely limited knowlege of this man-made mistake is as follows:
Earth was a penal colony (prisoner colony, like Australia) for intergalactic criminals. Xenu (a name easily created by a 5 year old), the "overlord" had the criminals thrown into a volcano. Supposedly the spirits of these criminals pass from body to body after dying, kinda like a sci-fi cylon-like version of reincarnation. So the point is, we can use our alien souls to perform superhuman feats, like repair wounds with mind power alone. Or with vitamins. Scientologists think vitamins are the "cure-all" medication.


Note: all of this is bull crap in my mind, but the above information may be inaccurate.

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Supposedly the spirits of these criminals pass from body to body after dying, kinda like a sci-fi cylon-like version of reincarnation.

That's kinda like what I thought. There's only so many spirits to go around, so when someone dies their spirit will inhabit a newborn body and imbue it with it's attributes.

Kinda like a class change. : D
Also Scientology.

Totally not doing a little part to help anon. Not me. Lord knows Tom Cruise's maniacal laughter probably did wonders for their image.
Southpark Scientology Episode

Requires RealPlayer.

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Southpark Scientology Episode

Requires RealPlayer.

-owns this-

I never thought I'd say this... but...

Go Portland!
Thanks for the video, Leon. I really liked the other anti-scientology demonstration/raid/protest videos on the side bar. I see one from Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, and Orlando.
I officially despise my brain. I missed the protests D=

That said, I will be attending the next one, and any others after that. Even though part of being a minister of the ULC tells me to spread freedom of religion, another part says, and I quote, "within the boundaries of the law". Sorry, Scientology, but you've passed that line long ago.

We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
can someone post toronto?

I had a freing who may have went...
Scientology is the epitome of bad ideas. I mean, C'MON. XENU. HE SOUNDS LIKE A HE-MAN CHARACTER OR SOMETHIN'.

All scientology is is a big scam; a big waste of money for people who actually believe you when you say, "Did you know that 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?" For that reason, I side with Anonymous.

actually, most people(and by most, I mean all) are actually unaware of the Xenu stuff...

when you enter the church, they just give you a 'test' called an E-meter. this device is actually a lie detector in a different(and sci-fi) form. while giving you the intial test, the testers (who don't usually know much either) have you follow steps that are supposed to make you 'relax'...

what most people don't know (I think I heard it from 'wise beard man' on youtube) is that these steps are what can be called 'trance warm ups', or 'how to unwittingly prepare people for hypnosis'. once the test is completed, there is usually a huge hole in your mental barrier that weakens you to mind raep. then while you're weakened, they tell you that you have 'potential' and can join the church at the bottom rank for a 'small' fee. when you agree(and I say when, not if. cause of the hole in your mental wall) they load you up with videos explaining what this energy is and that you need more testing...

this begins the downward spiral of a four pronged attack that goes like this...

1) they have E-meter sessions to weaken you.
2) During these sessions, they get information on you and your loved ones that can be used to keep you in.
3) they give you material to make you become more involved, which actually has a form of subliminal messages that will program you into the perfect 'worker'.
4) after you have been 'trained' enough to use the 'aliens', you are offered a chance to rise in ranks for a larger fee(which you accept without 'thinking', cause you can't)
5)wash, rinse, repeat... until you have a automatic robot to make money and convert other people.

or at least thats what I gathered...

by the time they get high up enough to hear about Xenu, they are so wiped that they think this is normal, which also explains the irrational behavior that most of the higerups have. including hunting down humanz.