What will you have for Christmas?

Fourteen days, and I hope I get a New Nintendo Wii or a Nintendo DS. Christmas is my favorite holiday. What will you have for Christmas? It could be good.
Galaxy, Corruption, Battalion Wars and Phoenix Wright.

: D
Mah two front teeth.

No, a reindeer.

No, money.

Depends on what my parents get me. They came up with a couple of really good surprises last year (iPod, CD I had wanted but completely forgot about).

I've ordered my brother to get me a journal-thing for writing. Not one of those piddly ones, either, but a nice high-end one that I'll be proud to write in.
Hmm... I'm hoping for a good pair of Corfams, Call of Duty 4, and hopefully a reduced price tag for a computer capable of playing Call of Duty 4.
That's the one. CoD4. I'll be getting that, hopefully.

And a USB portable harddrive. That thing's gonna rawk. : D


I just bought the two Wii games I wanted for Christmas because I couldn't wait. I'll think of another game for them to buy though.
About 7 different Wii games. And some CDs. And a couple books. And some other games as well.
I'll be getting an IPod and a few cds....And that will be all.
Couple of DS and PS2 games probably. I'm bugging myself to actually finish G.U. and GS3 if I can over the winter holiday.
Hmmm... I wonder what my friends might get me...

And maybe some anime DVD/CDs, whatever works.
My family has decided that, well, 20 is old enough to stop with the holiday cheer. We'll be sticking with simple gifts, 10-20 dollars, in that area, so I'm not expecting anything too grand. However, I think that one of my friends is buying me the first DvD of 'When They Cry', better known as Higurashi by my fellow watchers here. Jubilations!
God, there are people who've been converted that I haven't even known have been converted. DX
Glad to see your jumping on the bandwagon Tom.
I'll be getting a 360, Rockband for said 360, DW:Gundam, GHII/III, and some other random stuff.

How do I know so much? Because I bought myself these things for others to give me. Early. Rockband FTW.

Speaking of which, gamertags of xbox live people, plox.
Im not allowed to get video games

I dont know what I want either way

My birthday is coming up too

and Im probably going to get clothes due to the fact that Im not allowed ot get video games and I don't like people buying me other stuff because I dont use it at all.

thank you very much.
Poor Common. T.T

But huzzah for bandwagons! : D

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What will you have for Christmas?

Love, hopefully.

Oh, you mean what I'm going to get present-wise! Uh- nevermind that last remark.

I'm hoping for a 360. Iunno, though.

Money for my new apartment.

But I'm totally getting a Wii Zapper, too. Aw yea, Link's Crossbow Training!
COPICS! I know this for a fact! The 72 set of Copic Markers. The best brand of studio markers ever. It will be pretty much mu only present for the year along with a "How to draw Manga: Yaoi" YES! I will be drawing crap until those markers run out...then I just buy the refills...cause Copics are refillable! YAAAAY!
I want a pony for Christmas...

New iPod, Nin-DS, money. :'D