Who's The Most Entertaining in Chat

Okay! I wanna hear from you guys. Who do you think is the most entertaining in the Rockman Chatroom! State that person and tell us why! Perhaps a poll will come up later!
EN, everythign she says is funny and she's fun to play jokes on
Bleh. Can't remember anything from the chat.
EN wins all of my internets.
She's funny, calls her parents 'hovercrafts', and often supports me. >_>
I vote....Um....I like Shury because it is entertaining to bounce humorous ideas off of him. DNR as well, really.
My mom (English_Ninja) FTW

A better version of this post would be.

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Shu, because he is the Nether Gundam. FEAR HIS WINDMILL!

he snipes people in chat...

and even though I fail, I can steal the show for a good half hour...
Now say who fails most!

WIN: EN and shury both. Its obvious, due to the fact they are leaking tanks of win sometimes.

FAIL: Me. All of my jokes fail :p
Damn... Even outside the chatroom, EN and I are sworn enemies. >_>;

The one who I find 'the most entertaining' is PaladinGC most of the time.
i'd say majin......his pervyness has it's entertainment value.......sometimes.

Nobody likes the Twi. *Kicks a can as he walks off* *The 'Sad Hulk Song' plays*

Why would anybody like you Twi? D:

All you do is abuse your powers by kicking people for fun. D:

Nah, kidding. We all love you.
-supports Drakim-
-adds Twi to answer-
Fine, fine, Twi gets some internets.
Hmm... I wish I could vote.
And that people could vote for me.
But I cant access the chat.
Oh well.

I vote for Shur.

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My mom (English_Ninja) FTW

A better version of this post would be.

Quote (RevivedSin)


Whatchu mean?

And I vote for you Twi. Well, you and EN. XD
It'd be wrong to throw my vote away, because I don't even stay in chat as much.

Hmm...maybe I should start back going...

Then again...I cause Gender confusion! XD
My vote goes to Twi. He's always either being funny, pissing others off in a different chatroom and telling us the hilarious outcome, or doing something completely zany and stupid, like diving into ENs pants.

There. I flattered you. Return me to the chat.