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Textual Awesome of the Day:
How many prep school students does it take to change a lightbulb?
Depends on how long they've been going to the same school.

Why, do you ask?

...Have you ever seen one try to do it by himself?


The winner of the Best Navi contest is Rass.exe!

We are currently accepting nominations for Most Thoroughly Pwnt By The Mods, for both RECN and RERN.

There are currently 3 IC events underway: Research, Darkchip Raid, and Save the Hospital. The threads are in Electown, Sharo, Yumland, and Netfrica if you'd like to read up on them.

Keeping it updated
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Finding Past Winners with Google cache

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Ever wonder why you feel so lonely at certain hours? Ever wondered why you never get your favorite mod? Well, maybe he just doesn't like you. Or maybe the reason is beyond your control...

Quote ("Shuryou")

Let me introduce you to time zones. They suck. And bite.

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When posting your time zone, make sure you tell us your timezone in terms of "+- x hours GMT." Just saying "central time" does not help me.

Eastern (GMT-5)
English Ninja
Corrupted Child
Kamikaze Squirrel

Central (GMT-6)

Mountain (GMT-7)
P.A. Master
Savage King

Pacific (GMT-8)

Hawaii (GMT-10)

British (GMT+1)

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Time Zone Unknown, assumed East Asia (GMT+8)

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--==Coolest Signature Attack==--

--==Most Disturbing Quirk==--

--==Best RP thread==--

--==Best non-RP thread==--

--==Best RPer==--

--==Best abstract, non-battle RP session==--

--==Best Battle Mod==--

--==Most thoroughly pwned while in character==--

--==Most thoroughly pwned by t3h m0dx0rz==--

--==Coolest NPC or Story Character==--

--==Most hated n00b==--

--==Most Emo Navi==--

--==Toughest Girl==--

--==Most thoroughly pwned while in character==--

Nominations are open for "Pwned By The Mods" and ONLY that category; other nominations will be deleted.

You may also nominate RECN mod-pwns. If so, please mark your nomination as such and you may nominate another for RERN.
RECN Mod-Pwned:
Kemix (Aaaah! The Met-Axe is in my head!)
Winner of the Best Navi competition: RASS.EXE by Skyrender.
Hm, most thoroughly pwnt by the mods...

I'd say Sarge, but that's more or less a one-shot pwnage. More thorough pwnage would be the sort of battle where someone with awful RPing is constantly taking the most unlikely and embarrasing hits, and missing so badly they slice off their own foot. I'd say R-Kid fits the bill, except Cindy wounded him intentionally.

At any rate, I'll wrack my thoughts and the boards for such an occurence. My nomination for "Most Thoroughly Pwnt by the Mods" is currently SGT.PORTER.EXE, but I may revise that if I find something that better suits the category.

And wasn't EN the winner of the "Toughest Girl" contest way back when? Can't remember the reasons, though, and it seems Google's cachebot is updating the RECN caches: updating them to their new, shiny, nonexistent form, locked in Nalery Jones' Locker for all eternity.
Indeed she was. And I was the runner up D:
'Tis a shame. The Past Winners were very cool.

Quote ()

I'd say R-Kid fits the bill, except Cindy wounded him intentionally.

True, I got that idea when my little bro couldn't even lift my smallest chinese sword in my room. So I hurt R-kid by the same means.

R-kid also has bad luck through being meat sheilds, (Being a meat sheild for Meleeman when zigzaging right in front of a giant thunderball.)

And lousy weapon control (A met or something breaking his sword before he could even use it, etc.)

But they haven't had much net time all together so I vote.... umm.... err... meh I'll go with SGT.PORTER.EXE too then.
I agree. That was metool-owned back when he had Kemix. Does that count?
RECN pwns:
Sgt. Porter

RERN pwns:

Still accepting nominations. Non-IC pwns such as getting banned (Skyman), getting caught cheating (Skyman again), or getting repeatedly yelled at (Kujajin and Lain) also count.
In that case, Rayman for RERN.
i second that, he was more retarded than me! now THAT takes skill and years of practice.
Third'd. I hated him.
Well, reviving a dead poll...
Most new pwns by the mods?

KyuubiForte/OG Pinpoint (PWNT by the mods for dual accounts)
Hawkman.exe (PWNT by the mods for reading NONE of the rules)
I'd have to reinforce the Rayman thing. He came back what, three times? Each time his disguise more transparent than the last, until in the end Steve caught him with a simple ruse.
A little sad to see that no one is willing to fill-in for me, as far as this thread goes. Perhaps "pwned" wasn't the best decision on which contest to start, since the site was still fairly young back then...

I'll be ready to get this thread back in gear soon.
Hiko = GMT -5
Zolem = Eastern Time
who's that vac- guy? he's not here any more, change that to niax, please...