Is anyone interested in reviving:

New Banners (this would be really nice)

The People's Fanfic

Uservirii (this would be by "contest" -like rules, and only a few would make it in every month or so)

And The List? Though I guess this has alreayd sort of started.
I'll work on the fanfic, but I'll need some suggestions.
I think we should revive the Fan fic, that got alot of kick out of people.



What manner of ideas do we have going for banner themes?

Hmmm, a contest for custom viruses... And a SINGLE custom chip to go along with it. Price would be the chip if it's not too strong otherwise a sum of money. Would be interesting to see what people could come up with. Would, of course, need a detailed description of the design.
Banners can be anything. Large portraits, group shots, NPCs, past Navis, Cybeasts, anything.
I call a SexyTrio banner, whenever I get around to arsing myself into doing it.

It will get done, though.

AIMMAN/LORD HOTHEAD/MAJINBOOGER: If you're reading this, please PM me any descriptions of Dimensionman, Swing and Soulman Senior that you guys can scrounge up.~
hmmmm.......i'll think up some viruses.......i'll proabably take some from the MMBN games.....
a contest to create virii that would torment you when i'm gone...

sweet I'm in...
A new banner is always nice XD
I have some spare time. I might work on one with some of the more popular and interesting viruses. Not any user-created ones at the moment, I'm afraid to say, as they all lack a good physical description or picture since the virus reg has been lost to Nalerenn Jones' locker.

It'll be something in Flash, though. I have not the means to (adequately) capture or refine any pencil art I do. I might use pencil drawings as a base, but that would take much longer. The reasons are pure geography; the hated camera I use to badly capture my artwork is in Edmonton. I am not. Once I am in Edmonton, I have no mouse or Flash program.

At any rate, I have a week of free time still, so I'll get cracking once I flesh out some basic details.
Something tells me a Metool Rangers banner should be made...
((suggestion able to be taken))

Quote (RevivedSin)

Something tells me a Metool Rangers banner should be made...
((suggestion able to be taken))

Dibs on that, too.

[will end up killing herself with 10+ banners]