Banner Submission

I didn't have much time to put something together, but I figure if we are to survive, prosper, and continue our continued RP existence, then we should try our best to foster an atmosphere as close as possible to "business as usual." I'll try to put something better together later, but...

I know we'll make it through together - just like we always have, right?

With love,
*gives Sky a Bug-Hug*

That's the spirit! RE:CN2 will prevail!

Just a small question....

Hey... I recognise that face... it's that rouge guy from FE8!
Ah, yes. While mine doesn't need that much editing, here it is anyway.

Also, This isn't RE:CN2. It's RE:RN, something for the people, by the people.
Give some new artwork into that banner~ MORE LIFE FOR THE REVIVED FORUM!!
A shame I'm not going to RP as Area and Solaria now. XD
Don't mind me, just saying again how much I love how Skyrender added me. Instead of someone else, I'm surprised he didn't throw someone else in. Thanks man, love ya like a brother.
It's all right: It's homage to the characters that made us famous.

I know I plan to ditch Toshokan. I'm trying to think of a way my Op can still be blatant self-insertion, though.
Also a shame that Swing is off on the net somewhere by himself and Sky will now probably have to make a Pianissimo sprite
do what I did, just get a new navi
I don't know about that. Titania/Oberon have so many of the same cliches that I would want to change them completely.

Besides, I think it would be cool to keep "ditched" RPCs as NPCs, don't you think?
Hm...well I DID intend to have Mysterioso and Swing still exist as NPCs, or at least for a subplot.