League of Legends: The Template

I was browsing the internets one day when one particular internet brought me an internetification (that's an internet notification for you uninitiatificated folks) that some mean ol' knee-slapper had come up with a whamabadang template for a wiffy whozzle doo of a League of Legends profile!


It looked something like this until I got done with it.

Then it looked like this!

So I thought to myself, "Hey me, I wonder what this template would look like after other people got done inappropriately molesting it?

So I posted this topic!

Now get to molestin'!

May involve surprises.

I love Nunu and its team-fight turning ult.

Never seen Trundle out of the initial release + free rotation.

And all those Annie skins show that there's a pedophile working in Riot.

Here's mine.

Get it? : D