Another Generic Rant Thread

Gentlemen (and Shur),

I have to express my dismay with society. The level of illiteracy and non-acceptance of society is ballooning at an alarming rate. This is clearly measurable by the amount of trolls one finds online.

You may argue that it's taking place online, and therefore no one cares. However, if no one cares, why are more and more people committing suicide over the internet? Many stars in the Asian areas are driven into depression by internet attacks on their lives. People have searched each other out and beat the hell out of each other. Other yet have ruined another's online identity to get revenge. If no one cares what is done on the internet, then why do these things occur?

Recently, I was on youtube. I'm sure you know it. I was reading some comments regarding the Dawn of Sorrow version of Bloody Tears someone had posted, and in the comments some person had taken it upon himself to write possibly the most unnecessarily rude comments I have ever seen on youtube. He disagreed with someone's statement, but instead of saying "I disagree, here's why in reasonable terms" he simply pulled "you're a fag" and "you're retarded" as his defense. Granted we've all, most likely, used these or other equally illogical responses as reasons as why someone is wrong at some point, but the guy just kept going and going. Against multiple people. And when someone stepped in with a logical response, he switched account (or just called in another ne'er-do-well) to reiterate the fact that the people who didn't agree were homosexuals.

So, I would urge all of you to not be part of the moronic decline of society, and instead read a book on logic, ethics, and morality. One on each. Just so you know what it all is. Then if you chose to act like an asshole online, I can safely assume you're just a douchebag and totally ok to kick in the nads till they have to drop again.

In short: Stop trolling, period. All you do is hasten me wanting to destroy you all.

I agree though, internet bullying is a much more serious problem than a lot of people act like it is, especially since some people (like me) practically live on the internet and thereby take what's on it more seriously.
Average Joe + mass audience + near-total anonymity = colossal douchebag.

I've taken enough crap from real life bullies to barely bat an eye to internet shenanigans. I just calm down from repeating the fact that these people are worthless, annoying insects that will likely end up being an unknown number, living their insignificant little lives before occupying a 6'x3' hole in the ground.
Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a colossal douche in face to face situations sometimes. Well, depending on who you ask, most of the time. However, I try to behave a bit better online for the exact reason you listed: mass audience. With employers and, well everyone, having greater internet access and privacy being a fading memory of the past, it seems like being yourself to people who know you well is a far better idea than being a complete degenerate online where EVERYONE can, and if you're a big enough idiot will, see.
Missed you too, Leon.
Hey loserface, what's up!
Hey there Loserface, long time.
I disagree, because your a feg.

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I disagree, because your a feg.

I thought I told you not to tell anyone about our relationship. You jerk :<