I think that the universe is over.

Okay, my girlfriend pointed something out to me.

She said, (I'm putting it in classical reasoning format)

PremiseA: Rule 34 states that, if something exists, there is a porn of it.
PremiseB: Common knowledge dictates that there is an exception that makes every rule.

Now, if we hold both of these statements as truth, we can deduce two things.

1.)I have an awesome girlfriend that knows what Rule 34 is, and actually thinks about it.

2.) That somewhere, SOMEWHERE out there, there is something, SOMETHING, that there is NOT a porn of.

I think I need to point out that reality is unraveling before my eyes. THE WALLS ARE MELTING.

Wait, mayeb uts my eyes\d that aer melltsding...

asdggsG<ITw,ew wrwwwwwrhyjcmmn,s....

So? That's what Rule 35 is for. <__<
BUT! By that same argument, that an exception makes the rule, is that at some point, IT WON'T.It might not be now, if might not be for 55 years, but some day, some how IT WILL HAPPEN.
Who's to say it hasn't already happened? Think on that one for a bit.
Wait, isn't there a rule that nobody gives a shit about all the rules except 1, 2, and 34?
Very much so, those are the only rules that haven't been fagged up by urbandictionary.
It -still- does, it's so fail right now.
There's one thing that cannot be affected by Rule 34...and someone needs to be very imaginative to make it into one.

Err...um...*Looks around the desk*

Porn between...cups...and...and...a open can of beans >____________________>
Why do you have an open can of beans on your desk? >,>

Quote (AimMan)

Why do you have an open can of beans on your desk? >,>

For some reason, my mom got a hold of two army rations and gave it to me before I left home...and I was hungry and popped that sucker open.
is there porn out there that of the song Still Alive? and I dont mean in relation to the game Portal, but the actual song itself. I mean sure there has been porn involving GLaDOS, but thats not at all related to the song, just the character.

heck can even rule 35 apply to this one?

Edit: Should be mentioned and Porno Remix of the song, does not count as porn since it only hints, for all you know it could be just someone making noises with their mouths while moaning into a microphone.
The game.

There is not porn of it, as far as I know.

Having said that, I lost the game.
My entire life is based around rule 16 though, don't make me lose hope in that!

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My entire life is based around rule 16 though, don't make me lose hope in that!

Is there like a big table that lists off all the rules?
rule 16: if something fails hard enough, it becomes an epic winning fail.

the rules
But, it's generally accepted that the other rules are so loose that only fags use them, or something. The only rules that matter are 1, 2, and 34.
Demanding rule 34 on SpaceMonkeySteve.
Still Demanding rule 34 on the song Still Alive here.

Edit: Oh and a friend of mine is demanding Rule 34 on "Nothing"